HellRaisers snare xaoc

HellRaisers have announced the addition of Alexey "xaoc" Kucherov to the Counter-Strike line-up.

The Ukrainian team failed to impress at the WCG Finals in Chengdu last week, being sent back home in the Round of 16 following a 2-0 defeat to Power Gaming.

HellRaisers have now confirmed that Alexey "xaoc" Kucherov has joined the team on a permanent basis, filling the boots of George "v0lt" Mazur.

Quizzed on the reason behind Mazur's release from the team, Ivan "Johnta" Shevcov indicated that such decision was not motivated by his WCG form, but by the lack of union in the team.

"This decision was not an easy one, we did not want to change the line-up because when it was created, we thought it would last for a long time," Shevcov told HLTV.org.

"But unfortunately it turned out that this line-up was not 'on the same wavelength'. All were excellent players, but it did not look like a team. After WCG we had a long conversation about what was happening and tried to find a solution.

"It is not that v0lt played bad, he was well prepared individually, but again, we did not look like a team. There was no team spirit, we just played hard individually. We are very sorry that we had to part with v0lt, but some times we have to make changes for vital reasons.

Kucherov, who had been without a home since the disbandment of Amazing Gaming last month, will now hope to improve HellRaisers' fortunes at Arbalet Cup Europe.

"xaoc is a great player and a highly skilled one, and he is good friend of ANGE1's and has previously played with markeloff," Shevcov added. "I do not know yet if this was the right decision or not, we hope we are not mistaken."

HellRaisers have now:

Ukraine Ioan "Edward" Sukharev
Ukraine Yegor "markeloff" Markelov
Ukraine Kiril "ANGE1" Karasiow
Ukraine Ivan "Johnta" Shevcov
Ukraine Alexey "xaoc" Kucherov

2009-11-21 18:21
1 reply
first post hunter ^^
2009-11-21 19:21
Well...GL But it think they will miss v0lt.
2009-11-21 18:21
hh good luck
2009-11-21 18:26
1 reply
another Alexey xD
2009-11-22 00:19
tt v0lt is GOD
2009-11-21 18:26
I was hoping for -v0lt +zurab, but oh well :[, gl xaoc
2009-11-21 18:28
1 reply
Me2 but xaoc is underrated. :) His AK is wild.
2009-11-22 14:33
GL xaoc, I feel really sorry for v0lt .. gl irl George <3
2009-11-21 18:28
gl HR
2009-11-21 18:28
good for them.BTW where is frost?
2009-11-21 18:30
1 reply
play mixes all night :D
2009-11-22 10:15
MIRAAA i dont have words to describe you, you are SO SO SO SO SO fast posting news, OMG
2009-11-21 18:37
8 replies
Yeah, MIRAA is a fast guy! gj Miraa ( ia cucu ) :DDDDDDD
2009-11-21 18:50
5 replies
ia cucu mean extra faster , right?:D :))))))
2009-11-21 20:47
4 replies
Mirra knows very well what "ia cucu" mean :) he knows some romanian words haha :D
2009-11-21 22:12
3 replies
:)) prepare for bann :))
2009-11-21 22:55
2 replies
naah hes my homie =D
2009-11-22 08:38
1 reply
:))) whatever :D
2009-11-22 12:46
since HLTV added Miraa ive stopped using gotfrag and other sites completely :D
2009-11-21 19:06
1 reply
lol me too +1
2009-11-22 11:23
YEA, nice!! HR are better than ever, imo :D
2009-11-21 18:51
very nice , GL
2009-11-21 18:51
this lineup could do some serious damage. I'd say this is the best ukrainian lineup of all time. though if u Change johnta and ange1 with starix and Zeus and u've got the 5 best players from Ukraine in the same team :))
2009-11-21 18:55
5 replies
Singapore Nephalith
If Johnta is removed, who would be the strat caller? I think there is no other caller is better than Johnta besides B1ad3~R. I agree with Zeus in HR though. He's one of my favorites in UA scene. (Edward+Markeloff+Zeus ftw!)
2009-11-21 19:04
2 replies
Ukraine lancee
edward is a strat-caller now
2009-11-21 19:50
1 reply
Singapore Nephalith
Oh... I hope that won't affect his fragging abilities. :(
2009-11-21 21:08
imho best 5 of Ukraine would be: Zeus Edward markeloff starix ange1/craft1k but I absolutely love current KerchNET and HR.. amazing teams.. too bad DTS.chatrix is really weak now.. waiting for some changes there!
2009-11-21 20:30
i think johnta is really really good :/
2009-11-24 17:27
xaoc > v0lt
2009-11-21 19:00
Well MIRAA should mention also about switching a captian. This responsibility is now on Edward.
2009-11-21 19:03
now HR can be really top
2009-11-21 19:04
not bad but not the best choice i think
2009-11-21 19:06
I wanted to see Zeus :(
2009-11-21 19:09
1 reply
He is in KerchNET.
2009-11-22 14:35
xaoc is a good player. nice new lineup \m/
2009-11-21 19:12
Ange1 and Xaoc together :) GL misses ValeNtiniCh
2009-11-21 19:15
good line up btw :p
2009-11-21 19:31
Ukraine lancee
Edward is a caller now instead of Johnta
2009-11-21 19:51
Norway billson
hmm v0lt was kinda good
2009-11-21 19:55
1 reply
Ukraine lancee
hes average, not the same level compared to other hr players. Btw kerchnet are better than HR anyway even with this new change.
2009-11-21 19:58
i think xaoc > v0lt , so imo it is a good move :)
2009-11-21 19:58
1 reply
true. xaoc is overall definitely a top5 player in UA
2009-11-21 20:06
*2Drake I don't think so.
2009-11-21 20:30
Jerzy 'v0lt' Mazur ? :D
2009-11-21 20:30
out with xaoc , in with pops <3
2009-11-21 20:36
1 reply
Do you really think he'll leave DTS?;)
2009-11-22 14:35
Ukraine lancee
Probably the new lineup of HR will be tested versus fnatic tomorrow if the match won't be postponed. But it will probably be postponed because edward is ill.
2009-11-21 20:46
gl =)
2009-11-21 20:46
good luck hr
2009-11-21 21:32
gl Xaoc & gl HR!!
2009-11-21 22:06
omg Roger! :)
2009-11-21 22:34
2009-11-21 23:30
Romania C1pryaN
strong lineup gl
2009-11-22 00:04
2009-11-22 02:12
I think xaoc is not worse than Zeus&#12290; xaoc is the best one in A-gaming
2009-11-22 06:14
xaoc GL in HellRaisers, 1 more killinmachine
2009-11-22 06:26
is not longer, their time was here and now everybody is overcome. gl v0lt.
2009-11-22 10:32
Ioan "Edward" Sukharev Yegor "markeloff" Markelov Kiril "ANGE1" Karasiow - need v not w and in the name kiriLL - double L - hltv.org Ivan "Johnta" Shevcov Alexey "xaoc" Kucherov
2009-11-22 10:54
Kirill "ANGE1" Karasiov !!
2009-11-22 11:00
Great add by Hellraisers, maybe they can reach the top5 with this lineup during 2010 :)
2009-11-22 13:41
gL HR! This team is amazing! :D
2009-11-22 14:03
xaoc is a relly good choice. i hoped to see zeus, cause he has those amazing individual skills as edward or markeloff. nice team and gl
2009-11-22 14:26
He's a great player, definitely better than v0lt!
2009-11-22 14:36
would be better +Zeus, but anyway I think it`s a good choice
2009-11-22 14:48
Zeus would be great, but lets see xaoc
2009-11-22 16:16
zeus=xaoc so we have 2 equal teams BUT: if Edward is a new strat caller,thus Johnta is unsteady, but gL anyway
2009-11-22 17:34
I hope that will be good one and right for HR(above all!) GL
2009-11-23 19:53
gl HR :D
2009-11-23 21:36
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