Astralis, GODSENT round out DreamHack Masters Winter playoffs

The single-elimination playoffs bracket is set to kick off on Friday with the quarter-final matchups.

The group stage has come to its conclusion at DreamHack Masters Winter, as Group B's lower bracket semi-finals saw Astralis survive two comeback attempts to eliminate G2 and GODSENT topple North in a three-map series, with the two winning sides completing the playoffs bracket.

In the single-elimination playoffs, GODSENT will take on Heroic while Astralis are set to face off against the red-hot Gambit squad, who are on a 19-match winning streak dating back to late October.

Astralis will attempt to break Gambit's massive streak in the quarter-finals

Astralis looked fantastic at the start of both maps against G2, picking up 11-4 opening halves on the CT side of Dust2 and on the T side of Inferno, but they found themselves hard-pressed by the French-Balkan squad each time they switched sides. In the end, the Danes prevailed nonetheless, managing to close the opening map in regulation and the second after a nail-biting finish in overtime.

Meanwhile, North got off well in their best-of-three encounter against GODSENT with a close victory on Train, but Jesse "⁠zehN⁠" Linjala and company mustered a convincing response on their favorite map, Nuke. It came down to Overpass, where GODSENT were in the driving seat until the new-look North threatened to turn things around on the offense, with the European mixture managing to hold off the comeback attempt at the last minute.

The schedule of the $150,000 tournament's playoffs stage looks as follows:

Friday, December 4
13:00 - Denmark Heroic vs. Europe GODSENT
13:00 - Europe mousesports vs. Europe Cloud9
16:30 - Russia Gambit vs. Denmark Astralis
16:30 - Brazil FURIA vs. Europe Complexity

Saturday, December 5
13:00 - Semi-final #1
16:30 - Semi-final #2

Sunday, December 6
16:00 - Grand final

Finland Jesse 'zehN' Linjala
Jesse 'zehN' Linjala
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Maps played:
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Finland Cucumber))
2020-12-03 20:19
4 replies
FalleN | 
Netherlands NahT_
GODSENT Cloud9 Gambit FURIA ---- GODSENT Gambit --- Gambit era has started
2020-12-03 20:20
3 replies
Finland Cucumber))
Gambit looking hella strong atm
2020-12-03 20:21
Slovenia dizzybear7
I was thinking the same winners hope it happens for the finals maybe c9 v furia
2020-12-04 00:57
Ended before starting KEKW
2020-12-04 18:45
mouz vs c9 again really :/
2020-12-03 20:19
Sweden ruNiz
Furia izi win
2020-12-03 20:20
2020-12-03 20:20
amazing game between astralis and g2
2020-12-03 20:20
Spain capta1n
Curious to see how Astralis will take on Gambit, if they play like their first halves on this game vs G2 they will have an easy 2-0
2020-12-03 20:20
8 replies
Europe Steamy_Boi
No way it's a 2-0. Even if Astralis wins it's going to be 2-1 judging by the maps of either team. Gambit will pick Train or Vertigo and will win it. Astralis pick Inferno and most likely win and map 3 will be Dust or Overpass which can go either way. Good luck to both teams anyway))
2020-12-03 20:23
7 replies
Astralis plays a good Vertigo, as seen vs liquid, so i doubt it will be picked. Most probably Train by Gambit.
2020-12-03 20:51
4 replies
Europe Steamy_Boi
Fair point. That could also lead to a Vertigo map 3, who knows. This will be a very interesting game to watch
2020-12-03 21:01
3 replies
Complexity Furia will be a banger, both have similar map pool. Inferno, Mirage, Nuke, Vertigo. Expect them to be close maps.
2020-12-03 21:43
2 replies
Europe Steamy_Boi
Eh, I don't think Inferno or Vertigo is on Col's map pool. Only 2 Inferno games played in the last 3 months and they also banned Vertigo against Gambit. Mirage and Nuke are interesting though
2020-12-03 21:45
1 reply
Thats bc Gambit are so good on Vertigo. And Col destroyed Faze on inferno which was Faze's pick. But you are right, I was thinking of Complexity like a month back, now they have started picking Overpass instead.
2020-12-03 21:50
But gla1ve is IGLing now so studying demos for the past few months are pointless for other teams. If gla1ve didn't IGL vs g2, they probably would've lost in dust2
2020-12-04 01:51
1 reply
Europe Steamy_Boi
I guess they can study the demos of the past few years when they won majors where Gla1ve was also IGLing))
2020-12-04 06:27
Norway AdNiB
ez 4 STYKO
2020-12-03 20:21
like it should be.
2020-12-03 20:23
1 reply
Denmark Zorrondo
2020-12-03 20:54
Unlucky for G2, ez for Godsent.
2020-12-03 20:23
Niko fans malding kekw
2020-12-03 20:23
Astalis vs G2 game was stellar - gg wp
2020-12-03 20:23
Gambit - Astralis Pog will be a juicy match
2020-12-03 20:24
but why 2 matches at the same time NotLikeThis IN QUARTERFINALS NotLikeThis
2020-12-03 20:25
Denmark ThomaZakis
15 out of 40 players left are danish. GG world.
2020-12-03 20:30
5 replies
France Insidium
Holy shit that's impressive
2020-12-03 20:39
Czech Republic Hoja26
I swear its something it their food, this is just insane
2020-12-03 21:19
Poland sosiad
I was happy when there was at least one polish player in the whole tournament XD
2020-12-03 21:20
2020-12-03 21:31
2020-12-03 21:52
Poland SebL
GODSENT > Heroic Cloud9 > mousesports Astralis > Gambit FURIA > Complexity Cloud9 > GODSENT FURIA > Astralis FURIA > Cloud9 My prediciton.
2020-12-03 20:43
6 replies
Godsent vs Heroic - Heroic Cloud9 vs Mousesports - Mouse Astralis vs Gambit - Astralis Furia vs Complexity - Furia Heroic vs Mousesports - Heroic Furia vs Astralis - Astralis Astralis vs Heroic - Astralis
2020-12-03 20:53
5 replies
Slovakia Daev0n
keep on simping for that Astralis d Astralis clearly aren't the team who will take the title of this tournament. I'll be amazed if they manage to defeat Gambit. Gambit/Mouz/Heroic have the highest chances to get the title.
2020-12-03 20:59
1 reply
You are right about one thing ... - Astralis isn't near the team they used to be ... - far from it ... - But then again ... it's online ... :-) Yet Astralis are still among the favourites still ...
2020-12-03 22:08
Poland SebL
Well we dont agree.
2020-12-04 09:33
2 replies
Heroic fucked it up again ! Lol 3/4 correct *wink*
2020-12-05 09:33
1 reply
Poland SebL
We both have 3/4 so far.
2020-12-05 13:14
time for furia and gambit to get a dane in their team :)
2020-12-03 20:53
So many danes wtf
2020-12-03 21:07
Denmark Duke1996
40 players 20 danes
2020-12-03 21:17
1 reply
*15 danes
2020-12-03 21:32
2020-12-03 21:52
2020-12-03 22:06
2020-12-04 02:59
Gambit vs Astralis 0-2 ez win Astralis against tier 2 lul
2020-12-04 05:12
2 replies
lol gambit will win for sure
2020-12-04 07:34
1 reply
come agian china
2020-12-05 18:38
the distribution of rewards in cs is a disaster... teams from 5. To 16. place take 20% together. And first team take 60% alone... they are coming and plqying to 1/4 final and u dont have to by grafic card.. and only first team take 60% lol
2020-12-04 16:03
2 replies
So ? Ofcourse The winner should get most ..., it’s how it Works ... Name Any other sport, were The winner doesn’t receive “The Lions Share” of a given prize pool ...
2020-12-05 09:43
1 reply
Whatch other sports.. 1. Team take 10%. Tenis on GS fond is about 30 milions first take 2 milions...
2020-12-11 01:11
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