CS:GO Elite Series announced for Benelux teams

The tournament series, which will feature just six teams, is aimed at increasing competition and the talent pool in this region.

Team META and betFIRST have partnered up to create the CS:GO Elite Series, featuring €15,000 ($17,775) in prize money. Kicking off in February 2021, the tournament series will pit six teams from Benelux against each other across three events over the course of the year to determine the region's champion.

The spring and summer splits will act as qualifiers for participants to earn Championship Points towards the end-of-the-year Championship Finals, where the lion's share of the prize pool will be up for contention.

The two splits will feature a best-of-two round-robin stage to decide the four teams advancing to the King of the Hill playoffs. There, all matches will be played in a best-of-three format until the grand final, which will be a best-of-five clash.

Following the conclusion of the summer split in July, the three teams with the most Championship Points will progress to the Championship Finals in October and fight for the 2021 Elite Series crown, while the lowest-ranked sides will have to battle it out to retain their spot in the league.

"With the creation of this CSGO league, betFIRST aims to take a pioneering role in Belgium, Paul Seghers, sponsorship manager at betFIRST, said in a statement. "We believe in the power of esports and together with META we want to give regional talent every opportunity to continue to develop."

The six spots will be determined through an application process that is open until December 6. The six most suitable teams will be invited to compete in the tournament series, which will kick off on February 11.

Finland Cucumber))
nice men
2020-11-18 23:06
14 replies
who cars
2020-11-18 23:08
10 replies
salty big can't dominate this L
2020-11-18 23:26
7 replies
well i understand that they cant dominate in all regions of germany, especially for such a small prize pool
2020-11-18 23:27
2 replies
"all regions of germany" posted by a German - not funny.
2020-11-19 05:58
1 reply
Kinda funny
2020-11-19 12:57
why would big want to dominate this shit scene they are former number wans but i honestly think this shit scene is better than netherlands scene
2020-11-19 14:03
3 replies
Your statement is deemed invalid due to the following reasons: 1) poor english 2) you're thai 3) thailand has no scene to begin with
2020-11-19 17:50
2 replies
thailand doesent have a scene right now fam lol but it had a better scene that netherlands did before and you said poor english bruh... hahahaha u didnt see the joke so suck my left ballsack boi
2020-11-19 18:00
1 reply
2020-11-19 19:31
2020-11-18 23:52
I do
2020-11-19 00:06
who cars cumburger
2020-11-18 23:13
2 replies
Finland Cucumber))
men why like zis
2020-11-18 23:13
1 reply
shut ze fak ap
2020-11-18 23:13
ez for tomik
2020-11-18 23:06
Portugal BraZGod
what elite?
2020-11-18 23:06
Who cars?
2020-11-18 23:06
1 reply
Those of us who are interested in the continued development of the grass roots counter strike scene.
2020-11-19 14:31
Hahahahahaha Benelux
2020-11-18 23:07
Nosceners can cry
2020-11-18 23:07
Keoz | 
Belgium ssloss
Really good for the BeNeLux scene
2020-11-18 23:08
rigoN | 
Albania ZxTox
2020-11-18 23:08
Finally maybe some life in the most dead scene in EU.
2020-11-18 23:09
7 replies
not most dead scene :)
2020-11-18 23:35
Italy called they want their title back. jk there's no Italian players to make the call.
2020-11-19 00:10
5 replies
try | 
It can not be dead if it does not exit
2020-11-19 00:20
2 replies
Indonesia begalracer
2020-11-19 05:07
lmao rekt +1
2020-11-19 08:32
There is my friend, he has dual citizenship in Italy and the Netherlands. So he's basically the king of dead CS:GO scenes.
2020-11-19 13:23
1 reply
Next you're going to tell me he moved to NA
2020-11-19 14:34
>Elite Series >Benelux teams >15k kk
2020-11-18 23:11
2 replies
Spain Pog_chaos
Maybe the orgs will be able to pay half of players salary with this money kekw
2020-11-18 23:13
1 reply
lmao will there actually be any orgs. no one even knows where this place is other than some belgians it seems
2020-11-18 23:32
Spain Pog_chaos
2020-11-18 23:12
Poland Niks0n3k
benelux best region
2020-11-18 23:12
Scream come back!
2020-11-18 23:13
2020-11-18 23:14
United States sallis_
2020-11-18 23:16
tier 3 elite? xD
2020-11-18 23:19
2020-11-18 23:20
Who cares
2020-11-18 23:29
Irrelevant scene We will tryna qual
2020-11-18 23:40
finally, hopefully will spark some life in the benelux scene
2020-11-18 23:43
ez for lowlandlions. best Benelux team by far. Still trash vs eu teams tho. but maybe in time it can change...
2020-11-18 23:51
6 replies
Switzerland Juuzou_
Oh the days
2020-11-18 23:56
Well a few days ago they dropped their roster according to liquipedia
2020-11-19 09:59
4 replies
They should be still playing don't worry.
2020-11-19 12:39
3 replies
2020-11-19 14:12
Probably not,they are assigning slots to orgs & we are orgless atm and not in the need to rush it & sign a bad deal :D unluko
2020-11-19 21:20
1 reply
Good luck on setting benelux on the map :)
2020-11-19 22:20
Hungary szia
2020-11-18 23:54
Netherlands Nederland
Lol benelux, who tf is in this region?
2020-11-19 00:00
4 replies
flag doesn't check out BElgium NEderlands LUXumberg
2020-11-19 00:06
South-Netherlands and South-East Netherlands are included in the BENELUX.
2020-11-19 08:43
2 replies
I say it's time to bring South-Netherlands and South-East Netherlands back under our flag. You with me?
2020-11-19 13:25
1 reply
Always. Lets not forget about our oppressed peoples in East-Netherlands and West-Netherlands!
2020-11-19 17:49
Poland SebL
It's a good idea, benelux is a region that pretty much doesn't have it's own scene, maybe it will help with building it.
2020-11-19 00:05
Canada firtlast
2020-11-19 00:25
1 reply
And that's facts
2020-11-19 10:00
2020-11-19 00:36
2020-11-19 00:38
luxemburg doesn't even needed to exist, irrelevant country
2020-11-19 00:43
4 replies
Biggest bank sector EU through, also highest GDP per capita
2020-11-19 10:01
2 replies
time to annex this bad boy 😍😍
2020-11-19 11:03
1 reply
And those waffle eaters that call themselves "Belgians" as well.
2020-11-19 13:25
its actually quite relevant given our small population
2020-11-19 12:17
Tier 6 Blast Pro Series
2020-11-19 01:23
What teams are invited? There are like lowlandlions? Maybe defusekids and who else? Its fine to target benelux area with any project, but i doubt there will be more than one interesting team.
2020-11-19 01:48
4 replies
wizards is pretty OK
2020-11-19 01:55
Orgs need to apply. Looks like you can't even be an orgless mixteam that wants to play. Good luck having 6 actual orgs. They want you to provide your salary, revenue, sponsors, etc... in the application form omegalul.
2020-11-19 09:18
Germany Koalafire
Hold on: Defusekids still exist? The only teams from benelux i know are LowLandLions and Wizard, but we all know at least five good player in the pro scene from this region, who could form a mix team if this stupid rule wouldnt exist...
2020-11-19 09:42
1 reply
No they became LLL, but LLL dropped their roster a few days ago
2020-11-19 10:02
silver elite
2020-11-19 03:39
another tourney that wont pay the winner in the end
2020-11-19 03:49
2020-11-19 07:59
Yo les noobs, Great news for Benelux players, they will finally get some exposure and build roots of the scene. Hope for them they won’t get as little exposure as Louvard does (but instead Hoth choses to show tournaments made by betting sites only for their profit) it will be kinda pointless.
2020-11-19 08:19
Good news.
2020-11-19 11:18
lets go benelux
2020-11-19 11:32
Netherlands Platinumm
2020-11-19 14:55
People from Luxemburg earn 15k a month approximately. Good to see that we got a chance though!
2020-11-19 22:40
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