ESL reveal Pro League Conference details

The Conference will serve as a play-in stage of ESL Pro League in the upcoming seasons.

ESL has shared more details about the new ESL Pro League structure after introducing the EPL Conference stage on Wednesday. A part of the changes will be in effect already in the next transitional 15th season, with the first EPL Conference taking place in late November. As a result of the expansion, the prizepool of ESL Pro League has also been increased from $750,000 to $850,000.

The Conference will see all winners from the ESL Pro Tour Challenger level tournaments — DreamHack Opens, ESEA Premiers (renamed to ESL Challenger and ESL Challenger Leagues from 2022), and ESL National Championships — converge to play for a number of spots in the ESL Pro League group stages.

For the transitional 15th season, three group stage slots will come from the Conference and three more will be awarded to ESEA Premier S38 winners. From season 16 on, the Conference stage will award more slots in the Pro League group stage, with Louvre agreement teams and the ESL World Ranking filling the remainder.

Renewal and Extra Salt have already qualified for the first EPL Conference in November as the winners of DreamHack Open June in Asia and North America. The event originally awarded the two teams spots in IEM Fall, but after IEM Fall became part of the RMR circuit their spots were transferred to EPL Conference instead.

The EPL Season 15 Conference team distribution looks as follows:

Mongolia Renewal
Oceania DH Open September
South America DH Open September
Europe ESEA-P S38 runner-up
+5-8 National Champ. slots
North America Extra Salt
North America DH Open September
Europe DH Open November
North America ESEA-P S38 runner-up

For the next three Pro League seasons, the Conference will be detached from the rest of ESL Pro League, taking place up to a few months ahead of the main part of the season, but from 2023 on ESL plan to have the Conference stage run immediately before the group stage.

Below you can see the schedule of the next three seasons:

ESL Pro League Season 15
Conference: November 23-28 (online)
Group stage: March 9-April 3, 2022
Playoffs: April 5-10, 2022

ESL Pro League Season 16
Conference: June 14-19, 2022
Group stage: August 31-September 25, 2022
Playoffs: September 27-October 2, 2022

ESL Pro League Season 17
Conference: November 22-27, 2022
Group stage: 2023
Playoffs: 2023

That looks pretty good.
2021-09-16 14:01
3 replies
More tier 999 before pro league, nice
2021-09-16 14:26
1 reply
dont understand
2021-09-16 15:04
So basically a qualifier?
2021-09-16 15:18
Norway TheDEA
2021-09-16 14:01
Finland EnceIsSoBad
Nice cool
2021-09-16 14:01
B1T | 
Greece Noocklas
2021-09-16 14:02
Ukraine Xe0m
2021-09-16 14:03
hades | 
Poland Amirek
2021-09-16 14:03
2021-09-16 14:04
Sweden EligeDMassa
2021-09-16 14:04
Russia beka_b
2021-09-16 14:05
1 reply
2021-09-16 16:48
Showdown but from ESL
2021-09-16 14:06
why change?
2021-09-16 14:06
12 replies
It provides smaller teams with the opportunity to play at a higher level and also exists as an incentive for them to work hard. I think it's good for the game.
2021-09-16 14:08
11 replies
true true but why keep a 4 month pause between the conference and then playoffs Nvm its just season 15
2021-09-16 14:10
10 replies
Australia B_Tannen
Maybe because it’s hard to organise all the events together in the slots that fit.
2021-09-16 14:10
5 replies
true but i just saw it was only for season 15, others have a 1 month break
2021-09-16 14:11
4 replies
Australia B_Tannen
Yeah I wonder if they’ll say why.
2021-09-16 14:19
dont forget about the player break in december-january
2021-09-16 14:20
2 replies
oh yeah true but still its only 2-3 weeks
2021-09-16 14:21
1 reply
found the reason under "The Scheduling"
2021-09-16 14:51
That is a valid point. I suppose it's because lower tier teams typically play tournaments in larger volumes than higher tier teams. The gap might also be there so that they can organise travel, accomodation and other logistics before the tournament.
2021-09-16 14:12
3 replies
yeah but in later stages its only a 1 month break so its not that bad
2021-09-16 14:15
2 replies
Either way it's good to see some new faces hopefully coming to pro league, it's become really mundane to watch the same matchups over and over again.
2021-09-16 14:16
1 reply
yeah agreed
2021-09-16 14:35
Australia B_Tannen
Easy for the boys.
2021-09-16 14:09
ez for mongolia
2021-09-16 14:17
2021-09-16 14:18
2021-09-16 14:23
Sounds go nice one esl.
2021-09-16 14:25
nice it looks good
2021-09-16 14:31
JW | 
Sweden EntonXD
people dont realize what happened last year when ENCE and vitality, two of the best teams at the time wasnt in pro league because of the ruleset. this is great! imagine gambit not being in pro league because it wasnt partnered.
2021-09-16 14:53
Sadly no one cares about this dead game anymore
2021-09-16 15:18
Dreamhack tourneys died for this
2021-09-16 15:29
1 reply
+1 this sucks
2021-09-16 18:14
Sounds good, more opportunities the better it gets.
2021-09-16 15:34
Estonia nordjoker
2021-09-16 15:55
So when you win MDL now you just get to the qualifiers of Pro League, no longer the group stage? And the national championships are a joke mostly, the German and Polish one are the only ones with decent teams, the rest is one-sided.
2021-09-16 16:22
1 reply
No premier still gives you a spot in epl, its runner ups and dh open winners that goes to this stage
2021-09-16 18:14
i dont even know what that is
2021-09-16 17:17
2021-09-16 18:38
very good, important.
2021-09-17 20:39
very nice
2021-09-19 12:57
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