coL win ESEA Invite Season 4

November 9th, 2009 01:04
ESEA Invite Season 4 finalized this weekend, seeing compLexity winning the Grand Final against the American DINC squad.

The seasonal finals took place this weekend in Dallas, gathering the top six of the online season. It would be a test for the two American WCG representatives Evil Geniuses and Turmoil. It would, however, end quickly for Turmoil, who lost their first match, placing 5-6th alongside Excello.

Evil Geniuses dropped to the lower-bracket, after cashing in a 2-0 defeat in the match against compLexity. Evil Geniuses were then to fight DINC to reach the Grand Final, but were denied as DINC managed to win with a 2-1 score.

DINC then moved to face compLexity in the Grand Final for the fourth season of ESEA Invite. DINC pushed on an early lead against compLexity, winning the first map, inferno, with a 16-11 score line. Second map inferno, compLexity stormed to a crushing 16-1 score on nuke, bringing the match to a third and all deciding map.

Train was to be the battlefield for the two teams to fight out who got to claim the trophy. The match was a close affair, seeing DINC taking 8-7 before switching sides. Second half was a intense battle, ending up complexity pulling out victoriously with 9-6 and 16-14 overall on train.

Broken tag

This finalize the fourth ESEA Invite season, where the final placing looks like this:

1. United States compLexity - $5.000
2. United States DINC - $3.000
3. United States Evil Geniuses - $1.750
4. United States Loaded - $1.100
5-6. United States Turmoil - $700
5-6. United States Excello - $700

Evil Geniuses and Turmoil are off directly to represent their country at World Cyber Games 2009, starting the 12th of November in Chengdu, China.

Morocco sqske 
EG down !
2009-11-09 01:14
wow surprised. i thought the final would be col vs eg.
2009-11-09 01:18
gj Jason
2009-11-09 01:23
United States tonka 
all the teams played so good
2009-11-09 01:31
coL line up?
2009-11-09 01:32
United States IMkiN 
Ninespot, dboorn, drew(irukandji), hero, and thomz
2009-11-09 01:34
gratz to coL. waiting for next season, should be very good as well with maybe some rising teams in action!!!
2009-11-09 01:50
EG has the best support and sponsors and he sucks!!
2009-11-09 01:51
i just figured EG is a guy nt
2009-11-09 02:21
2009-11-09 01:53
bad performances by EG and Turmoil
2009-11-09 01:54
excelent matches from Dinc, finally NA CS is not focused on same 2-3 teams
2009-11-09 02:21
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
EG?:( GG coL:)
2009-11-09 02:55
DINC line up?
2009-11-09 03:10
DINC: xp3 sfx djibouti flowsik lin, but adrenaline was fillin sfx and flowsik = randoms
2009-11-09 03:23
sfx and flowsick randoms? rofl is that a joke? theyve been around the top scene for awhile.
2009-11-11 07:20
Very clutch play by coL on train versus DINC. Congrats guys, you earned it!
2009-11-09 03:46
nice coL! Xp3 loading the deagle pistol :D
2009-11-09 04:11
2009-11-09 04:50
nice :)<3 coL
2009-11-09 06:05
dinc had an amazing tournament, Xp3 played especially well and had some crazy ass shots and clutches. Bout time coL took down EG, ever since they dropped evolution and picked up thoMz they are a whole new team, its only a matter of time before they overtake EG as the top team in NA.
2009-11-09 06:36
I think that too, I believe they already are the best, but offcourse it needs some time before the "collective consciousness" of cs, becomes aware of it, and gives col the recognition they deserve... if they keep up, they will soon be accepted generally as n1 of northamerica, (maybe whole america, but I will never say that out loud offcourse XD )
2009-11-09 09:59
Gratz Jason, GO coL!!
2009-11-09 07:13
dinc really impressed me in this tournament - every player stepped it up when they needed it. Also Drew(Irukandji) proved to me that he is a really great and underrated player. I would even go so far as to put him up with carn and taz in terms of strat calling and fragging ability.
2009-11-09 07:18
Greece p0k0 
I couldnt agree more on Drew. As for EG,if they want to be considered a top tier team,as they state, they have to dominate the medioce NA competion first.
2009-11-09 15:13
Romania OAI3 
coL is tha` shit :D i watched them vs area51 ... I think they are ready to do some damage against european teams :)
2009-11-09 07:25
Poland mki` 
that means nothing...area51 is the worst team in esea invite, they have been last place for 2 seasons running. either way coL is a great team, but honestly any pro team could beat A51 :D
2009-11-09 07:56
col should be invited for dreamhack. they can do damage!
2009-11-09 09:50
2009-11-09 09:51
EG sucks
2009-11-09 09:52
gg Xp3
2009-11-09 11:00
drop, bring ;)
2009-11-09 12:01
United States talc 
#15 ??? how are synikal(flowsick) and sfx randoms? theyve both been playing in the highest leagues in NA CS for like 2 or 3 years..
2009-11-09 12:21
Italy joz 
lurppis FAIL
2009-11-09 13:10
I don't think lurppis played, I think they played with that guy who is playing WCG, whose name I don't remember.
2009-11-11 20:42
no lurrpiss played
2009-11-13 02:01
Ok, thanks.
2009-11-13 19:56
Macedonia Veky 
Gj both teams well played. Jason Lake realy knows how to recognize talents, gratz col :)
2009-11-09 13:47
it isn't really difficult to "recognize" a top 3 team in north america and buy them out from their previous organization....
2009-11-09 14:46
Lrupiss gotta go on EG. and i think turmoil could trade Ben for Hostile/aZn just my opinion. but for all them teams usen DINC was a pug and thats why they got second. pro teams shouldnt be losen to a pug. DINC got second off of talent.
2009-11-09 15:34
You said to put aZn on a team (a predominately west coast team, at that). Your thoughts are no longer valid. Also,I'm not sure why you think lurppis has to go. If it's something to do with his personal fragging ability, I think you're mistaken. This tournament he had a 0.775 FPR (5th in the tournament) and an 83.5 ADR (3rd in the tournament). If it's his strat-calling, I can't really say too much. They should have beaten DINC as they did in the upper bracket, but they didn't...such is life. EG is now in China with Turmoil, good luck to them. Congrats to both coL and DINC. I hope to see more of DINC because I love what they showed this weekend.
2009-11-09 17:05
evolution is east coast and hes on turmoil. and everybody was saying he was a team killer too were they not? your life is no longer valid. even so theres alotta players that could get put on. theyve had same roster for awhile and havent won anything since kode 5 usa. and they didnt even go and about lurpiss its not just his fraggin its everything. and you cant neg no one else. things just arnt working out.
2009-11-09 19:54
i regret saying these posts please delete.
2009-11-09 20:52
Did lurppis really play? I thought they had used the player who's playing WCG instead of lurppis.
2009-11-11 20:44
no lurrpiss played wtf man look it up b4 you make comments. why would they use a ringer when they dont have too
2009-11-13 02:02
I thought they would practice for WCG, if you would've read before starting to being rude you would've seen that I asked if they used lurppis because I _THOUGHT_ they had used TuBBy..
2009-11-13 19:56
wtf is eg doin
2009-11-09 17:06
they are working n0thing into a roleplayer... thats not what he is and its hurting him and EG alot. n0thing is like mid fraggen even bottom fraggen and we've never seen that.
2009-11-09 19:56
hmm...n0thing was playing best the way he did before. No need to change that imo. but its their play, not mine
2009-11-09 20:08
eg sucks... and it will suck harder in wcg without lurppis :/
2009-11-09 18:06 DINC | Xp3 frags in finals :P
2009-11-09 19:05
2009-11-11 20:45
Bosnia and Herzegovina Aeed 
first map inferno? secund also inferno ? WTF? o_O 1 de_inferno 2 de_nuke 3 de_train
2009-11-09 22:11
West coast/east coast doesn't matter at top tier CS in North American rofl....aZn could very well play for a west coast team that doesn't mean anything since most matches are on Central servers anway, no matter where they live. And EG should do nothing to their roster lurppis is a way better player than Warden if they should get rid of anyone it should be him. Plust lurppis has that big stage experience, at all of EG's international events he is consistently one of their best players. coL with thoMz is the new best team in NA. Once they get their chemistry down they will be better than EG, then n0thing will join and replace NineSpot and they will unstoppble
2009-11-10 05:57
that would be an amazing roster indeed. aZn isn't on a top team because no top teams want him. They know how much of a team player he is; and they don't want him. Aim isn't everything in this game.
2009-11-10 10:40
Poland MJP 
Come on us teams, miss u in europe, aswel bra.. mibr -where is cogu , guys u allways woz great team wont c u back 2 top level
2009-11-11 06:19
We have a few problems in the US lol. coL is a very good team that seems to never get funding or invites to travel across the globe. Also coL is inconsistent. EG is a good top team. Problem with them is they are also inconsistent. Turmoil is the same way. Our talent is spread out poorly. We have players like aZn who are world class but are not on an invite team and we have players that are anything but world class who are on these invite teams. There are a lot of issues with American CS but give it time and I think we will present a team. Turmoil, EG, and coL are the major contenders to be the next American team.
2009-11-11 07:28
Poland MJP 
Gl !
2009-11-11 09:22
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