[VOD] Talking about GODSENT's success and Major team list on HLTV Confirmed with TACO

Epitacio "⁠TACO⁠" de Melo will join the show live on Twitch at 20:00 to talk about his team's rise to form and successful qualification for the PGL Stockholm Major.

The two-time Major winner and current leader of GODSENT will take part in HLTV Confirmed S5E58. TACO joins the HLTV live show for the first time, after GODSENT racked up a number of great results: qualifying for the Major, IEM Winter, EPL Conference, and ESEA Premier.

TACO will make his first appearance on HLTV Confirmed

The 26-year-old Brazilian will chat with the panel about his own squad, as well as other topics such as the IEM Fall North American RMR, the teams that qualified for the Major (and those that will miss out), and recent roster changes in fnatic and Eternal Fire.

Topic list:

Hot seat with TACO
- Qualifying for the Major
- IEM Winter, EPL Conference, ESEA Premier qualification
- Why did it take so long to find form?
- Creating the team with latto, b4rtin, dumau
- Can GODSENT become a top 10 team?
- Who wants to be a skinionaire
Recent news
- gla1ve returns for the Major, Bubzkji out
- fnatic bench Jackinho
- Eternal Fire remove ISSAA
PGL Major
- Brazilians scene dominates attendance
- NA RMR focus
- Assesing the team list
- Biggest surprises on and off the Major list
BLAST Showdown
- Initial thoughts (Heroic, Complexity, MIBR)
- Costream details
- Parimatch matchmaker game
- Viewer questions and leftover topics

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Brazil Epitacio 'TACO' de Melo
Epitacio 'TACO' de Melo
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Latvia heywire
2021-10-13 11:35
1 reply
He doesnt forgive
2021-10-14 01:17
2021-10-13 11:35
resident sleeper
2021-10-13 11:36
2 replies
how dare you
2021-10-13 21:36
Ireland kdorek
+1, Botaco
2021-10-14 01:05
Portugal H3NR
Well played, this should be interesting. I'm excited to see Godsent at the major. :D
2021-10-13 11:37
Taco is an icon for young people
2021-10-13 11:40
Most improved BR/NA team this year. Good luck in the Major
2021-10-13 11:40
EPITACIO DE MELOLOLOLOLO NGL, I didn't have any expectations from Godsent but they seem to be doing well!
2021-10-13 11:41
Panel will go harsh on Eternal Fire sadly xd
2021-10-13 11:46
5 replies
Why did they forfeit their match last night? Didn't they include Mirbit in the roster? Calyx was playing FPL right when their match was scheduled and they cited that they couldn't field in a complete roster to compete, what happened?
2021-10-13 11:52
4 replies
which match was it?
2021-10-13 11:52
3 replies
2 replies
maybe they found a 5th or something and didnt want to play with mirbit
2021-10-13 11:54
1 reply
idk man , they sstill could have played
2021-10-13 16:58
taco god
2021-10-13 11:51
This will be epic :D
2021-10-13 11:55
Finally someone from the Brazilian scene, i bet TACO will make this really entertaining :)
2021-10-13 11:58
1 reply
Felps also in Godsent man)
2021-10-13 12:20
2021-10-13 12:02
Very entertaining episode incoming mens, ~2 hours of pure TACO-tainment :)
2021-10-13 12:28
Algeria MagnumDz
ask him who was the problem after Luminosity and SK era ?
2021-10-13 12:29
-Why did it take so long to find form? -We find form right after we landed NA, something magical happened there, don't know what it could be. -Can GODSENT become a top 10 team? -No, they are where they are because they are qualifying from NA, when they played in the European t3 they were eating dicks day after day.
2021-10-13 12:57
6 replies
Brazil _pedrin
They played in t3 EU right after they release the roster. In the beggining they were struggling against NA teams also (they didnt passed through the closed qualifier). Every team need some time and godsent needed even more, since their players played in similar positions, 3 are rookies and they never played together (besides taco and felps)
2021-10-13 13:15
Godsent was playing better than Movistar Riders in t2, t3 EU tournaments at the beggining of the year KEKW
2021-10-13 15:07
Brazil Yamat01
Actually I would say that godsent is better than movistar at the moment...
2021-10-13 19:03
2 replies
Actually 0 BR teams would qualify to the Major through EU nowadays.
2021-10-13 21:22
how do you know? they didnt play in a while xd
2021-10-13 22:07
Brazil edgy_man
great now lets interview mr. x676 -when will you find happiness ? -never, i'll always be a sad person on the internet ranting about other's success
2021-10-13 21:05
good don't talk about nip personal vendetta much?
2021-10-13 12:58
2021-10-13 13:12
2021-10-13 13:30
United Kingdom Tnk11
Can't wait, definitely going to be tuning into this one
2021-10-13 13:30
2021-10-13 13:40
India rivervp
Now Taco is a well deserved guest on the show
2021-10-13 13:52
Brazil maikedak
Tacooo GOD
2021-10-13 14:08
Taco haters where you at?
2021-10-13 19:46
13 replies
right here! hes still a bot
2021-10-13 22:58
12 replies
Taco bot 2 majors navi bots still zero majors. I'd rather be taco bot than navi bot :D
2021-10-14 05:28
11 replies
keep talking about those ancient majors like they mean anything xddddddd
2021-10-14 05:55
10 replies
a few years ago isn't ancient lmao.
2021-10-14 07:22
9 replies
it is when hes been playing like this hltv.org/stats/players/9217/taco
2021-10-14 07:37
8 replies
Every teammate that has played with Taco said he was the best teammate they ever had. The fact that he lead a group of teenagers to a major is very impressive, but I get it you're a taco hater so you're always going to hate him no matter what.
2021-10-14 07:39
7 replies
2021-10-14 07:41
6 replies
2021-10-14 15:18
2 replies
taco was carried =(
2021-10-14 20:12
1 reply
taco carried coldzera nice bait
2021-10-17 16:30
Everyone has said and done things they regret it's called living. What happened years ago does not define what someone is today.
2021-10-14 18:48
2 replies
yes, just like a major
2021-10-15 01:27
1 reply
Kangaroo brain XDD
2021-10-15 20:30
2021-10-13 20:05
2021-10-13 20:15
United Kingdom JupiterACE
Success? LOL
2021-10-13 22:02
6 replies
Brazil hugoooo
For sure beating Liquid and Furia and earning a Major spot is a huge failure. TACO and GODSENT should be ashamed.
2021-10-13 22:59
5 replies
Prob saying that cuz it took a while to take off
2021-10-13 23:46
4 replies
a while? these geniuses..
2021-10-14 00:05
1 reply
What do you mean with that?
2021-10-14 00:14
8 months
2021-10-14 04:09
1 reply
yeah? thats a lot of time
2021-10-14 11:16
Brazil kalil420
2021-10-13 22:34
Denmark zorglubx
Just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed Taco in this episode, damn he is just such a nice dude, I never got this side of him from other interviews or the like.. thanks for bringing him to the light :)
2021-10-13 22:51
1 reply
United States NABOT
2021-10-14 08:29
2021-10-13 23:03
2021-10-13 23:15
He looks like to be a nice mans
2021-10-13 23:40
Russia mcs#
2021-10-14 00:07
2021-10-14 00:44
Brazil _Ado14_
2021-10-14 00:54
LES GO TACO, sorry for hating on u 20 years ago.
2021-10-14 01:10
god, will get at least top5 in major!
2021-10-14 02:41
Brazil SpirtF
good interview guys :)
2021-10-14 04:07
REZ | 
Hong Kong Opekp
Imagine Navi Win major :)
2021-10-14 08:46
Taco, always good stories to tell. <3 Also nice to hear that fnx (or was it fer? I was really tired) is now reality tv star. : DDD
2021-10-14 09:22
1 reply
2021-10-14 14:54
2021-10-14 13:22
TACO is a bad fragger, sometimes he even looks like an idiot/bot in certain situations, but there is no denying he is an important player for any team he has joined. Wish him and the other Godsent boys the best
2021-10-14 14:29
4 replies
someone gotta be the bottom fragger
2021-10-14 14:34
3 replies
At some point before 2030 people will actually understand this. Let's keep up the good fight reminding them on the meantime.
2021-10-14 15:49
... but maybe not thaaaaat deep haha
2021-10-14 17:43
1 reply
As an entryfragger, it is obvious (at least for me) that his frags and stats wont be that great. Taco makes a sacrifice to his team, allowing the rest of the team to frag and secure the bomb. If wasn't for taco, another player would fit his position, therefor, you would probably say that this other player would have bad stats.
2021-10-14 22:51
Super good show like always, congrats to all. TACO was an awesome guest!
2021-10-14 15:49
Godsent success 😂
2021-10-14 17:16
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