Fantasy games open for IEM Fall Europe groups and CIS

You can now pick from a total of 180 players across the two games in the two most competitive Regional Major Ranking tournaments.

Two new Fantasy games have been launched for the upcoming IEM Fall tournaments in Europe and CIS, where teams will fight for their last chance to earn RMR points and lock in a place at the PGL Stockholm Major.

With 24 teams in play and the tournament spanning nearly two weeks, the European side of things has been split into two separate games, with the group stage Fantasy now being open for business with all 120 players who will be in attendance.

For just $213,000 device looks like a steal after his BLAST performance

Just one game will be played for the entire tournament in the CIS region, which will see 12 teams compete on September 29-October 3 including the likes of the current top two teams in the world, Natus Vincere and Gambit.

You can play for skin prizes in both HLTV x BitSkins official leagues as well as for points in the Fantasy Fall season, which will award $10,000 to the best performing player across the whole season. If you haven't started playing yet, it's not too late to join in with plenty of Fantasy games still to be played by the end of the first season in December.

1. Gut Knife | Autotronic (Field-Tested)
2. USP-S | Kill Confirmed (Field-Tested)
3. AK-47 | Bloodsport (Field-Tested)

1. Flip Knife | Ultraviolet (Field-Tested)
2. AWP | Asiimov (Field-Tested)
3. M4A1-S | Master Piece (Field-Tested)

Participants of the Fantasy game are required to abide by the Fantasy ruleset if they want to win the available prizes. Winners of the official HLTV x BitSkins league will be contacted via the email provided in their HLTV account, and must reply within one month to be eligible to receive any prize.

i am | 
Finland iBait
Congratulations to OG Esports for winning the PGL Stockholm Major 2021!
2021-09-25 16:04
8 replies
2021-09-25 16:05
1 reply
pls be polite
2021-09-25 16:05
everything checks out
2021-09-25 16:05
Congratulations to OG Esports for winning 10-12th place at the Blast Premier Fall Groups 2021!
2021-09-25 16:21
Mongolia 7DoA
i agree. Congratulations to the pew pew bois
2021-09-25 16:23
Finland uSnaj69
2021-09-25 16:25
It will actually be easy
2021-09-25 16:52
When IEM Fall SA fantasy???
2021-09-25 17:45
2021-09-25 16:04
2021-09-25 16:05
2021-09-25 16:05
Ropz, zywho, tabsen, cadian and Tizian
2021-09-25 16:06
2021-09-25 16:07
nice lets go
2021-09-25 16:11
tabsen,rez,brollan,tizian and poizen easy
2021-09-25 16:15
Vamos Riders!
2021-09-25 16:15
2021-09-25 16:22
Finland uSnaj69
Thanks HLTV and dimitrii!
2021-09-25 16:26
United States xcalibot
dupreeh, rez, karrigan, cadian, JKS EZ
2021-09-25 16:49
1 reply
Ez -60 from karrigan
2021-09-26 06:24
2021-09-25 17:19
Nice knife) will be making a team)
2021-09-25 20:14
Very nice!
2021-09-25 20:16
i will never win this, but its very fun to play, I wish there were more fantasy's.
2021-09-25 21:26
Will IEM Fall EU LAN have fans in the arena?
2021-09-26 16:37
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