DreamHack Open Fall playoffs bracket set

The Regional Major Ranking event's group stage has concluded as eight teams will start the playoffs in the upper bracket and four in the lower bracket.

The final day of action of the DreamHack Open Fall group stage saw the four groups' deciding matches play out and determine who gets to join the group winners in the upper bracket and who has to start their playoffs campaign from the lower bracket.

G2, fnatic, NiP, and GODSENT placed second in their respective groups after winning their deciders, leaving Heroic, OG, Sprout, and FaZe in third place after all four series came down to the third maps.

Astralis will first face GODSENT in their last playoff campaign with es3tag

With the seeding decided, the playoffs bracket has been set. The first two matches of the double-elimination bracket will witness two rare matchups between Astralis and GODSENT and North and fnatic, before BIG face a rather familiar opponent in G2 and Vitality take on NiP for the staggering twelfth time in 2020. Meanwhile, the group stage's third-placed teams await their opening encounters in the lower bracket.

The playoffs will kick off on Monday and will run for the rest of the week until the winner is found in Sunday's grand final series, a match that will not only determine who gets the grand prize of 2,500 RMR points and $33,000 but also a coveted spot at Cologne's IEM Global Challenge LAN event.

The schedule of the first three days of the playoffs looks as follows:

Monday, October 19
13:00 Denmark Astralis vs. Europe GODSENT
16:30 Denmark North vs. Sweden fnatic
20:00 Germany BIG vs. France G2

Tuesday, October 20
13:00 France Vitality vs. Sweden NiP
16:30 Germany Sprout vs. Astralis/GODSENT loser
20:00 Denmark Heroic vs. North/fnatic loser

Wednesday, October 21
13:00 Upper bracket semi-final #1
16:30 Europe OG vs. BIG/G2 loser
20:00 Europe FaZe vs. Vitality/NiP loser

You can see what the rest of the schedule of the last RMR tournament of 2020 looks like in the tournament page.

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Why so ez for German cs?
2020-10-18 00:57
Finland Cucumber))
Exactly so easy for the best german igl kRYSTAL but bye bye rest of german cs
2020-10-18 00:58
ropz | 
United States omaega
+1 kRYSTAL anime hair and anime skins >>>>>>> tabseN
2020-10-18 02:00
Indonesia begalracer
2020-10-18 12:24
There you see Germans there?
2020-10-18 01:53
Denmark Kon10R
This "ez" thing on hltv ... Good heavens. Top #20 can beat each other any day these days, right? Ence and Mouz took an early exit, Heroic struggling, and we saw NaVi losing today as well. Juzz DON'T give me the "ez" babble. It makes me on the verge of throwing up. Astralis? Maybe favorites ... but now even North and the top two French and Swedish teams are showing "teeth" after a bit of a slump. Congrats on German cs doing well, but SKIP the "ez thaeng", pleezzz ...
2020-10-18 02:24
Its not that ez to skip dat ez thaeng. We really got used to ez. And its ez, after all!
2020-10-18 08:04
If there some country can say ez are it denmark 3 teams in playoff
2020-10-18 09:53
Denmark has the best players and teams right now. Impressive for such a small population!
2020-10-18 11:16
Denmark Kon10R
Yeah ... ask these top 100 players how easy it was to get there ...
2020-10-18 13:42
United States GeT_Rahum
Nip V Vitality for the 100th time this year. Fun
2020-10-18 00:59
Vita NIP again????
2020-10-18 00:58
I said that about the 3rd within a week fnatic v og Last night
2020-10-18 05:02
North America 007DBR9
seems like some teams are just guarenteed to play eachother
2020-10-18 06:38
2020-10-18 00:58
Malta TheBudi34
Ok, now it's Dycha's time
2020-10-18 00:59
broky | 
Lithuania Mexzy
Actually only good German Team is Sprout like fr
2020-10-18 03:09
Germany hatrez
Rooting for Big Clan
2020-10-18 01:00
Germany Zackst3rz
2020-10-18 20:24
Poland Recruitn1
North astralis danish derby again.
2020-10-18 01:01
Turkey ok4N__
or North Heroic danish derby
2020-10-18 01:39
imagine if North wins this xD
2020-10-18 01:14
North America 007DBR9
x to doubt but would be funny af
2020-10-18 06:39
Pakistan LoOuU2
*Vitality vs NiP exists * Ah shit, here we go again.
2020-10-18 01:14
hate that teams that manage to win 1 out of 3 games are in the fucking playoffs. That is so stupid and i call out every event that has that bullshit.
2020-10-18 01:22
Slovakia Daev0n
Better than seeing teams like OG and Heroic drop out just because of shitty seeding in groups.
2020-10-18 02:05
No. Those teams needs to beat the good teams regardless if they want to win the event, in groups or playoffs it makes no difference. Its bull.
2020-10-18 10:26
Spain JLenny47
well giving that placing 9th vs placing, say 6th gives you like 500 rmr points less, it does matter to have 3rd seeds that drew into hard groups another chance
2020-10-18 12:52
The eliminated teams can play vs eachother over placings for rmr points only.
2020-10-18 14:48
I think Astralis will win this tournament.
2020-10-18 01:33
Denmark Kon10R
Maybe favorites ... But I wouldn't be surprised if we see suprises! 😎👍 (Top #20 can beat each other any day these days!)
2020-10-18 02:28
True, but still I think Astralis is just a level higher than everyone else.
2020-10-18 02:53
Denmark Kon10R
"Flag and flair checks out" ... and all that usual "clever Sherlock" hltv stuff about my profile ... 😁 They DO look strong. I agree. But you'll never know! NaVi and Maybe Furia ... who knows ??! But yes. Astralis are and will always be the Kings. 😎👍
2020-10-18 03:07
They look like another era is coming I think. NaVi is not even close to their level, FURIA could be dangerous. However don't say that they always will be in the place they are now because it's not so sure.
2020-10-18 13:46
Denmark Kon10R
Uh! That is hard to believe ... at least for me. What was it ... 13 months on top #1? That's an era. Astralis had an edge playing the percentages like save-rounds and utility usage, as well as exercise- and nutrition plans outside the server. 'But now everybody knows what it takes! I think the era of eras is over.
2020-10-18 13:54
I can believe in that and I think a lot of ppl would agree with me, but I understand that you might not expect it. I think they can make a same era like they had before, maybe even better. I have a good feeling that we didn't see the strongest Astralis yet.
2020-10-18 13:56
Denmark Kon10R
I would of course love that, but a looootta teams look great by now. Time will show.
2020-10-18 14:19
Yeah, we will see.
2020-10-18 15:23
Astralis are top -1
2020-10-18 13:16
2020-10-18 13:47
Its called Dreamhack cuz its a dream to play for hackers.
2020-10-18 01:44
2020-10-18 02:06
Denmark Kon10R
Yup ... Considering recent history: Veeeeery "ez" ... Right?!
2020-10-18 02:29
Clean wins so far.
2020-10-18 02:39
Denmark Kon10R
In this tournament, yes. Best wishes. In 2020? Always Numba two, right?
2020-10-18 02:45
No tHeY wErE NuMbeR ONe!
2020-10-18 02:52
Denmark Kon10R
For three weeks in September ...
2020-10-18 03:02
fnatic 2-0 north. If not, they should disband.
2020-10-18 02:07
vitality nip again rofl
2020-10-18 02:09
GODSENT best international team, OG and FaZe both lower bracket
2020-10-18 02:13
2020-10-18 03:00
Slovakia Daev0n
Counted 17, where's the last one hiding?
2020-10-18 04:19
he probably thought North has full Danish lineup lul
2020-10-18 05:58
Slovakia Daev0n
Lekr0 is an impostor
2020-10-18 12:45
Denmark Ulver
No one cares about your cringe copy paste.
2020-10-18 12:46
Du har lige skrevet på min tråd, så du er en af dem,,,sig mig lige engang har du endelig styr på hvad du gør, og hvad du gør har en betydning, nemlig at du cares about me, SIDEN DU SKRIVER PÅ MIN TRÅD kLAPHAT
2020-10-18 15:58
Denmark Ulver
1) Det er ikke din tråd, du har ikke startet den. 2) Der er endnu ikke nogen mulighed for at blokere andre brugere på HLTV. Tro mig, hvis det var muligt var du blokeret for længe siden. 3) Jeg er næppe den eneste der finder dit konstante Conor McGregor spam irriterende at falde over. Derudover skaber du et billede af at danske CSGO fans, er en flok hjernedøde drenge på 10 år.
2020-10-18 16:07
Nip vs Vitality again?
2020-10-18 06:07
Nip vs vitality for the 890636790643790542356799th time
2020-10-18 06:30
2020-10-18 07:53
Philippines Trollsgege
Godsent will win no kappa
2020-10-18 11:08
Spain JLenny47
Highrolling north, bonkers
2020-10-18 12:54
Guys, who know, how can i find out who will first ban map in any match? Hope for your help
2020-10-18 14:30
Let's go fnatic
2020-10-18 15:17
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