FireGamers release prd

FireGamers have confirmed that Arthur "prd" Resende has been relieved of his duties.

This decision comes just days after the team's participation in the WCG, where they defeated fnatic in their last group encounter but still failed to go beyond the first stage.

Arthur "prd" Resende had joined FireGamers in September to fill the shoes of Bruno "bit" Fukuda, but he has now been shown the exit door for the third time in the space of months.


According to team captain Renato "nak" Nakano, internal problems, and not Resende's displays in Chengdu, were behind this decision.

"The main reason was his relationship with the other players... personal reasons, nothing to do with his ingame performance," Nakano told

"The five of us spoke and prd himself realised it really was not right."

FireGamers have now a four-man roster, with Nakano indicating the new player will soon be unveiled.

"We are still looking for our fifth player, probably in a week at most we will announce him," he noted. "The team continue with plans for 2010 and we still have a lot to do to achieve our goals."

FireGamers have now:

Brazil Bruno "bruno" Ono
Brazil Renato "nak" Nakano
Brazil Lincoln "fnx" Lau
Brazil Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo

MIRA GO TO BED. Sad news a bad relationship with the teammates is never good. btw nice photo, he's angry and starting to look green xD
2009-11-22 02:53
They had problems and its prd "fault" so good decison . FG fTW :D
2009-11-22 02:51
aspx? XD
2009-11-22 02:57
5 replies
2009-11-22 03:34
Aspx my friend is the bigest cheater ever sow...
2009-11-22 09:29
3 replies
liar! how dear you!
2009-11-22 09:59
1 reply
2009-11-22 10:12
2009-11-22 14:37
waiting for fnx to shine again !!!
2009-11-22 02:58
1 reply
yeah. totally sick player. at my top 3 for sure.
2009-11-22 04:23
bit or btt
2009-11-22 02:58
prd was awesome at wcg, to bad he didnt click with the team. looking forward to see the new member
2009-11-22 03:05
lol @ interview before WCG were they said they were all friends and all had trust in eachother and were going to stay together and that that made them a stronger team than mibr. just lol
2009-11-22 03:05
its more harder than you all imagine ;D anyway , gl prd fat guy! :D
2009-11-22 03:08
16 replies
hum, your nick is suspicious Reminds me someone ... but who??
2009-11-22 03:13
12 replies
hmm, the word idiot reminds you?
2009-11-22 03:22
11 replies
not really. but it should? the only word that remind's me is leet but that is another story
2009-11-22 03:36
4 replies
I can't find other words to discribe, sorry
2009-11-22 03:37
3 replies
i know, you didn't learn english as well as me
2009-11-22 03:46
2 replies
ohhh that was big! :D
2009-11-22 12:04
2009-11-22 13:03
i think he mean aSpx :)
2009-11-22 03:50
5 replies
i was being ironic --"
2009-11-22 05:26
same as #30
2009-11-22 05:41
same as #33
2009-11-22 14:38
same as #88
2009-11-23 15:11
1 reply
same as #114
2009-12-02 19:52
goodluck in firegamers aspx
2009-11-22 12:14
2 replies
hes not join, is a joke -.-
2009-11-23 18:49
1 reply
2009-11-23 19:44
we can't understand how the fuck the best two players from Brazil cannot play toguetter again. Fnx and cogu
2009-11-22 03:17
3 replies
Its a matter of Ego... Fnx is godd, but thinks he is god.. btw, this is the last year of CS to Cogu.
2009-11-22 03:27
2 replies
don't judge this way man, yes it's about one's personality, but to say someone think he is god, it's too much (i think)
2009-11-22 03:40
1 reply
What can you say about someone that say "The team that i will be playing, is the best team". He knows cs. He knows its a competitive e-sport. And saying that, he assumes that he thinks he is god.
2009-11-22 12:09
oohh noo....what a bad news ...i cant sleep tonight :D
2009-11-22 03:18
get bit back from mibr and they'll be sweet :D
2009-11-22 03:24
4 replies
get bit back? i would rather play all by myself then with bit.. and if the day comes that i see nak, bruno, fnx or fallen playing with him again, trust me, i will never cheer for them again. really hope that day never arrives ;)
2009-11-22 04:21
1 reply
yeah traitor bit.drama drama drama.
2009-11-22 05:35
I despise bit!!
2009-11-22 06:09
2009-11-22 06:10
2009-11-22 03:31
this whole aspx story is getting a little bit annoying. any time a brazilian new comes up, ASPX this, aspx that, let it go for crying out loud... on topic: too bad guys. i really believed this team had a future ahead of them. nice strat caller, FANTASTIC awper, sick aimers, but now i dont see that bright future, cause i dont think they'r gonna get a better player then prd. oh well, i hope im wrong.
2009-11-22 04:13
2 replies
+1 on the aSpx part. I Hope they dont do the same as mibr, and start kicking players off.
2009-11-23 02:43
prd is holding FG back as much as spacca is holding mibr back... they are not exeptional players and i don't accept them on such teams ;p
2009-11-23 15:14
2009-11-22 04:28
WTFFF why? :S. fg cogu :)
2009-11-22 04:42
2009-11-22 04:43
prd sucks!!!!!!
2009-11-22 04:52
I would like to see pava back in action =)
2009-11-22 04:59
1 reply
+1 or batistuta
2009-11-22 06:38
2009-11-22 05:33
prd hasnt skills to play with fg:/ just got frags on ecorounds:D
2009-11-22 05:49
2009-11-22 06:01
btt in !!!If btt in,,FG will be better
2009-11-22 06:06
btt is really really a great player!
2009-11-22 06:07
i think they'll pick batistuta, great player btw and yes, fnx is on top5/players, people just don't talk too much about him cuz he's from br :)
2009-11-22 06:07
3 replies
2009-11-22 06:10
that's right
2009-11-22 19:34
batistuta was once a cheater, saying he's good is pointless... he'll be just another one that will be kicked soon, but this time for bad performance!
2009-11-23 15:16
Snare BTT,plz!!!!
2009-11-22 06:11
2009-11-22 06:36
2009-11-22 06:39
Brazil Kohzito
2009-11-22 06:43
1 reply
oh no ,ton is a sniper! FG dones't lack snipers! BTT>ton 4 FireGamers
2009-11-23 12:11
cogu or a future skilled player and would be a dope line-up imo :P
2009-11-22 06:55
bTT :D
2009-11-22 07:37
fg/tsubasa ozara
2009-11-22 08:37
1 reply
tsubasa king! haha
2009-11-23 18:52
need to give bit another chance
2009-11-22 08:45
aspx in,make us proud again.
2009-11-22 08:48
add btt :D
2009-11-22 08:56
gogo fnx
2009-11-22 09:33
fnx isnt top5
2009-11-22 09:57
2009-11-22 09:59
sad, btw a lot teams are changing their line-ups now ; oo k23, cmax, fg, wnv, all ukrainiansa and so omfg what's going on?! : D
2009-11-22 10:07
Haha, that's really it for me. Pre- and post Chengdu he spoke as if FG now had the lineup they would stick with forever and ever, and they believed in each other and felt so great about it, blablabla, and now this. I guess it proves to us that they won't ever reach the top if they continue down the path they are on.
2009-11-22 10:09
oh noonononooooo:((( prd is a very very good player! gl prd new 5th. Carlos 'KIKOOOO' Segal :D
2009-11-22 10:26
take Ronaldo!
2009-11-22 10:28
1 reply
2009-11-23 15:59
ohohoho bruno, fnx, nak, FalleN and KIKOOOO crushing line-up :D
2009-11-22 10:44
1 reply
2009-11-22 21:01
his fault that FG lost so quickly but he managed his team and defeated fnatic on their best map !
2009-11-22 10:54
2009-11-22 10:54
oh sad :(
2009-11-22 11:06
that bad, but good luck
2009-11-22 11:13
m1hka | 
Russia m1hka
This is madness? THIS IS SPARTA!!!
2009-11-22 11:34
fg/batistuta fact
2009-11-22 11:47
i miss prd love prd and his father
2009-11-22 12:12
I used to respect FG... Nakano's words were something like that: "we're really good friends bla bla we will stick with that lineup forever blabla" and now this?
2009-11-22 12:14
Go Ronaldo!
2009-11-22 12:17
1 reply
Roberto Carlos!
2009-11-22 12:24
Poland kaefix
my mother join ;)
2009-11-22 12:42
Cogu or spacca
2009-11-22 12:58
fl prd <3 FALLEN
2009-11-22 13:00
bring back "Lance" D:
2009-11-22 13:14
7 replies
Was he ever in FG?
2009-11-22 14:40
6 replies
To the cs scene i meant :P
2009-11-22 17:48
1 reply
Oh ok, sorry. :) He isn't that good though, is he? :P
2009-11-23 23:57
hes wcg's staff now ;x
2009-11-23 18:53
3 replies
That didn't really answer my question. ;)
2009-11-23 23:52
2 replies
no, hes not :V haha
2009-11-24 00:50
1 reply
Ok. :D
2009-11-24 00:56
Bring in Ton
2009-11-22 13:43
bring aspx go
2009-11-22 14:05
I hope for a good addition :D
2009-11-22 14:18
2009-11-22 14:21
hh as prd means fart in czech language it's quite funny to realise in news like that, that Firegamers ass releases a fart xD
2009-11-22 14:29
They'll be just like MiBr. Though if they manage to land cogu, and if they can all get along, it would be huge!
2009-11-22 14:41
8 replies
They dont need cogu, fallen is much more motivated than cogu and he is best sniper in Brazil now.
2009-11-22 15:09
7 replies
2009-11-22 21:29
2009-11-23 18:54
So? I'm not saying he's any better than FalleN but they still should've landed him had he wanted to join, he doesn't have to replace FalleN, does he?
2009-11-24 00:11
4 replies
Doesnt make any sense that u are talking about.
2009-11-24 00:25
3 replies
You just don't understand.
2009-11-24 01:00
2 replies
Even Einstein wont understand ur post above, but nevermind.
2009-11-24 01:36
1 reply
I said they should've brought cogu, and you start going on about FalleN and him being better than cogu? So? Can't cogu play for FG just because FalleN is better than him?
2009-11-24 13:30
BATISTUTA, for sure.
2009-11-22 14:58
#93 i dont know about that. FALLEN is sick, he really is, but cogu is cogu. im not saying that he would do better than fallen, but cogu is cogu the best awper in the world imo. but right now, i would trade cogu for fallen for sure.
2009-11-22 16:02
3 replies
cogu is old news, FalleN > cogu
2009-11-22 19:41
Cogu is past, he'll not improve anymore, but falleN will.
2009-11-23 15:24
trade it (:
2009-11-24 00:26
2009-11-22 16:02
bad =/
2009-11-22 16:09
it will be B A T I S T U T A
2009-11-22 17:06
Hope that the 5th player will be as good or better as prd.
2009-11-22 18:34
i just wanna see fallen using a AWP again
2009-11-22 21:48
2009-11-22 22:06
aspx > all team imo
2009-11-22 22:33
hope for MKR, =]
2009-11-23 00:45
Lance IS BACK go:}
2009-11-23 02:20
2 replies
lance SUCKS
2009-11-23 12:12
lance staff i think cky joins :b
2009-11-23 18:55
Cogu used to be the better awper around this world. He is as legend as HeatoN, Potti, SpawN, Fiskerr. Using an AWP he was a monster. Nowadays he is almost retiring, then he has no more motivation to still playing, further our community is so unfair and uses to judge a very good player, just cuz his actions for now. Well, FalleN is growing up as faster as possible. This kind of turn-over in TOPs team is making us get confuse, since we can't bellieve aswell in their usually friendship words.
2009-11-23 12:39
6 replies
melhora teu ingles plz!
2009-11-23 15:26
4 replies
dont speak in portuguese, please :x
2009-11-23 18:56
Hey my dear, i'm fluently :). However i've gone to USA in a few months ago. At least i don't use Portuguese lenguage in a wrong place :). Before judge me, try to be better then.
2009-11-23 19:41
2 replies
I could notice a few mistakes that even dumb people wouldn't do. I don't care if u've been in usa, that doesn't change the fact that u are not as fluent as you think. ps:. I've always been better, that's why I keep judging.
2009-11-25 05:28
1 reply
I made some mistakes, but it's as normal as you think :). Neither these Americans speaks everything perfectly :). You aren't so GOOD as you think ;d. However, i don't care, you still being this holly newbie. Cya "Teh God"
2009-11-27 18:51
Cogu used to be the best awper of the world. He is a legend as HeatoN, Potti, SpawN, fisker, etc. Using an AWP he was a monster. This year he is retiring, then he hasn't that motivation to keep playing, our community is so unfair and uses to judge a very good player, just about his actions lately. Well, FalleN is growing up too fast. This entire mess of brazilian top teams is getting us so twisted, we can't even trust a player's statement about the team friendship.
2009-11-23 16:44
bad news
2009-11-23 12:52
cogu retired
2009-11-23 23:18
#101 "cogu is old news, FalleN > cogu" Hahaha! ¬¬'
2009-11-24 16:24
how old is fallen exactly?
2009-11-24 18:50
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