nak: "fnatic are the team to beat" sat down with FireGamers captain Renato "nak" Nakano to discuss his team's chances at the WCG.

FireGamers qualified for this year's World Cyber Games edition following a 2-1 success over Made in Brazil after coming from the Lower Bracket.

The Brazilian giants have been drawn in Group B, where they will have to work hard to progress to the knock-out stage after being paired with fnatic,, DINC and Executioners.

In the interview you will find below, FG captain Renato "nak" Nakano comments on his side's chances at the WCG, the victory over Made in Brazil and also Pedro "aSpx" Slatovisk's six-year ban.

FireGamers were drawn together with fnatic, DINC, wNv and Executioners for the WCG. What is your opinion about the group?

In my opinion we are in the toughest group of the WCG. It will be very hard, specially because we will take on fnatic and wNv on their best maps. If we wanted to go far in the tournament we would face big teams. The difficulties just started earlier than expected.

How is your team practicing for this tournament?

As everyone knows, training in Brazil is precarious, there are no teams to practice with on LAN and the internet connection is bad. We are training more individually than against other teams.

What are your team's goals for the event?

We are hoping for a top 3 placing.

Having been used to practicing in Sweden for international events during  your time at mibr, do you think  that training only in Brazil will affect your team's performances?

It surely affects our trainings, but what we have this time is something you cannot get in any training in Sweden, which is the trust every player has on each other both on and off the game. And I think that will be a big plus for us.

nak from Made in Brazil during their match versus MugNmouse.

Which teams do your fear the most and why?

There are many teams I respect and know that will be very hard to beat. Fnatic are coming off a tremendous phase, winning almost everything they participate in, I am sure they will be the team to beat in this WCG.

Do you think that the WCG should use a different system for its group draws? Last year, mibr were also in a very complicated group.

With this draw system we keep having one or two unbalanced groups. But as I said before, sooner or later all the big teams will have to face each other.

At the WCG qualifier, you lost the first map to mibr 16-6 and won the two maps of the grand final. What was the recipe for this change in the last match?

I think that the fact the team is united and, like I said, we all trust each other, no-one wants to fool anyone, we know this is the team and that it will continue being the same team whether we win or lose. That really helps us keep our motivation high even after a defeat.

What did you feel when you defeated mibr in the final?

I felt that this time we had not let the victory get away like at KODE5 during the last time we met, I was very confident for the tournament and it felt like mission accomplished.


Did you have any special word with bit?

I told him, "Well done."

After this tournament, what will your team do? Do you have any other events planned?

I do not think so, unless we can find a sponsor willing to help us attend an international tournament. But in Brazil the next tournament will only take place next year.

How did you follow all the controversy surrounding aSpx cheating at WCG Brazil?

I watched the videos on YouTube and I thought it was ridiculous. The tournament organisation contacted me and asked me for my opinion on the videos, I think it was clear he was cheating.

Do you consider his six-year ban fair?

Yes, if there wasn't a fair punishment, other players could do the same. He will be an example so that such things never happen again.

yeah , go FG ;)
2009-11-06 19:09
2009-11-07 17:32
I'm hoping for mTw! (surprise) And yeah, it was obvious that aSpx cheated.
2009-11-06 19:10
the seedings seems like a joke, when you compare group A with B.
2009-11-06 19:20
There's only one seed group, with 8 teams(There are 8 groups, right?:O), and the rest was just randomly drawn.
2009-11-11 00:01
i wanna know why fg and mibr fights when they can split both teams and make the best of it :P! So they can be stronger International
2009-11-06 19:21
They've all played together, or at least a lot of them... Nothing really worked out.
2009-11-11 00:02
may be true
2009-11-29 04:33
2009-11-06 19:23
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2009-11-06 19:43
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2009-11-06 20:05
I just lol'd so hard :D
2009-11-06 21:11
2009-11-06 21:20
Nice one there fella...
2009-11-07 02:38
Thx =)
2009-11-07 14:29
hahahaha funny hahaha... not?
2009-11-07 15:28
You have absolutely no life at all. Pathetic. Get one before its too late.
2009-11-07 15:58
eh? :D kinda irrelevant don't you think? Everyone has a life, it's just a different thing what you do with it =)
2009-11-09 19:12
I admit he was a killjoy, but your behaviour is not really needed, just because he doesn't find it funny he isn't pathetic.
2009-11-11 00:03
This isn't the first time he has this unreasonably rude attitude to my messages. I've never spoken to him or anything, and it seems that all he does is provocating people here.
2009-11-11 12:47
I didn't find that really rude, but ohwell, you go ahead and continue, if he's being a prick stand your ground Lord. :D
2009-11-13 20:13
don't unleash the furry m8!
2009-11-07 00:17
GO FG Top3
2009-11-06 19:27
Norway billson
I like FG and i think FG are better that mibr any weekday.
2009-11-06 19:31
World breezy0
FG top 10 .. n9t :)
2009-11-06 19:34
2009-11-06 19:37
Firegamers seem really good team and guys, I hope they do well. ;)
2009-11-06 19:37
captain obvious
2009-11-06 19:45
yes, fnatic is team to beat, but not for firegamers :/
2009-11-06 19:59
sportsman attitude ;)
2009-11-06 19:59
Of all the teams, I like FireGamers the most when it comes down to the formal stuff which is shown in this interview. Great interview, MIRA. Keep em coming a head of WCG!
2009-11-06 20:05
aSpx > nak
2009-11-06 20:13
2009-11-06 20:48
nak > Estonia
2009-11-06 21:26
lame comment
2009-11-06 22:45
My penis > Brazil
2009-11-06 23:34
Then where do you keep your penis?Estonia woule be too small for that I think?Or Do you sink it in the sea.....?
2009-11-07 02:44
Haha ;x
2009-11-07 04:10
Indian that knows where Estonia is? Wow that's first time I see that. Only in i guess.
2009-11-07 12:21
Are you trying to say that Estonians are more educated than Indians? I doubt it.
2009-11-11 00:04
FireGamers are a bunch of great guys, wish them the best of luck!
2009-11-06 20:29
top3? i think its impossible ;|
2009-11-06 20:31
Brazil hugoooo
when mibr won ESWC 06 they was just mid-sedded, not even one of the 8 high seed teams... im honest: the best thing FG can do in this tournament is ending 2nd on their group by anti-strating wNv, even if they do this it will be a hard match, anyway i think they will be just the 3rd of group. But, if they advance, they will play k23 or esq.wind, i believe both are weaker than fnatic and wNv..
2009-11-06 23:57
nak is so cute
2009-11-06 20:36
:-O :-S
2009-11-06 21:21
Are you a girl ?If yes let go for a coffee..:D iF NOT (?AY?)...I will take a hike....:D
2009-11-07 02:40
I really hope they put up a massive performance at this tournament, I just worry that the brazilian teams wont ever regain the form they once had
2009-11-06 20:50
And, like I said, nice interview with modest answers.. GL @ WCG
2009-11-06 20:55
i dont think so!
2009-11-06 21:05
GL FG mainly for the fallen, his first international championship.
2009-11-06 21:29
gogo FG ;D
2009-11-06 21:49
#19top3? i think its impossible ;| Nothing is impossible, FG> MiBR, do not talk shit GL FG =] Brazil
2009-11-06 22:01
Malaysia phyzell
Fnatic is juz average now at national level. Every team has its very own unique chemistry. Juz have a good rest and Brazil could win the world cup for South America for the first time. Nice glock19 nak!! :D
2009-11-06 22:11
poor of you
2009-11-06 22:33
<i>Did you have any special word with bit? I told him, "Well done."</i> It made my day :D gl at WCG
2009-11-06 22:47
gl fg
2009-11-06 22:49
Most brazilians are very "chill" guys :D
2009-11-06 23:09
that's cuz we smoke weed all day long!! haha.. just kidding! ... or not! LOL =0 Obs: I'm living in usa for this semester, that's the reason for the american flag on my profile. But I'm still 100% brazilian! =]
2009-11-07 08:10
good interview, i like his opinion about aSpx
2009-11-06 23:25
Huh, though it will be realy realy realy hard for FG to get to the top3 but this year is year of suprises and nothing would not suprise me :P
2009-11-06 23:39
fnatic vs AGAiN final :D
2009-11-06 23:42
bit should have stayed, then this team would be perfect
2009-11-06 23:49
#37 , do not talk shit, boy, come to Brazil and then came here to say that we are cold. woman drink and lots of sex in the rj! u.u in all Brazil best country in the world indeed! about the interview very well, good luck in wcg firegamers
2009-11-07 00:04
Dude, look up "chill" in the dictionary before you say useless stuff like this. It just makes you look retarded.
2009-11-07 00:38
Seriously....Have you fed your IQ to Dogs?
2009-11-07 02:41
That guy was praising you Brazilians.... For god sake please atleast read what the other says.
2009-11-07 02:38
AHuhAHuhAHUhauhuhAuhuAhuaHa got air!
2009-11-07 18:57
Brazil FuRiouSzZ
Lol'd HARD!! Although I had great fun with the words of the child, I have to say that this is a serious business. I wonder how can we still posting and having access to communities in the internet... Ppl like this guy make us really be seen like monkeys... and even being Brazilian, i agree. People who don't have a clue of what they're saying or doing... And I'm not just talking about writing wrong or have no concept of what is said, we have a problem in Brazil, and it's our people. They are always trying to take advantage of each other, there is no concept of country, much less "together", and where the Brazilian goes, sinks ... This is why we are called third world, and is still little! A classic example is a free international MMORPG server running perfectly until it is discovered by a Brazilian and a few days after being invaded by thousands of them the server has to be closed for misconduct of players and cheaters ... This is just a small part of a giant iceberg, and an outburst of one citizen who does not see a future in his country ... After all ... good luck FG, hope to see you with the same energy and will of 2006. Go get em TIGER!
2009-11-10 12:56
Use the reply-button. Or btw, don't, just leave.
2009-11-11 00:06
"Do you consider his six-year ban fair?" "Yes, if there wasn't a fair punishment, other players could do the same" +1
2009-11-07 00:26
GOOOOOOOOOOO FG FTW =))))))))))))))))))))) NAK u rock
2009-11-07 00:28
go FG... they are one of my fav teams for wcg... go go go fnx and nak ftw
2009-11-07 00:35
brazilian cs has fallen off the face of international cs, much like french cs :{ gl to FG i like them
2009-11-07 01:07
2009-11-07 21:00
fnatic will win anyway:\
2009-11-07 01:22
#50 i agree , its very sad if the best team in south america (FG ofc) do not have a sponsor ;/ they cannot gain any experience from the tournaments :/ its very strong team , fg players are very skilled and its very sad to waste their talents :(
2009-11-07 01:58
2009-11-07 02:14
FG,go go !! bit sucks
2009-11-07 02:59
fnatic are old news, MYM is the future. Its not like Brazilain CS has fell off the scene, they still have tons of teams they just don't have that team like the old mibr, that had tons of sponsors and went to every major tournament and put up wins. FG I agree is a strong team, but they are no where close to the skill level of mibr back in the day, it's sad tho that the best team in a country doesn't have a sponsor.
2009-11-07 04:53
True enough, but I can't help but wondering where FG (and mibr for that matter) would be today if the possibilities for practice where same as in sweden or most of the other countries in europe.
2009-11-07 09:12
here u have to win a wgc to get any sponsor :(
2009-11-07 15:57
I think FG, or MiBr, would be one of the greater teams of today with the same conditions as other teams.
2009-11-11 00:07
GL FG <3 fnatic
2009-11-07 06:30
they don't have many chances vs fnatic, gl beating other teams.
2009-11-07 09:00
Great read,gl nak and fnx at wcg!
2009-11-07 10:39
gl FG gogogo nak and fnx
2009-11-07 13:48
it's impossible to disagree that fnatic is the best team in the world, nowadays! But the FG grows up and defeated mibr, proving that in Brazil have another good team. I hope to see great matches in this WCG. Anyway, gl for all teams and win the best of them!
2009-11-07 14:25
#37 I agree with you Interpretation of some Brazilians of disgust me. the guy just wanted to say that the way of speaking is "Cold", expressionless, and I agree with him despite being Brazilian
2009-11-07 15:41
GO FG ... fnx and nak will rape ppl apart :D
2009-11-07 15:55
Fnatic FG ..then? :).. Let's hope so :>
2009-11-07 17:37
Group Stage: 1.Fnatic 2.FG Final: 1.FG 2.Fnatic ..then? :) let's hope so :>
2009-11-07 21:08
FG will surprise everyone can bet, and you will know Gabriel "FalleN" Sguario, nothing less than the best awp from Brazil and soon the world =D. GL FG!
2009-11-07 21:16
. . .
2009-11-07 23:03
firegamers top3!?!?...this is?
2009-11-08 00:59
Romania Segue!
nak is so funny this days ...
2009-11-08 01:23
good luck guys :)
2009-11-08 14:46
go firegamers ;)
2009-11-08 17:20
go go go fg <3 =)
2009-11-08 20:11
Estamos com vcsssss galeraa vcs representa o brasil dmaisss
2009-11-09 13:53
gl fg
2009-11-10 05:21
nak great! go nak!
2009-11-10 07:49
#92 silences mouth nerd of excrement, I only understood wrong and pra wants to faser a deposition of this? if it binds its excrement if it does not have pride of where it lives dumb advantages United States, the excrement goes insect
2009-11-10 18:12
2009-11-11 00:09
HOLY SHIT, that's the most retarded thing i've read in a while. WOW
2009-11-11 12:54
top3, pff, they won't get out of the group.
2009-11-11 00:09
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