[VOD] Discussing new rivalries, Valve ban changes, and expectations for 2021 on HLTV Confirmed

A mid-season breakdown episode of the HLTV's show will take place at 20:00 on Twitch.

Chad "⁠SPUNJ⁠" Burchill, Milan "⁠Striker⁠" Švejda and Zvonimir "Professeur Burazin return for another episode of the HLTV Confirmed show, which will serve as a recap of the year so far and a look ahead at what 2021 brings.

Similar to the start-of-year episode, this one will feature a discussion about recent news, such as updates to player eligibility to play Valve-sponsored events, as well as long-term predictions for what is ahead of us.

How long will Gambit hold on to the No.1 spot?

The panel, this time without the guest, will dive deep into figuring out who the biggest winners and losers of the year so far are, and give their hot takes regarding what will happen before the start of 2022.

Topic list for HLTV Confirmed S5E36:

Recent news
- MICHU replaces tarik on EG
- ALEX leaves Cloud9
- FPX sign emi as IGL
- LAN Sweet LAN event announced for 2022
- Valve update rules VAC-related bans
- RMR madness starting
- ex-Winstrike, BNB qualify for EPL S14
BLAST Showdown
- Gambit - Heroic rivalry established
- Dark horses to look out for
- Astralis in crisis
- G2 fight through
- How to assess Spirit
- Dignitas show promise
FunSpark ULTI
- What to expect from the $250,000 event
Mid-season recap
- Winners and losers of the year so far
- Hot takes and predictions for 2021
- Parimatch matchmaker game
- Viewer questions and leftover topics

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Chad 'SPUNJ' Burchill
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Czech Republic Milan 'Striker' Švejda
Milan 'Striker' Švejda
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??? | 
Jordan Zereeni
2021-04-19 17:59
bring us back to LANs
2021-04-19 18:01
HLTV confirmed best podcast Thanks prof, Chad and striker for great content <3
2021-04-19 18:02
1 reply
I'm always amazed that they can manage so much counterstrike in their life (especially spunj) <3
2021-04-20 01:43
Russia ToughGuy
ah yes 2 series rivalry
2021-04-19 18:07
4 replies
Russia AstraRus
This rivalry is already more competitive and interesting than Navi vs Astralis
2021-04-19 19:45
2 replies
Navi Astralis happened 6 times in last 6 months and the h2h is 3-3. What makes Gambit-Heroic more interesting and competitive than this according to you? Considering they only had 2 series.
2021-04-19 19:58
Navi vs Astralis is an age-old rivalry since 2017, which consists of multiple big tournaments, including MAJOR Finals, ESL One Cologne, IEM Katowice, Blast World Finals, ESL Pro Leagues, Dreamhack Masters, etc. It a 4 year old el claśico, for your kind information. I can see you are a Gambit fan, but don't go over your head xD
2021-04-20 13:02
it's a start. lately other teams haven't been showing that much, apart from these two
2021-04-20 12:57
It's very clear that Valve changed the rules because they are countering Valorant. Every single VAC player went there who still plays actively.
2021-04-19 18:24
1 reply
Yeah I wonder what they will do with iBP. I personally don’t think they should have all been perm banned, I know it was supposed to set a statement and standard but was a little harsh. I guarantee you brax and steel, possibly dazed would all rather be playing CS if they weren’t banned.
2021-04-19 21:34
2021-04-19 19:28
African Union mikecool
Chad cheesy grin
2021-04-20 02:52
2021-04-20 06:22
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