PGL Major Stockholm Challengers Stage round 4 matchups set

Tournament play for the Challengers will move solely to best-of-three matches as teams are now only fighting to advance or to stave off elimination.

The second day of the Challengers Stage in Stockholm has come to a close, leaving twelve teams standing after FaZe and Copenhagen Flames advanced to the Legends Stage, and GODSENT and Sharks were eliminated.

The fourth round of matchups have now been determined, with teams set to exclusively play in best-of-three matches for the remainder of this Swiss stage as they will have everything to fight for, either to advance or to avoid elimination. will look to secure a Legends spot as they kick off day three

Kicking off the the progression matches is a tantalizing CIS clash between Spirit and, who have traded series wins in their recent match-ups. Simultaneously, Heroic will take on Entropiq, while a battle between BIG and ENCE — the first time the two rosters will face off — will determine the fifth team to advance from the Challengers Stage.

The first elimination series, unfolding on the secondary stream, will pit Movistar Riders up against TYLOO, with the Spaniards heading into the match as the heavy favorites to advance to the 2-2 round.

The end of the day will bring about another two highlight matches, in which Christopher "⁠dexter⁠" Nong will take on his former teammates from Renegades, while Astralis continue their effort to recover from their disastrous 0-2 start in the tournament with a match against paiN.

Matches on the main stream will once again be played in the shared stage area, while the secondary stream match-ups will have teams continue to play from their practice rooms.

The match-ups for the fourth round of the Swiss stage are:

2-1 (BO3)
10:00 CIS vs. Russia Spirit (Main stream)
10:00 Denmark Heroic vs. Russia Entropiq
13:45 Germany BIG vs. Europe ENCE (Main stream)

1-2 (BO3)
13:45 Spain Movistar Riders vs. China TYLOO
17:30 Europe MOUZ vs. Australia Renegades (Main stream)
17:30 Denmark Astralis vs. Brazil paiN

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Australia Christopher 'dexter' Nong
Christopher 'dexter' Nong
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United Arab Emirates msf5221
2021-10-27 20:54
lets go VP
2021-10-27 20:55
1 reply
2021-10-28 07:55
2021-10-27 20:55
lets go ASTRALIS 9999999 iq ez qualification for the next stage
2021-10-27 20:55
Astralis kekw, getting tier3 brazil opponents lmao
2021-10-27 20:55
5 replies
Denmark Mister_A
Don't overestimate astralis
2021-10-27 22:44
4 replies
I dont, they still got 2 of 3 most easier opponents
2021-10-27 22:46
3 replies
they play in 1-2 its hard to get tough opponents here
2021-10-28 01:05
North America hi_mens))
Yeah that's what happens when you go 0-2
2021-10-28 05:19
Denmark Derige
First of all its kinda expected to get easier opponents in 0-2 and 1-2. Second, i dont feel like fans should complain about other teams getting easy opponents so far. Its not like Pain, Movistar or spirit have been looking that great. And even in the 2-0 group they probably got the easiest opponent out of Heroic, Cphf and Faze
2021-10-28 10:49
2021-10-27 20:55
finally some good cs
2021-10-27 20:55
2 replies
cuz we didn't have that today?
2021-10-27 20:56
1 reply
faze vp yeah, rest i sleep
2021-10-27 21:37
ez for goatstralis
2021-10-27 20:56
Astralis are getting out of this for free lmao, godsent and then pain
2021-10-27 20:56
2021-10-27 20:56
vp > spirit (ez pick em) heoric > entropiq (ez pick em) big < ence (ez pick em) riders > tyloo mouz >renegades astralis > pain
2021-10-27 20:56
2 replies
United States Benchy_boy
2021-10-27 21:57
BIG > ENCE, the rest is perfect
2021-10-27 21:58
Europe JohnMurphy
Spirit Heroic BIG Movistar Riders MOUZ Astralis
2021-10-27 20:57
I'm not a BR fan, but please I beg you. Kill Astralis
2021-10-27 20:57
16 replies
Astralis loves playing against BR, it will be hard, very hard
2021-10-27 21:26
Be glad for Astralis, they allowed device to go to nothing in paypal and help ur trash scene
2021-10-27 21:31
14 replies
...and to put your scene into the trash
2021-10-27 21:41
13 replies
my scene has more players than any other country apart from brazil attending the major. Your scene havent won anything relevant for years
2021-10-27 21:46
3 replies
I thought there were more Russians than Danes
2021-10-28 00:04
2 replies
Go check one of the major articles, 'the major in numbers' or something like it, shows how many each country have. Brazil had 21, DK 20 and Russia 16 or something like it
2021-10-28 03:40
1 reply
Oh alright then
2021-10-28 03:43
How many swedish and how many danish teams is here? Even a danish player carrying the only relevant swedish team, but at least you tried
2021-10-27 21:47
8 replies
My oh my, how easy triggered danes are. You and #41 proves my point. Sleep tight :^)
2021-10-27 21:50
7 replies
How is that being triggered? another one of your posts that makes no sense at all
2021-10-28 03:38
6 replies
Name, Flag and Flair Checks out
2021-10-28 07:10
2 replies
cute that you try to defend his nonsense
2021-10-28 12:56
1 reply
I dont defend nobody, just stated a fact
2021-10-28 13:12
If you don't get it then you're most likely a lost cause, don't bother
2021-10-28 07:18
2 replies
What a weak response to your nonsense
2021-10-28 12:57
1 reply
Whatever floats your boat, bro
2021-10-28 17:16
Why is Astralis matched against the worst team again? Because of their seeding or something? Can someone from HLTV explain?
2021-10-27 20:58
3 replies
Pain actually better than renegades and tyloo
2021-10-27 21:00
1 reply
Fair point
2021-10-27 21:05
Germany tw1cs
They use Buchholz seeding system for 4th and 5th round matches. Basically everyone gets a score based on the performance of opposing teams in matches already played. Then the highest seed plays against the lowest and so on (and since Astralis lost against CPH and Entropiq, who are now 3-0 and 2-1 they will have one of the highest seeds in 1-2 matches)
2021-10-27 21:09
JK | 
Asia flipflop
Mouz vs renegades Just what renegades wanted They need to avenge dexter :p
2021-10-27 20:58
Lets go Astralis
2021-10-27 20:59
Argentina fxzo
Lucky astralis going against br tier 2 teams, hope pain will destroy them
2021-10-27 20:59
Brazil Elakk
ez for saffee, gonna teach Lucky how to awp
2021-10-27 21:02
I like Astralis in the role of the one taking out the trash lul
2021-10-27 21:02
Spirit Entropiq BIG Movistar Riders/TYLOO MOUZ paiN
2021-10-27 21:09
rip Riders vs Tyloo the only two teams in 1-2 I actually like
2021-10-27 21:14
1 reply
Czech Republic PaYaB
that would be a shitshow
2021-10-27 22:22
Poland xMBTx
2021-10-27 21:15
Wonder how much Astralis paid to get such easy matchup after going down 0-2. I guess coughing up some money to save some face. Less expensive than going out with 0-3.
2021-10-27 21:16
5 replies
Denmark Stryfe
See #24
2021-10-27 21:23
Ye imagine if they get Tyloo/riders in 2-2
2021-10-27 21:25
Flat earther spotted
2021-10-27 21:39
At least you tried
2021-10-27 21:44
2021-10-28 02:24
2021-10-27 21:16
BIG vs ENCE pls dont give me IEM Katowice 2019 Train flashbacks :(
2021-10-27 21:25
2 replies
Germany X5ander
Oh yes,thats also what i Think. Time For revanche
2021-10-27 21:51
1 reply
at least they cant choke Train this time :')
2021-10-27 21:52
Astralis free 2 2 ... now they are realy lucky
2021-10-27 21:39
Brazil _Awper
Pain chocked all their games, lack of experience. Now after 2 days they will finally get an easy win. I wouldn't say 2x0 because I respect Astralis, but 2x1 is a fact.
2021-10-27 21:47
Turkey razendd_
Astralis mafia
2021-10-27 21:49
2021-10-27 22:04
Sad day for AU CS tomorrow :(
2021-10-27 22:05
I can't see Astralis qualifying for Legends. They'll be facing a top tier squad to escape elimination after they likely beat paiN, despite having back-to-back lucky match-ups to squeak by with.
2021-10-27 22:09
1 reply
Why two teams from round 3 low play against each other in round 4? I thought they have to face team from round 3 mid match losers. And remaining two teams from round 3 mid play against each other.
2021-10-27 23:43
vp < spirit Heroic > Entropiq Big < ENCE Movistar >>> Tyloo MOUZ > Renegades Astralis >>>>>>>>>> paiN
2021-10-27 22:28
keep heroic off stage as long as possible
2021-10-27 22:45
ASTRALIS 0-2 to 3-2 against tier 5 opponents. After vs pain astralis play with Tyloo-Movistar winner for sure...
2021-10-27 23:52
1 reply
They will most likely play with spirit/vp loser
2021-10-28 03:06
Good chances for astralis👍
2021-10-28 00:55
astralis should go 1-3 or 2-3 for bubzkji
2021-10-28 01:39
2 replies
why? he is 6th man...
2021-10-28 11:20
1 reply
no xyp9x was stand-in and astralis betrayed bub
2021-10-28 11:28
many over 26.5
2021-10-28 01:48
Germany Teztyment
2021-10-28 02:39
Australia CaZeR01
Mouse vs renegades makes me sad
2021-10-28 02:40
India pokedyo
vp heroic ence msr mouz astralis and if my preds are right, 5th round winner preds :- big win over msr entropiq win over mouz astralis win over spirit
2021-10-28 06:13
2021-10-28 06:18
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