TeSeS: "I think when cadiaN has momentum on any map he can outcall every in-game leader in the world"

We spoke to René "⁠TeSeS⁠" Madsen after Heroic beat FaZe in their opening match at the BLAST Premier Fall Final.

Heroic secured victory in their opening match for the BLAST Premier Fall Final in Copenhagen, recovering from slow starts on Mirage and Nuke to sweep their series against FaZe 2-0.

A match against the winner of Natus Vincere and BIG now awaits them on Thursday, while on Friday, they'll have the chance to play in front of a home crowd in the Royal Arena.

TeSeS wants to prove that Heroic are NAVI's main competition

After the match, HLTV briefly spoke to TeSeS to get his immediate thoughts on the result, as well as to reflect back on the end of Heroic's run at PGL Major Stockholm now that they have had some time to recover from the loss to G2 on stage.

Let's start with the match you just played against FaZe, you've started off well in the tournament even though the match was somewhat close. 16-14 on Mirage and then a comeback on Nuke, can you walk me through the series from your side a little bit?

We had a rough start on Mirage, and we already knew before playing this match that the first game of every event is a struggle, people are playing kind of weird in the first five rounds or something. We were ready for that and we just reset on Mirage and came back to win that.

Then we went into Nuke, we were pretty confident, but again we got behind 12-6 or something and came back as CTs, we showed that our CT Nuke is strong as always.

Was there anything specific that helped that comeback on Nuke, or was it just momentum-based?

I think Casper (cadiaN), when he has momentum on Nuke, or just any map, he can outcall every in-game leader in the world. When he's feeling it, there's no one that can stop him, or us.

To go back a bit, you're coming here after the Major where you made it to the playoffs. You beat VP there, but then there was the match against G2 that you only narrowly lost after almost coming back. What was the approach to playing those matches in the arena for you?

We have our mental coach and our performance team, and they had a great idea to be in the arena a few hours before the match started. We were just sitting there for five minutes in complete silence, just imagining what it will be like playing on the stage, imagining the audience and everyone going crazy, and I think that helped us a lot during those five minutes, helped calm everyone's nerves.

So we just had a feeling when went into the first match on stage against VP that we were just going to enjoy it, enjoy every moment of it. At that time we had completed our goal to get to the quarter-final, we were just happy to be there and just wanted to win that match and go on to the semi-final. Everything was a big joy for us, we're very proud of it but it doesn't mean that we're still not hungry.

A little bittersweet with the way the G2 series ended as well, I'm sure.


You're talking about that preparation to play on stage in Stockholm, and you're also guaranteed to play on stage here, in front of a home crowd. How does that feel for you?

It's going to be amazing. I'm just looking forward to it, it's going to be amazing to see everyone, every Danish fan, my family and my friends are coming and hopefully there are some international fans as well. I'm just looking forward to being in the arena, it's going to be great.

Does having the home crowd add more pressure for you, or will that just help build momentum on your end?

Hmm, I don't know, I haven't had a home crowd booing at us or cheering against us, so I can't say anything really, but I can imagine it would just help us. The more people that are cheering for us, the more it'll help us for sure.

You're also the only team playing at this event that are guaranteed to play at both the World Final and IEM Winter, what're your goals like for the rest of the year since you have all three of these LAN events to play?

We've talked about our goals for a long time now, and right now we just want to win that one LAN event and build our confidence on LAN, play on big stages for the next year and just do everything we can to build our confidence like we have online. When we have confidence no one can stop us, so we just need to find our groove and feel the momentum again.

NAVI are your main competition here, obviously they're everybody's main competition at this point. cadiaN said in an interview with Dexerto that you're the only team that can beat them, so for you coming into this event, what is the approach to taking on NAVI when they're in such hot form?

They're definitely in great shape, they've just come back from a Major win, and it's going to be great to see how they will perform at this event and see if they can keep their fire.

We definitely want to meet them and we want to show everyone that we are the number one competition for them. I think deep inside they know it as well, that we are hard to play against, and it's just going to be fun if we meet them.

Denmark René 'TeSeS' Madsen
René 'TeSeS' Madsen
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2021-11-24 18:34
6 replies
honestly probably true
2021-11-24 18:36
2 replies
They got their sponsors back on tshirts??😍😍😍
2021-11-24 19:03
1 reply
African Union Zollbit
Already had one with major I think
2021-11-25 05:04
cadian one step ahead, wonder how he does it!
2021-11-24 18:36
2 replies
Brazil speaks... KEWK
2021-11-24 18:51
feeling it = hunden cam
2021-11-26 03:11
lol no
2021-11-24 18:33
1 reply
maybe, but we cant hear there comms.
2021-11-25 15:33
but when he has 0 momentum he can lose you the map like he did against g2
2021-11-24 18:34
It's annoying he is good as an igl at times, because he is a proper spunkwagon out of the server..
2021-11-24 18:34
2 replies
2021-11-24 18:43
United States gweees
"spunkwagon" lmao
2021-11-24 23:10
France Yougz
Nicolai "momentum" "Hunden" Petersen
2021-11-24 18:34
nice bait we can see he's a veteran hltv baiter
2021-11-24 18:35
god cadiaN.
2021-11-24 18:35
Outsmarted by nexa kkkkkkkkkkk
2021-11-24 18:35
1 reply
No? nexa literally got outcalled 90% of the time against cadian. Its just cadian missing easy shots and Niko being Niko on inferno.
2021-11-24 18:53
B1T | 
China CiaranB
Almost as obvious as “we can beat any team when we’re on our A game”
2021-11-24 18:35
2 replies
and it's true cuz any team beside heroic and maybe vita a long time ago who said it are fucking liars who overrate their possibilities
2021-11-24 18:38
Turkey orionski
i think it's more true for Heroic cuz they dont rely on star power like most of the teams.
2021-11-24 18:53
Sure, specially when hunden is on the server)))
2021-11-24 18:36
Relax, CSGO maps are so mind-numbingly bland and linear. It doesn’t take a team of engineers and scientists to figure out where to go. There’s like 3 paths Lol.
2021-11-24 18:36
8 replies
2021-11-24 18:41
that kinda thinking is why your country is irrelevant in csgo
2021-11-24 19:55
4 replies
Did you really see anything that extraordinary strat-wise in the last few big events?? I sure as hell didn’t. It’s AIM before anything else. It’s the same old variation of strats used over and over. The timing in which players peek isn’t all From the IGL. You can’t tell every single teammate when to move and shoot step by step
2021-11-24 21:23
3 replies
You dont seem to be watching a lot of heroic games
2021-11-25 00:35
That's a clear gold nova comment lmaoo. dude just said it's AIM before anything else. If that was true, G2 Jackzz would've been the top 5 players in the world
2021-11-25 10:44
1 reply
Yet his team climbed to #2 worldwide and have Niko and hunter who are incredible. One spot behind Navi: a team with Simple, Bit and Electronic, 3 of the best shots on the planet Lol. Stfu already and go play Halo
2021-11-25 16:21
but the timing at which you enter these paths and with what kind of weaponry/equipment is very key!
2021-11-24 20:43
+1 well said csgo isnt great at that point
2021-11-26 15:58
go outcall boomblch then we talk
2021-11-24 18:37
2021-11-24 18:37
True! He wears his heart on his sleeve and rides the emotions. Makes it so nice to watch! Heroic can actually win this event if they show up like they did in Major. Come on!
2021-11-24 18:37
1 reply
2021-11-24 18:42
Anders | 
Denmark Lyoa
EZ with bugged banana cam to know No one is going B
2021-11-24 18:37
Russia brezyyy
Half of HLTV at that point can outplay Karrigan's T sides
2021-11-24 18:37
India INDI_Roxor
momentum and someone on top of banana or A short.
2021-11-24 18:38
Lmao Give Karrigan a Consistent Star He Can OutCall This Cheater
2021-11-24 18:38
5 replies
cry is free
2021-11-24 18:40
4 replies
Ah Yes , He Did Cry in that video petty cheat
2021-11-24 18:40
3 replies
exactly now everyone who wanted them banned are
2021-11-24 18:41
2 replies
better cry than cheat
2021-11-24 18:44
1 reply
2021-11-24 23:58
ok mr parkinsons grip
2021-11-24 18:39
K Anyway you still most disliked team in the world Cheaters doesnt belong here
2021-11-24 18:41
Bulgaria VenTMG
lmao no
2021-11-24 18:41
Macau Lacerta
I hope you are do that tomorrow against NaVi ;D
2021-11-24 18:43
Its really good to be confident but i feel like most of the heroic players tend to ooze with overconfidence in interviews, they do need a large serving of humble pie Also, best answer ever? :- "A little bittersweet with the way the G2 series ended as well, I'm sure." "Yeah."
2021-11-24 18:47
Czech Republic imotfhere
nt cadian's alt
2021-11-24 18:47
Cadian career highlights : Screams like a child when wins a map that he got lucky in Cries like a baby if doesn't.
2021-11-24 18:48
3 replies
cringe career
2021-11-25 06:58
1 reply
2021-11-25 10:46
Lmao. On point
2021-11-25 10:46
Finland AliSabid
nt cadian
2021-11-24 18:50
2021-11-24 18:52
yes with hunden behind him
2021-11-24 18:53
Cadian forced him to say that?
2021-11-24 18:54
Karrigan just goes into panic mode, I wouldn't praise cadian that much.
2021-11-24 18:56
momentum = hunden
2021-11-24 18:59
Estonia rokuomi
Hahaha nt
2021-11-24 19:00
BIG flashbacks. You'll 100% lose your next match, it's not even important anymore who you'll go up against, you've simple jinxed it.
2021-11-24 19:03
Kid looks like your average neighborhood virgin.
2021-11-24 19:03
2021-11-24 19:10
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH just no pretty bias
2021-11-24 19:12
hunden walkie talkie
2021-11-24 19:16
whats up with heroic and insanely delusional takes
2021-11-24 19:25
Yeah, no
2021-11-24 19:27
Only when he has an earpiece in with hunden on the other end.
2021-11-24 19:36
It helps when he knows where the enemy are located
2021-11-24 19:50
why dese nerds gotta keep saying stuff like dis n den navi win n e way lol!!
2021-11-24 20:25
B1T | 
Romania sth1337
when your coach use coach bug i think too
2021-11-24 20:39
tbh the importmant part is not if this is true, it is that Teses believes it. Having faith in your IGL is what makes or breaks teams
2021-11-24 20:41
1 reply
True +1
2021-11-25 10:47
2021-11-24 21:58
New Zealand HeNuX_
Only when he is getting calls from Hunden
2021-11-24 22:00
2021-11-24 22:38
Heroic had a great run at the Major, they showed that they can compete with the best, in the end they lacked maybe a little bit of a strategical depth, but the firepower looked good, also the players seem to deal with the pressure well so it feels great. I think that's actually insanely good to have them checked out on LAN so we just all know that they are not onliners or whatever ppl used to call them. GL in this event Heroic, show them how it's done cadiaN!
2021-11-24 22:56
Even if im not na'vi fan i must say that boombl4 is soo much better igl than cadian , boombl4 and gla1ve probably best IGLs that ever touched the game , even s1mple said that more than 90% of his calls are perfect
2021-11-24 23:09
4 replies
strange cause for years boombl4 was trash according to cis comunoty
2021-11-25 10:47
I am a big boombl4 fan but i wont call him the top2 igls ever yet. I would give him more time to prove.
2021-11-25 10:49
s1mple is two faced
2021-11-25 15:35
Nope. Gla1ve was and still is far better than Boombl4. But Boombl4 is a very good IGL nevertheless. The thing is that navi has SO MUCH firepower that they don't really need the best strategies to win. They can win doing the basics.
2021-11-25 16:35
biased as hell. Somebody take microphone away from teses please. we'd lose nothing.
2021-11-24 23:10
1 reply
Lmao +1
2021-11-25 10:50
boombl's left nut calls better than cadian brother
2021-11-25 00:01
2021-11-25 01:21
kekw they barely won against noob faze but how can they be competitor for navi?
2021-11-25 06:42
Romania Lupu
I want to hear interviews , not read them
2021-11-25 13:44
cadiaN is a genious indeed
2021-11-25 14:06
Turkey sedo7
lmao, bla bla cheaters
2021-11-25 14:33
2 replies
They have zero people in their org with a ban in their history. Something NAVI can't claim.
2021-11-25 15:44
1 reply
Turkey sedo7
hunden and niko
2021-11-25 17:03
Turkey sedo7
Momentum = hunden cam
2021-11-25 15:30
canadian is good, but he hasnt done shit at lan. no way is he the best .....
2021-11-25 15:32
4 replies
major semi-final = shit... OK.....
2021-11-25 15:41
3 replies
they also lost to entropiq and copenhagen flames at the major xd
2021-11-25 15:44
2 replies
Doesn't remove their semi-final spot.
2021-11-25 15:45
1 reply
true, but its not anything special eighter ^^
2021-11-25 15:45
still lost vs juliano
2021-11-25 17:14
B1T | 
Slovakia zne_
Here b4 they lost from 15-5 lead XD
2021-11-25 17:21
Denmark BaitMe
CadiaN 50/50, either insane calls or just the stupidest shit man has ever seen… Not hard to say you can outcall everyone, shen you just shout random tactics and if you’re lucky it works
2021-11-25 18:31
mimi | 
Sweden eNvym
so you are better then someone when you have momentum? no shit sherlock
2021-11-25 19:40
Heroic just got Boombied.
2021-11-25 22:04
Calling is easier when you're info locking through walls.
2021-11-25 23:03
Japan Legoshi
Flusha IGL > cadian nt
2021-11-26 01:02
Hunden Trained Heroic so well that they can beat any team :p <3 Hunden <3
2021-11-27 09:18
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