BLAST Showdown bracket set as Heroic, join team list

The Fall season of BLAST Premier will not feature the second-best team in the world, Gambit.

BLAST has revealed Heroic and as their two direct invites to the Fall Showdown, taking place on October 12-17. The teams ranked sixth and eighth in the world will compete in the 16-team event, which decides the final two spots for the $425,000 Fall Final in November.

These two invites mean that Gambit, who won the BLAST Premier Spring Final in June after battling through the Showdown, will not be participating in the Fall season of the tournament. However, Gambit's win in Spring has already ensured them a spot at the $1,000,000 World Final in December.

Heroic are aiming to secure a spot at the Fall Finals in Copenhagen (Photo courtesy of Heroic)

Aside from Heroic and, the biggest favorites at the Showdown are G2, Liquid, and OG. However, only two teams will advance through the single-elimination BO3 gauntlet and secure spots at the LAN event which will take place in the Copenhagen Royal Arena.

The full team list is as follows:

The bracket for the event has been set as well, with the matchups and schedule available below:

Tuesday, October 12

12:30 Denmark Heroic vs. Asia POGGERZ
15:30 Sweden Dignitas vs. Bulgaria Fiend
18:30 Europe Complexity vs. Brazil MIBR

Wednesday, October 13

12:30 Europe G2 vs. China Lynn Vision
15:30 Europe OG vs. Brazil paiN
18:30 North America Evil Geniuses vs. Europe MAD Lions

Thursday, October 14

15:30 CIS vs. Spain Movistar Riders
18:30 United States Liquid vs. South America 9z

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Cool, let's see if heroic are truly Tier 1 team or...
2021-10-01 14:24
9 replies
2021-10-01 14:27
8 replies
Sweden sn1pie
Not without nawwk :(
2021-10-01 14:30
7 replies
NiP snake
2021-10-01 14:30
Pakistan hawrU
why nawwk not playing?
2021-10-01 15:01
5 replies
Portugal OwnedBro
Because he still is a nip player and could have conflit of interest
2021-10-01 15:56
4 replies
Pakistan hawrU
I think NIP should let him play loan him or something he deserves to play
2021-10-01 18:00
3 replies
Portugal OwnedBro
I agree with you but im not the owner of nip ahah
2021-10-01 18:35
1 reply
Pakistan hawrU
hehe... we should tweet him now
2021-10-01 20:54
Might have to do with BLAST and not nip
2021-10-02 00:31
Austria Ostmark
2021-10-01 14:23
Ez liquid
2021-10-01 14:23
REZ | 
Sweden gillykkk
Why no gambit?
2021-10-01 14:23
5 replies
Probably skipping an event.
2021-10-01 14:25
2 replies
yeah i think mainly for major
2021-10-01 14:26
Probably because it is right before the major. Makes sense.
2021-10-01 14:49
Argentina cheapdeed
damn :(
2021-10-01 15:07
and they already have a spot fr blast december so ..
2021-10-01 15:44
2021-10-01 14:24
nice no gambit lets go
2021-10-01 14:25
Latvia heywire
2021-10-01 14:25
Brazil CookieH
paiN > OG
2021-10-01 14:25
2 replies
saffee gonna doctrinate mantuu
2021-10-01 14:31
1 reply
saffee Very god #GoPain
2021-10-01 18:31
Only 2 teams make it in. That sounds so bad, personally. The lower-Tier teams almost never get a chance to make it in, with so many strong teams around.
2021-10-01 14:27
1 reply
well, duh, they prefer partner teams. but at least there's a chance. sometimes non-partners even win the whole thing. that happened previously on the very last tournament in spring, when gambit placed 1-2th in the showdown and beat everyone in the finals.
2021-10-01 19:49
LUL Gambit onliners skipping a LAN event
2021-10-01 14:27
6 replies
Ukraine Maspiyuuu
maybe focused in major
2021-10-01 14:43
they are already qualified for blast global finals 'cause they won the spring thingie so dunno
2021-10-01 19:46
4 replies
Well Heroic got invited even though they are also qualified
2021-10-01 19:50
3 replies
yeah so either gambit didn't get an invite or they want to focus on the major or something
2021-10-01 19:53
2 replies
Definetly got an invite since they are the highest ranked team after Navi
2021-10-01 19:53
1 reply
yeah mabby. I bet they don't skip major
2021-10-01 20:01
2021-10-01 14:29
Blast wtf
2021-10-01 14:30
2021-10-01 14:32
1 reply
Pakistan LoOuU2
Major more important! Tylul can't be given a free pass!
2021-10-01 14:59
s0m | 
Kyrgyzstan ple!
2021-10-01 14:32
Ez for loba young 30 yo talent
2021-10-01 14:33
Brazil EversonFR
so ez for paiN, OG don't have chance this game, Saffee future top 1 hltv 2022
2021-10-01 14:35
1 reply
saffee> fallen
2021-10-01 18:32
Prejudice with Gambit. I will make negative propaganda to BLAST until my death.
2021-10-01 14:36
Why Heroic need to play that? Don't they have a spot at World Final already as EPL13 winners (according to Liquipedia)?
2021-10-01 14:37
10 replies
United States Rayduh
I am disgusted that Heroic is invited over teams that haven't qualified yet
2021-10-01 14:38
5 replies
Ukraine Maspiyuuu
they want play in thier home
2021-10-01 14:44
+1 Considering the Showdown is REALLY stacked up with T1 teams, they could have invited FPX or Sinners, for example, whom yesterday won mouz and Heroic, respectively.
2021-10-01 14:54
because they are hihger in the rankings? and they are better??
2021-10-01 17:29
2 replies
United States Rayduh
but Heroic qualified for World
2021-10-01 17:37
1 reply
but not for spring final, which is one of the two seasonal tournmaments of blast sop why not try again EKS DE
2021-10-01 17:50
They are qualified for World Finals in December, not the Fall Finals in November
2021-10-01 15:54
3 replies
United States Rayduh
Isn't the whole point of the Fall Finals trying to qualify for the World Finals? I am shocked that top teams like Furia or mousesports will miss out on the World Finals because they are not Blast partner teams and have to bank on getting invites to the showdown
2021-10-01 17:38
2 replies
I mean, the fall finals also have 450k prize pool and are a LAN in Copenhagen Royal Arena. So still an important event. Yeah, BLAST's format is what it is, very partner-friendly
2021-10-01 17:42
1 reply
United States Rayduh
They really should clean up the BLAST format to allow teams to be invited to the Fall/Spring groups. Teams like MIBR needs to be removed at some point but bureaucracy and 100 pages long rule books
2021-10-01 17:44
United States Rayduh
What about Gambit and Furia
2021-10-01 14:38
Bro I can’t find the bracket anywhere tf
2021-10-01 14:42
1 reply
Bc doesnt exist, they will sort after opening matchs
2021-10-01 15:47
Poland kola5410
why? for real - why? they'realready qualified to blast global finals
2021-10-01 14:42
lost all respect for blast for inviting cheater team that should be disqualified from all cs events... omg wtf why
2021-10-01 14:51
Free money for G2 and Poggerz
2021-10-01 14:53
1 reply
2021-10-01 15:09
Pakistan LoOuU2
We all know the 2 qualifying teams and the finalist of this event are gonna be Lynn Vision vs POGGERZ, why bother playing with other teams here?
2021-10-01 15:01
why instead of vici lynn vision?
2021-10-01 15:04
2 replies
1 reply
2021-10-01 15:35
Canada Zenrod
2021-10-01 15:06
mch | 
Brazil uezu
is it going to be online??
2021-10-01 15:23
Ez for EliGe
2021-10-01 15:45
Finland AliSabid
2021-10-01 17:01
Oh no not the cheaters onliners again?
2021-10-01 17:24
1 reply
2021-10-01 17:37
Fallen vs Bit POG
2021-10-01 19:34
1 reply
+1 POG
2021-10-01 23:42
Brazil GOELFLA_br
Fallen vs Bit, Boltz vs Coldzera blast really like to put the brazilians against themselves :(
2021-10-01 19:56
Poland SebL
Heroic and Fiend will make it, mark those words Fiend will win this, I have a feeling from god they are going to do it, don't ask me why because it's unreasonable I know but I just feel it.
2021-10-01 20:07
ez 4 pain
2021-10-01 20:56
Argentina luchocai97
2021-10-01 21:09
Coldzera vs. Boltz saffee vs. biskela Fallen vs. bit Those are great opening matches.
2021-10-01 22:21
onliner, so tier 1 Heroic qualify for blast fall final
2021-10-02 00:30
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