FURIA, Complexity among invited teams to Spring Sweet Spring 3 playoffs

The Brazilian side will look to secure their first title of the year as the highest-ranked team in attendance.

The organizers of Spring Sweet Spring 3 have announced the quartet of teams directly invited to the tournament's quarter-finals. FURIA, Complexity, Entropiq, and SKADE will enter the competition in the second round of the playoffs to face off against the four best teams from the opening stages of the event.

All eyes will be on the Brazilians as well as the 'Juggernaut' as the two biggest names in attendance. With both still yet to win a title in 2021, the two favorites will be looking to gain some much-needed confidence at the $68,000 event before they take on the world's best teams at IEM Cologne early next month.

FURIA will get the chance to give honda more playtime before IEM Cologne

Five out of the eight other teams who will begin their campaign in the bracket stage of Spring Sweet Spring 3 in the first round have already been determined in the Swiss stage. Copenhagen Flames and Endpoint went undefeated to advance, while Fiend, Anonymo, and 1WIN made it through to the playoffs with a 3-1 record.

The final playoffs trio will come from the last round of the Swiss group stage on Friday. EXTREMUM will hope to get back on their feet following losses to Anonymo and 1WIN earlier in the tournament as they are set to face Lyngby Vikings, before AGO square off against Budapest Five and Iberian Family take on Sharks.

The bracket stage will follow, kicking off on Monday with the first round before FURIA, Complexity, Entropiq, and SKADE take to the stage in the quarter-finals on Tuesday.

Austria Ostmark
2021-06-24 20:47
i am | 
Finland iBait
Easy for Endpoint
2021-06-24 20:48
2021-06-24 20:47
4 replies
2021-06-24 20:56
2021-06-24 21:15
+1 on go COL and +1 on Extr v Col
2021-06-24 21:22
2021-06-25 04:26
Maybe col can finally win something, but i got entropiq all the way
2021-06-24 20:48
FaZe were probably invited but karrigan cannot handle playing in such tournaments so he rejected
2021-06-24 20:48
2021-06-24 20:48
Denmark StralisA
CoL ez win
2021-06-24 20:49
Entropiq can win this
2021-06-24 20:50
Finland Hassu
2021-06-24 20:51
2021-06-24 20:51
Faze is like - we dont need it so why would we
2021-06-24 20:53
its funny CoL are back where they started farming home sweet home tournaments like gambit... good for them to find some form
2021-06-24 20:56
ropz | 
Russia NyC1R
Easy money for complexity
2021-06-24 20:56
hopefully this is the tournament where Complexity can win and find their form again
2021-06-24 20:57
Brazil EversonFR
EZ for Furia and GOD honda
2021-06-24 20:58
disgusting, why not allow the teams who grind out the play-off compete for the money instead of having tier-1 teams come in and take all their money.
2021-06-24 21:04
1 reply
Because without tier 1 teams participation the tournament would get only a fraction of viewers, which is the reason why the sponsors finance the event. I know it sucks, but things are the way they are. As bizarre as it seems, they are getting more in this arrangement than they would otherwise (not only in terms of money, but also exposure and the chance to play against the big guys).
2021-06-24 22:14
CoL came a full circle I guess, I remember them throwing opening matches in SSS tournaments, against Honoris and Sinners. :)
2021-06-24 21:13
Free money for k0nfig and jks!!
2021-06-24 21:29
i read, " Furia, Complexity Among Us invited" LUL
2021-06-24 21:58
Why Faze isn't grinding this tournament if they suck? It helped improving teams like CoL, BiG, Heroic, VP and Gambit...
2021-06-24 22:01
Ez money for my bois
2021-06-24 22:14
Hungary szia
entropiq to lan sweet lan
2021-06-24 22:16
Furia or Complexity will win.
2021-06-24 23:27
oh shit, here we go again
2021-06-25 01:07
Why col?
2021-06-25 02:01
6 replies
African Union mikecool
paid their way in, lol
2021-06-25 08:01
3 replies
i mean do they really need to do this, i guss they grinded a lot when they where coming up so it makes sense now i think about it usual
2021-06-25 13:01
2 replies
African Union mikecool
yeah, im just joking. They've been slowly getting better and imo they need to play more lans and get some wins in.
2021-06-25 13:04
1 reply
not slowly
2021-06-25 16:42
Will take 2 days max, maybe easy 40k and lan spot
2021-06-25 13:11
1 reply
they shouldn't have to... being an tier 1 team and stuff...
2021-06-25 16:40
lets goo iberian
2021-06-25 03:22
Hungary szia
No big :(
2021-06-25 11:49
Korea jin67300
if coL cant win this tournament should disband
2021-06-25 11:51
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