Heretics release B1GGY following ESIC ban

The Heretics management stated they have no reason to believe the players were aware of the exploit after reviewing the demos.

Heretics have terminated coach Morgan "⁠B1GGY⁠" Madour's contract after he was banned for 7.5 months by the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) for using the spectator bug in 26 rounds across three games in 2019. In a statement, the Spanish organisation apologised to the CS:GO community and insisted that there is no evidence suggesting that the players were complicit in the coach's actions.

B1GGY has been let go following ESIC's findings

"We are committed to complying with the rules and fair play," Heretics' official statement reads. "Because of that, we condemn any action that goes against competitive integrity. Therefore, we have terminated effective immediately Morgan
[B1GGY] as our CSGO coach for his actions. After reviewing carefully all the involved matches, at Heretics we have no reason to believe that any of the players were aware of this bug exploit."

The 27-year-old's termination comes two days short of his first anniversary with Heretics, as he was formally announced as the team's coach on September 30, 2019. The three cases for which he was banned all took place before his official unveiling, while he was guiding the team on a trial basis.

B1GGY's temporary ESIC ban stacks on a permanent Valve ban from 2015, when the team he was a substitute for, Epsilon, were involved in a match-fixing scandal.

France Morgan 'B1GGY' Madour
Morgan 'B1GGY' Madour
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expected tbh
2020-09-28 18:12
maybe now they will stop matchfixing
2020-09-28 18:12
2 faced org
2020-09-28 18:29
2020-09-28 19:03
Syria LONE_8122
2020-09-28 18:12
snakes! he tried to help you win by glitching and risking his career, and now you throw him out?!?!?! SNAKES TEAM!!
2020-09-28 18:12
That's not the right way to help your team.
2020-09-28 18:27
you try to do better, nonamer!!
2020-09-28 18:28
+1, the cheating was more likely selfishly to gain the coach job as opposed to helping the team. There's no excuse for intentionally cheating like this, and it hurts the team more in the long-run than it helps in the short-term.
2020-09-28 19:27
Yo le noob, Just to correct you, the reason for cheating was not to get the job, as he has been the 3DMax/FrenchFrogs (Heretics core) coach for a long time before being signed by Heretics.
2020-09-28 20:05
Philippines B3nk4i
he was hired to be there coach, and if he can't be the coach anymore then what's the point in keeping him.
2020-09-28 18:33
very strongful point
2020-09-28 18:44
United States NA_KEKW
2020-09-28 18:12
Well isnt he banned for cheating or throwing either way?
2020-09-28 18:13
Hungary Opahm
But yeah.
2020-09-28 18:39
Yep banned for major cuz of matchfixing years ago
2020-09-28 18:40
2020-09-28 18:13
2020-09-28 18:13
South Africa @FyreCS
2020-09-28 18:13
kioShima toxicity probably caused his kick
2020-09-28 18:14
comunicado oficial kkkkkkk
2020-09-28 18:15
Ex-comunicado by Jonathan Wick
2020-09-28 18:18
2020-09-29 18:00
B R U H Edit: Have a good day!
2020-09-28 18:15
Hope You're having a very nice day men()
2020-09-28 18:49
bruh moment
2020-09-28 18:18
matchfixer guy banned for bug exploit EXPECTED TBH
2020-09-28 18:19
Valve banned now ESIC banned, oh B1GGY, you were not even a good coach.
2020-09-28 18:19
arT | 
Russia bult0
-coach, prob -nivera to vitality and this team is even worse
2020-09-28 18:19
gj !
2020-09-28 18:21
nt we all knew kio was the problem
2020-09-28 18:21
2020-09-28 18:21
Matchfixer and bug abuser What a cunt person lol
2020-09-28 18:28
Germany grabke
Scapegoat Coaches now :) Who believes this BS that only the coaches knew it ? Its like a teammate cheating and every always denies that anybody else knew it.
2020-09-28 18:30
2020-09-28 18:30
Finland J3bediah
Absolutely not. The legit coaches who don’t cheat does hard work for the teams.
2020-09-28 18:45
i saw that hard work from YNK
2020-09-28 18:50
Finland J3bediah
He is a paycheck stealer anyway
2020-09-29 05:01
HS | 
Estonia qoznyyy
dudes just collecting them bans hahha madman
2020-09-28 18:33
at this point just delete coach role, or at least dont let them be that close in the game, i dont see a reason for that, they can coach teams, practice with them but being here directly during a game is stupid
2020-09-28 18:34
ZywOo | 
India aR__
Hmm, I think now I know how Maka posted 1.30+ rating in ESL one Road to Rio EU KEKW.
2020-09-28 18:47
Nt but B1ggy cheated in an old match from 2018 or early 2019
2020-09-28 22:32
Romania FaZe_NBK
Biggy Mombassa from Juiced!
2020-09-28 18:48
2020-09-28 18:53
seriously???? nooo..... seriously???? nooo..... seriously???? nooo.....
2020-09-28 19:05
Yo les noobs, Quite sad that he gets caught by his dark side again, he was a really decent coach. But maybe it's good after all for Heretics as they will get a new coach and hopefully reinvent themselves, thay have become far too predictable and standard.
2020-09-28 20:08
Rigged games then bug exploit. What's next for B1GGY ?
2020-09-28 20:59
Rigged games then bug exploit. What's next for B1GGY ?
2020-09-28 20:59
finally a real coach for Heretics I hope
2020-09-28 22:29
anyone know if any of the coaches are calling out valve for failing to fix this type of bug for years?
2020-09-29 02:16
France Il_padrino
Ex6tenz come back!
2020-09-29 12:23
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