IEM New York North America playoff bracket set

Evil Geniuses and 100 Thieves topped their groups at IEM New York North America to secure semi-final berths, while four other teams will start their playoff runs in the quarter-finals.

The twelve-team IEM New York North America field has been cut in half, as the top six teams are now seeded into a best-of-three single elimination playoff bracket that will culminate in a best-of-five grand final.

Evil Geniuses and 100 Thieves, the group stage's top seeds, are straight through to the $60,000 tournament's semi-finals, while Liquid, FURIA, New England Whalers and TeamOne will go through the four-team quarter-finals.

FURIA's loss to NE Whalers puts them up against Liquid in the playoffs

The hot match in the quarter-finals pits two top 10 teams, Liquid and FURIA, who are also the third and fourth placed teams in the RMR ranking, respectively. The Brazilians had a chance to top their group and go straight through to the semi-finals, but were upset by New England Whalers in their last group stage fixture, which knocked them down to third place.

The other side of the bracket has the New England Whalers going up against the third Group B seed, TeamOne, in a series featuring the last two teams that made it to IEM New York through the qualifiers and are still alive in the tournament.

The top two teams in the RMR ranking and the winners of their respective IEM New York groups, Evil Geniuses and 100 Thieves, will watch the first playoff round from the sidelines to see who they face in the semi-finals.

The IEM New York playoff schedule is the following:

Thursday, October 15

21:00 - Brazil FURIA vs. United States Liquid
00:30 - United States New England Whalers vs. Brazil TeamOne

Friday, October 16

21:00 - United States Evil Geniuses vs. Brazil FURIA/United States Liquid
00:30 - Fifth place decider

Saturday, October 17

21:00 - Australia 100 Thieves vs. United States New England Whalers/Brazil TeamOne

Sunday, October 18

21:00 - Third place decider
21:00 - Grand final

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Furia lost to who??
2020-10-14 12:21
im 1ster
2020-10-14 12:21
Yes :((((
2020-10-14 12:22
New England whalers
2020-10-14 12:25
They lost the coach
2020-10-14 12:46
United States Gonginator
If you're being serious, then you can feel free to read below. djay - Used to play ESEA Main in 1.6 and played a lot of ESEA Main & MDL --> Great rifler and I think he used to IGL PwnAlone - Played a couple seasons of ESEA Main and has been in MDL for a while --> Nutty AWPer, committed to his team based on history, but apparently can be toxic based on FPL streams from Pro players ben1337 - Played a lot of MDL and isn't the best frag wise, but obviously he's a key player to all of his past teams bwills - He's been on several MDL teams and used to pug a lot Rampage - Youngest player and played several seasons of ESEA IM and Advanced + 1 season of MDL before he got picked up by New England Whalers ; not the best or the worst, but consistent Outside of NA, most people probably don't know these guys. They're honestly one of the more promising MDL teams and it'd be awesome to see them go far. I used to play with djay in CS 1.6 when mIRC was around and he was a decent human being and very smart. PwnAlone hasn't gotten picked up by a Pro team even though he's a great AWPer. Ben1337 got removed from his original team "Ben's Anime Team" that eventually turned into current day Chaos. The others are mostly known as puggers so it seems, but they're doing something right since the team has stuck together and is still active.
2020-10-14 17:06
United States B0b3rT
2020-10-14 17:16
noobs, furia will win it all
2020-10-14 22:30
Other ylvd
Very nice to see teams like New England and Triumph doing well. The MDL semi-pro ecosystem can be really cruel. To be fair, Chaos is a bunch of toxic kids... and I think they were cheating even tho mibr was playing like a t999 team. BUT, like I said, I really like to see underdogs doing a good job.
2020-10-14 19:33
United States Gonginator
Yeah, the MDL semi-pro ecosystem is harsh. If you make playoffs but don't make it to EPL, then you just get recycled through other MDL teams or players give up after a couple of seasons most of the time. Regarding Chaos, I liked them when steel was on the team. However, I wasn't aware that they were toxic players and can't speak to anything about them cheating since I have not personally watch any of their demos. Nonetheless, you said it perfectly - it's great to see underdogs do a good job.
2020-10-14 20:40
Other ylvd
Totally agree with you! A was on the same vibe watching Chaos progressing. The BR community was very wrong dealing with this case. And a lot of the clips are "normal". But after I watched xeppa's clip on d2 aimlocking fer...... very ugly bro. I downloaded the demo and what I found doesn't even compare to the clips. But the point is: I hope New England, Triumph, TemONE etc.... prove themselves in this messed up NA scenery. They really deserve some success.
2020-10-15 05:40
Germany I_car
Ez 4 the boys
2020-10-14 12:20
teamone bout to lose to england whalers
2020-10-14 12:20
even if they lose, they already have the 5th spot, so they will be in the major anyway
2020-10-14 12:21
Serbia XD___
this isn't last rtr event
2020-10-14 13:09
It is actually
2020-10-14 14:58
since the next major hasn't been decided where or when, we don't know if this is the last rtr event
2020-10-14 16:30
I know. But this one and the CIS one are awarding RMR points
2020-10-14 16:52
yes but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the last RMR event
2020-10-14 18:48
I know that. I didn't say that this was the last RMR event. Of course with the postponed major it will be more events for sure
2020-10-14 19:27
U Said "actually It is".... Do tou haver Alzheimer?
2020-10-14 20:50
Dude chill. I misread it. I read "this isn't a rmr event".
2020-10-14 21:04
alright that's cool, we all make mistakes
2020-10-14 21:58
I don't know how, I don't recall them performing well in any other RMR NA event.
2020-10-14 19:03
Europe Spielfield
Bye Liquid
2020-10-14 12:21
New Zealand SkirmishX
ez for 100T
2020-10-14 12:22
You mean ex-100t?
2020-10-14 12:23
United Kingdom Jamzy
They are still with 100T for IEM NY
2020-10-14 12:43
who cars? NA CS is joke
2020-10-14 12:23
Germany I_car
I 🚗
2020-10-14 12:46
+1, i too am a car
2020-10-14 13:54
RpK | 
France pol44r
Furia lulquid ooooffff
2020-10-14 12:24
Brazil PaPum
this inconsistency of FURIA is its biggest weakness. They had a better time in that respect, but it looks like this team will die from it. In fact, I think they will never win a MAJOR just for this inconsistency ... unfortunately
2020-10-14 12:24
i dont think so...if you watch their games against lesser teams you can make out they are not playing seriously...against top tier teams they perform well
2020-10-14 12:28
Brazil KSC_TOP1
+1, against small teams, they are probably just hiding their game tactics
2020-10-14 14:10
HS | 
Estonia qoznyyy
what inconsistency? u mean the loss vs NEW? lol they just didnt care about the match as they already had spot secured, still going to win the event
2020-10-14 12:48
Dominican Republic Numb_
OFC DiDNT CARE play vs liquid and eg in playoff better than vs team one and t100 xddd
2020-10-14 12:59
India somecunt
Stop kkk if they had won against NEW, they would've been in semifinal already. Now they are going to play liquid in quarter finals.
2020-10-14 13:04
Brazil wololo10
I don't think they knew that xD
2020-10-14 13:37
It's pretty clear for me that they didn't care about it. Same thing happened in ESL... and then they destroyed eg e 100t with that boost on vertigo. They've been playing official and training with the same teams for almost 8 months.
2020-10-14 13:54
i don't that they didn't care for this match, i think they are feeling the abscense of Guerri to help them to secure a win against lesser or even same quality teams.
2020-10-14 17:13
North America Final: Brazil vs Brazil or Brazil vs Australia inc
2020-10-14 12:24
It should be IEM America.
2020-10-14 12:51
it should be IEM not europe
2020-10-14 12:59
It should be IEM not NA.
2020-10-14 13:22
2020-10-14 18:56
2020-10-14 12:27
Europe PiapA
2020-10-14 12:28
Germany Germania
What the fuck is New England Whalers
2020-10-14 12:40
CS go team
2020-10-14 12:51
Furia is a shame for brazil
2020-10-14 12:41
Europe tete4761
Furia is the only good Brazilian team Furia >> disbanded Botz
2020-10-14 12:43
No, you are the shame of Brazil, you must change your nickname to SCHIZOFRENIC_AND_RETARD_DISBANDED_TEAM_FAN.
2020-10-14 13:26
Furia is not disappointment team oNe isnt a disapointment Mibr is a disappointment
2020-10-14 16:50
United States Gonginator
How? FURIA is keeping the Brazilian scene alive because MIBR were incapable of doing that. FURIA are a well respected team and actually have results to back it up.
2020-10-14 17:08
Furia always choose the hardest way. If they had won NE, they will be in semi finals, but no, they lost and now, in the better scenario, they have to won against TL and EG. \o/
2020-10-14 12:44
they just want to beat them both. ez for furia
2020-10-14 12:54
i'm not doubt of that, but they have to show consistency in a camp so big like this. The bigger prize is a spot on a major, is not a random camp.
2020-10-14 13:42
United States Gonginator
Although I agree with you, I think FURIA always finds a way. I don't like that they are sometimes inconsistent, but they don't disappoint as much as Liquid do.
2020-10-14 17:09
Europe Juuzou_
EG got a lucky draw. Kek
2020-10-14 12:47
United States Gonginator
It is what it is. The drawing is not up to them.
2020-10-14 17:09
100T tops the group by just fucking around in matches ._.
2020-10-14 12:50
and they also have the easiest road to finals lol
2020-10-14 13:01
They literally messed around against liquid and mythic, I don’t know what’s worse then not taking it seriously or liquid losing to it
2020-10-14 13:29
Pakistan LoOuU2
Funny how they try harded to defeat Liquid evertime and failed yet they have won twice against them by dicking around.
2020-10-14 13:44
Let's go Liquid, lets get Furia this time
2020-10-14 13:20
FUCKKKK Not again pls no
2020-10-14 13:25
Brazil 3nzow
2020-10-14 13:27
Brazil AleMasox
2020-10-14 14:46
2020-10-14 16:50
Brazil Pachecovid
What was the tiebraker in group A? Cause Furia won EG, EG won Whalers and Whalers won Furia
2020-10-14 13:28
Canada firtlast
no tiebreaker, the last 3 teams were far from qualifying
2020-10-14 14:40
Brazil Pachecovid
I'd like to know why Furia got third place instead of second
2020-10-14 14:46
eg first after round difference, then the tie between NEW and FURIA is resolved by direct matchup result I'm just guessing tho
2020-10-14 14:52
I guess it was the round difference between the tied participants edit: I guess it was the overall round difference, since if esl followed rules that make sense furia would be top of the group (+4 vs eg's +2)
2020-10-14 14:51
If Liquid wins this one maybe ill have some restored faith. They seem to be slumping pretty hard imo
2020-10-14 13:57
Brazil hugoooo
O hope FURIA don't get banned for that
2020-10-14 13:59
go furia
2020-10-14 14:06
EZ 4 Furia
2020-10-14 14:11
Canada firtlast
furia v liquid - 85/15 for furia
2020-10-14 14:41
Big Brain move from Furia, to ensure they meet EG again ! LOL
2020-10-14 15:30
Evil Geniuses should win this.
2020-10-14 16:09
United States LJPixels
EG will win this but I'm on the NE Whalers hype train
2020-10-14 16:51
United States B0b3rT
Let’s fucking go whalers hahahahahah it’s to ez I knew this would happen I’ve seen it coming months in advance
2020-10-14 17:20
Ukraine Dert38
chaos again out LOL
2020-10-14 18:50
Why did 100t get a buy but not Furia... Both teams won vs EG and TL in their groups respectively.... What decides who gets top seed cause it's clearly not rounds or head to heads. Edit: also that bottom side of the bracket is a joke, the 3 best teams all in the top side.
2020-10-14 22:16
Australia malalm
Group A h2h doesnt matter as its a 3 way tie and furia beat eg , eg beat new england whalers, and new england whalers beat furia, so since h2h cant decide that it goes off round difference. Liquid/100t was a 2 way tie and can be resolved through h2h, so that goes off h2h Edit: just realised furia had a better rd than new england whalers so idk how that one was decided
2020-10-15 10:01
thanks for the response
2020-10-15 22:15
Retard bracket.... Free Final slot for Renegades..
2020-10-15 10:06
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