win Arbalet Cup Ukraine has brought home the trophy from Arbalet Cup Ukraine, as they won the Grand Final against HellRaisers.

HellRaisers had found their way into the Grand Final at Arbalet Cup Ukraine, following the result of the upper-bracket final, where was defeated with a 2-0 map score. was then to play the Consolidation Final, where they faced tp.uSports.

Shortly before the match should start, the captain of, Aleksey "LeX" Kolesnikov, was rushed to the hospital with an ambulance. Reports indicate that Kolesnikov had problems with his heart. was then forced to use k23's Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubaev for the remaining matches. The match against tp.uSports was a nail-biting close match, seeing come out on top, after playing overtime, with a 19-17 score on train.

Moving to the Grand Final, HellRaisers should win just one map, while would need two. First map inferno, played strong and could thank their standin Kystaubaev as he played a key role. Inferno was won with a 16-9 score and the final battleground turned out to be nuke. Starting as T on nuke, once again played strong, this time getting seven rounds, against HellRaisers’ eight. Not many things went wrong for as CT and the victory was never to be questioned. Gathering nine rounds, claimed victory on nuke, with a 16-10 score, winning 2-0 overall.

Broken tag

This concludes Arbalet Cup Ukraine, seeing without their captain, take home the trophy.

Final Standings

1. Russia - $5.000
2. Ukraine HellRaisers - $3.000
3. Russia tp.uSports - $2.000

Reports from Kiev state that Aleksey "LeX" Kolesnikov is okay again, after being at the hospital for a check this evening. Stay tuned for future Arbalet Cup events, next time Sweden will be the host for the European edition.
great final, atleast inferno with 3 aces!
2009-10-19 00:37
not to forget the ninja defuse!!
2009-10-19 03:02
Spain Maris 
Good job VP. HR did well, and had bad luck. Go LeX go!
2009-10-19 00:38
Estonia rYm 
nice final :) congratz VP
2009-10-19 00:38
LeX g0d d(^.^)b
2009-10-19 00:39
hellraiers’ you forgot the 's' in hellraisers
2009-10-19 00:40
thats kinda shitty for tp.usports and hellraisers that they had to play against Adren lol
2009-10-19 00:40
GJ, get better LeX
2009-10-19 00:40
is there gonna be demos out soon or no?
2009-10-19 00:41
The ones we recorded have been uploaded.
2009-10-19 01:01
okay thanks
2009-10-19 01:26
teams asked not to upload demos before dubai fuck(((
2009-10-19 01:54
Never asked us.
2009-10-19 02:28
Russia St1Ff 
amazing finalS!!! AMAZING!!!
2009-10-19 00:41
they deserve it because they were the best team hard luck to the other teams
2009-10-19 00:42
2009-10-19 00:46
gg Virtus! One question, will be able LeX to play in Dubai?
2009-10-19 00:46
2009-10-19 00:49
yea already all kids wanna CFG of ADREN UPLOAD PLZ ?! MOUSE HZ RESOLUTION YOUR DOG NAME?! @ look sk profile of adren hahahaahah
2009-10-19 00:49
4 Aleksey Kolesnikov !!!
2009-10-19 00:58
2009-10-19 00:59
VP best
2009-10-19 01:02
AdreN man of the match
2009-10-19 01:06
That's second time for LeX :( He should stop playing. This game is not as important as his health :((( Get better mate <3
2009-10-19 01:08
I don't really think the gaming affects his heart problems, or does it?
2009-10-20 21:55
Lex best player Arbalet cup ua!
2009-10-19 01:10
Slovakia seekerko 
adren played key role on both map, without him i think it will be more tide match, because he scores lot of important frags almost every roud, but Lex is the man ;-)
2009-10-19 01:21
For little idiots who are upset for their Ukranien friends let me tell ya again -> wouldn't have lost if LeX played. LeX is one of world's best players and he also domanated on this tourney more than anyone else, so cut this nonsense bull shit sayig who would lost and who wouldnt. Both teams have officialy agreed to have AdreN play for Virtus, so the stongest team WON! No questions asked! GL in the future!
2009-10-19 01:21
Why did they lose in the WB-final 2-0 then?
2009-10-20 21:55
nice match, VP ftw :) gl in Dubai
2009-10-19 01:26
AdreN was INSANE, both against tp.usports and against Hellraisers, i´d definatly rank him as one of the best players in the world atm. Hope that k23 will step it up a little so that we can see their real potential, cause they got alot of it. And get better soon LeX.
2009-10-19 01:44
Rimsky played insane as well... I really was pretty stunned.
2009-10-19 04:10
+1 ROMJkE is one of the best all-rounder players in the world.
2009-10-19 09:17
2009-10-19 11:30
that's ROMJkE , i think he is good at ak47 as well as m4, not awp!!
2009-10-19 04:44
ROMJKE is amazing not because of his aim, but because of his amazing movement..
2009-10-19 12:08
markeloff is pretty nuts as well and adren too.
2009-10-19 05:56
2009-10-19 08:18
No one says Lex is not a huge player, it just that Andren played a great deal in winning against both TP and HL. He stood up against Edward and Markeloff and toke them off allmost all the time. Also big time ace pistol round + many 3 and 2 frags per round!
2009-10-19 09:14
gl vp on dubai and wcg10GF!!! FOR MOTHER RUSSIA!
2009-10-19 09:16
w0w, nice VP. I was thinking that HR will win Arbalet Cup, but gg VirtusPro :)
2009-10-19 09:18
gc VP
2009-10-19 09:26
Ukraine Anb 
Adren win :\
2009-10-19 09:38
2009-10-19 10:24
gg VP gg hooch
2009-10-19 10:28 and tpuspors gj hooch & Adren nice
2009-10-19 10:34
4 who did not see vs k23 2vs5 Lex & Roma
2009-10-19 10:50
2009-10-20 21:56
w8 4 Adren POV's
2009-10-19 11:18
Hope they give AderN a part of money they won :) Great maches anyway, hope LeX soon will bee back.
2009-10-19 11:29
and it definitely helps that Adren speaks russian, perfect ringer..
2009-10-19 12:10
No shit. -.-
2009-10-20 21:58
Adren is a mashine of killing...amazing game,amazing...:)
2009-10-19 13:17
virtus looks strong theese days
2009-10-19 14:11
Russia Vab 
Very good game VP!!!! GL LeX
2009-10-19 14:17
very good game Rom4ke lex and Adren
2009-10-19 15:30
HR was just tired i think they play beter then VP...
2009-10-19 15:33
Russia Vab 
everybody loves a winner
2009-10-19 16:21
3 my favorite teams in ex-USSR and dts 4th :D
2009-10-19 15:33
gj adren, gj vp
2009-10-19 17:11
If no Adren VP loosed
2009-10-19 17:18
#57 noob
2009-10-19 17:47
Russia Vab 
2009-10-19 17:52
the one of best matches i`ve seen in last months :P
2009-10-19 18:16
nak | 
Ukraine ince151 
2009-10-19 21:10
gj VP
2009-10-20 10:54
0-2 with LeX 2-0 with AdreN.. Give him a house in Russia.
2009-10-20 21:59
man) adren >lex ?:DDD vp 24-6 k23 adren madfrager?:D He destroyed in the EP because there m8's permit)because there all well kept, covered) :PPPP LEX >>> ADREN
2009-10-21 13:43
2009-10-24 13:01
2009-10-30 04:27
Get off the drugs man..
2009-10-30 13:25
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