AVE and Trasko emerge victorious from CIS IEM Fall open qualifier

The team list is now locked in for the closed qualifier, which takes place September 18-19.

Both favourites, AVE and Trasko, made their way successfully through the second CIS qualifier for IEM Fall, securing themselves spots at the closed qualifier later this month. The aforementioned teams came into this qualifier as the highest ranked squads.

AVE experienced their toughest challenge in their best-of-one quarter-final, a Andrii "⁠sleiden⁠" Kopanytsia powered 2EASY nearly taking the game all the way on Nuke, with a seven-round streak on their CT side not quite enough to secure overtime, and it finished 16-13.

AVE then faced benched in a best-of-three semi-final, once again coming out on the correct side of a close Nuke 16-13, before securing the series 16-10 on Inferno. With two spots at the closed qualifier available, there was no grand final, and AVE secured their berth with this victory.

w0nderful produced the performance of the qualifier against EC Kyiv

On the other side of the bracket, Trasko cruised through their quarter-final against MayBe 16-6 on Nuke, taking them to a best-of-three semi-final against EC Kyiv. The teams traded map picks, 16-9 to EC Kyiv on Dust2 and 16-14 to Trasko on Ancient, Trasko only taking Ancient by virtue of a monstrous 38-kill performance by AWPer Igor "⁠w0nderful⁠" Zhdanov.

The deciding map was Overpass, and it was an incredibly tightly fought battle that went all the way to overtime after Trasko had clawed their way back from a 14-10 deficit. The back-and-forth nature of the game continued into overtime, with both teams struggling to find a decisive 3-0 half in OT. It took until the final half of the third overtime for Trasko to finally push us over the line, 25-23.

These two teams join six others at the closed qualifier, and will be battling it out for one of the six spots available for IEM Fall 2021 CIS.

See the final team list for the closed qualifier below:

Russia Entropiq - Invited
Ukraine Akuma - Invited
Belarus Nemiga - Invited
Kazakhstan Unique - Invited
Russia Singularity - Qualifier #1
Ukraine Trasko - Qualifier #2
Russia INDE IRAE - Qualifier #1
Russia AVE - Qualifier #2
Ukraine Andrii 'sleiden' Kopanytsia
Andrii 'sleiden' Kopanytsia
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Ukraine Igor 'w0nderful' Zhdanov
Igor 'w0nderful' Zhdanov
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Finland Eestu
2021-09-13 00:35
2 replies
Ave true to Caesar
2021-09-13 01:06
Finland Cucumber))
Eestu number one!
2021-09-13 01:41
2021-09-13 00:35
2021-09-13 00:36
w0nderful NaVi -s1mple
2021-09-13 00:39
5 replies
sadly noone will ever sign him because he had vac ban, even though hes just good player these days
2021-09-13 00:44
4 replies
According to liquipedia.net/counterstrike/W0nderful he got no VAC ban on record and no expired VAC ban? ZTR got "Expired" on his VAC ban: liquipedia.net/counterstrike/Ztr
2021-09-13 00:53
1 reply
big if true then because a lot of people and even ones in navi manager think that he does
2021-09-13 01:19
Belarus T4RG37
he has no vacs
2021-09-13 01:15
1 reply
idk then, heard from like 10 people and amiran that he has one
2021-09-13 01:19
Finland Cubemeister
why everyone hyped about m0nesy but not w0nderful sad
2021-09-13 00:53
deko | 
Russia ErleN_
why not invite 1win? they are #33
2021-09-13 00:55
2021-09-13 01:30
cool, next
2021-09-13 04:29
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