mTw to DH Winter with standin

DreamHack Winter is coming up and the Danish bronze-medalists from mTw will be using a standin for the event.

With a third place finish at WCG 2009, mTw will be looking at attending DreamHack Winter as their next event. It will however be with a standin, as Christoffer "Sunde" Sunde will be unable to attend to tournament.

The hard-hitting AWP'er will be traveling to Miami and South America from 20th of November, till 21st of January 2010, meaning mTw is to find a replacement for the event.

Should mTw decide to attend Arbalet Cup Europe, which they have been invited to, then they will be force to use a standin for the event as well, as the event is due to take place in early December.

Sunde clearly belongs to mJe.

MJE to step in for Sunde?

At this point it is not known who will step in for Sunde. It could possibly be the recent "benched" member Muhamed "MJE" Eid that will step in, but for now, we can only guess who it will be, as the standin has not been picked yet.

DreamHack Winter is taking place 26-29th of November in Jönköping, with a great list to teams lined up on the participants list. will be on site at the event, bringing you all of the action.
2009-11-19 16:53
Haha nice picture :)
2009-11-19 16:53
2009-11-19 16:54
well that sucks
2009-11-19 16:56
Sweden Vilseledd
just skipping two events like that can't mean he is serious about the team? disrespectful
2009-11-19 16:58
21 replies
A vacation is needed every now and then?
2009-11-19 17:01
14 replies
Sweden Vilseledd
yeah well ofc, but he could've planned it in between events, it's not like dhw and arbalet just popped up a week ago
2009-11-19 17:06
6 replies
Put it the in another perspective, the vacation could have been planned months ago?
2009-11-19 17:09
3 replies
Which i guess it was. A trip to us is not like a trip to the gran canaria. needs more planning
2009-11-19 17:22
1 reply
Especially when it comes to two months. :)
2009-11-20 00:40
Vacation time should be given to the hole team, it can't be taken by any member whenever he wants. That's why I think he's being disrespectful and non proffesional with his teammates.
2009-11-20 18:14
omg... relax man! he will be having a sick trip :D ! south amerika :D
2009-11-20 11:45
1 reply
Sweden Vilseledd
yeah ofc I'm happy for him, just feel for his team
2009-11-20 13:45
Of course, but two months isn't really necessary when you have some obligations like these. :P
2009-11-20 00:40
6 replies
The vacation has been planned for a looooong time.
2009-11-22 10:37
5 replies
So? Did I say it wasn't planned? It's still unnecessary to go away for _TWO MONTHS_, which was the only thing I said..
2009-11-22 14:41
4 replies
The other way around: Where did i say, that you said that ? :)
2009-11-22 20:47
3 replies
Obliquely, you did. I just said it didn't have to be that long and you tell me it's been planned for a long time?
2009-11-23 23:56
2 replies
That's what you understand of what i said, that doesen't mean i ment it that way?
2009-11-24 12:56
1 reply
That's what you said, if you meant something else, how do you suppose we should have understood that?
2009-11-24 13:28
+1 CS FOR LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CS > real life events I c4n7 beli3v3 7h1s, h3 1s 4c7ing lik3 a n00b.
2009-11-19 17:38
5 replies
Sweden Vilseledd
Hey you must be having a great life. Hanging on a gaming site and insulting others for doing the same. And about Sunde, well most professional cs players dont do much except playing for their team and the tournaments are the reason they practice and play, so skipping out on the rest of the team is selfish. At least I would've been pissed if I was in mTw :)
2009-11-19 18:45
4 replies
Its Counterstrike tho !! :D
2009-11-19 19:09
0mggg wtffff dude, 1 wr07e "+1" s0 I 4gr33d you n0t inul73d.
2009-11-19 19:55
I think they knew about it long ago though, its not just that it popped up a week ago..
2009-11-19 21:29
1 reply
I'd still be pissed. :)
2009-11-20 00:41
MJE in!
2009-11-19 17:11
mTw is pretty much dead, then?? Time to disband.
2009-11-19 17:31
2 replies
... dude.... that was just a retarded statement
2009-11-19 17:56
It's not like he decided to go to USA just 2 hours ago? I guess he needs to pracc a lot when he's coming back :D
2009-11-19 17:59
Prison break?
2009-11-19 17:35
1 reply
haha t-bag:D
2009-11-19 18:19
Yeeeeeeeeeees! MJE come back pleaseee :DDD Sunde stepping down for vacations is bad for mTw, who will be the awper? zonic I think. But anyone is like Sundeeee! gL mTw! gogogo Trace!
2009-11-19 17:38
7 replies
Singapore Nephalith
trace can awp just as good.
2009-11-19 18:45
1 reply
Trace is facking sick with ak or m4, let zonic have his time :P
2009-11-19 20:25
2009-11-20 00:41
4 replies
Is minet great awper?
2009-11-20 00:43
3 replies
I think so?
2009-11-20 00:50
2 replies
I'm just asking, haven't seen him :/ fu spanishteacherfacker ;D
2009-11-20 00:56
1 reply
I think so!:D Nah, she's Syrian I think, I'm more of a Swede kinda guy!;)
2009-11-20 01:04
-minet +MJE will win DH :D
2009-11-19 17:48
4 replies
Now that would be one hell of a team.
2009-11-19 18:06
And who do you want as Sunde's replacement?
2009-11-20 00:42
2 replies
whimp of course :)
2009-11-20 17:06
1 reply
OK, old school. ;)
2009-11-20 19:30
we want mje! :)
2009-11-19 18:06
friis ??:D my vote on him ! :P coz hes good awper and he can replace sunde ;]
2009-11-19 18:14
4 replies
2009-11-20 00:42
faagan > friis
2009-11-20 01:39
1 reply
2009-11-20 17:06
Friis can not go with mTw, he go with SoA i think.
2009-11-21 20:01
they should ask minet to step down and have whimp come back too
2009-11-19 18:16
wtf sunde owns!! but mjee owns too :D
2009-11-19 18:18
rofl this picture is great
2009-11-19 18:38
lol whimp :D
2009-11-19 19:14
Arcadion xD Why is he visiting south america?
2009-11-19 19:14
1 reply
2009-11-20 00:42
zonic, ave, minet, trace and MJE = crush (=
2009-11-19 19:27
Sad, won't be able to see Sunde in action. May be a chance for trace to show some awp skills. xD
2009-11-19 20:21
Ill be there !
2009-11-19 21:01
hes probably going to south america and miami because it will be warm but I think it is bullsht that he is taking a vacation for 2 months who the hell takes 2 month vacations? obviously he is lazy and doesnt give 2 fks about mTw CUT ASAP PLZ
2009-11-19 21:06
he will be missing WEM as well, dont know if mTw planned to attend that though, but SK and fnatic are going. edit: should however dont be any problem for mtw really, with mje/whimp as stand-in whom i assume they will pick.
2009-11-19 21:20
1 reply
They were invited, that's all I know.
2009-11-20 00:43
A lot of problems for mtw this year though :/ but anyway hope to see them do great.
2009-11-19 21:29
mje for minet and mtw is stronger. Minet isn't a really good player, but Trace is great :D
2009-11-19 21:35
3 replies
Who instead of Sunde then?
2009-11-20 00:43
2 replies
for now I would take mje or whimp, but if mtw wants gain something in the future they should do a permanent change mje instead of minet
2009-11-20 09:43
1 reply
whiMp won't happen.
2009-11-20 15:20
Argentina sebaxinho
which country from south america ? :p
2009-11-19 22:02
wow that's some nice trip :D but I feel like everything is falling apart... fnatic not winning WCG and now this... =l
2009-11-19 22:13
2009-11-19 23:10
Ok, as Nix0n said, of course vacations are needed, but two months? It's not like mTw aren't serious about their gaming and their tournaments..
2009-11-20 00:43
ahaha bijaach :D
2009-11-20 01:12
2009-11-20 03:34
MJE :)
2009-11-20 03:31
whimp in picture :))
2009-11-20 06:19
2009-11-20 06:41
hope whimp will step in. Too bad, gonna be hard without Sunde :(
2009-11-20 12:48
What a picture LOOOOOOL Gl mtw, nice vacations sunde :)
2009-11-20 13:17
mTw will play in DreamHack Winter, Arbalet Cup Europe and World eSport Masters (WEM) :) MJE, Paddy or whimp will standing for me :P
2009-11-20 19:33
Good Luck :)
2009-11-21 07:00 novicesport VS HIGH watch this
2009-11-21 16:04
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