Dav after upsetting Sinners: "We came here to prove that we can do damage"

After a huge upset win over Sinners, David "⁠Dav⁠" Miljanić sat down with HLTV to chat about how ONYX made it happen.

ONYX arrived at V4 Future Sports Festival Play-In as the second lowest ranked team at the event, only outranking a Hungarian mix. Despite this underdog status they managed to take an opening day victory over SINNERS, the second highest ranked team.

Dav sat down with us to talk about that win, what he thinks about the possibility of qualifying for the main event, and how he feels about recent addition to the team Luc "⁠ArroW⁠" Oehmke.

Dav is optimistic about his team's chances to move on to the main event

First things first: it must be nice to get revenge on Sinners after your loss to them in the V4 International Cup!

It feels amazing. We had a slump in our game against them, so I guess no one expected us to play Inferno again after they stomped us. I think we prepared well for this game, and it paid off.

Like you say Sinners stomped you on Inferno in the International Cup, and you also had a rough game against Fiend on the same map in the same event, so were you confident to play it again?

I am fine with how the veto went, we wanted to play either Ancient or Inferno, and it came to that. They were the higher seed so they got to pick Inferno over Ancient, both maps were fine for us. We prepared for everything.

Why do you think your Inferno was so much better this time around?

We watched our mistakes from the previous matches you mentioned, so we just didn’t do them again. We have a lot of midround calls, but before that they were making a lot of picks. It’s very hard to play 3v5, so we didn’t let them get those openings. We got a lot of opening frags this game, I’m not sure of the exact numbers, but we did pretty well.

Now you have earned yourselves a match against eSuba to qualify for the main event, you beat them 2-1 in the International Cup, so how are you feeling about that game?

We are kinda surprised that they actually won, I saw Dominik "⁠Blogg1s⁠" Janita went crazy, he was on fire. It is really good for us, we expected to play AGO, but now that we have eSuba I think it’s a real chance for us to go through and make it to the main event.

So you said you were expecting to play AGO, does that mean you haven’t prepared much for eSuba?

We all had a lot of time before the tournament, we already knew our groups and everything, so we prepared for every team. I think we will be fine.

Up until this point you haven’t had the best luck in qualifiers for the biggest events, so how important is it to make it to the main event and show what you can do against teams like BIG and Gambit?

That is the goal! We came here to prove that we can do damage, the main goal is to play these big teams. We will try to make ourselves proud, play good versus these types of teams, and then go all the way.

If you could pick between any of the teams in the main event, who would you want to play and why?

Gambit. We pracced a lot versus them, so we know their playstyle and everything. Our playstyle does not fit theirs, so I think we could surprise them.

And it would be cool to beat the number 3 team in the world?

Of course!

What were the expectations for your team coming into this event?

After switching players, we switched like seven days before the tournament, it is hard to have any predictions. Still, you are going to do your best and prepare as much as you can, we did that and we will see how it goes.

Speaking of ArroW, how has it been since adding him to the lineup?

He is trying his best, he doesn’t have a lot of experience but with us explaining a lot of things, at least for now, he is doing a good job in his role. I am confident he is going to step up more.

Are there any goals set for him so that he can achieve a long term spot on the roster?

He is for sure the best from the talent squad, we tried him and one more guy. He is good, he has a bright future, and I think this is a very good tournament for him. It is a good start for him, and he can be really good in the future.

Serbia David 'Dav' Miljanić
David 'Dav' Miljanić
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Germany Luc 'ArroW' Oehmke
Luc 'ArroW' Oehmke
Rating 1.0:
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Czech Republic Dominik 'Blogg1s' Janita
Dominik 'Blogg1s' Janita
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Maps played:
India aR__
Big W
2021-11-14 18:21
1 reply
ArroW legend
2021-11-14 18:25
2021-11-14 18:22
Latvia HiImRenars
2021-11-14 18:22
Sinners had some bad results after not qualifying to the major, did that rmr broke them? Good job by ONYX nonetheless
2021-11-14 18:24
1 reply
Kat | 
Czech Republic Bumb1s
yeah sure ... cause they were 2 rounds from major but they will come back
2021-11-14 21:53
Russia Trueteller
2021-11-14 18:23
2021-11-14 18:25
2021-11-14 18:26
ow what a scary man
2021-11-14 18:27
JK | 
Asia flipflop
I read somewhere long time ago that Dav taught Niko how to play cs.
2021-11-14 18:29
1 reply
He is very long time in CS scene since 1 .6 he played a lot with Nexa Niko hunter etc he is one of the players who helped grow CS scene in Serbia
2021-11-14 18:43
is this the most useless article ever? probably... t3 team beating a t2 team in bo1, wooow, i am amazed
2021-11-14 18:30
9 replies
a nonamer mongolian team moving to EU thread was even more useless
2021-11-14 18:35
7 replies
true, ive seen that one, only reason why someone would click on this is cuz "sinners" in the name of the article
2021-11-14 18:36
2 replies
thats how you got there
2021-11-14 18:57
1 reply
exactly..... wouldnt click otherwise
2021-11-14 19:22
Finland KassaK
I mean it was an interesting one atleast
2021-11-14 19:00
Why? They report news, it’s a good move for Mongolian cs, better pracc
2021-11-15 02:10
2 replies
i mean they moved to turkey which means they'll still have some ping issues and i don't think it has an impactful decision for international area
2021-11-15 06:41
1 reply
it does not but they can improve which is what they want
2021-11-15 11:19
2021-11-14 22:15
2021-11-14 18:34
Do Damage Davide
2021-11-14 18:36
David 'Dav' Miljanić 17-20 -3 69.1 66.7% 0.93 amazing article from the bottom fragger himself
2021-11-14 18:38
1 reply
HUGE impact
2021-11-14 18:47
Kazakhstan nugop
When someone gives interview for hltv like this, they suck in next day. Let’s watch xD
2021-11-14 18:40
Didnt expect an upset like this
2021-11-14 18:46
1 reply
these new lans are the perfect place
2021-11-15 11:19
Czech Republic czRamtin03
classic bo1 fluke same with major, bo1 format is bullshit and excelent for flukes
2021-11-14 18:49
India MrP!ng
indian team entity had this guy as IGL but they couldn't utilise him. Guess what they all went to valulrant
2021-11-14 18:52
2 replies
Dav and Djoxic on Entity, that was... weird
2021-11-14 22:19
That’s an Interesting back story 🤔
2021-11-15 02:09
Lets go Onyx!
2021-11-14 21:36
lol who cares? is it really article worthy? bo1 win in a tourney that no one cares about, and they act like sinners are navi or something. u won sinners in a bo1, grats.
2021-11-15 18:43
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