IEM Katowice reaches playoffs

We are down to the last six teams in the prestigious competition, with the playoffs set to start only on Friday.

The four-day group stage came to a close on Sunday evening, with Liquid and Spirit booking the first spots in the semi-finals after winning their respective groups.

The first round of the playoffs, featuring the runners-up and the third-placed finishers, will begin with a CIS derby between Natus Vincere and Gambit, two teams who last faced each other in the quarter-finals of IEM New York, four months ago. The winner of this clash will go on to face the red-hot Spirit, who still haven't faced CIS opposition since they began their campaign in the tournament.

IEM Katowice will resume on Friday

Later that day, Astralis and will face off in a rematch of the StarLadder Major Final, when the CIS team still played under AVANGAR. The winner of that match will lock horns with Liquid, who haven't faced since last year's IEM Katowice and Astralis since the IEM Global Challenge grand final.

In case Liquid are pitted against Astralis, they will be relishing the chance to finally end a nine-match losing streak against the Danes that began at the Berlin Major.

Below you can find the complete schedule for the playoffs:

Friday, February 26

15:00 Russia Natus Vincere vs. Russia Gambit
18:30 Denmark Astralis vs. CIS

Saturday, February 27

15:00 Russia Spirit vs. Russia Natus Vincere/Russia Gambit
18:30 United States Liquid vs. Denmark Astralis/CIS

Sunday, February 28

15:00 Grand final (BO5)

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EZ for GOATstralis
2021-02-21 23:51
1 reply
Astralis got 16-1’d by spirit, they aren’t winning this tournament 😂
2021-02-22 02:14
Brazil Joaopgo2
2021-02-21 23:51
Serbia LtN))
2021-02-21 23:51
God | 
Finland 5way
2021-02-21 23:52
2021-02-21 23:52
1 reply
2021-02-21 23:52
2021-02-21 23:52
cis derby inc
2021-02-21 23:52
nice just give Astralis all the crap opponents to get ez finals
2021-02-21 23:52
2 replies
Oceania NNNumb
2021-02-22 00:19
Slovakia Fortal
You know all the teams that got to playoffs had to pass the group stage, right? There are no crap opponents here. Have some respect.
2021-02-22 12:08
Finland Cucumber))
CIS already in grand finals 100%
2021-02-21 23:52
VP is making to the finals
2021-02-21 23:53
fantasy when
2021-02-21 23:53
let's go liquid
2021-02-21 23:53
2021-02-21 23:54
Astralis vp going to be nice and if they astralis win then liquid astralis going to be even nicer
2021-02-21 23:54
go liquid
2021-02-21 23:55
CIS era for real, 4/6 teams in playoffs being CIS is bonkers
2021-02-21 23:56
First fallen Title with Liquid
2021-02-21 23:56
2 replies
Russia ToughGuy
dont get too excited lmao
2021-02-22 00:04
1 reply
It is possible, though.
2021-02-22 10:09
Brazil V1per_eye
Ez 4 the fallen teacher..
2021-02-21 23:58
congratz spirit with this trophy, congratz navi with 5-6 place, nt for them
2021-02-22 00:03
CIS clash
2021-02-22 00:04
Why the hell are the playoffs not till Friday? Sure a break is fine, but 5 days seems a little too long.
2021-02-22 00:09
3 replies
Russia ToughGuy
new esl feature for this year so dumb
2021-02-22 00:18
1 reply
Slovakia Mr_Jumbo
No, it was always like this in Katowice
2021-02-22 10:04
Im guessing viewership would suffer on weekdays :()
2021-02-22 08:05
CIS Era Hltv again should not give trophy for tournament, because a lot of CIS teams in playoff
2021-02-22 00:11
2 replies
Russia VelsVivard
Ha, it wouldn't surprise me.
2021-02-22 02:04
2021-02-22 10:54
hltv really rubbing it in that tl's losing streak vs astralis has lasted 1.5yrs sigh
2021-02-22 00:11
2021-02-22 00:12
Lithuania Airforlife
Very clever Loss by Navi tonight,potentially gambit and spirit is less scary than VP,Astralis or liquid :)
2021-02-22 00:15
1 reply
why or liquid? They wouldn't meet Liquid if Navi won. +Idk if u watched Spirit but they are so insane. 16-1 vs Astralis
2021-02-22 07:12
Europe Velurom
Let's go Astralis! #ToTheStars
2021-02-22 00:15
navi astralis grandfinal
2021-02-22 00:17
Lebanon Dogman69
ez final for navi vs astralis bo5
2021-02-22 00:20
1 reply
what a bold prediction
2021-02-22 00:32
Brazil angryyyy
Lets go Fallen!
2021-02-22 00:21
Europe t.o.p
liquid vs spirit final incoming
2021-02-22 00:22
I am predicting a Russian Team in the final
2021-02-22 00:24
1 reply
Damn, that’s a bold one
2021-02-22 06:52
yeah should be Na'vi vs Astralis if both teams play at their best and navi should have this
2021-02-22 00:38
1 reply
United States Herabitix
Navi aren't exactly known for being super consistent, but they are looking pretty good right now, so I could see either spirit or navi taking one of the grand final spots 50/50.
2021-02-22 16:48
Brazil hugoooo
CIS so damn strong nowadays... the golden age of CIS CS for sure, enjoy while it lasts
2021-02-22 00:38
One Slav in the final, nice!
2021-02-22 00:41
I think Liquid with Fallen could actually beat Astralis. The problem is Astralis were gods to Liquid when Liquid could smash anyone else. Liquid can still smash but they have an actual leader now. Could totally change that dynamic. The scary teams are the CiS ones being real.
2021-02-22 00:52
ez for astralis
2021-02-22 00:58
Russia capo23
Ez for CIS!
2021-02-22 01:09
Russia Syonamaru
no matters whose they will faced - ez4spirit
2021-02-22 01:19
Jame | 
Poland SebL
Gambit 2-1 NaVi Astralis 2-0 Virtus.Pro Spirit 2-0 Gambit Astralis 2-0 Liquid Spirit 3-0 Astralis That's my prediction, I know there are some risky picks, but that's how I see it.
2021-02-22 01:24
United States caliprep
2021-02-22 01:34
Lets go liquid I hope the winner is anyone but CIS/astralis
2021-02-22 01:51
Fantasy? Would be cool..
2021-02-22 02:10
United States vip3r_k1ng
Virtus Pro wins this Its JAME TIME
2021-02-22 02:14
Chile cristiaan
2021-02-22 02:33
Hungary szia
As a fan of BIG and furia, I am in pain Also, ez liquid lol
2021-02-22 04:28
Russia NOD777
Russia in finals Pog. Astralis to win pls anyway
2021-02-22 04:29
2021-02-22 04:37
India S2H
Navi will win this mark my words
2021-02-22 05:20
gogo sdy, degster ♨️👍 gl team sp1rit
2021-02-22 06:17
NaVi ruined the dream scenario when 4 cis teams would be possible in semis. Hope Gambit will punish NaVi for this.
2021-02-22 06:49
liquid takes this
2021-02-22 07:00
it will be online too ?
2021-02-22 07:04
russia vs russia vs russia
2021-02-22 07:21 getting challenged to become the best team in the world wtf Gl to them ALGAAVANGAR
2021-02-22 07:23
Indonesia lukerey
Liquid vs Spirit will be a banger grand final, or rematch between Liquid vs Navi. I just don't want to see Astralis on the grand final.
2021-02-22 07:27
NaVi you suck you ruin cis Semi Finals I know this is less to happen beating Astralis or Liquid but you ruin it 😡😡😡
2021-02-22 07:34
ah yes bois time for another NaVi reverse sweep in the Grand Finals can't wait to see who it is against this time
2021-02-22 07:53
Navi-Liquid BO5 it would be interesting
2021-02-22 08:07
Civil War of CIS during the Navi, gambit and spirit, then tripartite war from EU, CIS, NA, believe that It's more difficult to emerge out from the hind to grand final Vp is unlucky as they have to meet Astrails first in playoff, looks like Navi is lucky but gambit and spirit are underdog, they've protein power to beat Navi without any questions, especially spirit was stunning Astrails on dust2 with a streak15-0, good luck CIS
2021-02-22 08:30
2 replies
I dunno, man. I would say Astralis is unlucky as they have to meet VP first in playoff.
2021-02-22 11:12
1 reply
50/50, no body knows what gonna happening between them, after all they haven't meet for 1.5years
2021-02-25 09:48
Let's go Spirit
2021-02-22 08:31
Kazakhstan Kadaku
somewhere one thorin chokes a dick
2021-02-22 08:42
2021-02-22 09:14
Damn NaVi why you had to lose?! Also VP unluko this event with their opponents((
2021-02-22 09:51
hope gambit will crush this natus botcere
2021-02-22 10:25
Nigeria kamlot955
Final BO5 Pog
2021-02-22 10:27
Poland pimaZo
Liquid vs Spirit final pls
2021-02-22 10:56
Go Russia Go
2021-02-22 11:07
Kazakhstan 001RusKZ
CIS Power!!!
2021-02-22 11:45
Vodka have dominated this tournament
2021-02-22 11:53
final will be spirit vs
2021-02-22 13:27
Russia mshkoda
Looking for a Russian finals)
2021-02-22 13:33
Finally some change in the playoffs. Cannot wait - all of these matches will be great.
2021-02-22 13:54
Imagine if Liquid win this shit.
2021-02-22 14:46
i am from future, russian team will be in finals.
2021-02-22 14:49
NaVi Astralis Spirit 2-1 NaVi Astralis 2-0 Liquid Astralis 2-0 Spirit revenge ez
2021-02-22 15:04
IEM Slavowice
2021-02-22 16:03
Of course Liquid ended up on the same side of the bracket as Astralis.
2021-02-22 16:30
CIS region rocking good results on easy to cheat on online era, no surprises there.
2021-02-22 20:58
Extremely inconsiderate usage of the counter strike calendar by ESL here. I'd rather watch matches from a monday to a sunday instead of having to wait a whole ass week. Other tournaments must happen too. It's unnecessary, there's not even a stage to prepare, it's all online...
2021-02-23 04:00
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