mTw win WCG Denmark

mTw has won the Danish World Cyber Games qualifier by deafeating Spirit of Amiga 2-1 in the last match of the group.

The qualifier should have had a Grand Final, but due the shopping mall closing, and the event being delayed, the last group stage match decided the winner.

The last group stage match consisted of mTw taking on Spirit of Amiga. As time went on and the closing hours closened for the shopping mall Illum, the organizers went to say, should mTw win, then they would go to Chengdu, while should Spirit of Amiga win, then a final map would be play to determine who would go.

First map saw mTw starting as T on train, taking a 8-7 lead. As CT things did not click right for mTw, leading to Spirit of Amiga going for the 15-15 score. In two times overtime, Spirit of Amiga secured the win on train, with a 22-19 score. Moving to dust2, mTw went with a strong 12-3 lead, after playing their T side. Spirit of Amiga went to play solid T play, but as mTw took those key rounds, Spirit of Amiga cashed in a 16-11 defeat.

Final map inferno started with mTw as CT, and the team managed build up a 9-6 lead. Switching to T, mTw saw Spirit of Amiga climbing back into the match, breathing down mTw's neck. With many crucial round wins by mTw, the squad went for a 16-12 win, securing the spot for World Cyber Games 2009 in Chengdu, China.

10th October 2009
Best of 3

With the result, mTw claim their first victory since the roster shakeup. The team will be looking at attending the World Cyber Games 2009 Grand Finals, which will be Crème de la Crème of events this fall.

Check out the gallery from the qualifier right here. We will be back with much more for the qualifier, including demos and more.

well gg
2009-10-10 19:32
2009-10-10 19:32
2009-10-10 19:33
expected, but seems to be too close...
2009-10-10 19:34
What did you expect? that they would destroy evrything? they have practiced with minet for 4 days,dude..
2009-10-10 22:12
Well mTw did not play bad with their new lineup, but based on their results today, I dont think they could win the likes of, fnatic and so on, unless they step their game up. But they have time to practice, so hopefully they are prepared for WCG.
2009-10-10 19:34
gG :_-
2009-10-10 19:35
"Shopping closing up" :)) Nice reason
2009-10-10 19:38
Great show from mTw and congrats to them! :)
2009-10-10 19:38
dont understand this qualyfier o_O
2009-10-10 19:40
Well, fully deserved. Won against all, only lost 1 map, so no reason to play and further :) GG
2009-10-10 19:41
:( SoA
2009-10-10 19:43
"but due the shopping mall closing, and the event being delayed, the last group stage match decided the winner." N1..
2009-10-10 19:43
"but due the shopping mall closing, and the event being delayed, the last group stage match decided the winner." what a shit?
2009-10-10 19:48
demo pls
2009-10-10 19:50
there was no hltv so no demo i guess :)
2009-10-10 20:21
Despite there were problems with the HLTV demos were recorded.
2009-10-10 20:29
nice :) , but lot of pracctise wait's you :D
2009-10-10 19:53
Polish KODE5 2009 finals was organized better than this
2009-10-10 19:54
poland or vitriolic players, always have to come up... sad!
2009-10-10 20:18
You can't just change the rules like that..
2009-10-10 19:56
god can, ask f0rest.
2009-10-10 20:10
What do you mean?
2009-10-10 20:14
[Fun Mode ON]How could the players make their final purchases if not[Fun Mode OFF] :P
2009-10-10 20:36
You're crazy-.-
2009-10-11 19:58
gz mtw, but last group stage match decided the winner? wth? :D
2009-10-10 19:56
SoA deserve rest and play tomorrow 2 maps vs mtw but =/, i wanna see how play funatic whit SoA, hpx never come back? =(
2009-10-10 20:03 after a long day listen ColdPlay :P
2009-10-10 20:07 ;)
2009-10-10 20:13
2009-10-10 21:52
2 or 1 slot @ wcg for Denmark ?
2009-10-10 20:08
i think just one =/, i wanna see SoA at wcg..
2009-10-10 20:13
I think too But maybe SoA will be invited ;)
2009-10-10 20:14
Is Soa are former PlayZeek?
2009-10-10 20:24
sry, but just too funny english :D "Is Soa are PlayZeek?" :D:D
2009-10-10 20:30
Sure you know everything.
2009-10-10 21:12
You're doing it wrong !
2009-10-11 21:25
They are former Mirror.p00nhandlers .
2009-10-10 20:32
And wheres playzeek now?
2009-10-10 21:12
Honestly speaking I do not know. Contact Nix0n as he is more in touch with the Danish scene than me ;)
2009-10-10 21:37
There is no longer a team named PlayZeek.
2009-10-11 21:36
mTw For ever !!!! :D
2009-10-10 20:31
Hahhaha good for mTw to win this one with new blood.
2009-10-10 20:31
N1C3 MTW!!! gL!
2009-10-10 20:32
well to be honest, Soa isent a bad team, for sure one of the best in the world,Lineup Arcadion wazorn friis funatic and faagan all good players with alot of experiences and alot of lan's and victory's against big teams, mtw is favorit every time when they play in Denmark but dont forget about Soa:) and they play really well and almost always close against these teams so good played mTw! and please come again next year soa:) haha...
2009-10-10 20:36
SoA is a great team. Good luck mTw.
2009-10-10 20:37
Bulgaria Geko
at least they have wcg quals haha
2009-10-10 20:56
2009-10-10 21:00
n1 2nd pict, nc , gl mje and whimp + mtw
2009-10-10 21:09
Nice. Great job :)
2009-10-10 21:11
#5 First of all, its a VERY new team, and theire first event as a team. Besides that, i thnink you might underestimate us as a team :) mTw will be a top team again, if they will be the best in the world again, or that dominating, i might doubt. Ofcurse the team needs some time, to get used to the changes they've made. They took the first step today, now theire next challenge will be us next weekend at SLAP LIVE and KGC :)
2009-10-10 21:14
You guys put up one hell of a fight, thats for sure, hats off!
2009-10-10 21:19
If you use the 'Reply' button the user will/would know you replied to him/her ;)
2009-10-10 21:35
#47 :))
2009-10-10 21:52
awesome last pic ;M
2009-10-10 21:55
yeah, good friends >all!!
2009-10-10 22:08
2009-10-10 22:02
love the last pic
2009-10-10 22:14
GG mTw :)
2009-10-10 22:20
ty denmark. ;) ty poulsen.
2009-10-11 00:05
GJ !!!!! gl in china !
2009-10-11 00:48
gg nice eid muhammed :D you are the best MjE <3
2009-10-11 01:18
agree . MJE is looking awesome .
2009-10-11 01:26
2009-10-11 01:20
always the bridesmaid and not the bride for the SoA guys
2009-10-11 01:31
As expected! This lineup of mTw have much of potential with trace and minet, gl in China guys!
2009-10-11 02:06
See you in china
2009-10-11 02:51
SoA got good sportsmanship :D even though rules chagned at last minute and the team is so bonded, even though they are inactive they still watched them play at WCG :( gl MJE and whiMp.
2009-10-11 03:34
2009-10-11 03:42
Wow was really expecting SoA to win but they were playing with a ringer, glad even tho mTw lost whiMp and mJe in the past month they still have the dedication/desire to be the top danish team
2009-10-11 03:58
wheres the demos available?
2009-10-11 05:03
2009-10-11 12:57
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