Heroic to retain HUNDEN's services

The Danish organisation offered their support to the coach, who will continue working with the team.

Heroic have announced that they will keep team coach Nicolai "⁠HUNDEN⁠" Petersen in their ranks for the duration of his eight-month ban for using the spectator bug in 21 rounds across two games in May. According to the Danish organisation, HUNDEN will continue to fulfil his duties as a coach and will work closely with the team as an analyst.

cadiaN and HUNDEN will continue working together

"As earlier mentioned, Nicolai’s mistake does not reflect the values or standards Heroic holds or wants to promote, but a mistake is a mistake," Heroic CEO Erik Askered said in a statement. "We all make them. After all, Hunden is our boy. We love him and he has so much to give this sport, that losing him would neither benefit Heroic, himself, or the pro scene.

"Our focus will now be to maintain the ranking we have fought hard for, and continue proving the world how good we are."

HUNDEN was named as Heroic's coach at the end of April following his retirement as a player. He has helped the Danish team to climb up the ladder and secure an unprecedented second place in the world rankings following a surprise victory in ESL One Cologne's European division.

HUNDEN was one of the three coaches banned on August 31 — just one day after the team's victory in ESL One Cologne — by ESL and DreamHack. He was suspended by Heroic the following day after an internal investigation determined that the exploit had been used deliberately.

The 29-year-old's initial 12-month sanction was reduced by four months on Monday following a review of the case by the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC), which also took into consideration his assistance in the investigation. The esports watchdog group has issued bans to 37 coaches as part of an ongoing probe into the spectator bug abuse in the competitive scene.

Denmark Nicolai 'HUNDEN' Petersen
Nicolai 'HUNDEN' Petersen
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Finland tyk4ra
:D nice
2020-09-29 16:44
nice 2 faced org
2020-09-29 16:48
where car? I see no car so no cars HUNDEN IS BACK BOOOOIS! WOOOOOOOO
2020-09-29 16:58
Finland AleksiBOT
Ecolai Cheatersen
2020-09-29 17:22
Germany _PH1L
Half of the coaches used the bug once ... ofc it’s a disgrace but u can’t cripple cs competition that hard
2020-09-29 17:47
How much? Valve should fix their bugs & game lol
2020-09-29 19:08
Germany _PH1L
„How much“? Wdym
2020-09-30 17:52
U wanna ban coaches because ure a mad bettor.
2020-09-30 17:57
Germany _PH1L
Im saying I would like no bans (but zoner) cuz the bug was used by the majority and although it was too good to be true it’s still a bug and no cheating in my eyes (and didn’t even violate esl rule book)
2020-09-30 22:00
2020-09-30 15:51
He is in the coach seat through VPN under the assistance coach name - easy, Dec LAN to tell
2020-09-29 21:48
2020-09-29 19:46
Who is tabsen anyway?
2020-09-29 21:48
Australia Boostral
2020-09-29 17:08
Why zd
2020-09-30 13:40
Finland Cucumber))
2020-09-29 16:44
2020-09-29 17:05
NICE DECISION!!! he deserves a second chance
2020-09-29 18:04
+1 totally agree even tho everyone knows he made a mistake but he was such a big reason imo why they won Cologne
2020-09-29 18:12
My boi GOD HUNDEN stays in the scene LETS GOOO
2020-09-29 20:27
2020-09-29 16:44
expect for a GOD
2020-09-29 16:44
United Kingdom OneBinG_
Good decision
2020-09-29 16:44
France laglory
2020-09-29 16:45
RpK | 
France pol44r
expecetd bc they won with him.
2020-09-29 16:45
Liazz | 
Iceland BuioCS
2020-09-29 16:45
2020-09-29 16:45
Cheater allowed to keep coaching.. GG
2020-09-29 16:45
+1 lmao wtf is this
2020-09-29 18:12
Estonia Jazzyboy
I dont understand either, doesnt being banned mean he cant be involved whatsoever?
2020-09-29 18:39
He can still be involved in teams preparations up to 15 minutes before the match started. He can just give cadian strats book before the match starts or something. eslgaming.com/article/update-september-2.. There is basically no need to kick coach as teams can just send their analyst or manager instead while coach handle everything before the match.
2020-09-29 19:56
ban teams who have their banned coaches coaching from events
2020-09-29 18:50
hmm players who got a vac on mm when they were 14 = forever ban for majors etc. 30 yo coach who used bug in OFFICIAL match = only 8 months ban :))))) there is no logic, there is only money
2020-09-29 19:27
and it wasnt even valve that gave the 8 month ban...
2020-09-29 19:41
Faroe Islands ye6ok
Don't try logic with poland
2020-09-29 21:21
2020-09-30 01:50
NEO | 
Poland OmgYes
Flag check out - who?
2020-09-30 02:56
Searching for and downloading cheat online to have an advantage against other players. Never had the intention of cheating but randomly stumbling up on a bug. There is a difference..........
2020-09-30 16:42
"randomly stumbling" tell that to zoners 424 rounds he used it retard
2020-10-02 09:20
So he searched for the bug online? Did he download the bug? Youre the retard here kid. If you cant see the difference then I cant help you. Nobody can.
2020-10-02 11:20
Germany Levplays
2020-09-30 00:57
But but hes "their boy"!
2020-09-30 07:58
Yeah, and footballers doing something wrong(diving for example, thats cheating) but they can still play football........... GG
2020-09-30 16:43
GODHUNDEN kreygasm
2020-09-29 16:45
Brazil danrileu
2020-09-29 16:45
r1ksa | 
Finland r1ksa
2020-09-29 16:45
Poland maciucha
good h3h3
2020-09-29 16:45
2020-09-29 16:46
2020-09-29 16:46
only 8 months for 21 rounds and then u have OG coach who used it during pistol getting 4 months. Same with faze robban who shouldnt have such a long ban. Reijin 20 months is absurd when comparing with how easy hunden got away with.
2020-09-29 16:49
2020-09-29 16:47
Finland Khroni
i feel like there are clear wrong definitions in most of these cases tho HUNDEN definately USED the bug several times Ruggah did not use the bug, it happened to him and he dc'd theres a difference between it occuring and using it and i feel like the constant label of anyone experiencing it as having used it is only building bigger anger towards those that dont really deserve it
2020-09-29 16:57
IIRC, weren't hunden one of the first coaches coming clean about it?
2020-09-29 16:59
not coming clean, he was the first michal exposed
2020-09-29 17:00
i just remember it him admitting to it publicly before the scandal, dno though
2020-09-29 17:01
he didnt, he linked to michal that this bug existed but never that he used it
2020-09-29 17:03
ah ok
2020-09-29 17:10
HUNDEN was also one of those who has broke the silence BEFORE the scandal. Good deeds pay off
2020-09-29 17:00
Hunden was the snitch tho so that's why
2020-09-29 20:49
God Hunden strikes again!
2020-09-29 16:47
Finland Autisthicc
Official statement: "We wont allow him to work with us, but he stays with our organization :)" what really happens is they dont care and he still coaches them behind the scenes, nobody knows but the team right.
2020-09-29 16:47
likely true
2020-09-29 17:00
"We will continue working with him as he will fulfil his duties as a coach and work closely with the team as an analyst." It says "We will work with him" Are you on crack?
2020-09-29 17:13
Finland Autisthicc
they cant they will get suspensions from valve soon.
2020-09-29 17:14
not like valve knows whats happening on heroics bootcamp
2020-09-29 17:17
Finland Autisthicc
2020-09-29 17:17
Valve will ban coaches completely. Problem solved
2020-09-29 17:29
by putting over 150+ people out of a job just because they cant fix a small bug (by small I mean easy to fix), sounds like valve
2020-09-29 23:57
kick them out cuz they can't deal with the only thing that is requested all the times "Fair play". Valve didn't say "Go cheat"
2020-09-30 00:04
banning coaches is an awful idea
2020-09-30 19:37
cheating is awful
2020-09-30 22:32
and so is putting people out of a job! Not all coaches cheat!
2020-09-30 23:39
But all that got banned
2020-10-01 07:42
Valve isnt even the one giving suspensions
2020-09-30 15:11
Cool story, now smoke less weed and stop making up things.
2020-09-30 16:45
2020-09-29 16:47
not half as scummy as the hard legion situation but still it kinda looks like most coaches just.. can keep on without really getting punished? i'm really waiting for a official banhammer by valve after the investigation comes to a close otherwise everybody will just forget about it in a few months it seems
2020-09-29 16:48
i dont think they will ban anyone because all this situation is their fault
2020-09-29 16:51
no its the coaches fault. software will always have bugs but in a professional competetive environment you have to count on the people to not abuse and report it, and nobody who was aware of the bug went to the public with it. thats pretty much valves stance on the whole thing as well: blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/2020/0.. "...bugs are the reality of software—and until they are resolved, we need to be able to trust players and coaches..." & "As for taking action against individual coaches, we’re going to wait until we get a complete picture of the extent of the bug abuse and the punishments handed down by third parties. "
2020-09-29 16:54
valve should be ashamed by this situation, at the end, bug was known for years, and they did nothing... It would be just strange if they now will ban coaches who already got their punishments
2020-09-29 17:00
Yeah, but I remember that BIG used and abused of the crouch jumping bug, and they never reported it. Of course everyone knew after some time, but they continued to use it. No bans issued by VALVE. I know it´s a different situation, but i´m 100% sure that VALVE won´t issue any bans and their only action will be fixing the bug.
2020-09-29 17:38
the crouch jumping bug was in the game since it was released and the majority of people knew about it and used it once in a while, it was no secret. big was just the first team to build a tactic around it, and that triggered the people. it was also officially allowed by the Major TO: hltv.org/news/21053/crouch-jump-bug-offi.. very different situation, i'm sure we will see bans at least for zoneR
2020-09-29 17:45
There is a big difference, valve knew about that bug and had a statement that the bug was allowed for that tournament until it gets fixed.
2020-09-30 15:17
Been playing since 1.5, I have NEVER seen bugs at that scale before. It's not black and white, but for the case with MOST coaches, it's totally valve's fault.
2020-09-29 17:54
yeah it's like nothing happened, wtf is this I hope for a real banhammer from volvo soon
2020-09-29 17:43
2020-09-29 16:48
2020-09-29 16:49
Serbia bakedcs
2020-09-29 16:49
so everyone is essentially saying “fuck esic”
2020-09-29 16:49
That is literally the opposite of what is happening. The ESIC has ruled that Hunden can continue coaching after an 8 month ban. Heroic is saying, ok, then we will respect that and let Hunden continue to coach after 8 months. Everyone is on the same page here.
2020-09-29 17:32
2020-09-29 16:50
2020-09-29 16:50
2020-09-29 16:51
Boo | 
France mbl4
2020-09-29 16:51
Thank god it's only 4 months now
2020-09-29 16:52
Germany 21_Savage
2020-09-29 16:53
2020-09-29 16:53
godhunden <3
2020-09-29 16:53
2020-09-29 16:53
Make sense. Fake drama anyway.
2020-09-29 16:54
2020-09-29 16:54
2020-09-29 16:55
2020-09-29 16:57
Indonesia DioBrando
From GOD to xiter Lost respect
2020-09-29 16:58
#FreeHUNDEN #HUNDENDidNothingWrong
2020-09-29 16:59
Such a great decision from Heroic. Love it.
2020-09-29 17:01
Germany ConAction
2020-09-29 17:01
Russia ToughGuy
2faced community Starix stays with team: everyone saying shit Hunden stays: god hunden, nice decision!
2020-09-29 17:01
Hunden confessed to using it, starix acted like he never used it ;)
2020-09-29 17:05
Russia ToughGuy
Well it might be cuz it was 3 years ago and he even was saying in the begining of september that we need check demos from 2016 cuz this bug is 4 years already. He gets hate cuz of flusha not cuz "he acted like he never used it". gotta love 2 faced community
2020-09-29 17:09
He confessed after caught. So it's worthless
2020-09-29 17:28
Ukraine ksay
starix is a hypocrite which is the main difference
2020-09-29 17:07
Denmark Ulver
I think people find it hilarious how much starix accused others of cheating, while it turned out he cheated himself. See JW's tweets for example. Also, if you look at ESIC's ban list it says "HUNDEN: Assistance in the investigation - 20% ban period reduction", while starix has 0% ban reduction.
2020-09-29 17:12
Russia ToughGuy
i dont know about "others" besides flusha and even with him it was just few words from context which was taken by an idiot journalist R. Lewis from starix's vk post hunden's case is the same like starix one but difference is with starix it was 3 years ago so i dont know why only one got tons of shit for staying with org even
2020-09-29 17:21
It certainly makes him look like a complete moron, especially when the investigations were already ongoing, and on top of that, his fucking star player has been caught cheating himself. But hey, he just stopped cheating and became GOAT....yeah right....completely illogical.
2020-09-29 19:38
India somecunt
+1 Just see people justifying with some random non-sense , people who favour someone or something never accept.
2020-09-29 17:29
Russia mshkoda
2020-09-29 17:50
Denmark Notallama
+1 Permaban s0mple.
2020-09-30 03:00
Og I get it was 1 round but hunden?? F that lol 0 respect
2020-09-29 17:05
2020-09-29 17:07
Hunden is our boy
2020-09-29 17:08
Hunden is our boy
2020-09-29 17:34
Ukraine ksay
2020-09-29 17:08
Another one, honestly I feel ike this is a fair deal from org. and everything.
2020-09-29 17:09
A good decision for both parties.
2020-09-29 17:10
I like this decision. Might have cheated but he gots a punishment and thats fine. Hope Valve take this as an advantage and reduce the lifetime ban of Jampi for example.
2020-09-29 17:11
Valve didn't even start to ban coaches. I hope they give lifetime bans to the coaches that cheated on a valve event like twista
2020-09-29 17:27
Russia mshkoda
Starix, Hunden, furia's coach and other 30+ coaches (for now) – looks like all of them will continue their work after punishment ending.
2020-09-29 17:15
just like russian in sport whit doping, and also putin,,,coruption, they also stay in put hahahahahahah
2020-09-29 18:26
Russia mshkoda
Yeah, Putin called Hunden and other 30+ coaches and let them to use cheats;)
2020-09-30 13:02
YAAAS, Heroic still top3 confirmed
2020-09-29 17:14
Denmark Ulver
2020-09-29 17:15
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd
GOD HUNDEN , respect to Heroic
2020-09-29 17:25
It was a decision not a mistake. Another cheater org that supports cheaters.
2020-09-29 17:26
Denmark twinseN
100% Agree with u , its not a mistake when u make those kinds of decisions
2020-09-29 18:01
2020-09-29 17:28
lost whole my respect to cs esport.
2020-09-29 17:41
Expected. HUNDEN just has a very good overview over the game. :)
2020-09-29 17:41
Russia Jet1k
to the surprise of no one
2020-09-29 17:47
2020-09-29 17:49
wow, so cheating is fine nowadays i guess. I really hope VALVE will ban him and the other coaches who used that bug.
2020-09-29 17:49
It looks insanely bad on Valve, if they do that though, which is why they do it. The ESIC bans seem fair to me.
2020-09-29 19:27
flair checks out so much. Why would you defend a cheater? Just let all player Cheat and if they get caught they only face a 4 months ban, easy life i guess. If a Pro player would use one of the wallhack exploits where you can see the head of the enemie through the walls and just get a 4 months ban, why wouldn't you do it? Considering the money you could make just by abusing a bug and not risking your carrer at all.
2020-09-29 20:05
Did you read what I said? It's because it looks insanely bad for Valve, since they responsible for the bug resurfacing again in the first place.
2020-09-29 23:13
2020-09-29 17:51
2020-09-29 17:52
2020-09-29 17:58
god cheater
2020-09-29 18:33
Actually I think his ban is well deserved. Even a permanent ban keeping him out of any match servers might be warranted. And Valve may yet hand down such a ban. But maybe okay for him to work an analyst job in the back room.
2020-09-29 20:34
They knew all along that he was cheating, what a trash org.
2020-09-29 18:07
Good decision
2020-09-29 18:10
NEO | 
Poland OmgYes
So if player goona be catch using wh and gets ban for 2years you gonna keep him? Great example heroic. „Heroic” example lol. Fa**g cheaters everywhere, cs dieying on our eyes
2020-09-29 18:13
2020-09-29 18:22
god cheater
2020-09-29 18:32
Sweden botl0f
says the french
2020-09-29 19:41
so u respect cheaters. ok
2020-09-29 19:42
Sweden botl0f
it's not cheating when your game boots up like this. you haven't contributed anything to come to this point. you had no intentions to cheat and suddenly this shit loads up. while your whole scene installed cheats in 2014.
2020-09-29 19:43
2020-09-29 18:28
Cheater trash
2020-09-29 18:32
2020-09-29 18:43
ban heroic from events
2020-09-29 18:49
+1 hoping ESL goes fucking ham and bans the teams, who are deciding to still be associated with the banned coaches, from the tournaments until the coaches' bans expire
2020-09-29 22:24
2020-09-29 18:50
He's too good to be removed let's go god hunden
2020-09-29 19:05
Venezuela xoile
cheating in 2020, not matter! every coach is getting hold by orgs.
2020-09-29 19:07
2020-09-29 19:09
Gabriel "TwoFaced" Heroic gg
2020-09-29 19:47
Good call hunden is a smart leader. He’s a keeper
2020-09-29 19:53
2020-09-29 20:01
Despicable move by Heroic and a big middlefinger to anyone in the community that believes in the integrity of the game and that people should take their fair punishment. It's 8 months and the guy could still come back after that. But no, some guys are so nice that cheating is okay. I just lost all respect for that org. "We love him and he has so much to give this sport, that losing him would neither benefit Heroic, himself, or the pro scene." Maybe it would benefit the community to see people get banned for cheating and respecting those bans instead of keeping them onboard until their ban has been served. But who cares? This is about Heroic and Hunden, not the integrity of the game we all love. Oh no, forget about that. Absolute wankers in that org.
2020-09-29 20:23
Denmark Menterx
2020-09-29 20:53
2020-09-29 22:20
I dont get your comment. Hes still banned, the 8 months are still valid, they just aren't firing him.
2020-09-30 02:01
Exactly. The org doesn't care whether he cheated or not. He's too important to them. So they'd rather keep a cheater onboard instead of letting him serve his 8 months ban like he should. They'll keep paying him for 8 months because he's a valuable cheater and did it for their sake. And they give a fuck about people who think cheaters shouldn't be awarded or be on a payroll until their ban is served. They basically saying "fuck that, we don't care what people say. He might be a cheater but he's our cheater and we accept that".
2020-09-30 02:22
1. Hes still serving the 8 month ban as he can't help them during matches 2. Its their money they decide what is valuable to them 3. If anything you should be mad at Valve for not making it so the teams are forced to fire the coaches that cheated. Heroic is just doing what the rules allow. Why would they do something that would actively hurt their results unless forced to?
2020-09-30 02:26
He is serving a ban but only from tourneys that adhere to ESIC's charter (not all tourneys do) It's their money. Yeah...and their reputation. For what I care I just changed my mind on Heroic being a decent org to being as shitty or worse than MIBR. Fucking losers who cares nothing about the scene or justice. Only about themselves. I am mad at Valve. But that doesn't excuse coaches who cheated whether Valve could've fixed the issue or not. They KNEW they were cheating so I don't give two cents for this being Valve's fault only. ESL tournament rules states it very specifically; Failure to disconnect and tell the admin if you encounter a bug or exploit is considered against the rules, ie cheating. It's got nothing to do with Valve that people can't or won't understand ESL or Dreamhack rules.
2020-09-30 02:30
I never said it wasn't cheating idk why you're going on a rant about how it IS cheating. No one cares about what changes you made on your opinions. Theyre going to do what they think is best for their future and if you can't accept that then you aren't a valuable fan anyway. I can already tell you're quite opinionated on the topic so this will be my last real comment. Theres no changing your mind so enjoy your views.
2020-09-30 02:37
I don't know where to even begin with a statement like that. I guess you can go enjoy whatever cheater sports you like that is best off from not taking a stand against cheating or enforcing rules.
2020-09-30 02:36
didnt read cry more
2020-09-30 02:37
MF'er ... you promised your last reply would be your last then make another. I see you aren't unfamiliar with cheating yourself are you?
2020-09-30 02:38
"Real comment" Keep crying loser
2020-09-30 02:39
Hey.... I'm not the tough guy saying "this will be my last comment" then go on to make two more. It's almost like you struggle to be honest somehow. Say shit you don't mean, promise things you can't keep, love cheaters you can't defend. Pathetic.
2020-09-30 02:41
Maybe think about what I meant by "real comment" Cute how you intentionally misquoted me then call me a cheater. What's that i smell? Hypocrisy? Couldn't be. And in the meantime keep crying loser
2020-09-30 02:44
I never called YOU a cheater. I never told you to cry or call you a loser. I struggle to get baited by your dumb attempts at calling me stuff. But I do like it's here on text for everyone to see and how hard it is for you to make your case without resorting to insults or claim I said shit I never did. I don't mind that selfincriminating kind of bullshit you spout that makes you look like the emotional, nonsensical, desperate idiot with no arguments left on your palette.
2020-09-30 02:49
didnt read stay mad Just take the L I destroyed you in #166
2020-09-30 02:51
Sure you did. That's why you're busy "not reading" and running away. So brave of you. Too stupid to make an argument, too dumb to realize your nonsense is straightup bullshit. Why am I not surprised your comments get reduced to two-three words at most now? U sooooo smarties my man. So smarties even Reddit fears your dumb comments.
2020-09-30 02:55
Short comments because opinionated losers like you aren't worth the paragraphs. You had no counter argument hence I win "I dont even know where to begin..." 0/8
2020-09-30 02:58
> French cs player > integrity Pick One
2020-09-30 07:32
Ethics, caring about the integrity of the game. Thats like saying there is no reason to not mug people if its not enforced by the law.
2020-09-30 02:30
it is enforced by the law tho, if it wasn't most people would mug others to get ahead in life. Terrible analogy. Not sure how they're lacking on integrity when they aren't breaking any rules by keeping him signed.
2020-09-30 02:36
Not terrible analogy because the whole points is that somethings are wrong by themselves, not because there is punishment or not. So you support dictators killing people in their country because its legal there? I am talking about MORALS, law is based on morals. If we did not think that mug or killing was bad we would not make it illegal in the first place.
2020-09-30 02:40
You're comparing harming innocent people to looking at a spot in a video game, its a garbage analogy. I support them doing whatever, within the rules, best sets them up for future success. If that's with hunden, despite his mistake, then so be it.
2020-09-30 02:42
So its pretty its ok if you(or the org) think its ok. No logic involved You: Thats ok because it does not violate any rule Me: So its ok for mugging or killing as long as its not illegal? You: oH but thats different. The game is far more than whats is written by the rules. And its crucial for its existence and its reputation that such precedents are not tolerated. If you're fine with this than its ok. Its does not follow any consistent logic. Just "well thats a game so i dont care".
2020-09-30 02:47
They dont think its okay. They just aren't firing him, those two things aren't mutually exclusive. I also don't think its okay and I also wouldn't fire him, likely cut his pay because he cannot fully do his job but if I dont have a better option I would not fire him. I dont see how that means its tolerated, no one is encouraging him to do it again.
2020-09-30 02:49
The point is not firing him, but keeping his services DURING the ban. This signals that they particularly don't care the he cheated, therefore, was dishonest. If the ORG itself does not punish the cheater, it shows that don't care about it.
2020-09-30 02:52
You have no idea if they reduced his pay so that's pure speculation. Let's say you got grounded by your parents and they took away your computer but forgot about your phone. Youre telling me you would make the "ethical" decision and not use your phone knowing your parents likely wouldn't want you to? Or better yet remind them about your phone?
2020-09-30 03:03
Lets say you got suspended at school after a footbal match because you beat up someone from the other team. You get home and and your parents says its ok to keep playing footbal at home because the suspension was only at school. Nonsense.
2020-09-30 03:05
No one in their right mind would stop playing football in that situation unless the school (valve) made them stop. Literally no one. They would just stop fighting in the future (usually) because its very likely that the 2nd time would be the end. Not sure what the parents represent, ofc my parents would condemn me for fighting but I highly doubt they would force me to stop playing because of 1 incident
2020-09-30 03:07
Its for the duration of the ban, mate, not forever. Heroic did not punish Hunden. Thats like a father NOT grounding their son after doing a bad thing at school.
2020-09-30 03:07
Who said it was forever? You just saying random shit at this point And my point is that you can be punished but still not forced to stop playing by the org/parents
2020-09-30 03:09
Which is nonsense, because you just did something that shows you are dishonest at the game. Its like you have a problem with alcohol but you stop eating cake.
2020-09-30 03:09
Get in a fight at football. Allowance and phone taken away. Still allowed to play football. Seems fair to me. That is a punishment no? And still directly affects the kid/coaches life and shows that the behavior has consequences.
2020-09-30 03:13
Nice, your son will not know whats wrong with him playing footbal because his family sees no problem.
2020-09-30 03:15
He got punished directly because of his actions after the football game and now has no allowance and no phone. His family sees the problem He got punished and has to deal with the consequences Now he can't go out with his friends or buy those new shoes. Your argument makes no sense.
2020-09-30 03:18
It does make sense bro. Because his problem is WITH footbal. Again, take the alcohol, if someone has problems with alcohol, it makes NO SENSE to remove other things he likes. It will not solve his problem with alcohol.
2020-09-30 03:20
The problem is with fighting. He is then punished for fighting. No matter what the kid understands that fighting has consequences You're trying to bend the situation and I'm not gonna let it happen
2020-09-30 03:23
There even no point for me to respond this as you downright LIED about the pay reduction. But lets make this clear. He has a problem with FIGHTING at footbal matches. Imagine a player has a problem with TILTING at CS for example. What is the right course? Stop playing CS? Or stop using the phone? Obvious answer. But whatever. I am still waiting for you to tell where the paycheck reduction is.
2020-09-30 03:37
2020-09-30 03:49
Tilting isnt a crime, fighting is. If someone tilts they can walk away without being punished. If someone fights punish fighting by taking privilages away
2020-09-30 03:49
annnnnd nothing. GG Nt
2020-09-30 03:31
By the way, what kind of punishment from heroic did Hunden get?
2020-09-30 03:16
Pay cut
2020-09-30 03:17
2020-09-30 03:19
Heroic has made the decision to keep Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen in the organisation during his ban. Read More: t.co/EO314JLkOu t.co/LrgzqlWSLD
2020-09-30 03:22
There is nothing there. They even say "everyone makes mistakes"
2020-09-30 03:25
Maybe actually read the article
2020-09-30 03:26
Not, there is NOTHING there, i've read it. You are making things up.
2020-09-30 03:28
0/8 Another delusional loser who can't accept reality
2020-09-30 03:30
Nice gaslight. Full text here: As the ESIC investigation has been concluded, confirming the findings initially brought to light by ESL, it has reduced HUNDEN’s ban from 12 to 8 months. Heroic has made the decision to keep Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen in the organisation during his ban. The Heroic family sat down and discussed our next step, the decision was made quickly that we want to keep Nicolai in the organisation. We will continue working with him as he will fulfil his duties as a coach and work closely with the team as an analyst. Heroic CEO Erik Askered says: “As earlier mentioned, Nicolai’s mistake does not reflect the values or standards Heroic holds or wants to promote, but a mistake is a mistake. We all make them. After all, Hunden is our boy. We love him and he has so much to give this sport, that losing him would neither benefit Heroic, himself, or the pro scene. Our focus will now be to maintain the ranking we have fought hard for, and continue proving the world how good we are.” Point WHERE is the pay reduction.
2020-09-30 03:31
discord.gg/YNmzzG we can debate this with actual words if youd like. Less you're scared
2020-09-30 03:51
Haha a liar and a sophist! No dude i want nothing to do with depating with you on discord. You can keep it to yourself. Go on and tell your mom you scared a stranger on internet because you're too good.
2020-09-30 03:53
Ah, so youll type lies and conjecture but wont ctually say them. What a scared little prick
2020-09-30 03:54
Too scared to actually debate with words, pathetic. discord.gg/U5fxm3 Im waiting if you want to settle this like an adult. Until then enjoy being an absolute child who cant accept reality
2020-09-30 03:55
+1 No fucking ethics.
2020-09-30 02:28
Of course they would HUNDEN carried Heroic to top 1
2020-09-29 20:59
Brazil KingDavi
God Hunden
2020-09-29 21:55
2020-09-29 22:04
France Nairelav
Bhahaha what a joke, how you want CS to have some credibility when even teams support cheaters
2020-09-29 22:57
Nailed it
2020-09-30 07:28
it`s ok. guys deal with the reality. the thing is not that big as many expected. in less than 0.1% of demos, initial suspicions were found at the end of the day, there are only a few coaches who caused and abused the bug with full intention and without any doubts. the "positive list" is inflated. the big fraud just didnt happen.be happy, not mad.
2020-09-29 23:36
Makes me happy
2020-09-29 23:35
wait so what's the point of the ban then?
2020-09-30 01:56
Lol heroic was quick to announce letting go hunden, bur as soon as they saw alot of coaches got banned theh said fuck it and got him back, cause "everyone did it". What a retarded message are u passing, orgs like heroic, that its ok to break the rules? U will still have your job, no worries?
2020-09-30 02:57
oh wait! cadian is the one who lost the duel to the girl? lul
2020-09-30 02:59
*Yawn* How old are you? I could find a girl that could severely destroy your ass. Does that make you a subdued weakling we all should laugh at?
2020-09-30 10:53
what? oh wait, u just a fan of trash, no quests, sorry.
2020-09-30 11:27
2020-09-30 11:41
the csgo valve is just fraud... retain hunden like the bug is already gone.. and why would coach not use the bug if csgo is broken.. stupid.. just done it on purpose to simply rig the game.. just like refs in nba..
2020-09-30 05:49
Singapore Jaredlkj
2020-09-30 06:26
A massive Fuck you to any legitimate orgs, what a shambles they these people are being kept. #bugboycott
2020-09-30 07:28
oh shut the fuck up its valves fault for keeping it in game. things like this should never be left up to discussion to begin with.
2020-09-30 15:48
Yes its valves fault, its also the coaches fault for abusing a bug to get an unfair advantage to help his team win money. Simple Ethics
2020-09-30 17:41
Where's the ban on BIG for using jumpbug?
2020-09-30 18:29
There wasnt one, that is a less serious offence than being able to see what the enemy is doing
2020-09-30 19:22
lmao fuck off.
2020-09-30 20:32
Beta female
2020-09-30 20:35
You're a fucking spaz mate.
2020-09-30 20:36
Mad because Tony got promoted to head burger flipper?
2020-09-30 21:27
2020-09-30 21:34
such a shame to Heroic LMAO
2020-09-30 10:32
Heroic should not be allowed to employ HUNDEN during his ban-period!
2020-09-30 10:56
Germany X5ander
former he was my lord, to be honest my grandlord hunden, now he is only a cheater :-(
2020-09-30 12:55
The ESIC is clear about what their ban means. The banned coach is not allowed to be near the team from 15 minutes before matches until 15 minutes after, for the length of the ban. Nowhere does the ESIC advice that banned coaches should be fired, not allowed to work an analysist job or generally not be given a second chance. ESIC commissioner Ian Smith has been very clear that he is a firm believer in second chances. Just go watch the latest HLTV Confirmed podcast where he talks about this at length. Heroic and Hunden have both owned up to the wrong doing, and fully agreed to live up to what ESIC has instructed about the ban. So, can some of the pissed off people here please explain why they think Heroic is giving a middle finger to the ESIC by retaining Hunden in their org?
2020-09-30 13:53
Why even ban anyone? They didn't use any assistance, or manipulated the game.
2020-09-30 16:22
Sweden Flukey
GOD HUNDEN will always be a legend. His brain is massive
2020-10-01 22:57
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