ESIC announce transparency initiative; provide update into spectator bug inquiry*

The esports watchdog group has created a central hub to provide updates into ongoing declassified public investigations.

Update: ESIC has added the investigation relating to Nicolai "⁠HUNDEN⁠" Petersen to the register, in which it revealed that it plans to release a statement on the findings on Wednesday, August 25.

The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) announced on Saturday the launch of a "transparency initiative" that aims to provide "a reliable and proportionate level of insight" into activities undertaken by ESIC regarding ongoing investigations.

The transparency initiative is planned to roll out in four phases, with the first being a "Matters Register" that will provide updates into any declassified public investigations — explained as matters which ESIC or a third party, either one tied to the investigation or a journalist, has made public.

The Matters Register currently contains three open investigations — one relating to potential betting fraud by Project X CEO Oleksandr Shyshko in matches played by his team and Akuma, a second regarding the almost year-long investigation into match-fixing in North American and Australian ESEA MDL, and finally, the ongoing investigation into the historical use of the spectator bug by coaches.

The investigations regarding Oleksandr Shyshko and the spectator bug are both marked as in their "finalisation" stage, while the inquiry into match-fixing in ESEA MDL remains active. ESIC said that they expect to complete the investigation regarding Mr. Shyshko and make a final recommendation in due course, while an update regarding the North American match-fixing investigation is scheduled for Monday, August 23 at 10:00 .

ESIC's historical inquiry into the spectator bug, meanwhile, is under review due to "the outcomes from appeals" following their first report, as well as the difficulty in determining a "fair, proportionate, and consistent sanctioning approach" given the short instances of the bug being triggered in the second batch of cases.

The sanctions imposed by Valve following the first report are also cited as an issue ESIC has to now take into account, with the esports watchdog stating that they are "currently working with Valve to try and come to a conclusion that is fair to all parties before providing its next sanction update."

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Valve unveils 2020 RMR stickers; announces points reset, coach limitations

ESIC is currently also investigating claims that former Heroic coach HUNDEN shared sensitive information relating to the team's strategy book with a competitor ahead of IEM Cologne, a case that is not listed in the public investigations register and that the guardian group has not commented on in Saturday's release.

Ensuing phases of the transparency initiative will see a "Public Sanctions Registry" be created, which will record all sanctions handed down by ESIC including the duration, type of sanction, link to press release, and status, as well as a "Public Appeals Registry", which will reflect any appeals received by ESIC's Independent Appeals Panel and their status. Both the sanctions and public appeals registries are expected to be implemented by October 2021.

In November, ESIC plan to roll out the final phase of their transparency initiative, a "Public Appeals Library" which will, by consent of the parties involved, provide access to the written decisions of the appeals panel.

The esports watchdog group cited "current (but resolving) resourcing constraints" as a reason for the lack of convenient and timely updates to the public regarding their investigations, which they say range from 15-30 cases on average at any one time. They do state, however, that they are currently in the process of expanding their resourcing capabilities, with further announcements regarding their resourcing to come in due course.

Additionally, ESIC said that due to the highly confidential and sensitive nature of their investigations, as well as the chance of damaging the reputation of potentially innocent parties, they have to exercise a high degree of caution when making statements about any ongoing matters. The transparency initiative is the start of their effort to find a middle ground in that endeavor, given the growing public interest in their activities.

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ESIC = 🤡
2021-08-21 10:02
13 replies
2021-08-21 10:03
3 replies
2021-08-21 10:04
2 replies
This provides nothing but transparency which is good, people where complaining they had let those NA players go unpunished
2021-08-21 10:05
1 reply
United States 3manu3l
2021-08-21 16:40
2021-08-21 10:04
ayy | 
United States Virgin Islands zj2
Nobody cares about spectaror bug anymore relax ESIC Entire tournament made for matchfixing is live rn
2021-08-21 10:18
2 replies
United States ilkym00th
2021-08-21 22:09
1 reply
ayy | 
United States Virgin Islands zj2
IronWar Grandprix whatever its called teams forfeiting live during the games, refusing to play
2021-08-21 22:16
2021-08-21 12:01
Norway TheDEA
NT mechanogun
2021-08-21 13:15
India spiderCAKE
You're the only clown here.
2021-08-21 13:24
nt BMX
2021-08-21 14:00
2021-08-21 14:51
2021-08-21 10:01
it’s a joke org
2021-08-21 10:02
2 replies
Finland iBait
Still mad about Starix?
2021-08-21 10:10
1 reply
Ukraine Bidus
What about him?
2021-08-21 22:45
arT | 
United States No5712
2021-08-21 10:02
Hunden what are u doing ?
2021-08-21 10:02
1 reply
Astralis: Hunden we looking for a new coach, prove that ur any good Hunden: I will show u my heroic strats book, pls sign me
2021-08-21 14:23
2021-08-21 10:02
1 reply
Ohhh I see what you did there! ;) ;) ... If you catch my drift, finnjävel :P
2021-08-23 18:07
2021-08-21 10:04
Nice! So it is stil active!
2021-08-21 10:04
2021-08-21 10:04
That's good. Transparency is what there where lacking the most.
2021-08-21 10:04
Ez for Esic and god Jonathan E
2021-08-21 10:05
1 reply
Ez for hans_j and his partner Oleksandr S
2021-08-21 10:07
Bunch of inept cunts. Good job banning half of the aus scene for nothing.
2021-08-21 10:06
14 replies
Finland iBait
Nothing except insider betting?
2021-08-21 10:12
7 replies
Like banning the AU scene is good for the game's pro scene? Maybe deal with the real matchfixing in big regions rather than ruin already weak scenes?
2021-08-21 10:26
6 replies
you realise more then half the people they banned have been unbanned because it was actually found that they were wrongfully banned and esic didnt release a single word saying that people had been unbanned they would rather just try to sweep it under the rug
2021-08-21 10:44
1 reply
you realize i'm trying to help your case? dumbass aussie
2021-08-21 19:38
Finland iBait
ESIC could've handled it better but in the end isn't it good that they're upholding the rules even in smaller scenes
2021-08-21 10:56
3 replies
no, because there is a huge implicit opportunity cost here. time spent dealing with irrelevant fixes in small scenes is time that could've been spent dealing with the root of the problem in bigger scenes
2021-08-21 19:40
2 replies
Finland iBait
I'd imagine that they started out by thinking they were just investigating one or two cases before realising that they had just stumbled on something really widespread. At that point ESIC wouldn't have had much choice but to either forget about the whole thing including the evidence they had against whoever they were first investigating, or to build a case against everyone who they could prove had done some insider betting
2021-08-21 19:59
+1 There are dozen teams in EU throwing every 2nd week at irrelevant t3 betting tourneys but they chose to ban bunch of t957 australian players that probably would be barely good enough for EU Intermediate
2021-08-22 00:39
i mean now you can check if it really was for nothing
2021-08-21 10:15
5 replies
it was
2021-08-21 12:18
4 replies
prove it
2021-08-21 12:18
3 replies
Half have already been unbanned. Fuck you're a stupid cunt
2021-08-21 12:29
2 replies
Werent they unbanned on a technicality even though they did do something wrong it wasnt technically against the rules since the Aussie MDL rulebook hadnt been updated
2021-08-21 12:50
1 reply
Obviously every case is different but some were like that yeah
2021-08-21 13:12
2021-08-21 10:09
ESIC is so dumb, a lot of matchfixing all around and they cant do shit
2021-08-21 10:14
This useless trash idea of ESIC is still there?
2021-08-21 10:16
4 replies
Finland iBait
you prefer a scene full of matchfixers and cheaters?
2021-08-21 10:20
3 replies
ah fuck messed up them with this player association csppa i think my bad
2021-08-21 10:28
2 replies
Finland iBait
yeah true the csppa is a bit of a sham
2021-08-21 10:47
Bruhhhhh lmao
2021-08-21 14:25
y so many people salty about esic their favorite player got banned for matchfixing?
2021-08-21 10:21
2 replies
More like who they didn't ban I think lol
2021-08-21 10:35
Apparently #31 messed up ESIC with CSPPA
2021-08-21 14:26
Ukraine futplxyer
I wonder what recommendation gonna be about Project X CEO? IBP v2 ? I hope so
2021-08-21 10:22
When the NA MDL throwers stuff coming out?
2021-08-21 10:24
3 replies
2021-08-21 10:27
2021-08-21 10:34
Czech Republic JakamanCZ
It's in the article ... maybe read it!? You can do it, I believe in you!!
2021-08-21 19:43
ESIC will forever keep the attention focused on diversion issues such as this than deal with actual matchfixing in big regions. Their occasional updates such as this only exist to keep the sheep happy
2021-08-21 10:28
2 replies
Actual matchfixing in big regions such as ??
2021-08-21 14:26
1 reply
2021-08-21 19:37
What happened to that whole NA match fixing thing that was going to expose some players that switched to Valorant?
2021-08-21 10:34
Australia B_Tannen
Hopefully this improves communication.
2021-08-21 10:46
ESIC trash
2021-08-21 10:53
This organisation is like a goverment :D we will take care of every one,they start to do some work only after most obvious cases like AKUMA and coach bug,every day there is malta vibes,snow sweet snow,lootbet seasons and other matchfixing tournaments,who are making this scene less competitive since you will earn more money on matchfix instead of playing competitive fair game,that`s very sad,as well i understand that matchfixing tier2-3 teams sometimes make money for a living on those matches,but it should be punished and there is no excuses for matchfix,as well as cheaters like Akuma,who had most obvious radar thing,are not even punished at all :) and you want to punish coaches,while matchfixers are still playing and making money day after day after day :) don`t get me wrong it`s great that you are make game fair and all the ones,who doesn`t want to play fair should be banned,but maybe just maybe you will start look on the whole scene as it is,not just when it comes to a tier1? To make whole scene better with decent players and more important DECENT PEOPLE,to whom we all can trust as a fans,instead of watching matchfix every day.
2021-08-21 10:59
Everytime I see lots of text about nothing and actually no decisions, only 3rd party stuff.
2021-08-21 11:49
Hunden wassup
2021-08-21 11:54
transparency in 2021 OMEGALUL
2021-08-21 12:10
Finland JooonsMO
I was losing faith in esic but this is really good update.
2021-08-21 13:06
Slovakia Daev0n
This won't help the scene at all. If they ban some US players, they will just move to Valorant and the NA scene will just become smaller. Also banning coaches for these small one time offenses (which they might not have been aware of) would be really stupid since there's a lack of them already.
2021-08-21 13:16
1 reply
most of them already moved, you will lose max 5-10 players, mostly trash like riko who are hardcore washed and just play for throw money
2021-08-21 13:17
Finland AliSabid
2021-08-21 13:18
1 reply
2021-08-21 14:15
Hunden really ruined his legacy men
2021-08-21 13:33
2021-08-21 13:49
Sweden Svahn
Every DOG has his day
2021-08-21 14:05
Kosovo GumGuyHLTV
2021-08-21 15:12
Fuck hunden, dudes mediocre and will never be tier 1 without cheats, garbage go play valorant
2021-08-21 19:07
The virgin CSPPA vs the chad ESIC
2021-08-21 19:48
Funny... back when the spectator bug investigation was first announced, they just singled out a few coaches, throwing their names in the mud without the slightest concern. Accusations and punishments were handed out semi-randomly over a long period, with the first ones being by far the most affected. Now they are trying to be careful and protect innocents. I mean.. great. Why not try doing this in the first place?
2021-08-21 20:38
big if true
2021-08-21 22:03
Japan Inlivino
who is this guy again?
2021-08-21 22:17
1 reply
Nicolai "HUNDEN" Petersen (born June 8, 1991) is a Danish professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive coach, most recently for Heroic, and a retired professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Counter-Strike: Source player.
2021-08-22 00:26
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