Fiend qualify for BLAST Premier Fall Showdown

The Bulgarian squad beat Sinners in the final to top TWR Eastern European Masters Fall.

Fiend completed the TWR Eastern European Masters Fall gauntlet undefeated to secure a spot at the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown.

One of the early upsets in the qualifier was the elimination of Eternal Fire in the group stage. The Turks beat BLUEJAYS to start things off but then fell to Fiend and ultimately went out after the decider match in Group B, where they lost to a vengeful BLUEJAYS.

In the other group, Group A, it was favorites Sinners who topped the group after recently playing at the top level for the first time at ESL Pro League — even beating G2 —, and coming into the tournament from winning the V4 Future Sports Festival Open Qualifier without a hitch, showing a dominant run of form.

Behind the Czech team it was Nexus who also made it to the playoffs, while leaving behind NOM and Budapest Five.

v1c7oR and company are through to the Showdown

The playoffs started off in the semi-finals, with Sinners taking on BLUEJAYS and Fiend taking on Nexus, and it was the Czech and Bulgarian teams that breezed through their matches to set-up the anticipated final between the two highest ranked teams at the tournament.

Fiend made themselves strong early on in the final series, handing Sinners their first map loss in the tournament on Inferno, but it was then Sebastian "⁠beastik⁠" Daňo and company who retaliated on their pick, Nuke, to hand Fiend their first map loss of the event.

Finally, on Mirage, it was the Bulgarians who took the lead on the CT side, hitting double digits before the switch. Sinners won the second pistol round to stay alive, but were quickly overwhelmed in the gun rounds, losing hold of their economy and falling too far behind as Fiend closed out procedures to qualify for the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown.

 Sinners K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
56 - 50 +6 74.4 1.13
51 - 43 +8 69.2 1.12
53 - 53 0 89.4 1.12
45 - 52 -7 67.6 1.03
40 - 54 -14 66.7 0.87
 Fiend K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
61 - 41 +20 75.2 1.22
53 - 48 +5 81.2 1.08
52 - 52 0 80.1 1.07
45 - 53 -8 71.4 0.95
41 - 53 -12 62.1 0.83

The Final TWR Eastern European Masters standings are:

1. Bulgaria Fiend - BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2021
2. Czech Republic Sinners
3-4. Romania Nexus
3-4. Macedonia BLUEJAYS
5-6. Turkey Eternal Fire
5-6. Israel NOM
7-8. Czech Republic Entropiq Prague
7-8. Hungary Budapest Five

The BLAST Premier Fall Showdown teams are currently:

Spain Movistar Riders
China ViCi
Europe MAD Lions
South America FiReLEAGUE Latin Power
Other Fall Groups
Other Fall Groups
Other Fall Groups
Other Invited
Sweden Dignitas
Bulgaria Fiend
North America Fragadelphia Qualifier
Other Fall Groups
Other Fall Groups
Other Fall Groups
Other Invited
Czech Republic Sebastian 'beastik' Daňo
Sebastian 'beastik' Daňo
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2021-09-12 21:26
4 replies
s1mple wasn’t in this qual wtf
2021-09-12 21:27
Bulgaria Niki7
of course<33 good night brother flag checks out
2021-09-12 21:32
2 replies
Czech Republic SayBye777
Once a cheater, always a cheater
2021-09-12 21:33
1 reply
Bulgaria IosiG
Sorry friend! Your team can't always come out on top GL next time
2021-09-13 00:51
Bulgaria chichkaARMY
2021-09-12 21:26
2021-09-12 21:26
fixing on BLAST?
2021-09-12 21:28
Czech Republic SayBye777
Fiend players have brilliant game sense, timing and crosshair placement.
2021-09-12 21:29
surprised they didn't 322 the qualifier
2021-09-12 21:30
United Kingdom Jerry2805
Eternal Fire lost 16-2 to this
2021-09-12 21:33
Big oof for Sinners, I thought this was a lock-in for them
2021-09-12 21:34
1 reply
well Fiend already eliminated SKADE, not sure why you ruled them out
2021-09-13 00:58
They would be a good team if they didn't pay attention on the best odds on bet365
2021-09-12 21:34
These qualifiers for blast are weird.
2021-09-12 21:35
fk yeh, gl bois! bravo momci
2021-09-12 22:06
unexpected from sinners D: could not get it going
2021-09-12 22:54
Europe GumGuyHLTV
Let's go laaaaaaaaads h4rn cigaret power
2021-09-13 00:45
Bulgaria tick10
djendari napred shibaite sa otzad !
2021-09-13 12:07
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