CBCS Elite League Season 1 reaches playoffs

A tumultuous Swiss stage saw five teams withdraw from the tournament, leaving just 11 sides in the running for eight spots in the bracket stage.

CBCS Elite League Season 1, the first 2021 Regional Major Ranking (RMR) event in South America, has reached the knockout stages, seeing eight teams advance through the Swiss stage to reach the single-elimination playoff bracket.

The group stage was headlined by five teams withdrawing from the competition as players on their rosters were either tied to, or were being investigated in connection with, old VAC/banned accounts. As a result of the information coming to light and amid their ongoing internal investigations, Isurus, DETONA, Bears, Jaguares, and Keyd all chose to pull out of the event.

MIBR booked a spot in the playoffs with a 3-1 record in the Swiss stage

With only 11 teams left standing, Sharks and Bravos were the first to punch their playoff tickets as they emerged unscathed with 3-0 records in the Swiss stage. The former team prevailed over SWS, Havan Liberty, and MIBR, while the latter side were the beneficiaries of a forfeit from Keyd before going on to take down Black Dragons and Santos.

MIBR were able to bounce back from their loss to Sharks as they beat INTZ to secure their playoff berth, with Paquetá and Santos joining them with 3-1 records. The final best-of-three deciding round saw Havan Liberty, Meta, and INTZ become the final teams to earn spots in the playoffs, setting up the eight-team single-elimination bracket, in which RMR points and a $18,200 prize pool will be on the line.

The match-ups for the playoffs, which will kick off on May 13, look as follows:

Brazil Sharks vs. Brazil INTZ
Brazil Santos vs. Brazil Paquetá
Brazil MIBR vs. Brazil Havan Liberty
Brazil Bravos vs. Argentina Meta

EZ for mibr???
2021-05-06 12:11
13 replies
I are think that
2021-05-06 12:12
Sweden quacke
Yes, because all their opposition will pull out because of VAC bans.
2021-05-06 12:13
7 replies
2021-05-06 13:39
Brazil Arf___
new format, last team stand
2021-05-06 13:46
Sad for the community but +1
2021-05-06 14:10
3 replies
Sweden quacke
It is sad, but you've got to be able to laugh about these things sometimes.
2021-05-06 19:33
2 replies
Brazil lorderedin
2021-05-06 21:06
Yep, sometimes I laugh these guys end up with the image of a country that has excellent players like the ones that played on SK Gaming, LG and Furia. They should be banned and taken to Valorant hahaha
2021-05-07 01:33
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk it's sad, but I laughed
2021-05-07 01:03
maybe if they arent disqualfied
2021-05-06 12:13
Brazil urisco
only if they dont get VAC banned XD
2021-05-06 12:14
2021-05-06 13:04
2021-05-06 14:05
Crazy tournament
2021-05-06 12:12
2021-05-06 12:12
8 out of 11 teams to playoffs loool
2021-05-06 12:15
ez 275$ for disqualified teams
2021-05-06 12:15
1 reply
Russia Voldarck
55$ for every player, lul
2021-05-06 15:52
Pakistan LoOuU2
Damn this tournament is on a pretty big stretch, even with so many BO1 games. Asian RMR didn't take this long though only 8 teams so there's that.
2021-05-06 12:17
1 reply
2021-05-06 13:16
2021-05-06 13:03
Poland SebL
Should be easy for Sharks. Let's go guys.
2021-05-06 13:17
Romania Lil_fps
Maybe confidence boost for Mibr
2021-05-06 13:22
Brazil JgzMcz
OMEGALUl that MIBR, will loose for Sharks again.
2021-05-06 13:30
ez brasil
2021-05-06 13:33
Ez for 648
2021-05-06 13:52
Mibr will probably win
2021-05-06 14:26
Go sharkies 🤗
2021-05-06 14:58
2021-05-06 15:24
Russia Seth07
2021-05-06 15:38
Chile cap_
Leggo Paquetaaa
2021-05-06 16:01
Chile cristiaan
2021-05-06 17:13
Sharks will win this
2021-05-07 05:25
2021-05-07 14:50
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