PG win Finnish DH Winter qualifier

October 31st, 2009 19:48
The Finnish qualifier for DreamHack Winter concluded this evening, seeing Power Gaming win the Grand Final against munkka.

The qualifier was staged in Helsinki, starting yesterday. The qualifier would find one team qualifying for DreamHack Winter with travel and hotel expenses paid. Five teams had found their way to the qualifier, where four teams advanced from the group stage, to the playoffs.

Power Gaming and munkka both went to the Grand Final without the bigger trouble. Power Gaming should however have some trouble with the munkka mix in the Grand Final, seeing them take a 16-11 win on inferno. Second map dust2 was a close affair too, but Power Gaming this time managed to lock down a 16-12 score. Final map nuke was once again an uphill struggle for Power Gaming, but with key rounds going in their favor, they started to look better. Power Gaming went from 12-14 to 15-14, but munkka forced overtime by taking last round of the ordinary playing time.

Two times overtime should be needed before Power Gaming could close it down with 22-19 on nuke and 2-1 overall. Not a too impressive result prior to the team attending World Cyber Games 2009 just 9 days.

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Power Gaming hereby qualify for DreamHack Winter, going into the tournament which has expanded from 16 to 32 teams. Power Gaming will be on show next at World Cyber Games in Chengdu 12-15th of November, followed by DreamHack Winter in Jönköping 26-29th of November.
Melser | 
Finland Melser 
gl hf
2009-10-31 19:53
gl hf PG !
2009-10-31 19:53
not to be rude, but finnish cs truly suck these days :(
2009-10-31 20:02
Finland Onni 
i havent seen your country doing well in cs :F
2009-10-31 20:49
Morocco zAalf 
Turkey >>>> fin
2009-10-31 20:54
Finland nsis 
I hope you're kidding. When have turkey ever accomplished anything? Do they even have decent teams there? Not to mention decent computers =DD
2009-10-31 21:15
computers :D
2009-10-31 21:33
never said that turkey was any good and fyi im not turkish, i just live here as of now, hence the turkish flag, but yeah i get your point. just stated that finnish cs isnt what it once were and it really seems like finland wont ever get back up with the top notch clans unless CSP is successfull and the current finnish css elite(which holds a lot of former great 1.6 players) migrates to that game, since the talent devlopment in finland as of now is poor, especially in comparision to sweden for example.
2009-10-31 22:37
I dont think any decent 1.6-player from finland have changed to css, I think poker and life have took all the talents away from 1.6. The biggest problem with finnish 1.6 topclans are that they dont focus enough on cs, I think both woosai and pg would have potential to be a worldclass team if they would practice as much as fnatic/sk or those sick asian teams. But at finland we dont have change to play counter-strike as a fulltimejob and there are life also away from computers (like iglus and icebears) so why would anyone play counter-strike like 40 hrs in a week.
2009-11-01 00:01
sk ain't practising at all tbh :)
2009-11-01 00:25
and how would u know:DD i think sk is praccing more than others.
2009-11-01 13:09
i could mention a few if necessary; kononen, Owa, nashje. but what i really meant in my comment was that the serious ones who put down time and effort into counter-strike went over to source, while the 1.6 scene (obviously) is left with the remains of a furthermore broken scene
2009-11-01 01:17
"The biggest problem with finnish 1.6 topclans are that they dont focus enough on cs" Yez and why? Example this: "GamePlay owe three months of salary" and this "The Hoorai organization didn't pay the players salary and so on. "
2009-11-01 01:56
dont try to blame it on the organisations lol. almost every guy that runs a big and succesfull organisation knows about the finnish attitude which can be proved in the very same news post about hoorai that you linked ... just that one is maybe not the best case but there are just so many of them where the players/team showed up an arrogant and ignorant side which put them in these really stupid situations that could've been avoided if they'd just have been a little co-operative and understanding. and that, i think, is one of the main reasons why finlands counter-strike scene is a joke compared to a couple of other countries, the finnish mentality is just not working and personally i think it's sad cuz finland got LOADS of talented players within the whole electronic sports community.
2009-11-01 02:56" target="_blank">
2009-11-06 23:02
Finland nsis 
Yeah well the swedish scene has always been bigger than the finnish one :P they have more teams, tournaments and stuff so no surprises there. And I don't actually believe in CSP, it might be okay, but just not enough to take 1.6's place.
2009-11-01 00:24
In kebab-making, yes.
2009-10-31 22:24
replied to the wrong guy
2009-10-31 22:37
France Jiga 
no he is right, turkish kebab >>> finnish kebab
2009-11-01 13:57
No way. :P
2009-11-06 23:01
nt munkka
2009-10-31 20:05
pg & munkka lineup?
2009-10-31 20:51
PG: ruuit, tihop, natu, nasu, plaste
2009-10-31 21:20
2009-10-31 21:00
Australia felks 
pg = old roccat fish (plaste and the gang) munaka no idea
2009-10-31 21:04
whats the realnick on the main awp on munkka? aKezi or something.
2009-10-31 21:11
Finland nsis 
2009-10-31 21:16
yeah, he was really outstanding with the awp on dd2.
2009-11-01 03:13
UNexpected 8~~~~DDDDD
2009-10-31 21:19
Considering they haven't practiced for this, well done munkka :) <3 jorgozZzZZzZzZzz
2009-10-31 22:03
aaaaargh jorgo didnt play :D our lineup was , me, scurk , gregz , melser & ion
2009-10-31 22:17
2009-10-31 22:20
gl guys :))
2009-10-31 23:42
Bullshit :D If u guys @PG are planning to compete with the top of the world the you need to win some mix teams from finland 2-0 without any big problems
2009-10-31 23:46
I'd say PG guys are playin cs just for the fun to see the world atm... :P
2009-11-01 00:05
shaker | 
Finland shaker- 
what can u expect of their motivation when 4 of them is going to army in january? ._.
2009-11-01 00:36
who from PG are going to army? :)
2009-11-01 01:17
guess everyone else except natu :p ... as the answer shows under me O_o
2009-11-01 12:26
Think of it.. There's just one who isn't going, and natu is kind of primitive compared to his teammates.. :D
2009-11-06 23:04
shaker | 
Finland shaker- 
#30 natu is the only one who does not go
2009-11-01 01:24
Macedonia Veky 
yo shaker, what is the current standing at Baltic qual for DH?:)
2009-11-01 02:05
shaker | 
Finland shaker- 
We are waiting opponent for grand final, who comes from match nOu vs LCSL tomorrow @ 11am.
2009-11-01 02:38
Melser | 
Finland Melser 
gl shaker!!
2009-11-01 08:29
Macedonia Veky 
Goodluck at final vs LCSL, u got to win one map to win the competition, as u are advanced from upper bracket, right?anyway i thought this will be nice game =) gl.
2009-11-01 12:35
bad... :/
2009-11-01 01:26
Poland MJP 
Not great score, but they com.. back 2 the world class , i hope on wcg. Pg its great team , i like they team work.
2009-11-01 02:07
2009-11-01 02:14
Every Finnish team/player gets pretty much ruined when the time for military service comes
2009-11-01 09:48
PG vs munkka 11:16 16:12 22:19 Look at those very close results, versus munkka, who are they ? If they will play like this then there is no chance in WCG
2009-11-01 09:57
Sorry for offtop. who can say me what TBH & TBA means ? i dont know these abbs...
2009-11-01 11:48
TBH = To be honest TBA = To be announced
2009-11-01 12:07
TBH = Team Bavarian Heaven :D:D:D:D:D
2009-11-01 13:29
France Jiga 
haha I was about to say that :D
2009-11-01 14:00
What is csp? everyone in here seems to talk about it...
2009-11-01 16:03
Finland nxu
2009-11-01 17:15
Finland iON^ 
2009-11-02 05:21
2009-11-02 08:50
how about we played ok instead of "pg sucked". It's not like it was our first time playing cs.
2009-11-02 20:29
LOL Nice game this was :D I enjoyed a lot :)
2009-11-04 08:56
GG PG =)
2009-11-04 08:56
Yeah sure everyone says PG was shit and so on and so forth.... munkka is far from that bad.
2009-11-06 23:05
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