Cologne victory brings NAVI one win away from Intel Grand Slam title

The CIS team will have a shot at becoming the third Intel Grand Slam winner in September.

A 3-0 sweep of G2 in the grand final of IEM Cologne sees Natus Vincere move within reach of winning Intel Grand Slam (IGS) Season 3.

The $1,000,000 IGS prize is given out to the team that proves to be dominant at the highest level and was previously won by Astralis in 2018 and Liquid in 2019. However, Natus Vincere are looking determined to join the exclusive group, with their first chance to do so at ESL Pro League Season 14.

NAVI claimed trophies at the last LAN of 2020 and the first one of 2021

Prior to IEM Cologne, Natus Vincere was victorious at DreamHack Masters Spring in May of 2021, where they defeated Gambit in the grand final, as well as IEM Katowice 2020, reigning supreme over G2 at the final LAN before the online era. All three matches finished with a 3-0 victory in favor of Oleksandr "⁠s1mple⁠" Kostyliev and co.

Natus Vincere's Intel Grand Slam wins:

Poland IEM Katowice (March 2020)
Europe DreamHack Masters Spring (May 2021)
Germany IEM Cologne (July 2021)

The victory in Cologne pushes Natus Vincere to the top of the IGS Season 3 rankings with three victories, ahead of Gambit who has two, as well as Heroic and Astralis, tied at 1.

The race seems to be between the two CIS sides, though, as only they have secured victories at Masters Championship events (Cologne or Katowice), allowing them to complete the IGS with four events won from 10 consecutive ones held by ESL or DreamHack. Without a Masters Championship, six events in the 10-event window are required to win IGS Season 3.

Current standing:

Russia Natus Vincere - 3 wins (2 Masters Championships), 3 remaining chances
Russia Gambit - 2 wins (1 MC), 5 chances
Denmark Heroic - 1 win (0 MC), 6 chances
Denmark Astralis - 1 win (0 MC), 4 chances

As previously mentioned, Natus Vincere will have a chance to close out the IGS after the break, with three IGS tournaments confirmed for the remainder of the year. The action resumes with ESL Pro League Season 14 in August - September, and even if the CIS side doesn't claim the title there, they will have two more shots at IEM Fall and IEM Winter later in 2021. If no team wins the IGS this year, the competition will continue in 2022.

Important to note as well is that Natus Vincere reaching three wins has activated the spoiler bonus, which awards $100,000 to any team that is able to stop Andrey "⁠B1ad3⁠" Gorodenskiy's squad from winning the Intel Grand Slam by defeating them in a grand final.

Confirmed Intel Grand Slam events for 2021:

Malta ESL Pro League Season 14 (August - September)
Other IEM Fall (September - October)
China IEM Winter (December)

Ukraine Oleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev
Oleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Good for them
2021-07-18 21:26
21 replies
2021-07-18 21:27
2 replies
Europe Top8vk
ez 4 Navi
2021-07-19 19:25
1 reply
2021-07-19 21:12
2021-07-18 21:28
what's good about it? they don't need it
2021-07-18 22:53
12 replies
they dont need 1 million dollars?
2021-07-19 00:41
9 replies
Its just money brooo
2021-07-19 00:53
8 replies
and money is everything
2021-07-19 11:08
7 replies
Finland RPGWiZaRD
Except happiness. Finland is happiest country in the world yet statistically not that many very rich people live there versus many other western countries.
2021-07-19 11:13
6 replies
true but you got the point.
2021-07-19 11:14
1 reply
Ukraine kalitajke
look at Kimi, the happiest driver ever seen
2021-07-28 09:53
Finns are happy? I for sure haven't seen them express any happiness, y'all dead inside
2021-07-19 12:00
2 replies
more than danes from my experience :D
2021-07-19 13:02
1 reply
Dafuq, Danes happy as fuck
2021-07-21 18:15
Europe AlL1n
Is that your happiness keeping suicade rates one of highest in the world?
2021-07-19 23:48
Who doesn't need a million dollars
2021-07-19 16:32
1 reply
After a certain amount that guarantees a comfortable life, more money doesn’t bring any more happiness. And often, on the contrary, exceeding amounts may bring more suffering: you become addicted to them and afraid to lose it. So yeah, I don’t think NaVi need this (even though they may not realize that)
2021-07-19 19:47
next s1mple win major , really deserve it ! this guy consistent never dissapointed me.
2021-07-19 02:19
3 replies
2021-07-19 09:54
G2 never disappoints in case of chokes
2021-07-19 11:00
Ukraine Rastaboy
all team deserve it
2021-07-19 11:00
Faker | 
Canada roylin
s1mple goat
2021-07-18 21:26
5 replies
2021-07-18 21:29
2 replies
Noone can not agree, not this time anyway.
2021-07-19 08:34
1 reply
2021-07-19 11:02
what about get_right?
2021-07-19 16:42
1 reply
get right is good but s1mple is goat
2021-07-19 16:42
2021-07-18 21:26
2021-07-18 21:27
Latvia igorzett_
Lil navi
2021-07-18 21:27
Congratulations Fnatic on your Grand Slam title!
2021-07-18 21:27
1 reply
2021-07-18 22:01
2021-07-18 21:27
2021-07-18 21:27
1 reply
2021-07-18 22:02
Expected from UA/RU!
2021-07-18 21:27
3 replies
2021-07-18 21:28
1 reply
2021-07-19 00:42
Finland la_costena
Expected from East Germany
2021-07-19 08:25
annual tournament for flukus vincere, next event back to statpadding and 5-6th like normal
2021-07-18 21:28
12 replies
2021-07-18 21:29
annual 4th tournament this year, 3rd if we dont count starladder, twistzz racking up group stage exits except for this tournament, not bad
2021-07-18 21:34
2 replies
2021-07-18 21:38
rilax | 
Netherlands GoatJ
cerq racking up play-in exits KEKW
2021-07-18 21:40
They won 4 tournaments this year... and won the last 2 lans...
2021-07-18 21:38
2021-07-18 21:38
2021-07-18 21:40
NeoFana logout
2021-07-19 01:08
1 reply
wtf call me baiter, salty, tears, cry is free but don't even try to group me with liquid fanboys
2021-07-19 04:11
Iceland suriel666
LUL delusional lunatic 🤡🤡🤡
2021-07-19 16:26
1 reply
2021-07-19 17:02
U spelled faze clan wrong 🤷🤷
2021-07-20 08:38
great chance to start era
2021-07-18 21:28
3 replies
everybody thought the same after iem katowice
2021-07-19 01:09
1 reply
everybody thought there would be lan after that
2021-07-19 04:00
Don't even fucking talk about era. Because its gonna be like: NaVi's era Inc 1 month later "NaVi didn't reached play offs..." And about gambit: Gambit's era Inc 3 month later: "Gambit got out in quarter finals... "
2021-07-19 10:32
2021-07-18 21:28
1 reply
2021-07-19 10:53
Good luck NaVi
2021-07-18 21:28
Let's go
2021-07-18 21:28
2021-07-18 21:29
hello gambot seems u guys re not comfortable enough to play on LAN, whats wrong did u forgot to bring ur word.exe
2021-07-18 21:30
6 replies
bruh they are 6th, it's a good result for 1st lan
2021-07-18 21:31
1 reply
LOL, they lost their game on LAN to old fags. The games, which they won were played in the rooms.
2021-07-18 22:07
Australia thisba!tes
hello swedes seems u guys re not comfortable living in your own country whats wrong did u forgot to bring ur wifes and daughters out of hot moroccan migrants
2021-07-18 22:03
3 replies
Lol you bodied the swedistan clown 💀
2021-07-19 00:34
2 replies
How's the issue in Finland?
2021-07-19 10:57
1 reply
We're on same road with sweden, what happenes now in Sweden is reality for finland in 10 years. So it's not looking good. We can only hope next elections in 2023 changes the path
2021-07-19 13:28
2021-07-18 21:31
We will win ESL Pro League S14 and also 1 million dollar Intel Grand Slam after player break <3 #NAVINATION #NAVIDAVI
2021-07-18 21:32
4 replies
why navi have only 3 chances? and the others have more
2021-07-18 23:34
3 replies
A team needs to win 6 events (4 if you win at-least 1 Masters event) out of last 10 IGS events to win the Intel Grand Slam. NaVi won IEM Katowice 2020 which was 7 events ago which means NaVi have 3 chances left.
2021-07-18 23:45
2 replies
And if they do, another IGS "season" will start, right? I mean, gambit/astralis/heroic will have their points reseted
2021-07-19 00:07
1 reply
All points/wins get reset for all teams when a team wins the Intel Grand Slam.
2021-07-19 00:13
is s1mple win, plus arihnyan forever axaxaxa
2021-07-18 21:34
2021-07-18 21:34
Gambit "era" KEKW
2021-07-18 21:36
1 reply
2021-07-19 08:13
2021-07-18 21:39
Can't wait!
2021-07-18 21:40
Who cars about gold bars lmao
2021-07-18 21:40
6 replies
But 1Million$ aswell
2021-07-18 22:11
grand slam>major in difficulty
2021-07-18 22:21
3 replies
flair, but yes I agree
2021-07-18 22:23
Yea, but a major is still the biggest achievment for a team/player.
2021-07-18 23:49
That's objectively true. One counter argument would be that a team prepares hardest for the major, and it's the most prestigious event in CS. However, winning 4-6 ESL events out of the next 10, is quite difficult indeed.
2021-07-19 16:44
Ukraine he-he
It was fake/prop bars anyway
2021-07-19 10:16
feels like navi is unstoppable rn
2021-07-18 21:44
JK | 
Asia flipflop
The spoiler bonus is a exciting thing
2021-07-18 21:45
Wow, that would be a huge win.
2021-07-18 21:47
That would bebinsane,really hope they can continue winning
2021-07-18 21:47
United States hellokappa
S1mple very good player on very good team. navi will get grand slam at iem fall since bad news bears will win esl pro league 14
2021-07-18 21:51
again 3-0. Ez 4 NAVI
2021-07-18 21:55
Australia thisba!tes
Gambit get em all next time
2021-07-18 22:04
2021-07-18 22:17
North America kw13
Ez spoiler bonus for bad news bears
2021-07-18 22:31
United States xiquo
2021-07-18 22:39
Finland AliSabid
2021-07-18 22:41
Epl also a grand slam event, this could happen
2021-07-18 22:50
Na'vi look like a super dominant side right now and I think they could win a grand slam anyway but I think it's kind of dumb online evens count towards this. Not their fault this is when they finally got the right people around Simple but it cheapens it for me. Nowhere near the hype as when Astralis or Liquid were making their runs.
2021-07-18 23:05
5 replies
Poland IEM Katowice (March 2020) Europe DreamHack Masters Spring (May 2021) Germany IEM Cologne (July 2021) Just one of four is going to be online event if they make it, still pretty good for me. ----- Russia Gambit - 2 wins (1 MC), 5 chances Denmark Heroic - 1 win (0 MC), 6 chances Denmark Astralis - 1 win (0 MC), 4 chances All of them were online.
2021-07-19 00:10
2 replies
I know and it'd be a whole lot less legit to me if a team with 2/4 won. And again it's not like it's Na'vi's fault. I just really don't think online events should count towards what is arguably the most difficult achievement in professional CS. I'm not arguing they are onliners or anything like that. Like I said I think they could probably make a run at it if you took their one online win out anyway. Just the same I think with it in it's cheapened a little.
2021-07-19 07:02
1 reply
most difficult this is comparable to a league system like in football etc but with even less games. more difficult would be a whole league system. teams that do changes within a year instantly have less chances to win this title. out of all the favourites to win it only navi and gambit didn't do changes... ofc, in theory you're correct.. but it's not the case irl. at the end of the day it's still a knock out system, sometimes even with best of 1s. a proper league system would show the true winners rather than allowing possibilities for fluke wins.
2021-07-19 11:04
I don't think they care about the hype if/when they go to bank to claim their million dollars.
2021-07-19 11:01
1 reply
+1 lol
2021-07-20 08:44
Navi onliners lmfao
2021-07-18 23:43
5-6 commentators/analysts and not one of them even mentions how g2 in the the last round and considering nuke was after mirage, the most important map to win just kamikaze rush up mid with two players? interesting
2021-07-19 00:02
1 reply
russian caster did. ru casting >>
2021-07-19 11:00
They can take EPL too tbh, if they keep their form up.
2021-07-19 00:07
Ukraine d3adLY
they should take it
2021-07-19 00:18
Russia Topper!
2021-07-19 00:34
So ez. NaVi era!
2021-07-19 00:40
finaly navi looks great. it was long time but they finaly using s1mple in great way, plus they play more like a team right now. and it looks like s1mple finaly stoped blaming team mates for mistakes, and he concentrate for future rounds like real teammate. Good job Navi !
2021-07-19 00:45
S1mple deserves this
2021-07-19 02:11
Navi is at peak and will probably take the Grand slam. But s1mple and Navi wont get the Major
2021-07-19 03:31
United States Rayduh
NAVU sweating right now
2021-07-19 05:04
Lets go
2021-07-19 05:14
Bosnia and Herzegovina dc4
ok so one win away from an extra million.
2021-07-19 06:31
S1mple just needs to win a major.
2021-07-19 06:39
1 reply
WE NEED MORE MONEY! MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY. pls don't look at my flag, it's not about country
2021-07-19 10:38
Ukraine Black_Lion
Stop calling NaVi as CIS team. Ukraine is not in CIS from 2018.
2021-07-19 06:53
Cool to see.
2021-07-19 07:02
MAYBE TOP 5 IN 2021 1.S1mple 2.B1t 3.electronic 4.sh1ro 5.ax1le
2021-07-19 09:50
2 replies
3 axile
2021-07-19 10:02
1 reply
Nice dream
2021-07-19 14:30
Where did the tones of gamb0t fans disappeared after ESL Cologne event?
2021-07-19 10:22
S1mple was outstanding at Cologne, no one can deny that. Even the biggest zywoo Fans must admit that he plays on a total different level right now. How many aces did he do? Think it was 4 (Most Aces on tournament so far), that Rating + winning it 3-0 in finals. S1mple finally on top this year. What a fcking Beast.
2021-07-19 10:42
1 reply
True indeed +1
2021-07-20 08:45
gambit does it 2 times now ez
2021-07-19 10:58
Nobody deserves it more than s1mple
2021-07-19 13:55
Iceland suriel666
2021-07-19 16:33
Switzerland Abelrobot
Navi LANers, suck at online
2021-07-19 16:34
good for navi lan team
2021-07-19 18:25
2021-07-19 22:08
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