Anonymo, GameAgents through to Flashpoint 3 closed qualifier

Teams will have one final chance to reach the closed stage in the fourth open qualifier from April 24-25.

Anonymo and GameAgents have secured the top two spots in the third open qualifier to advance to the Flashpoint 3 closed bracket. The duo will join Sangal, Movistar Riders, Tricked and Lilmix in the next stage of the qualification process for the European Regional Major Ranking event.

Janusz "⁠Snax⁠" Pogorzelski’s Anonymo earned their spot with dominant victories in their last three matches over Galaxy Racer, OFFSET and DBL PONEY in the single-elimination bracket.

Snax and co. continue their qualification quest in the next stage

Meanwhile, GameAgents had a tougher route. The Romanian side initially lost in a thirty-round affair in the Round of 16 to RatPatrol, but the team was disqualified after one player had been found to have a VAC ban. GameAgents subsequently moved on and fought hard to beat cowana and los kogutos in three-map series.

The fourth and final open qualifier, which will feature last-gasp attempts from the likes of Sinners and DBL PONEY, will run from April 24-25 and hold two spots at the closed stage. There, eight teams from the open qualifiers and eight invited sides will battle it out for five places at the main event, Flashpoint 3.

The team list for the closed qualifier, which will run from April 27-30, currently looks as follows:

Poland Janusz 'Snax' Pogorzelski
Janusz 'Snax' Pogorzelski
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
well played
2021-04-23 00:50
Thank you peterpik
2021-04-23 00:50
k1to | 
Germany Zedano
ez for anonymo :)
2021-04-23 00:50
2021-04-23 00:50
Poland baba_booey
at least anonymo
2021-04-23 00:51
Poland Jevilek
Snaxsik <3
2021-04-23 00:52
Israel KamazTier21
Sexy Snax
2021-04-23 00:54
I think Flashpoint should have replayed all matches from part of the bracket where RatPatrols played. It's just so stupid that they took chance from a lot of teams/mixes and they got dq so late. There was a same situation with sergej's brother in last flashpoint quali. Also one of they GameAgents player is 15yo so i don't know how is he allowed to play, even though he turns 16 in few days it shouldnt matter. He is 15 today, he shouldnt be allowed to play. Rules are rules.
2021-04-23 01:02
23 replies
Mad cuz los kogutos didnt win?
2021-04-23 01:01
stop crying you have a polish team in closed qual already, it was a great match, both teams fought till the end, accept the loss and move on
2021-04-23 01:02
12 replies
rules are rules tho
2021-04-23 01:04
Rules are Rules.
2021-04-23 01:04
I'm not crying, just giving straight facts. Flashpoint is such a dogshit organiser
2021-04-23 01:04
Rules are Rules.
2021-04-23 01:09
8 replies
show me the rules then
2021-04-23 01:10
7 replies
All participants of sponsored by Valve event must be over 16 years old before the first LAN match scheduled for the team. In case the participant is younger than 18 years old, he has to provide to the Tournament organizer filled by his parents/guardians form “Consent of parents / guardians to the participation of a minor player in the tournament”.
2021-04-23 01:18
6 replies
in that case he can play in both open and closed qualifier.
2021-04-23 01:24
Romania CiaD
All participants of sponsored by Valve event must be over 16 years old before the first LAN match scheduled for the team. Is this not clear enough? I am copy pasting again "must be over 16 years old before the first LAN match scheduled for the team." "LAN"
2021-04-23 01:24
Portugal antCB
"All participants of sponsored by Valve event must be over 16 years old before the first LAN match scheduled for the team." Do you really think you know how to read, tho?
2021-04-23 01:39
Romania SPTF
is flashpoint a competition sponsored by valve?
2021-04-23 09:19
2 replies
Yes it is
2021-04-23 09:40
1 reply
Romania SPTF
unlucky kentucky.
2021-04-23 13:17
+1 for the first part but unfortunately its impossible. Teams have schedules, you cant simply ask them to replay 4+ games. Thats like 1 day of games They are allowed to play with younger players as long as its not lan
2021-04-23 01:06
in USA you are supposed to be 17+ to play mature games. can not tell you how many lobbies have 13-16 year olds right now.... I am being hypocritical though as i played 1.5 when i was 12-13 and 1.6 when i was 14-16 for sure. but in tournament, i agree nobody under legal age in your country to play a mature game or at least follow tourney rules if they have an age restriction. glad to see snax's name though - hope he plays well
2021-04-23 01:16
1 reply
What about football? Many players played their first match for their countries before they turn out 18, not mentioning playing in club when 16 (Fabregas comes first in mind).
2021-04-23 18:29
Poland baba_booey
aparrently krasnal from los kogutos said that dude from game agents will turn 16 in 5 days. Is it true? Nobody knows
2021-04-23 02:15
sergej's brother has a recent VAC ban, that is why he was disqualified Also, if you go through the rules, you will see that there is no mention of a minimum age requirement
2021-04-23 07:08
2 replies
Yeah, I know. But his team got dsq very late taking chance from a lot of teams just like Rat Patrols, which is stupid. You know your player have a recent VAC ban and you still sign for RMR tournament qualifier. Organiser should find a better solution to prevent situation like this or players from these teams should just get a punishment (from valve?) for signing for rmr tournament with vac banned player.
2021-04-23 08:33
When it comes to minimum age requirement, probably i was wrong (i think ciad is right), but Flashpoint should include this information in their rulebook
2021-04-23 08:47
doesnt matter if he's 15. Jimmphat is 14 and doesnt get disqualified bcz of age , just because of VAC ban when he does. So shut up polska
2021-04-23 11:08
there's always gotta be a piece of shit who wants to see down someone who worked their way out
2021-04-23 11:28
Japan Legoshi
2021-04-23 01:01
lets go vts
2021-04-23 01:03
1 reply
2021-04-23 02:09
Poland Kubiik
lets go snaxiu!
2021-04-23 01:03
Russia KamaraD
Who want 2 play FLASHPOINT Qualifier #4 for fun? Send me ur faceit id and I will add u :3
2021-04-23 01:12
Turkey 404404
2021-04-23 01:19
Well played GameAgents !
2021-04-23 01:46
1 reply
2021-04-23 02:09
So Invites for the closed qualifier have to be Complexity Mouse Havu Ence Dignitas Sprout Endpoint AGO?
2021-04-23 01:56
11 replies
ENCE are in open quals. And they cannot pass them :)
2021-04-23 01:58
2 replies
Poland baba_booey
they won't be playing them like with 1st 2nd and 3rd qualifier
2021-04-23 02:01
Not the first time a team plays open gets eliminated and gets invited to closed.
2021-04-23 02:07
Poland baba_booey
probably ence and complexity out, col might get invite to main stage replacing ex-north and ence is playing closed quals to iem
2021-04-23 01:59
3 replies
Forgot about 1 slot left. Then yeah, Col or Mouse will get invited (I think Mouse because they had more points last year). I'll be surprised if they don't invite ENCE to closed, but you never know.
2021-04-23 02:10
2 replies
Poland baba_booey
they don't bcuz as i said, they are playing closed for iem, and closed for iem is almost in the same date as closed for flashpoint, but yea, we'll see what time will tell
2021-04-23 02:14
1 reply
Movistar (And likely Mouse) are in closed IEM too, so it doesn't matter. 1 match played per day, they'll probably schedule things to not have conflict.
2021-04-23 02:17
maybe winstrike?
2021-04-23 11:37
2 replies
Poland Berbe123
winstrike cis
2021-04-23 13:51
1 reply
ow yeah mb, thanks
2021-04-23 13:52
Wisla all in games krakow didnt play quals
2021-04-23 15:25
2021-04-23 02:09
Snax pog
2021-04-23 04:48
Another Romanian team shining on hltv leggoo
2021-04-23 07:41
2 replies
nt rats
2021-04-23 08:43
Poland Berbe123
gl to Romanian brothers! WP vs los kogutos
2021-04-23 10:49
Romania Neck14
lets go GA
2021-04-23 08:38
Romania burtiqutz
For those wondering about the launx situation-he talked with the admins and he is allowed to play. He is also turning 16 very soon so it's fine. I think the 16 minimum age rule applies only to LANs.
2021-04-23 08:45
imd | 
Poland deepayy
LosKogutos :((
2021-04-23 11:03
Flashpoint... What a joke. Simple way to avoid this - Every team has to pay for example 1000$ to join the qualifier. When the quali is over, the money gets sent back _unless_ you get caught cheating. This will also result in less mixteams etc. in qualifiers - Win/win.
2021-04-23 11:04
1 reply
Because everyone has 1000$ lying around:D
2021-04-24 17:59
Poland ethereal0
justice for loskogutos
2021-04-23 11:33
Poland Th0Mas33
sad for kogutos :(
2021-04-23 11:47
Anonymo is looking insane rn., they are a TOP 30 team for me. They have great chances to qualify for the main event I feel like. GameAgents showed some life in them, but overall they made a lot of mistakes, and it's understandable since some of those players are really new to the scene, so it's a big surprise that they made it, but I don't think they have chances in the closed qualifier. But anyway nice job from them.
2021-04-23 18:58
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