Made in Brazil release team

November 25th, 2009 01:31

Made in Brazil have announced they have parted company with the entire Counter-Strike squad.

The 2006 ESWC champions had been left with the difficult task of filling the void left by Raphael "cogu" Camargo after the experienced AWPer decided to hang up his mouse and focus on his studies.

Made in Brazil have now confirmed they have decided against rebuilding their line-up as all of their players have been released from the team and are now free to look for pastures new.

The Brazilian giants are currently locked in talks to acquire a team for the upcoming Extreme Masters American Continental Finals, but they do not rule out the possibility of announcing their new roster only next year in case negotiations break down. Should this happen, then mibr could either organise a competition and sponsor the winning team or sign players one by one.

The following quartet are now free agents:

Brazil Guilherme "spacca" Spacca
Brazil Thiago "btt" Monteiro
Brazil Wellington "ton" Caruso
Brazil Bruno "bit" Fukuda
holy caramba! FG in!
2009-11-25 01:31
Spacca is already on another team: Olavo"chucky" Napoleão Juliano "Batistuta" Correa Ruan "ruaN" Puga Gustavo "gustaviN" Quessada Guilherme "spacca" Spacca
2009-11-25 01:32
2009-11-25 18:45
Portugal Cyborgy 
2009-11-25 21:08
Yeah I noticed further down hehe, thank you anyway!
2009-11-25 21:09
Brazil perex 
2009-11-25 01:33
Good pick up fire gaming +bit
2009-11-25 01:33
2009-11-25 01:35
Venezuela F0rcX 
TON / BTT > Firegamers
2009-11-25 01:36
Brazil spi- 
haha no
2009-11-25 15:49
Brazil perex 
able q hires a line of FG! fnx bruno / BTT fallen / ton nak bit BS mibr
2009-11-25 01:36
LOOL fallen or ton, ofc is fallen don´t even compare, you see him play in wcg?... he is the only one that can go the same level as cogu.
2009-11-25 01:44
Brazil spi- 
bruno < BTT fallen > ton
2009-11-25 15:50
Brazil aspxl 
aspx ownz ;p
2009-11-25 01:37
2009-11-25 01:50
new mibr line-up: aspx ... ... ... ... YOU WILL WIN EVERY TOURNAMENT :O
2009-11-25 23:37
fnx nak fallen bit ton gg
2009-11-25 01:39
2009-11-25 02:50
Brazil spi- 
- ton + bit or btt
2009-11-25 15:51
bit is really in the team as you might see.
2009-11-25 18:46
MiBR is negotiating with 4 players FG + BIT According to some contacts
2009-11-25 01:39
his 13yearold neighbor is his contact...
2009-11-25 16:59
#13 u dont have contacts :D
2009-11-25 01:40
cheater alert
2009-11-25 01:43
cheater alert, hahahahaha you made my day ahahaha :DDDD That was awesome, dude :D
2009-11-25 08:01
2009-11-25 12:58
easy with cheaters :(
2009-11-25 01:50
2009-11-25 01:41
in ur dreams.
2009-11-25 01:44
ton isn't even close lol
2009-11-25 01:55
2009-11-25 02:34
holy shit
2009-11-25 05:20
Fallen rocks dude >>>> ton --'
2009-11-25 15:35
Brazil spi- 
in ur dreams [2]
2009-11-25 15:52
did u even watch wcg ? in MYYY opinion, falleN >> cogu
2009-11-25 17:15
Really man now FG 1.6 line up goes to MiBR.
2009-11-25 01:43
Yes I have yes ! :)
2009-11-25 01:44
i think fnx and nak prefer to play with their grannys in one team, not with bit.
2009-11-25 01:45
According to Alex DrZx
2009-11-25 01:46
2009-11-25 18:48
This doesnt really surprise me if everything about mibr building their teams around cogu is true. now they can take the players who didnt get on
2009-11-25 01:49
2009-11-25 01:57
World xzq 
bit got owned :( and i think FG will join mibr since cogu is gone
2009-11-25 02:41
MiBR.FaLLeN MiBR.fnx MiBR.nak MiBR.ton MiBR.btt I think it would be nice.
2009-11-25 02:49
mibr.taz mibr.luq mibr.neo mibr.loord mibr.kuben only jokeing ;)
2009-11-25 10:44
Romania xPAz 
how the hell to call MIBR (MADE IN BRAZIL) when they are "made" in polad, ROFL, epic fail.
2009-11-25 13:38
Brazil spi- 
only jokeing ;) :$ but thats so good :D
2009-11-25 15:53
MiPo? Hell no.
2009-11-25 18:48
aspx is a nice choice HAHA
2009-11-25 02:50
hopefully their new lineup is bit fnx nak ton fallen
2009-11-25 02:52
go nak fnx bruno fallen btt
2009-11-25 02:58
hahah, I bet bit must be slappin himself, first he changes teams, then he loses WCG qualifier(one of the few events Brazil attended internationally)to his former team, then he's without organization. Nice decision bit ^^
2009-11-25 03:18
he always made the worst choice.
2009-11-25 10:15
Brazil spi- 
yep :X
2009-11-25 15:55
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
2009-11-25 03:18
Brazil caaast 
I think the best thing to do is actually build a new line-up, without ever picking up players in the FG, we have several players of great skill here in Brazil that are not know, as batistuta and maluk3. I agree with the decision of mibr in renewing the line-up.
2009-11-25 03:22
lol so many aspx fakes round here... We will see what happens with mibr in this days.
2009-11-25 03:27
aspx P A T E T I C The best Nerd cheater of SouthAmerica.
2009-11-25 03:29
/\ nerd suck dick! I'm not fake .. you idiot
2009-11-25 03:39
2009-11-25 04:44
You rock
2009-11-25 10:43
Brazil spi- 
he rulez :b
2009-11-25 15:55
That just proved even more that you actually are one.
2009-11-25 18:49
Bit + 4FG guys = New MiBR line up. FG is currently having 4 members right now as they fired prd(who filled in when bit left FG) last week. So the best shot would be this line up. This is the best line up currently in Brazil and all those guys are very good, it must be hurting for them not being able to attend international events due to sponsorship issues. They may take up MiBR tag if the proposal is kept on the table. I hope it happens so. <3 fnx <3 nak
2009-11-25 04:01
bit btt nak falleN fnx
2009-11-25 04:41
2009-11-25 04:43
bit is a son of bitch
2009-11-25 05:18
Brazil spi- 
hahahahaha 2 votes :)
2009-11-25 15:56
2009-11-25 05:44
FG to be the new MiBR lineup, you heard it here first.
2009-11-25 06:09
wow o_ô.. Nostradamus in da house
2009-11-25 07:18
That's hard since they're just 4, and I'm sure you were the first one to say it.
2009-11-25 18:51
2009-11-25 07:39
Cs in Brazil is crazy, teams change their lineups 10 times per year.
2009-11-25 08:02
yess, in poland is much better :)
2009-11-25 10:45
Man I don't mind Brazil and I don't think that Poland is better, but actually I'm right - MIBR and fg are changing their players over and over.
2009-11-25 12:29
Yes, it is?
2009-11-25 18:51
NOOOOOOOOO, legendry team is now ooffff ? come back soon
2009-11-25 09:33
cant believe so many people here yelling that fg should pick up bit one more time.this is so ridiculous.
2009-11-25 10:19
+1 but: you never know
2009-11-25 13:41
<acts surprised>
2009-11-25 11:53
Kazakhstan DiL 
fnx,nak,fallen,btt,bruno =))
2009-11-25 12:50
miBR changed the org's name to miPL! would love that one :)
2009-11-25 13:40
Macedonia Veky 
picking up FireGamers will be good move though, bet lets wait & see! :)
2009-11-25 14:03
spacc to FireGamers and join MiBR! and enjoy all events from now! c'mon
2009-11-25 14:26
He is already in another team.
2009-11-25 18:52
It seems to me that the name team will be new, and the sponsor will be very known and they become Americans)))
2009-11-25 14:36
Eh. Ok. Sure.
2009-11-25 18:52
FalleN | 
Brazil gu1d0 
mibr fnx mibr nak mibr fallen mibr btt mibr bit that's it
2009-11-25 14:56
FalleN | 
Brazil gu1d0 
and manager/coach LANCE AND GAULES
2009-11-25 14:57
waiting for a good lineup
2009-11-25 16:01
Romania chns 
sadface bit
2009-11-25 16:51
Whats up bit?...I guess stabbing your teammates in the back wasnt the best choice after all.
2009-11-25 18:46
I told you so!! Why is everyone so keen that ton should join? He's not good imo. I hope bit and FG can become friends again because those 5 really would be the best team in Brazil. And please people, it's MiBr, not miBR MiBR or mibr. I understand people writing mibr, but when trying to write it perfectly correct, then do so..
2009-11-25 18:53
I think fg should pick bit and btt
2009-11-25 21:13
poNder | 
Netherlands sleepK 
FalleN, BTT*, bit*, nak, fnx patch things up with bit and make the team you should have months ago, minus cogu of course (r.i.p.)
2009-11-25 22:37
steel | 
Brazil sallati 
2009-11-25 23:42
ton bit1 nak fnx bruno1
2009-11-26 14:00
bit nak fnx btt fallen new mibr !
2009-11-26 22:51
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