Eternal Fire fall to lower bracket on EPL Conference day one

The first day of the inaugural ESL Pro League Conference saw all but one favorite prevail, with the exception of the Turkish side.

Eight matches took place on the opening day of the first-ever Conference stage ahead of ESL Pro League, as 16 teams from four different continents kicked off the fight for three coveted spots in the prestigious league's group stage in the first round of a double-elimination bracket.

The usual suspects mostly prevailed. Teams such as Movistar Riders, MAD Lions, and GODSENT entered the tournament as defacto favorites on the back of recent successes and got off on the right foot in the competition, making it to the upper bracket quarter-finals.

Eternal Fire face elimination in the lower bracket

Unlike the other uprising teams, however, Eternal Fire faltered in their first series against Endpoint following the Turkish team's impressive run to second place at REPUBLEAGUE Tipos Season 2 last week.

The newest signing from the British organization, Guy "⁠Nertz⁠" Iluz, played a key role in the best-of-three, in particular on the opening Mirage as led the way to victory in a triple-overtime affair with 44 kills and nearly 100 ADR, before also putting in a respectable performance on the deciding Vertigo.

Ismailcan "⁠XANTARES⁠" Dörtkardeş and company now face elimination in the lower bracket, where they will first face Wisla Krakow on Thursday, while Endpoint have earned a matchup against GODSENT in the upper bracket on Wednesday.

The next round's matchups are:

Wednesday, November 24
13:30 Europe MAD Lions vs. France LDLC (Upper bracket)
13:30 Belgium EC Brugge vs. Brazil Sharks (Lower)
16:45 North America Extra Salt vs. Australia Renegades (Upper)
16:45 Germany Sprout vs. Mongolia Renewal (Lower)
20:00 Brazil GODSENT vs. Europe Endpoint (Upper)
20:00 Poland Anonymo vs. Spain Movistar Riders (Upper)

Thursday, November 25
13:30 Poland Wisla Krakow vs. Turkey Eternal Fire (Lower)
13:30 Australia ORDER vs. United States RBG (Lower)

Turkey Ismailcan 'XANTARES' Dörtkardeş
Ismailcan 'XANTARES' Dörtkardeş
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Israel Guy 'Nertz' Iluz
Guy 'Nertz' Iluz
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
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Cyprus Swishh_
not surprised
2021-11-24 00:34
2 replies
ay wp RBG, yall got this shit vs. ORDER
2021-11-24 00:37
actually i had a bet eternal failure 2-0
2021-11-24 01:43
United Kingdom Jerry2805
2021-11-24 00:37
7 replies
Ukraine Slavv_Boss
good for u mate, gl with godsent
2021-11-24 00:37
5 replies
United Kingdom Jerry2805
We're probably gonna lose, godsent are a very good team, but it's honestly just nice to see the boys back in action
2021-11-24 00:38
4 replies
Ukraine Slavv_Boss
You never know, tbf I expected EE to trash endpoint, but they proved me wrong. I can clearly c em beating godsent
2021-11-24 00:39
3 replies
United Kingdom Jerry2805
Would be bloody amazing. I'll be rooting them all the way no matter if they get thrashed or not
2021-11-24 00:39
2 replies
Ukraine Slavv_Boss
Tru fan
2021-11-24 00:40
Much respect coming from an EG fan all you can do is cheer and enjoy the game nomatter what happens
2021-11-24 03:01
afk kick crucial next
2021-11-24 01:40
keep talking for now, EF will silence you all
2021-11-24 01:08
go riders <3
2021-11-24 01:11
#SALTERS Come on ES you can beat RNG!
2021-11-24 01:30
United Kingdom CharlieeUK
2021-11-24 02:28
ef will bounce back
2021-11-24 03:44
Russia ToughGuy
How do u lose 14-4 lead
2021-11-24 04:58
2 replies
Probably by doing exactly what any random Turkish player you run into do, being toxic to teammates and just not knowing when to be quiet.
2021-11-24 10:17
1 reply
Turkey orionski
> knowing when to be quiet. after watching the game, i can tell you that they should talk a lot more xd
2021-11-24 12:16
ez4 god xantaras
2021-11-24 07:02
2021-11-24 07:18
Obviously Wisła gets the hardest one ehhh
2021-11-24 07:38
3 replies
it was already pre-determined
2021-11-24 08:31
2 replies
Ahhh nevermind then Still unluko
2021-11-24 16:56
1 reply
Its not over man
2021-11-25 08:09
lets go endpoint:D!
2021-11-24 08:30
just win next 5 matches and you're in, ez
2021-11-24 08:35
unlucy :)
2021-11-24 08:48
Turkey PhauX
We will get the epl slot no worries
2021-11-24 09:05
Nt guys. We need 5 win streak and we can do this. I believe.
2021-11-24 09:08
Ruined my nice combo these turkish onliners
2021-11-24 09:09
ptr | 
Albania WokeUp
super team has no super igl
2021-11-24 09:27
chill guys
2021-11-24 09:32
Germany X5ander
what happened to turkish super team, OMG !!! Thought they will be safe in proleague. Now no mistakes mehr plz. Let's got TURKS !
2021-11-24 09:32
expected tbh
2021-11-24 10:35
This team has insane firepower, but it really seem to lack a solid support player that can set up players such as XANTARES or imoRR to do even more, I think that's really the only thing they miss right now, a good solid support player. I think they still can recover and make a lower bracket run, GL EF!
2021-11-24 10:47
1 reply
calyx good support player but sometimes play bad
2021-11-24 15:25
Turkey ersinnoo
Np. Ef go epl.
2021-11-24 14:12
Turkey Varyshy
2021-11-24 16:10
Korea Shazil
2021-11-25 09:46
I still believe in these turkish players, they have such potential to be a super team!
2021-11-25 20:29
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