NIP qualify for BLAST Premier Fall Final with 2-1 win over G2

The result was in spite of Nikola "⁠NiKo⁠" Kovač's best efforts, whose 1.45 rating across the series was the highest on the server.

With a 2-1 victory over G2, NIP secured their spot at the LAN finals in Copenhagen's Royal Arena, taking place November 24-28. G2 on the other hand continued their shaky form since the player break but will have another chance to qualify directly to the Fall Final when they play the winner of MIBR vs. BIG in the consolidation final on Tuesday.

The first map of the series was NIP's standard pick of Ancient, and it did not go as planned for the Swedes. They started on the T side, and G2 immediately set about continuing their redemption after ESL Pro League, racking up nine rounds before NIP could even get on the board.

device grew into the series after a quiet first map

The sheer variety of looks G2 had on their CT side meant NIP struggled to make any reads, however some mistakes from G2 towards the end of the half let the Swedes back in and they went in at half time with five rounds to their name.

NIP looked like they were about to make the perfect start to the second half, finding themselves in a 4v2 in the pistol round, but they found a way to lose it and with it any realistic chance of winning this map. There was a glimmer of hope when NIP managed to grab a couple rounds and break the G2 economy, but they were immediately bested by a deagle eco from the European squad and lost out from there, the map ending 16-7.

NiKo's performance deserves highlighting, the Bosnian posting an impressive 128 ADR and 10 multi-kills on the way to a 1.77 rating.

Next up was G2's pick of Mirage, and we were treated to a tightly fought contest. G2 kicked off on the T side and threatened to turn this series into a quick 2-0, racing to a 7-2 lead largely off the back of repeatedly punishing a weak B site defence from the Ninjas. The Swedes rallied, in particular seeing more success holding B and mixing in some CT aggression, successfully pulling the score all the way back to 8-7 to win the half.

Once again G2 started the half strongly, NIP only managing two rounds to G2's six as the European squad found success with a string of slick retakes. NIP started to find more opening kills as Nicolai "⁠device⁠" Reedtz grew into the half, and put together their own run of rounds; the Swedes only conceded one more round as they ran the score all the way back to 16-14, taking us to the decider of Inferno.

NIP started the decider as Terrorists and treated us to an excellent offensive half. After immediately pegging G2 back when they won the pistol, NIP proceeded to dominate with a well-drilled T side displaying excellent trading and spacing, as well benefitting from some excellent mid round calls. G2 managed to piece together a few rounds, mostly due to NiKo taking the AWP off the hands of an underperforming François "⁠AmaNEk⁠" Delaunay, but still went into the second half at a 4-11 deficit.

After losing the pistol and falling to a 13-4 deficit G2 simply had too much of a mountain to climb, and whilst NIP made a few mistakes to give some rounds over to the European squad, they eventually closed out the map 16-9.

21st September 2021
 G2 K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
76 - 51 +25 105.4 1.45
52 - 49 +3 73.8 1.04
46 - 47 -1 67.8 0.98
43 - 53 -10 61.7 0.90
36 - 53 -17 54.5 0.80
 NIP K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
65 - 44 +21 82.8 1.30
55 - 58 -3 83.4 1.08
44 - 55 -11 73.7 1.05
46 - 49 -3 63.6 1.03
42 - 52 -10 52.5 0.83
France François 'AmaNEk' Delaunay
François 'AmaNEk' Delaunay
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Denmark Nicolai 'device' Reedtz
Nicolai 'device' Reedtz
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Bosnia and Herzegovina Nikola 'NiKo' Kovač
Nikola 'NiKo' Kovač
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Niko vs Device vs 8 spectators
2021-09-21 20:25
7 replies
Czech Republic BlastTM
+1 lmao, the stats say it all haha
2021-09-21 20:43
Norway wegg
lol(but true))
2021-09-21 20:44
+1 altho Rez had some impact that the stats didnt really show!
2021-09-21 20:53
2021-09-21 23:07
+1 Niko had to fricking take the awp away from amanek quite happy for device actually, his first good game against top 10 team in a while NiP was more of a 2 man show though, stats didnt show
2021-09-22 00:47
2021-09-22 02:47
+1 LUL
2021-09-23 20:20
Serbia Jnordz
G2 dogshit
2021-09-21 20:25
Czech Republic Starold
JACKZ is best
2021-09-21 20:25
ChoKo xaxaxaxaxa
2021-09-21 20:25
first good game from device since he joined nip lmao
2021-09-21 20:26
2 replies
2021-09-22 02:47
1 reply
2021-09-22 09:28
Brazil Bactuga
Its amazing how when Dev1ce shows up his team doesnt lmfao
2021-09-21 20:26
3 replies
3 guys excluding him over 1 rating = played a decent game on g2 only niko and hunter over 1 rating
2021-09-21 20:36
2 replies
Albania Mgoldfish1
You get inflated stats when you survive and are traded Going by the kill spread device did all of this for nip He was alone in this 1
2021-09-21 20:47
1 reply
He wasn't though. His team got blown out on one map, but on the other two it was a team effort, though Device played really well.
2021-09-21 22:07
India aR__
Nice, REZ really entering his prime? Pog
2021-09-21 20:26
Dev1ce king
2021-09-21 20:27
Gj Devve
2021-09-21 20:27
Sweden sn1pie
2021-09-21 20:28
Europe tsken
Dev1ce played really well!
2021-09-21 20:31
Bosnia and Herzegovina Biske
NiKo men i feel so bad for him
2021-09-21 20:40
Amanek < Kennys KEKW
2021-09-21 20:40
1 reply
2021-09-21 22:42
Indonesia FinZzz
Poor Niko
2021-09-21 20:42
Brazil Elakk
2021-09-21 20:50
article reads weirdly compared to past ones
2021-09-21 20:52
Even LNZ had slightly higher rating than Amanek the trash dumpster hah
2021-09-21 20:52
-11 and 1.05 dayum, he's good
2021-09-21 20:54
India l3thality
let's goooo poggerz can play in Blast showdown without the conflict of interest issue (nawwk)
2021-09-21 20:59
cyx | 
South Africa bonkaz
Niko in this kind of form and you lose against NiP. Fuck that team.
2021-09-21 21:00
5 replies
Ever wonder why Niko always has highest stats, yet The rest of The team has low ? Same when he was in Faze … now G2 … ;-) LOL
2021-09-21 21:13
4 replies
cyx | 
South Africa bonkaz
I don't speak to mongrels. Go along.
2021-09-21 21:28
1 reply
First off, it’s ‘go away’ … ‘go along implies something else … Second, it’s evident you haven’t watched much CS, other than highlight clips Third, your understanding of The basics in that simple game called CSGo is evident … - in short, you came to a “Battle of wits, totally unarmed” Now, (correctly), ‘Go away’ ;-)
2021-09-22 00:06
Because he is a better fragger than his teammates that's why!! 🤷🤷
2021-09-21 22:43
1 reply
Finland eXampL
he baits A LOT! if youve played this game you know he puts himself in positions that favor him and not his team... so yeah its obvious hes gonna have good stats all the time.
2021-09-21 22:54
btt | 
Estonia atuliba
2021-09-21 21:09
2021-09-21 21:09
Italy NotNew
imagine device in g2 instead of amanek...
2021-09-21 21:16
1 reply
Dream come true
2021-09-21 22:44
NiKo v9 G2 needs changing
2021-09-21 21:29
lovely stuff from device) please keep it up:)
2021-09-21 21:30
There is NO way, the keep nexa + jackz + amanek. They literally have 3 players below 1.0 rating which is shame, cause most of opponents are also weakened, here NiP with academy player. They desperately need awper and even maybe replacement for jackz to be honest. I think amanek is better than jackz (more versatile) but in other team as awper, he should be replaced, that's for sure.
2021-09-21 21:31
Liberia rationale
devve continues to suck with the rifle. With all of them actually. His spray control over the past 2 months was ... non-existent to put it mildly. What has happened to him?
2021-09-21 21:33
Romania Simple0x47
kudos to device, keep up that level! :D
2021-09-21 21:38
Oh man. I don't like Niko...but I dislike (this version) NiP more. Shame G2 lost.
2021-09-21 21:49
6 replies
2021-09-21 22:43
5 replies
Niko is emotionally unstable. He kills chemistry. NIP is shot cause they go rid of old lineup. Their management is cocky, yet nip don't deliver.
2021-10-09 14:34
4 replies
u dumb?
2021-10-10 00:58
3 replies
I am sure I m not. How about you? All ok I hope.
2021-10-14 17:55
2 replies
"nip don't deliver" wtf that mean? they just won a tier 1 event. r u ok?
2021-10-14 19:01
1 reply
So they won one tournament. Big deal. Winning one tournament =/= delivering. That does not make it a rule. Will this happen numerous times I will say they deliver. They just have to do this and time will tell. I will still not like them. I am quite well. Are you?
2021-10-17 21:46
G2 dogpiss as usual
2021-09-21 22:09
why do all teams suddenly choke up against this fucking cancer org know an SIP?! PLEASE EXPLAIN IT, there are dogtrash!
2021-09-21 22:37
2 replies
device | 
Sweden unu_
cry is free
2021-09-21 23:08
NiP 2 stronK
2021-09-22 08:44
Brazil Sr_Tiago
NiKo deserve more than this... Well done by Nip thanks for the money
2021-09-21 23:25
NiKo 1vs9 nt
2021-09-21 23:44
I had NIP winning after their performance yesterday. No surprise.
2021-09-22 00:09
Some players elevates their teammates, others (constantly) brings Them Down … Guess what kind of player “EgoNiko” is ? LOL Maybe if Niko started to play for his team and not constantly for himself, G2 might actually become more succesful …
2021-09-22 00:11
11 replies
Why you saying all these bullshit and not just confess you dont like him or you hate him ? NiKo playing bad you saying he is noob and carried by his teammates...he is playing really good you saying he elevates his whatever he does you blame don't even have any arguments in what you say...blame NiKo and for the fact that nexa jackz and amanek have a rating below 1.00 and playing so bad...when 3 of your teammates playing so bad like randoms you can't do much...danish dog
2021-09-22 10:01
10 replies
no point using logic against retarded haters here. They are just miserable, jealous losers who like to shit on others to feel good about themselves.
2021-09-22 10:08
1 reply
2021-09-22 10:22
See that’s The point … kool-aid fan-bois like you, really can’t see it LOL - it makes one wonder, if you even watch The games … - Nerds like you, solely look at The stats, and seldom, if at all, The actual game … Simple changed his approach, and look at Navi now, compared to before … But ignorant Nerds like you, most likely, Will never see it, let alone comprehend …
2021-09-22 12:49
7 replies
again you talk with no arguments...but if the only thing you cant do is hate i cant expect much more from you...NiKo is one of the best players in the world behind s1mple and zywoo and that thing hurts you so much..i understand your pain danish dog dont worry...i watch every game of g2 and almost everytime NiKo carrying them alone with a little bit help from the other 4....unlike you that as it seems you dont watch any g2 game and just hate NiKo... Ratings past 3 months AmaNEk 0.98 JaCkz 0.94 nexa 0.94 3 of his 4 teammates cant even have 1.00 rating...and even hunter has only 1.03 So take these statistics as argument and just stfu idiot
2021-09-22 15:13
6 replies
Thanks for proving my point ;-) - As I Said - you only look at The stats, but neglect or even outright refuse to look at The context, from which those stats are derived … For ex., take a look at The stats from G2s game against NiP and G2s game against Big … Niko’s stats are pretty similar in both games, however, his Team mates are not … - G2 lost to NIP 1-2 but Lost 0-2 to Big, yet G2s stats were better against BiG than against NiP … Niko as a player takes up alot of room, both on the server and outside the server … - This is a fact from when Niko was with, with Mouse and now G2 … Simple changed his approach on Navi, and look at Navi now …
2021-09-23 14:44
5 replies
On one point you have right but are you kidding me ? you compare navi to g2 ? s1mple has a lot of help from his teammates something that NiKo hasn't...s1mple has electronic one of the best players in the world by his side...also perfecto is the new cluth minister with so many important clutches and multikills...and even b1t is very good player considering he is a newboy.... Also you saying i'm looking only on stats .... where you want me to look except stats? When you rate one player you count many stats like DPR / KAST / IMPACT / ADR / APR / KPR... also opening kill ratio and opening kills won are very important...and many more in the end you have the general rating of the player....sorry but when a player has 0.98/0.94 in the past 3 months means that all the previous stats that i mentioned are can't blame NiKo for the fact that 3 players are so garbage..and if you do means that your opinion is not objective and just based on your hate for him.
2021-09-26 16:11
4 replies
1) I don’t “hate” Niko, - I don’t known him well enough to be able to form am opinion regarding whether or not “to like him or not” 2) If you want to compare stats, Perhaps dig a little deeper and compare The Stats pre Niko and Post Niko … - My point being, stats don’t always show “everything”, alot of things happens in games, that Will not be reflected in The stats …
2021-09-26 19:10
3 replies
thats why i said you have right on one point dude....its just strange that people blame NiKo when he is by far their best player and their best performer..when g2 wins its almost always cause of NiKo...he is the only one who tries to carry them...and the people again blame him...and i will give you one opposite example...its like you say that NaVi is the best team in the world and so strong because of boombl4 and not s1mple....its not fair for NiKo to be blamed for every failyre of g2.
2021-09-26 19:53
2 replies
- Before Navi struggled with consistency, because Simple took up alot of space and didn’t play team oriented … Simple changed his approach, and it shows in Navi’s games now, Simples stats remain almost The same, however The team results are Way better
2021-09-26 20:28
1 reply
Dude i agree that s1mple changed his approach but this doesn't change the fact that he has way better teammates than NiKo. Except NiKo all the other players of G2 are inconsistant even -huNter. But on the other hand all NaVi's players (except boombl4 ) are very consistant. There is a big diference here. For example look at yesterday's match vs FaZe. S1mple didn't had a great game especially on mirage he played bad..but NaVi still 2-0d FaZe cause his teammates were there for him. Now imagine if NiKo has a bad game...let me tell you my friend...G2 gonna be destroyed even from tier3 teams.
2021-09-27 11:36
choke2.. :( nt niko
2021-09-22 03:57
Europe robo1234
Nikola vs Nicolai
2021-09-22 08:42
ez 4 nip
2021-09-22 11:18
Poland SebL
Well I'm quite surprised tbh., NIP didn't even play that good, they gave G2 a lot of chances to take it and made a lot of mistakes but G2 couldn't even take it. nexa is so passive he often goes in site last and still is their worst player individually, like cmon, he is doing so bad, he never was a great IGL but atleast he was fragging well, and now he is just shit, take some experienced IGL please.
2021-09-22 16:00
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