Vitriolic looking for a new home

The Polish Counter-Strike 1.6 squad is once again looking for a new home, as the investor and co-manager of Vitriolic has left the organization.

The story is starting to get old, but again it is the sad truth for the Polish squad, who is now again looking for a new home.

This come about as Ahmed "Nordy" Al Muhanna, investor and co-manager of Vitriolic has left the organization. Sources state that the only stream of income came from Al Muhanna and with him calling quits, there is nothing left to run an organization with.

Nordy with Vitriolic in Dubai

This means that the Polish squad will once again be on the market, looking for a new organization. The team confirmed to that they are now on the looking for a new organization, "again".

The team is to participate at World Cyber Games 2009 in Chengdu later this month and have confirmed the case with Vitriolic will not affect their attendance at this tournament.
2009-11-01 23:59
24 replies
i wish dey came 2 source :( im so fat my back hurts
2009-11-02 12:21
1 reply
gym and diet ?
2009-11-02 17:45
2009-11-02 15:25
21 replies
Yeah, k1ck > all
2009-11-02 18:05
19 replies
better than u
2009-11-02 19:04
1 reply
worse than any other team on international level.
2009-11-02 20:45
2009-11-02 19:18
1 reply
Yep, that's sad , but k1ck sucks ;( You may not agree, but... ehh I won't argue with a fanboy ;f
2009-11-02 22:20
better than ur poor woosay and crack clan hahaha but there is a diference : k1ck players have sex and have a life, sweden players havent a life and do not have a girlfriend . if u do not agree with me look at GeT_RiGhT, is he virgin yet?
2009-11-03 20:23
14 replies
k, so if u say k1ck 100% win, u mean that they play good cs or have better life? -.-'
2009-11-03 21:01
12 replies
no, im saying, just that k1ck is better than woosay and crack clan but if u want to talk like this, i have only to say this : fnatic H2K and SK so, they are the best teams . so walle cArn, f0rest GeT_RiGhT etc.. they have no life.
2009-11-04 20:10
11 replies
calm down!the pros visit more countrys than you,they have more my quess is that they have a real life!
2009-11-05 12:03
2 replies
yes but they travel and they stay in the lan houses, doing what ? playing! do they enjoy the city ? yes, they enjoy , but is 1 day or something. and u tell me : yes , and in the night ? discos ? no ofc , theyr so tired, so they go to the bed. money ? lOOL u kiddin me ?
2009-11-05 21:50
1 reply
Don't you think they get paid quite well? I'm sure you earn like 200 millions a month.
2009-11-09 22:29
Wow what a comment high five for that. Ok this is how i understood you comment : "Yea well k1ck owns your sweden teams : crack clan, woosai....oh and yea SK,fnatic and others are nolifers that's why our team loses against them, yea...even though i don't even know k1ck irl or any other teams that i mentioned, i just know that - that's why k1ck loses sometimes" whahaha seriously man, i just had to write this - your comment is so ... idiotic + i'm not against k1ck AT ALL.
2009-11-08 01:38
6 replies
loled, sk fnatic h2k, they practise all the days, du u wanna see them schedules?
2009-11-08 11:11
5 replies
I don't really care ( and no1 really cares except for some... ) about how much they play ( since they actually make money and have a great time ). I'm talking about how you say that k1ck is better than some teams of sweden, but when you mention better teams you're like - "oh well they play 24/7 and ours don't", i guess anyone can say the phrase "We're the best" at this point... Once again i'm not against k1ck.
2009-11-08 16:28
1 reply
no, but first , he told me that k1ck sucks, ok and i said that k1ck, is better than crack clan woosai etc . nobody called u to this article :)
2009-11-08 16:32
Can you please show them to me? I'm quite sure you don't know them.
2009-11-09 22:30
2 replies
sweden teams .
2009-11-10 21:52
1 reply
Good reply, made a lot of sense there! Crackpot..
2009-11-13 20:27
Who are Crack Clan? Who are woosay?
2009-11-09 22:30
Who are Crack Clan? Who are woosay?
2009-11-09 22:31
WCG 2009 Winner noobs ? U GAY.. GO play on sand
2009-11-16 18:42
rofl not again :(
2009-11-02 00:00
2009-11-02 00:01
Ohh noooo!! why again.... It's just sad to see them withouth home one more time.
2009-11-02 00:01
1 reply
It's unbelievable hhahahaahaha owned. It makes me laugh omfg noooooo!!!! NEO TAZ LUQ LoordB kubenB
2009-11-02 14:11
rofl again? =)
2009-11-02 00:03
Hahaha, tough luck!
2009-11-02 00:04
2009-11-02 00:07
I guess it's about time to change "Golden Five" to "Poor Five" or "Steel Five" :\ I'm only kidding don't start to flame me polish guys :x This is really bad, seeing a team so good as theirs being, yet again, without a home. Bad for cs-scene imo, even though they'll find a newer and better home.
2009-11-02 00:10
5 replies
that goes under morale aswell :/
2009-11-02 00:11
4 replies
Yeah, it's really hard to see the polish team struggling for a home when there are worst teams that have the support they need unlike them :\
2009-11-02 00:19
3 replies
2009-11-02 09:20
padoxi (yeah its me :D) you're right :D ex-vtL are just awesome and they don't have someone to support them, its sad :/
2009-11-02 13:10
1 reply
psh2R they are going to be HARDFRAG.poland | TaZ | Neo[t] | LUq | LOORDb | KUBENb
2009-11-03 22:46
2009-11-02 00:11
1 reply
2009-11-02 00:12
Peru k1ckass
hahaha bad lucky with the polish team
2009-11-02 00:12
That sad, team top4 on the moment, and pretendent 2 win wcg , again with problem. gl guys.
2009-11-02 00:12
39 replies
top4? win wcg?
2009-11-02 00:13
37 replies
Yeah, I wanted to ask the same questions...
2009-11-02 00:34
2x ESWC 1x WCG in Monza Italy
2009-11-02 08:08
12 replies
That was a long time ago, they aren't top 5 in the world in my opinion.
2009-11-02 11:50
10 replies
not in top 5? tell me then five teams before them
2009-11-02 13:33
9 replies
Poland qater-
For all swedish fanboyZZ it's - SK , fnatic , MYM , Begrip , h2k
2009-11-02 14:05
Fnatic and MYM > all other teams in the world and shut up fanboys -.-'
2009-11-02 15:10
They are top3 in the world no question about that. They just need a succesful and commited organisation to stay with them, or else they will never have their old motivation.
2009-11-02 15:43
5 replies
How the hell can u say that? Fnatic MYM SK You fucking moron.
2009-11-02 18:22
4 replies
what are u talking about child. He didnt say anything wrong, didnt insult, and u start with this shit?¿ get a life idiot
2009-11-02 20:15
1 reply
+1 buddy
2009-11-02 21:59
First of all I did not insult you in any ways, so stop acting like a f00L. And if you think MYM is on top3 in the world at this moment, then our conversation is over because we are in some different pathways you and I.
2009-11-03 22:10
Stop having such a stupid attitude just because he doesn't think like you, you're embarrassing that flag.
2009-11-09 22:33
Well, top is fnatic this year, next one should be SK, 3rd and 4th is kinda speculative...
2009-11-02 16:32
living in the past.
2009-11-02 12:18
fnatic, MYM, SK, ex-..., then or equally mTw Who else is there in your opinion ? Oh and pls don't tell me about H2k they still have a far way to go top you'll see that.
2009-11-02 13:13
22 replies
MYM aint top3 yet.. Far from. They had one good event and a couple of days later they lost to SoA online. Let them participate to a international event where every single one of the big teams are and lets see how it goes. I'm quite sure MYM will fail a top4
2009-11-02 13:40
5 replies
Yeah, MYM played 4vs5 you know.
2009-11-02 17:15
3 replies
that made pita pissed off xD
2009-11-03 00:38
Yeah but still lost the first map 5on5 and could loose the last map :)
2009-11-03 13:25
1 reply
Don't think so..
2009-11-09 22:34
they lost online!but on line they are very good!
2009-11-05 12:35
ex-vir wmf tyloo mousesports mtw mym are in the same level while sk&fnatic are it's hardly to tell ex-vir is top5 team.
2009-11-02 14:36
15 replies
How on gods rath is SK better than mTw? Stop making stupid assumptions.. pl34$3~
2009-11-02 15:45
13 replies
mtw with its new lineup hasnt get a chance to show any competitive strength against top teams. They might be no.1 team in the future but atm there is not.
2009-11-02 16:11
5 replies
agreed:) very skill players.
2009-11-02 20:04
I disagree, but hell its your opinion and i'm ok with that!But for sure mTw isn't in the same level as Wemadefox or those other teams you mentioned .:D
2009-11-03 22:18
3 replies
And SK is way better than WMF, which must mean that SK is a better team than mTw?:)
2009-11-09 22:35
2 replies
I said that in my opinion mTw is not in the same level with Wmf, for sure!
2009-11-09 23:55
1 reply
How on gods rath is SK better than mTw? Stop making stupid assumptions.. pl34$3~ Well, SK is better than WMF, I guarantee you.
2009-11-13 20:41
mTw has done NOTHING this year, and yet you place them in the top? oh, forgot, they won ONE event. SK has much, much more better placings than mTw this year, which means this year = SK > mTw.
2009-11-03 17:00
6 replies
Do not forget we are still in the year of 2009, where SK with the old lineup was destroyed and eliminated by everyone. Yes, Sk has now changed lineup, but so does mTw. And if you want to take this to examples, mTw won SoA which MYM lost to and MYM was placed 2nd in the last tournament, while SK was placed after them, so in conclusion mTw is better at this moment ?:)
2009-11-03 22:14
5 replies
dude, you're a moron. SK being beated by anyone? they placed right under fnatic in most events, aswell as won one recently. mTw has done nothing, and SoA played 5v4. you are clueless.
2009-11-04 13:06
4 replies
I'm the moron, but you are the one cursing behind a computer screne smart ass. And the last tournament is not the only example that mTw is better than Sk, through out the whole year mTw has proven they are better than Sk, and with the new lineup they just haven't gone in any tournament yet. Try searching all the tournaments of 2009, and matches between mTw and Sk, and stop acting like a f00L.
2009-11-04 15:39
3 replies
The point isn't how they have performed in 2009, but who is the best team AT THE MOMENT.
2009-11-09 22:36
2 replies
And conclusions can`t be made after the fact that mTw haven`t showed anything yet.
2009-11-09 23:53
1 reply
Exactly, then you can't say SK isn't better than mTw?
2009-11-13 20:45
WMF, mouz ? If you look at Dubai challenge you can assume that they are on same level, and it's far below Pentagrams... I can agree if they will get back to form. TyLoo ? Can they show anything out of China? How far will they get without audience help? Oh and they've been beaten already by wNv which I consider to be better, but still not Pentagrams level.
2009-11-02 19:10
2009-11-02 06:41
omfg lol
2009-11-02 00:17
good business model lol. They will probably retire soon
2009-11-02 00:17
Come to my home i have good conditions.
2009-11-02 00:20
24 replies
ahahah, you is millioneer?))) ps. santa barbara
2009-11-02 00:27
23 replies
he'll pay with caresses :P
2009-11-02 00:39
i are millionaire.
2009-11-02 00:39
20 replies
2009-11-02 00:48
ahhaahahha you made my day :)
2009-11-02 00:53
2009-11-02 01:08
hltv should give out prizes for the most creative and intelligent posts. this is by far one of the best ones :P
2009-11-02 01:52
1 reply
ahah :D
2009-11-02 13:13
2009-11-02 02:35
and i am weasel
2009-11-02 13:23
2009-11-02 15:35
Nice... Is you millionaire? I are millionaire... Guys, you two are ridiculous... :D Go and take some English lessons :)
2009-11-02 16:38
11 replies
You didn't understand the joke omg...
2009-11-02 17:50
2009-11-02 19:09
2009-11-02 21:58
not ridiculuos, him is millionaire
2009-11-03 00:55
2009-11-09 22:37
6 replies
how come?
2009-11-18 14:23
5 replies
Because the last dude was clearly ironic and he was making fun of that Belarussian dude, and you just told him to get some English lessons?:D
2009-11-18 14:27
4 replies
I guess I was ironic too ;)
2009-11-19 12:41
3 replies
I don't think you were tbh. :)
2009-11-20 00:52
2 replies
Maybe ;) That doesn't matter, I just don't understand this "written form" of irony.
2009-11-20 20:06
1 reply
Irony is saying something and not meaning it, and I'm quite sure you seriously told those guys to get some English classes.
2009-11-21 15:21
Belarus ALBiNh0
2009-11-02 09:13
wtf! no way ;( again? whay?
2009-11-02 00:21
LOL is this a movie? GL (again) ;)
2009-11-02 00:21
1 reply
Finland coswell
This is a soap opera...
2009-11-02 10:54
thats so sad :/
2009-11-02 00:23
2009 is really a pity to me of polish brothers, for each of them will be remembered for a long time
2009-11-02 00:26
fail fail fail fail..
2009-11-02 00:27
I will write a book "The polish warriors that just wanted to find a CS 1.6 organisation" Support me!
2009-11-02 00:31
36 replies
2009-11-02 00:33
2 replies
+1 :))))
2009-11-02 00:35
Rofl, wrong guy to reply sorry. ._.
2009-11-02 00:38
"sk's new lineup" is a good idea either :)
2009-11-02 00:36
5 replies
2009-11-02 01:08
4 replies
Hahahah, polish flag. :O
2009-11-02 22:00
3 replies
U too :O
2009-11-02 22:55
2 replies
Because I'm from P(r)oland. :O
2009-11-03 16:19
1 reply
So am I! Or I could be
2009-11-03 17:44
Instead of supporting you, we should make something like "the Neos team salvation fund". If everyone contributes 1€ I think we have enough to buy them some white tshirts and have them stamped with "Neos team salvation fund". Let's do it people!
2009-11-02 00:38
26 replies
You should grab your head and with all the power U got hit the wall, I ain't see any other cure for your dumbness. They ended up like this, but it ain't their fault mate, do you think they like the way it is right now? Instead of writing a such stupid posts, go and pick up some heads, maybe we will hear about you in about two years, and I bet my ass, it will be the next cheating case. :)
2009-11-02 00:55
9 replies
UHHHH You are nasty in your replies :O Don't have a sense of humor? Don't really care, and if you didn't like my "idea"/fun post, then don't waste both our time by replying to me. Well, I won't say anything about getting to be known on the cs scene because I might not even have the skill, and I have more important stuff to think about than "how to rush catwalk" :) And if you happen to hear about me, it won't be because I was a hacker trust me ;)
2009-11-02 01:01
7 replies
I won't really go into this conversation because it doesn't have any sense. You have shown your sense of humour by insulting SOME people with your mature idea. And of course, not every one may understand your way of joking and your sense of humour, especially me, cause I don't know what is so funny about that Mario vid you posted and laughed your ..., but as you said, it's just a way of looking at some things. Sorry for unnecessary words from me. Regards
2009-11-02 01:17
6 replies
"I won't really go into this conversation because it doesn't have any sense." And yet, you made that wall of text. So like the legend himself "yodawg" once said: No need to reply me, you will fail. PS. I don't need your regards, keep them for someone who actually cares about you :)
2009-11-02 01:23
4 replies
Except your sense of humour, you have also shown on what level your personal culture is. :) But I guess it's just a Portuguese mentality...
2009-11-02 01:28
3 replies
"You should grab your head and with all the power U got hit the wall, I ain't see any other cure for your dumbness." Yeah, I'm glad I have the mentality of joking around about things unlike you who goes all rage and insult mode on others :)) if you call that a "good mentality" well... I actually feel worst for you than for Neos team because I know they'll get a better home, and you will die being the way you are :) And don't insult Portugal. This as nothing to do with my country. Flame me all you want but don't globalize my national community :) and there you have your "mentality" :)
2009-11-02 01:36
1 reply
2009-11-02 04:57
OWNED......Head Shoot right in the kisser...XD
2009-11-02 10:52
you already have, my mate :)
2009-11-02 14:09
What did he do wrong?:P
2009-11-09 22:39
I support you. What did you expect from the Poles?
2009-11-02 01:09
14 replies
Now you are doing the same thing, as we POLES usually do.
2009-11-02 01:21
4 replies
What did you POLES used to do? :)
2009-11-02 02:23
3 replies
I don't know, you tell me?
2009-11-02 12:39
2 replies
Im not a pole mate
2009-11-02 18:11
i can tell you. Poles suck!
2009-11-02 19:16
Ahaha, I love your support <3 I don't have any problem with the polish people but I'm afraid that I have the feeling they might shoot me down on sight LOL
2009-11-02 01:38
1 reply
I feel the same, but in my case, I cant leave the room. Mum would freaking shoot me >:(
2009-11-02 02:23
You are just sad
2009-11-02 03:23
3 replies
what now?! I was talking about the freaking troll who raged on him, not Vitriolic. Shut your nimwit gap and speak when I tell you to. The king has spoken.
2009-11-02 03:59
2 replies
You mentioned POLES. I quees it was only one pole righting this stupid post.
2009-11-02 15:44
1 reply
Say what
2009-11-02 18:14
mir | 
United States Brodie
Bears from the north and penguins from the south.
2009-11-02 07:19
2 replies
Then some powerangers came and killed batman with his monkey suit, while captain Jack Sparrow and his fellow spacemen dudes ragged the pure chair until death betrayed it through its eyes and glubadi badiba du!
2009-11-02 15:51
1 reply
mir | 
United States Brodie
Indeed, sir.
2009-11-05 21:25
I like my idea but yours is much better :D
2009-11-02 15:48
omg omg wht :( Again? :S
2009-11-02 00:32
2009-11-02 00:33
why did this come up again??? lol
2009-11-02 00:34
Do they smell? Is that why no1 wants them?
2009-11-02 00:35
3 replies
Axe should sponsor them
2009-11-02 03:59
2 replies
lol Axe :D? - how is that gonna help the smell :D?
2009-11-02 14:55
1 reply
HAHAHAH TRUE LOL :D Edit: Someone should maybe send them some showers :)
2009-11-02 18:12
very sad for the polish team (nEO, kuben, tAZ, LUq, LoordB):( ... I think they deserve a solid home/organization
2009-11-02 00:36
Nordy is really a great guy, hope he doesnt quit E-sport
2009-11-02 00:37
7 replies
It should be "hope he wont" not "he doesnt" :)
2009-11-02 00:55
5 replies
What is the problem? There's nothing wrong with "I hope he doesn't quit e-Sports.".
2009-11-09 22:40
4 replies
Does is present simple 3rd person singular as far as I know. I guess u know how the present simple is working. With Present S usual present tense indicates, an action in the present time which is not finished, example things we do so often its like habits and routines, etc.
2009-11-09 23:14
3 replies
I don't know how to explain it in English, and neither do you, nice try though... There is nothing wrong with it, ask any Brit.
2009-11-13 20:47
2 replies
Search some example at internet(something similar like in this case) and then u can notice that this what pita wrote is Wrong, believe me :)
2009-11-14 00:26
1 reply
It isn't wrong, they're both correct. :P
2009-11-14 01:22
i dont see nordy leaving esport. i read a statement on from him about his leaving and he seemed fairly intent on staying
2009-11-02 01:21
LMAO ask NATO to help u! :d or red cross XD
2009-11-02 00:37
16 replies
2009-11-02 01:17
15 replies
No we don't.. everybody hate the poles except the god damn polish fan boys, I'm sick of it. Go away you fucking suck.
2009-11-02 11:54
14 replies
And we poles hate you, not swedish ppl, just you. well people really have a wrong idea about polish people.
2009-11-02 13:36
3 replies
2009-11-02 14:02
2009-11-02 15:53
1 reply
because Polish people is too friendly.
2009-11-02 16:19
Kiss to my dearest troll and hater ;*
2009-11-02 15:42
Haha I see another vote for the Swedish Democrats, yeh?
2009-11-02 18:09
7 replies
2009-11-09 22:41
6 replies
Thought you were better than that. :<
2009-11-10 09:57
5 replies
I'm not, apparently.
2009-11-13 20:29
4 replies
I thought you were a pirate. Im ashamed now
2009-11-13 20:33
3 replies
I would like to be both, but I don't really care since I still download..
2009-11-13 20:34
2 replies
I'd slap ya for being SD ;<
2009-11-13 20:36
1 reply
I'm sure you would..
2009-11-13 20:37
ex-Vitriolic vs. SK / Fnatic? Ehehe???
2009-11-03 16:47
2009-11-02 00:37
Poor Guys . GL finding a new orga :D
2009-11-02 00:43
we should merge our money for them...| Neo| LUq
2009-11-02 00:44
4 replies
If you read my post @ #41 you could see what we could do!
2009-11-02 00:49
BLiXTY's beyatchz | Neo <3 BLiXTY sounds good
2009-11-02 01:12
2 replies
2009-11-02 03:09
+1 haha
2009-11-02 16:05
omg bad, were not even a month in the organization. gl
2009-11-02 00:50
sad news. the article is incorrect though, nordy wasnt our only source of income.
2009-11-02 00:52
6 replies
That was simply what my source stated.
2009-11-02 01:05
5 replies
okay, well im just letting you know your source was incorrect.
2009-11-02 01:12
1 reply
Let's not tell fibs felix :)
2009-11-03 12:44
(your source was correct about that btw, though would have been nice to source Cadred for the story about nordy leaving :( )
2009-11-03 12:45
2 replies
Actually I got the story from my source, who would like to remain anonymous. Did notice a post up on cadred when I got the reply from felix.
2009-11-03 14:05
1 reply
Fair play then, sorry :)
2009-11-03 23:16
"again", yeah AGAIN, they are so unlucky :/ I hope that they will contract with someone realy soon, but if nordy has that amount of money as he was clamied as INVESTOR it would be great if he can do create an organisation find ppl to work with it, then sponsoros are coming up and so on, and i hope that polish guys won't quit gaming and realy nordy can do something here :)
2009-11-02 00:53
like tragedy I think they are going to disband anyway
2009-11-02 00:53
Again??? OMFG!!!
2009-11-02 00:56
Just quit now guys, you won't win anything more anyway. And recently is NEO the only one that was playing good.
2009-11-02 00:57
1 reply
They have been on one tournament recently after a break where they placed 4. Is this for you reason to quit?
2009-11-02 15:44
hahaha no way Fuck Organization | Neo Fuck Organization | Taz Fuck Organization | LUq Fuck Organization | Kuben Fuck Organization | Loord
2009-11-02 00:58
Never ending story, wish them best of luck in future.
2009-11-02 00:58
rofl >D
2009-11-02 00:59
these guys are cursed :x
2009-11-02 01:05
rofl xd ! Kurwa sponsor ! Go legend team :) Pentagram G-Shock is back ! :D PGS|Neo PGS|LUq PGS|Loord PGS|Kuben PGS|TaZ WCG 2009 win ;) - 2006 PGS :D
2009-11-02 01:06
2 replies
i think this too but pgs not is a rich organization ;/
2009-11-02 03:52
legend team?have you ever heard of Eolithic/SK/NoA/NiP/fnatic? those are legend teams
2009-11-05 12:18
I used to be annoyed when the Poles went RAGE RAGE RAGE on the forums... Now its perfectly okay... PGS could pick em up.
2009-11-02 01:11
2009-11-02 01:12
lol :S
2009-11-02 01:26
fucking organization kurwa !
2009-11-02 01:34
This is a running gag now...
2009-11-02 01:39
that's quite fucked up. they deserve a really good orga, all those crappy ones can't suit them. I know it's impossible but they should be part of fnatic, mTw or SK.
2009-11-02 01:44
Portugal bloke, calm dawn. This is frendly web, not hospital or fight club. Pleas
2009-11-02 01:55
9 replies
If you mean me, yes I'm sorry for having misbehaved the way I did. I didn't mean to cause such a ruckus! And ontopic, GL to the polish Golden Five, I know they'll get a better and worthy org for them because they work their asses off and they deserve it ;D
2009-11-02 02:00
8 replies
They're poles after all. Lets say a house is going to be built, a group of Swede's takes 100$, then the Poles would take 50$ and be done in half the time. But the house would look bad. JK :) I love Poland
2009-11-02 04:03
7 replies
2009-11-02 07:29
Blixty Age: 16 , and that's all Go outside of your home , try to find some friends , dont try to be funny on forum :<
2009-11-02 14:54
3 replies
You'd laugh if I wasnt talking bout the Poles :)
2009-11-02 18:08
ffs men, would do u even bother to read what this frustrated kid says? just tell him to fuck off, that will serve well. look at his flag!! im speachless with this jackass men. GL ex-pgs tough
2009-11-02 18:51
It's true. Almost all houses built here in the summer are built by Poles.
2009-11-09 22:44
Yeea, I like stereotypes as well!:) Let's all be idiots!
2009-11-02 15:57
1 reply
2009-11-02 18:18
bunny masters?
2009-11-02 02:04
possible best team in the world cant find an organization maybe EG should cut their whole team and bring the polish players over.
2009-11-02 02:12
2 replies
2009-11-02 04:01
You sir are an idiot.
2009-11-02 05:04
Oh, F*ck!
2009-11-02 02:16
Wow, that sucks...
2009-11-02 02:21
New organization , Emirates or USA ^^
2009-11-02 02:31
2009-11-02 02:36
it was obvious it would happen... vitriolic were not a big organization and they would not have been able to support the likes of neo and them lot. so i would imagine it was partly on the players stupid choices to make the move to join vitriolic as aside from other offers they had while they were looking for an organization.
2009-11-02 02:37
There are rumors on the SK-Gaming forums that PGS their old organization is speaking with them. PGS is their true hoem
2009-11-02 02:39
7 replies
until the CEO of PGS leaves, then they go back to MYM :)
2009-11-02 04:00
6 replies
does portugese have no their own team? :)
2009-11-02 10:24
5 replies
we have some teams ( Lan= K1ck, Boussifouri, phantoms, online = Sam ), organization that a diferent history, we have sport for the teams noob's, for those teams that actualy play, like uNt, 5Aces and some other's whell a kick in the ass and your in lucky
2009-11-02 12:18
4 replies
what the hell?
2009-11-03 18:40
2 replies
it's STFU
2009-11-03 18:57
1 reply
Man /quit please.
2009-11-03 19:44
What did you just say?
2009-11-09 22:46
2009-11-02 02:43
Maybe Power Gaming? 4 of the 5 current PG members are going to army in January anyway, so why not take them in then? Its not like there are any big events before 2010, except for WCG but its all expenses paid already.
2009-11-02 02:51
2 replies
Great idea, give a good name to PG :D
2009-11-02 04:00
Good idea.
2009-11-09 22:46
im going to cry :D
2009-11-02 03:03
just stop; CS is overrated.
2009-11-02 03:16
1 reply
2009-11-02 03:31
that's fucked up
2009-11-02 03:46
Not again Really sad yaar........... Kya yaar?
2009-11-02 03:57
neo standing 4ever neo rocks! newo rules!
2009-11-02 04:17
wtf... really sad... these guys deserve a stable home.. hope they find one soon.. gl
2009-11-02 04:25
dang! what's going on?!
2009-11-02 04:27 | neo | taz | luq | loord | kuben should be good !
2009-11-02 04:50
roccat NEO roccat taz roccat luq roccat loord roccat kuben : ]
2009-11-02 05:12
I honestly saw this coming when Nordy announced he was leaving the organization. I also honestly don't see how they could find the motivation to keep playing after another situation like this happening to them. Hopefully they find a new organization quick since I love watching them play.
2009-11-02 05:24
they should also change dere lineup they r no more dat gud .> they need 2 pickup pasha or ny1 .> organizations will only b interested when they perform in big events so they jus need a fresh lineup a bit.>
2009-11-02 05:37
and taz was so sure about this org as we know from his comments after joining.... sad
2009-11-02 05:37
roccat NEO roccat taz roccat luq roccat loord roccat kuben ^^
2009-11-02 05:38
EG NEO EG taz EG luq EG loord EG kuben i can dream can't i?
2009-11-02 06:01
4 replies
2009-11-02 06:39
oh yeah man, i would love too see this
2009-11-02 08:39
EG or not EG but still they can use some American help. So many good organisations there, and so few good players. I think they could come to an agreement :D
2009-11-02 13:17
I don't see how that would benefit you?:)
2009-11-09 22:47
sad... GL guys !
2009-11-02 06:14
so wierd...
2009-11-02 06:17
What the fking hell is going on here? Does Martin Scorsese want to create another movie? Income from this film would be a nice amount of cash for golden five ;d Then they would need no organisation noclan.nosponsors|neo
2009-11-02 06:35
Leave Me Baby One More Time
2009-11-02 06:48
2009-11-02 06:53
oh sad :(
2009-11-02 06:57
Oh not again :(
2009-11-02 07:13
go go | neo | taz | luq | kubenb | loord
2009-11-02 07:16
OMG... Once again ;<
2009-11-02 07:25
3 replies
this is why polish people are flamed. for crying out loud.
2009-11-02 18:53
1 reply
I just love this song, one of the greatest band ever. I don't care about vitriolic.
2009-11-02 21:08
2009-11-09 22:48
Zowie.NEO Zowie.TaZ Zowie.Loord Zowie.DAS LOL Zowie.Kuben
2009-11-02 07:27
1 reply
like ;>
2009-11-02 07:28
Sorry but couldn't be without laughing. But seriously, this is baaaaad. Again. :/ WeMadeFox EU | Neo
2009-11-02 07:28
mir | 
United States Brodie
Create your own organization, get a loan from a bank, fly to and win a tournament, collect cash. Pay back bank and rationalize money so that the next tournament trip is covered. May be risky, may not be the best idea but it's better than being team-less. They got no one to pay them salary anyways. Get money, travel, make more money. Continue until a real organization picks you up because they see what you are willing to do to keep your team alive.
2009-11-02 07:28
Just play with country tag, TEAM POLAND!. Im sure some good organization will catch them sooner or later since they still make top5 performances, gl.
2009-11-02 07:30
9 replies
how can they make top5 results if they dont have money to attend event?
2009-11-02 18:59
8 replies
Think again what I wrote :e
2009-11-02 19:23
7 replies
You still didn't say what they would get their money from.
2009-11-09 22:48
6 replies
You answer a week old thread.. I meant they still have made and will make top5 performances so some org will pick them for sure, if someone didn't get it pfft.
2009-11-10 00:34
5 replies
How will they get to the events where they will place top5, if they don't have any money?
2009-11-13 20:35
4 replies
I hope youre seriously that stupid and not just playing stupid like these days f**ked up kids do cause its way worse. I wrote it as presumption, over n out.
2009-11-13 20:41
3 replies
You still didn't answer ninus' question, that's why I wrote to you in the first place, but you like avoiding my point. :)
2009-11-13 20:42
2 replies
I just did but you narrow-minded little prick still didnt get it cause u wanna play this forum nerd game. And youre saying this thread is pathetic hahah, look at you I know what you are something propably 16-17 maybe even older and acting like that. But good luck mate, keep it up.
2009-11-13 20:48
1 reply
You didn't? You still haven't explained what their money will come from, and I didn't call the thread pathetic, I called the Vitriolic-knot pathetic. :)
2009-11-13 20:49
2009-11-02 07:42
LOL, once again =]
2009-11-02 07:43
sorry, but i loled.
2009-11-02 08:04
lol such a good team on such bad luck gl guys
2009-11-02 08:16
2009-11-02 08:23
2009-11-02 08:37
its bad for them...again this.. but gl
2009-11-02 08:39
I think its "market" not marked. ;)
2009-11-02 08:48
not again =s... zzzz -_-''
2009-11-02 08:56
Belarus ALBiNh0
Brablay | neo Brablay | taz Brablay | luq Brablay | kubenb Brablay | loord the best organisation imo xD
2009-11-02 09:16
1 reply
lol :)
2009-11-02 11:50
haha once again -_-'
2009-11-02 09:20
Expected.They are terrible picking their organizations.
2009-11-02 09:46
Ohh NOOOOO!!!:(:(:( AmazingGaming | neo AmazingGaming | taz AmazingGaming | luq AmazingGaming | kubenb AmazingGaming | loord or | neo | taz | luq | kubenb | loord
2009-11-02 09:47
1 reply
Lol :D Nice joke :D
2009-11-03 16:56
believe me or not when neo and company joined vitriolic i though vitriolic would end LOL so bad luck :!
2009-11-02 09:58
Now there is only one way the ex-MYM/Wicked/Vitriolic can find a good sponsor... Ask each polish fanboy on to donate $1 each...In that case i guess ex-vtL will have enough money to fund trips for one whole year!!!
2009-11-02 10:13
Fuck Ahmed "Nordy" Al Muhanna !!
2009-11-02 10:32
2009-11-02 10:36
unlucky :(
2009-11-02 10:44
Feel so sorry for the guys such a great team getting messed about yet again... saying that Vitriolic should not of taken advantage of Nordy
2009-11-02 10:45
Russia _mdn
This means that the Polish squad will once again be on the marked, looking for a new organization. Typo. marked = market
2009-11-02 10:51
nerd/neo nerd/LUq nerd/TaZ nerd/kuben nerd/Loord :D:D
2009-11-02 10:57
2009-11-02 11:42
2009-11-02 11:44
NEO | 
Poland Antro
Owned. It's getting funny. Haven't seen such unlucky team.
2009-11-02 11:48
Kanye West should sign them. "Neo, imma let you finish killin' that last guy but f0rest had the best ace of all times"
2009-11-02 11:59
1 reply
ahah :)
2009-11-02 12:36
2009-11-02 12:01
same old story x(
2009-11-02 12:14
"la chkoumoune" :|
2009-11-02 12:18
L@L this is PR@V@L
2009-11-02 12:25
Arbalet | neo Arbalet | taz Arbalet | luq Arbalet | kubenb Arbalet | loord
2009-11-02 12:27
1 reply
He, if someone, can live up to, and afford, their demands.
2009-11-09 22:56
omg | neo omg | taz omg | luq omg | kubenb omg | loord omg...
2009-11-02 12:32
here we go again
2009-11-02 12:35
Roccat | Neo ? Crack Clan | LUq ? EG | Loord ? Emirates Polska ? New organization ^^
2009-11-02 12:37
2009-11-02 12:48
2009-11-02 12:48
1 reply
2009-11-02 14:55
Zowie ...
2009-11-02 12:49
2009-11-02 12:51
1 reply
It's an organization.
2009-11-09 22:57
4K or roccat :P :D
2009-11-02 12:52
2009-11-02 12:53
1 reply
Your Caps Lock-button seems to be dead when you touched it. You're joking a lot. :)
2009-11-03 16:58
Abercrombie.NEO Abercrombie.TaZ Abercrombie.Loord Abercrombie.LUq Abercrombie.Kuben
2009-11-02 13:00
3 replies
what is it new setup .??????
2009-11-02 13:04
2 replies
havent u noticed, that they wear only a&f?
2009-11-02 15:41
1 reply
haha i noticed that at the last event. it would quite funny to have a team sponsored by something so mainstreme as clothing
2009-11-02 16:31
NIP should be returns and to get these players.
2009-11-02 13:27
hahahaahaaha still luck
2009-11-02 13:38
again.. its not even funny , gl ex-vitriolic ;)
2009-11-02 13:51
that's gotta rip their nerves apart. little more of this and they will just quit. i'd quit if i were them ;)
2009-11-02 14:10
Hardplay | Neo Hardplay | TaZ Hardplay | LoordB Hardplay | LUq Hardplay | kubenB Poles would understand :D
2009-11-02 14:10
1 reply
yeah! Hardplay, Saycom Gamer or Bocisze Gaming
2009-11-02 14:18
2009-11-02 14:16
Vitriolic must getting NoA Tag (NoA must goes in action again !!
2009-11-02 14:24
If they fail at WCG, they will probably quit imo.
2009-11-02 14:25
1 reply
not so long ago, neo stated after WCG if they dont find any organisation, they wont attend international events, but only in Poland
2009-11-02 19:04
2009-11-02 14:25
2009-11-02 14:32
So unlucky again :( Hopefully they'll find a new home soon.
2009-11-02 14:47' * Neo_wOw~ (by Durex)
2009-11-02 14:54
: /
2009-11-02 14:59
2009-11-02 15:01
omg ;;/
2009-11-02 15:08
roccat ? they be great :)
2009-11-02 15:10
SK|neO fnatic.TaZ H2K.LUQ mTw.Loord HardPlay.kuben :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
2009-11-02 15:19
1 reply
yeah, very funny
2009-11-02 16:18
Esports Eu
2009-11-02 15:21
2009-11-02 15:22
Don't be so suprised. It was simple that they were just looking for someone, who will pay for them in Dubai. Sorry, but in my opinion Vitriolic isn't very rich, so they can't pay for all events. By the way, you all should stop with your insults. This site isn't about better or worser, rich or poor, more or less beautiful countries. Let's stop with posts like "What did you expect from Poles?" or "No need to reply me, you will fail". Thanks for reading.
2009-11-02 15:30
1 reply
no problem ;p
2009-11-02 15:43
Kanye West should still sign them... "kuben, imma let you finish gettin' killed but that other guy had the best I-missed-3-kills-although-being-in-the-back-of-the-enemies of all times"
2009-11-02 15:32
1 reply
Nice one, haha
2009-11-02 17:13
the "luckiest" team in the world
2009-11-02 15:32
ex-MYM, ex-WICKED and now ex-Vitriolic, oh man.
2009-11-02 15:36
RedBull | NEO
2009-11-02 15:44
haha fail noobies, they can better quit
2009-11-02 15:51
maybe they ask too much from organizations? ( just thinking )
2009-11-02 15:57
1 reply
Maybe they did at the beginning, but I think now they just want someone to sponsor their travels.
2009-11-02 19:17
neo&co GL, top4 team
2009-11-02 15:58
10 replies
top4? 1. fnatic 2. sk 3. vitriolic 4. mtw 5. mym / mouz / attax Trust me, MYM isn't so good. They are just like attax, they play good on 1 tourmanent and then play weak on next 2-3.
2009-11-02 16:20
9 replies
so far MYM played well in ALL matches?
2009-11-02 18:09
MYM crushed your polish "stars", CRUSHED.. How can you rate viotrolic as 3rd. Wake up dude! Stop dreaming.. Just because you wish that it was like that doesn't make it true.
2009-11-02 18:27
4 replies
mym attended just 1 tournament, let them show more and then lets see if they are really so good okey?
2009-11-02 19:06
Poland qater-
Hahahah,I love you swedish guys , they played on one international event and they placed 2nd, does it make them TOP3 World ? NO and by the way I'll answer ur questions! Yes,I know they are great team and they can prove that they're top3.Yea and I'm fAnB0y_Y and yeah, I know you are fAnB0y_Y too ! Yes,you're right SK,fnatic > ex-Vitriolic and yea I remember when MYM crushed ex-vtl !
2009-11-02 19:34
They aren't mine polish stars and yes they were crushed. But after they crushed "polish stars" they got owned with a team like soa. Don't you think that "3rd placed" team like MYM should own them 16:0?
2009-11-02 21:06
1 reply
Owned? They played 4v5. :P
2009-11-09 23:00
1 fnatic 2 ex-vitriolic 3 sk 4 mtw 5 mouz 6 mym 7 alternate
2009-11-03 12:30
1 reply
ne0 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> all
2009-11-03 12:31
MYM > vitriolic vitriolic failed to impress yes my statistics are corect... MYM > vitriolic
2009-11-05 12:16
what about Nordy<3 Neo
2009-11-02 16:04
i hate all tag changes and organization changes. <3 Nordy Ahmed <3 Neo Filip
2009-11-02 16:18
1 reply
2009-11-03 22:27
RedBull | Neo... actual! Why manufacturer of energetic drink not sponsoring cybersport???
2009-11-02 16:19
4 replies
actually, I guess it won't take long to redbull invest @ esports
2009-11-02 16:32
because it doesnt really match the brand image of extreme sports like redbull x-fighters or the x-games etc
2009-11-02 16:34
x-CS real and live headshots and knife frags :D
2009-11-02 17:08
I already asked this question, just with the Poles. :D My post was like... Red Bull, please, include cybersport in your sport programmes =( This market is not developed by you.
2009-11-02 17:47
AmmOn > Neo
2009-11-02 16:20
oramakomaburamako|Neo oramakomaburamako|TaZ oramakomaburamako|LUq oramakomaburamako|kuben oramakomaburamako|Loord is it good ? :D
2009-11-02 16:20
1.fnatic 3.mTw/vitriolic/mym/ 4.mouz/alternate
2009-11-02 16:24
5 replies
are you noob ? vtl > mym, mtw, attax
2009-11-03 15:36
4 replies
hahaha MYM> vitriolic anytime baby!
2009-11-05 12:10
3 replies
ooo i forgot...ex`vitriolic shit happends
2009-11-05 12:12
2 replies
you like suck big dick ?
2009-11-05 19:03
1 reply
your mother does
2009-11-05 20:29
szaller | neo szaller | kuben szaller | luq szaller | loord szaller | taz bad bad bad bad
2009-11-02 16:30
intel | neo intel | kuben intel | luq intel | loord intel | taz roccat?
2009-11-02 16:49
omg five without home ;/
2009-11-02 16:55
5 replies
golden five become silver five :D
2009-11-02 17:13
4 replies
TVN * NEO TVN * Loord TVN * LUq TVN * TaZ TVN * KubenB
2009-11-02 19:34
3 replies
2009-11-02 20:20
2 replies
TV station in Poland.
2009-11-02 21:47
1 reply
2009-11-03 16:56
nOOrganisation!Neo nOOrganisation!LUq nOOrganisation!kuben nOOrganisation!Loord nOOrganisation!taz "veri nais" :D
2009-11-02 17:12
Microsoft | neo Microsoft | LUq Microsoft | TaZ Microsoft | Kuben Microsoft | Loord
2009-11-02 17:14
ex-whatever | Neo ex-whatever | Luq ex-whatever | TaZ ex-whatever | Kuben ex-whatever | Loord or maybe ex 4 ever | Neo ex 4 ever | Luq ex 4 ever | TaZ ex 4 ever | Kuben ex 4 ever | Loord
2009-11-02 17:42
1 reply
ex4ever ;)
2009-11-02 17:51
neo is UNLUCKY Loord is UNLUCKY TaZ is UNLUCKY Kuben is UNLUCKY LUq is UNLUCKY that would be nice :D
2009-11-02 17:55
Tesco | Luq Tesco | Kuben Tesco | Neo Tesco | Loord Tesco | Taz
2009-11-02 17:59
2009-11-02 18:03
1 reply
you need to visit a brain doctor and get a brain surgery.
2009-11-02 18:10
shitcanhappen|LUq shitcanhappen|Kuben shitcanhappen|Neo shitcanhappen|Taz shitcanhappen|loord
2009-11-02 18:18
mother fucking Jesus!What the ...k
2009-11-02 18:21
CiscoSystems | Neo
2009-11-02 18:27
they are totally shit out of luck.
2009-11-02 18:33
and once more they wouldnt be prepared well for next major event just because they need to search new home...
2009-11-02 18:39
NiP-Neo- yeah :D
2009-11-02 19:17
if i were them, i would stop playing cs.
2009-11-02 19:20
Monopolowy|LUq Monopolowy|Kuben Monopolowy|Neo Monopolowy|Taz Monopolowy|loord
2009-11-02 19:32
F**k tha polish :>
2009-11-02 19:47
4 replies
It was "fuck tha police" listen again plz look :]
2009-11-02 20:02
3 replies
was it? :D
2009-11-02 20:08
1 reply
:] crap
2009-11-02 20:16
2009-11-09 23:02
neoooo pisz na gg 5467119 (czasem jestem na niewidoku) to was przyjme wymagam: skilla low+ staz: od 2 miesiecy do 20 lat wiek: +14 mutacja on muzg on placz off granie z tagiem np. pRo-sQuAd -=taz=- itp. oferuje: stronke www.prosquad.yoyo .pl (w budowie jak cos) mi&#322;y zarz&#261;d serwer z serwnaspar .pl jak gracie dobrze to zapisze was do esl. pozdrawiam Mariusz "pLaSkI mAjStEr" L.
2009-11-02 19:54
4 replies
bueheheheh, dobre :D
2009-11-02 20:32
dobre xddd
2009-11-02 20:46
1 reply
2009-11-02 23:58
nice huh !
2009-11-03 15:47
Its like a girl who continuously hook up with guys who hit her. I think Neo and friends have terrible judgment.
2009-11-02 20:12
2009-11-02 20:21
1 reply
Would you please... SHUT THE HELL UP
2009-11-04 02:57 | NEO | TAZ | LUQ | LOORD | KUBEN
2009-11-02 20:32
1 reply
the site crew would make much money on them :))
2009-11-03 00:02
I am hearing a lot of good information on a new company called Zowie Gear. From what I am seeing, they are pretty new, but plenty aggressive. I think they already sponsor a team in Portugal. Maybe they can sponsor another?
2009-11-02 21:02
Yea Zowie is in direct sponsorship with Heaton and Spawn as well. Been using there Hammer Headset, pretty damn nice for the price. Have not tried there mousepads yet but with Spawn's support, I am sure it is nice. Hahaha Vitrolic should give them a call. Any funding is better than none in there desparate situation
2009-11-02 21:10
DiscoBoyz| Neo, LUq... again..-.-
2009-11-02 22:21
Zowie can take 'em
2009-11-02 23:02
2009-11-03 00:00
cry or laugh?! cryaughing! im cryaughing, thats it, the rigth expression
2009-11-03 01:02
Maybe they should join DELTA eSport for example ;-)
2009-11-03 04:27
It's a bad news for me.I hope Vitriolic can find a good organization.They are a very good team.NEO plays cs like god...GL
2009-11-03 08:47
we love Norwegian strawberries| neo
2009-11-03 11:36
they need to join DTS :D
2009-11-03 12:36
Not Again What a Sh*t? One of the best team in the world with the best counter strike player and the biggest counterstrike superstar,ne0, don't find an organisation. Really, WTF? Come on Sponsors and Biggies of counter strike............. Don't let this team dissolve otherwise it would be the biggest shocker for us counter strike lovers. It would also reduce the number of spectators in cs scene, who r diehard ne0 fans,.................
2009-11-03 12:43
hmm... DTS is good idea! I'll tell pops tomorrow! This is really good idea!!!
2009-11-03 12:57
AGAiN | LUq AGAiN | Kuben AGAiN | Neo AGAiN | Taz AGAiN | loord
2009-11-03 13:04
Begrip | LUq Begrip | Kuben Begrip | Neo Begrip | Taz Begrip | loord
2009-11-03 13:47
Now that they're without any organization (yet again), I guess it's time for them to come over to Norway (like the rest of the country does) and pick strawberries, paint my house and steal my car's airbags. LUq, Kuben, Neo, TaZ, loord - I HAS WERK 4 U
2009-11-03 14:25
2 replies
hahahahhahahahhah rude but funny
2009-11-05 12:07
2009-11-09 23:05
fnatic MSI | NEC fnatic MSI | GeT_RiGhT fnatic MSI | LUq fantic MSI | HeatoN fantic MSI | n0thing SK | Neo SK | Kuben SK | TaZ or zAAz SK | forest SK | Loord EG | dsn EG | cArn EG | rOM EG | gux EG | izzy Others to BenQ DELTA eSports.COM !
2009-11-03 15:47
7 replies
How many new imaginated lieups you will post?
2009-11-03 16:30
6 replies
2009-11-03 19:10
5 replies
Wow, nice comment. :O
2009-11-05 20:30
4 replies
im know :)
2009-11-06 20:42
3 replies
Irony, my english master.
2009-11-06 22:22
Irony, my master.
2009-11-06 22:22
1 reply
2009-11-06 23:38 neo da best good luck guys in seeking for new home :(
2009-11-03 16:31
wtf? ocb?
2009-11-03 16:58
fat | LUq fat | Kuben fat | Neo fat | Taz fat | loord
2009-11-03 17:33
AGAiN/ex-Vitriolic have website??
2009-11-03 17:47
2 replies
AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA AGAING mean that they have same situation lakie month before (again) noob
2009-11-03 22:08
1 reply
2009-11-03 22:25
PlzNoKick > Neo PlzNoKick > Kuben PlzNoKick > Loord PlzNoKick > Luq PlzNoKick > Taz
2009-11-03 18:10
Omfg:( The same actions :/ ex-vitriolic are one of the best team counter strike and all time have one stupid problem... Good home :| GL boys for search new home :) GL!
2009-11-03 20:18
SupportOurFantasies *BOLD*€*BOLD* Neo
2009-11-03 22:30
2009-11-03 22:41
2009-11-03 22:51
FundacjaTVN|neo FundacjaTVN|TaZ FundacjaTVN|loord FundacjaTVN|LUq FundacjaTvN|kuben
2009-11-04 06:33
wNv |neo wNv |TaZ wNv |loord wNv |LUq wNv |kuben
2009-11-04 07:43
T_T <3 neo i co
2009-11-04 09:42
Zowie - Neo Steelseries-Taz Q-pad-Loord
2009-11-04 19:44
Come on ............ nobody to put money on the most talented counter strike player in the world ne0 Many ppl, who r not even half the talent that he has, have found sponsors........... Really sad for the whole cs community
2009-11-04 20:00
Any registered user pay my account every month, 1 Euro create a new organization!!
2009-11-04 21:41
2009-11-04 22:08
the saga continues..... Part 2 hahahahha
2009-11-05 15:01
wtf? G5 should go to Begrip imo
2009-11-05 20:03
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Begrip is just growing talents, they have been around for way too long for Begrip to pick them up. ;)
2009-11-20 00:52
hahaha the name of the clan makes me laugh, "again", so ironic! anyway... good player and good team, perhaps miss lucky!
2009-11-07 14:16
Nordy is sooo cute :D
2009-11-07 14:31
There was great if they have affixed to roccat
2009-11-08 12:00
Hahah this is pathetic..
2009-11-09 23:07
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