tp.uSports sign with

The Russian team formerly known as tp.uSports, today announced they have joined up with have today scored the winners of the Russian World Cyber Games qualifier, by picking up tp.uSports. The team has over the last few months been playing solid, gathering notable results. The team have also score the former forZe member Aleksey "HEL1" Novikov, joining the team as they move to

The team will this weekend be attending Moscow Arbalet Cup Europe qualifier, where two teams will qualify for Arbalet Cup Europe, due to take place in December.'s Russian squad consist of:

Russia Ruslan "Dober" Shariffylin
Russia Mihail "Dosia" Stolyarov
Russia Alexey "OverDrive" Birukov
Russia Sergey "Fox" Stolyarov
Russia Aleksey "HEL1" Novikov

The team will be in Chengdu next week, playing World Cyber Games 2009. They have been put into Group F, with mousesports, Turmoil, Sport in the Game and ATE.

Tune in tomorrow already, to following the team in the Moscow qualifier for Arbalet Cup Europe and dont miss next week, when playing WCG 2009.

gL realy good team
2009-11-06 21:33
gl guys.
2009-11-06 21:41
Hope they have better luck in the organization then previous teams :] Gl!
2009-11-06 21:48
Woo, valde is back :P
2009-11-06 22:21
Haha not really allowed to comment though ;)
2009-11-06 22:43
2009-11-11 00:10
haha mybad, can see how that could have been misunderstood :D Veky wrote "valde is back" not really was referred to being back and just stating I'm allowed to comment though ;)
2009-11-11 01:06
Ok, now I see what you didn't mean, I still don't understand what you meant though. :D
2009-11-13 20:23
DTS.chatrix KerchNET forZe k23 they already invited for the europian lan or not? based on
2009-11-06 21:52
now they have other side point of view. just two quates will be for Russian Ukrain and Kz teams. Games for it will start tomorrow at 11 o'clock in Moscow. more info
2009-11-06 22:10
2009-11-11 00:10
good team , let's go!
2009-11-06 22:01
2009-11-06 22:13
HEL1 has been playing in the team since May.
2009-11-06 22:15
I'd like tp.uSports tag more!:(
2009-11-06 22:19
2009-11-06 22:39
GL ;)
2009-11-06 22:31
go go guys!
2009-11-06 22:40
good luck
2009-11-06 23:03
HEL1 real name?
2009-11-06 23:04
2009-11-06 23:11
Good news! gl !! PS I wish what organization will not disapponit us :D
2009-11-06 23:13
Great choose, gl russians :)
2009-11-06 23:37
Gl to them, hop it works.
2009-11-07 00:14
Makeway is filling up India's slot in Group F instead of ATE.
2009-11-07 01:54
" target="_blank"> errr forgot to link it the first time. :P
2009-11-07 02:24
whY isnt ATE attending? if any team from india has some chance that is ATE!!
2009-11-07 09:38
Yeah I was too hoping to see something big from their side, but sadly they are not getting sponsored even after 1st place in WCG qualifiers.
2009-11-07 14:21
Thats sad yaar!! So that means NSD and Makeway have sponsors or are they paying from their own pockets?
2009-11-07 15:23
Not sure about who is sponsoring them but some guys are saying that MW got sponsored, no idea about NSD.
2009-11-07 22:12
Man!! you guys need to build up contacts & friends. Atleast it may come in handy once a year!! Neways will be looking forward to our matches: NSD vs LOH NSD vs _u5_ LOH vs _u5_ Are u?
2009-11-08 09:38
I must say that it's total failure.. but still, gl tp.uSports
2009-11-07 02:55
I hope they will play better in this org. gl
2009-11-07 03:42
Team is pretty good deff top 3 in Russia behind Virtus.Pro and EYESports, nice pickup for CMAX, but is their Norwegian team still apart of CMAX or they gone?
2009-11-07 03:42
Russia hameleonus
2009-11-07 08:43
yeh, they are ethos. yakin & co still got op/tag @ channel
2009-11-07 11:41
You replied to the wrong dude, dude. ;)
2009-11-11 00:11
the norway players are still in team :) and they play very well , i could guess they are top 3 in norway .
2009-11-07 15:46
I wish these guys good luck in I know them really well, and I think that lineup with F_1N & HEL1 can do what counter-strike 1.6 scene want to see :) I have to wish the norwegian team good luck too, I can't say that I know them that well, but what I have seen of the team now, I mean their team play etc, I could say that they're top3 norway best regards
2009-11-07 05:18
gl boys
2009-11-07 11:42
its actually makeway and not ATE that they are going to play with :)
2009-11-07 14:28
2009-11-07 15:42 is a great organisation, and I wish them best of luck! I must say they are in a sick group in WCG, I just hope they make it through, I like this team... Btw, who did HEL1 replace?
2009-11-11 00:12
#41 before HEL1 tp was mix-team.
2009-11-13 20:27
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