Frag eXecutors swap two

Frag eXecutors have announced two changes to their team ahead of the start of the European Championship.

The Polish team were seen in action this weekend at the qualifier for AlleGra 2009 at the Poznań Game Arena, where they defeated sys.celsus in the final to book a spot in the competition.

However, Frag eXecutors have decided to bring in new faces as they hope roster changes will allow the team to return to the top and deliver some long-awaited trophies.

Jakub "tjb" Barczyk has stepped down as player to continues his studies abroad, while Filip "pionas" Pionka, who had returned to Frag eXecutors in February after being released from Meet Your Makers, has been shown the exit door.

Joining up are Bogdan "izzy" Wójcik, who is no stranger to Frag-eXecutors after playing for them in 2007-08, and Tomek "SheeN" Kacprzak, former member of UNITED who played for Poland at the 2007 ENC Finals.

Frag-eXecutors, who have been paired with the likes of fnatic and HellRaisers at the Extreme Masters European Championship, have now:

Poland Artur "dOK" Kaleta
Poland Piotr "pitek" Radomski
Poland Artur "BEn" Ostrach
Poland Bogdan "izzy" Wójcik
Poland Tomek "SheeN" Kacprzak

great news becouse they were sucks on the last few events maybe izzy and sheen gonna bring some more motivation for team.
2009-10-11 22:46
NOOOOO i liked the old F-X :\
2009-10-11 22:45
Why? because they kept losing every single match?
2009-10-11 23:26
nop they just needed some motivation thats all
2009-10-12 00:29
frozen | 
Estonia Gene
new one is better :D trust meh, i know.
2009-10-11 22:47
can some polish experts give their opinion on this? Isn`t it a loss to see pionas leave when he for only like a year ago joined former MYM? Or is the new replacements better players? Just wondering.
2009-10-11 23:00
izzy was playing with eXecutors so any problems with teamplay. SheeN has really high skill, u can see him, when he was playing in UNITED with ths, ham and rDh. Changes can be good. BTW That isn't changes for ever. With this team they're going to play at Poznan Games Arena 2009 in tournament Allegra 2009. User: This changes only for Allegra 2009 or for longer? tjb: At the moment only for PGA/Allegra.
2009-10-11 23:19
that's right!
2009-10-12 16:09
Frag-executors used to be 2nd best team in Poland for a long time. Now DELTA and D-Link PGS are betterm, I dont think they're happy to be 4-5th team in Poland. And about Pionas. In my opinion he was never worth to play for MYM. I havent seen all the matches FX played, but from those I've seen Im sure pionas wasnt top player in FX. Im not sure about Sheen, if he is in form or not.
2009-10-11 23:11
I think it's for better. Last year they won at PGA with izzy (he know how to chillout and don't care about attention, so he can concatrate on play). Sheen can be really sharp.
2009-10-11 23:12
Nice to see sheeN is back!
2009-10-11 23:02
imo if Sheen and izzy pracctice very well with this team , they can get better results than old FX with pionas and tjb . Anyway gl !
2009-10-11 23:09
2009-10-11 23:13
In my opinion if sheen will practice more with his new team, they can reach top on a lot of tourmanents. But -izzy +tjb Tjb has to study in Germany now, so who will be giving headshots on Vitriolic's aim server? ;(
2009-10-11 23:19
Fx sucks so much nowadays..
2009-10-11 23:37
Izzy isn't better and worse then Pionas, Tjb is true leader also leader ingame but since 2 years without shape. SheeN was amazing in 2006-07 the best player in Poland exepct golden five but after come back he isn't the same player, propably the same story like with RuloN who is only shadow of player from old times. Anyway some players of FX and Delta will definitely over pro gaming in end of year, So we can expect an interesting fusion.
2009-10-12 00:02
I could understand if "tjb" went becaouse of the education reasons, but I don't think kicking "pionas" out is a good idea because in my opinion "sheen" and "izzy" are not better than pionas and even if then definetly not by far. Plus they havn't got the lan expirience that "pionas" has.
2009-10-12 00:21
Well, i don't think so. Sheen's got lan experience. He's been playing for Team Poland @ ENC, when they took the 3rd place. I think he will rebuild his old form and show that he's still good player.
2009-10-12 06:45
I never said they have no lan expirience I know they have some, but not as much as pionas.
2009-10-12 17:27
2009-10-12 21:42
fuck FX, go pgs and delta + vitriolic.
2009-10-12 00:29
I saw this team in EPS they looked really good, but then at GameGune they sucked so idk
2009-10-12 00:33
- pitek plz! they removed pionas because: "Approach and degree of involvement of Philip in the game in recent times was different from the expectations of the rest of the team, and therefore for the moment we decided to remove him from the first team to make room for sheen" I like SheeN, he is very good player, if he once spent much more time to this game he will be on Vitriolic players level now, but he always leave some teams for same reason why Fx removed pionas.. BUT! tjb says in comments @ Fx site this changes are util then AlleGra ends.. then they will to decide. So.. WE WILL SEE :)
2009-10-12 01:37
btw. too bad its only 3:33 :[
2009-10-12 03:24
Sorry, you do not have permission to watch this private video.
2009-10-12 22:07
oh sry, i forgot about it.. now everybody can watch this, enjoy.
2009-10-13 08:03
pionas > pitek ;/
2009-10-12 07:53
IMO pitek is most underrated player in FX =]
2009-10-12 09:44
Artur "BEn" Ostrach this player is really good! gl guys
2009-10-12 10:35
Great changes, sick line-up dOK mah favourite :D
2009-10-12 11:37
Same here! DOK sometimes shows an amazing rifle skills, but imo he played better in ENC with Neo and others than he plays in FX :P. Lets see what he's gonna show with the new lineup. If I would have to pick 2 players to leave FX they would be tjb and pionas :p
2009-10-12 16:22
SpawN | 
United Kingdom BanKs
2009-10-12 14:25
Oh my fucking god, Nice to see sheen back, he was the champion of ENC2007 with Neo Taz Luq and Rolon.
2009-10-12 15:38
rulon :P
2009-10-12 15:51
1. Hope sheen will own those n00bz, but, to be honest, i dont think its possible... we'll see 2. god, it's spelled SYS.Celtus , change it, please... celtttus!
2009-10-12 16:57
they're no "n00bz" az u arr. btw gl with the new lineup. You might try and leave it this way in my opinion. Another way is to: -izzy +tjb as someone spoke before me. GL at PGA!
2009-10-12 19:30
how did u know im such a noob? i play with fake name on servers, jesssus... everyone knows that i play zero? @topic im just saying that i dont believe this change will help FX, but i hope sheen will play as he used to do.
2009-10-12 20:32
--> + demo (omed, demolition) -izzy / - pionas +sheen -tjb
2009-10-12 19:54
2009-10-12 19:55
pionas and tjb are already out.. :P
2009-10-12 21:44
yes we know lol
2009-10-12 21:52
Apparently he didn't?!
2009-10-12 21:58
apparently i did ?
2009-10-12 22:00
So? :P Did I reply to you?
2009-10-12 22:00
So? Get off the hltv site sometime:) nolifer lol
2009-10-12 22:01
Jesus, you really are stupid, if you ever get some money move away from your country and get some education... HAVE I BEEN HERE ALL DAY? I JUST GOT HERE, I can't take this anymore you and your disgusting compatriots(no everyone doesn't have to flame me after this, it isn't EVERYBODY(rafals for example)) are the most ignorant people on earth, seriously.
2009-10-12 22:03
oh my. I didn't mean to insult u. Just stop replying to my posts. btw why should I move if I did it already :) have a nice night^^
2009-10-12 22:05
Why did you reply to me in the first place then?..
2009-10-12 22:06
u've replied to ME. baah just stop :)
2009-10-12 22:07
I like people telling me to stop, when THEY still keep replying to me?:D
2009-10-13 16:55
2009-10-13 17:28 LET'S GO!!!XD
2009-10-13 18:40
2009-10-13 23:26
+32432 hahahahahha
2009-10-14 19:12
You don't really make sense.
2009-10-15 22:37
2009-10-16 16:52
2009-10-16 17:30
2009-10-16 17:42
2009-10-16 17:47
2009-10-16 20:46
omg... -.-
2009-10-22 14:03
2009-10-22 20:07
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