Lucky: "The people saying gla1ve took the AWP from me, it's not true at all"

Philip "⁠Lucky⁠" Ewald rejected the notion that the sniper rifle has been forcibly snatched from his hands on Astralis.

Astralis have survived elimination in Copenhagen after the third day of the BLAST Premier Fall Final, riding off the momentum of a thunderous crowd that lent their support in the Danish team's 2-1 victory over FaZe.

Lucky stated that rifling more had been his idea

After the match, HLTV spoke to Lucky, who shared what it has been like playing in front of a home crowd and how Astralis' tournament run has gone so far.

The 18-year-old also made a clear stand against the sentiment that the AWP has been stolen away from him, stating that rifling more was an idea that had occurred to him on prior teams, and that the time had seemed right to give the change a try with Astralis bringing in new players.

You just came off your match versus FaZe, playing in front of a home crowd, what was that experience like?

Winning is always fun, it's always more nice to win than to lose. On this stage, in front of this home crowd, it's something that you dream of right when you start playing. It's obviously huge, and the crowd was really good today, hopefully again tomorrow.

We could really hear them cheer for us all the time, and that just helped us get up when we had some rough times, so yeah, it was pretty nice.

Going back a little bit, to your earlier matches in the event so far, your Vitality match didn't go as if you would've hoped. What went wrong there?

Yeah, against Vitality, in my opinion we should have won that 2-0. On Nuke we had match points and stuff, and in the late game we had some small miscommunications which cost us some very important rounds.

I think that again has something do with our being a pretty new lineup, we haven't got all the things planned out yet, and miscommunications will come a lot when you have a new team. It's something that I think we will figure out in the future for sure.

Speaking about being a new lineup, you played with the old, core-four Major winning team before. Now you're transitioning into this lineup with blameF and k0nfig, what's the experience been like with them coming into the team after you just played with dupreeh and Magisk?

dupreeh and Magisk for sure taught me a lot about the game, and outside the game. They were really good to me and I want to thank them for that. They took good care of me even though I came in as a no-namer.

With blameF and k0nfig coming in now, there's so much energy, these two guys bring so much energy all the time and it's so nice to be around all the positivity. We just needed some new, fresh air, and that has freshened up the whole team.

With them coming in, there's been a couple of role changes, a lot of talk this event has been around you not AWPing as much anymore. From your perspective, how did that role change come about and how much of it was actually your choice?

In my past teams also, I came up with the idea a little bit that maybe sometimes I should try to rifle, and I had said it before to gla1ve. Then we came in with k0nfig and blameF here, we thought let's try it now when everything is new anyway, see if it works out, so yeah, it was both me and gla1ve who were ready for that. The people saying gla1ve took the AWP from me, it's not true at all.

You are just about to head into a lower bracket final against either Heroic or Liquid, how do you feel heading into playing the winner of that match, potentially against Heroic with a home crowd?

It's always fun against Heroic, the Danish derby. It's been back and forth, they have the upper hand over us right now, but we can beat them for sure, and with the crowd behind us I'm sure we will get the extra percent that we need to use to beat them.

Denmark Philip 'Lucky' Ewald
Philip 'Lucky' Ewald
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Gaulês kkkkkkkkkkk
2021-11-27 01:55
6 replies
2021-11-27 02:10
4 replies
no, just ronaldo from wc2002 streaming cod on twitch
2021-11-27 02:13
3 replies
Its like wathching Fallen playing Cs, still trying to be relevant. Lets just say he is no Zlatan..
2021-11-27 03:27
2 replies
Fallen more relevant today than you will be in your entire live x1000
2021-11-27 14:48
0/8 bait Zlatan would slap your face for your words since R9 is his childhood hero
2021-11-27 20:10
Brazil Milkoso96
2021-11-27 12:39
2021-11-27 01:55
1 reply
He means 6th player vs heroic. Crowd🤣👌👌👌
2021-11-27 11:07
gla1ve goat awper
2021-11-27 01:56
3 replies
Canada RelayS
Broke his wrist ciz of the flick
2021-11-27 03:25
2 replies
Indonesia lumayan
gen.g :'(
2021-11-27 04:34
Netherlands RC1XBET
didnt konfig broke his wrist lol
2021-11-27 15:56
Russia brillianton
he is a bot with awp tho
2021-11-27 01:56
16 replies
I see your flair but it doesn't seem to have anything with this, so why do you hate him, his AWPING was quite good.
2021-11-27 10:25
15 replies
You did not see him playing AWP then. He is the worst AWP player in tier 1.
2021-11-27 12:20
No it wasn't
2021-11-27 12:34
7 replies
He was, very consistent on some maps despite the bad situation around the team, with a weak leadership. Have won a couple of clutches as well, which is insane. As Glaive sad, he needs a stability and the system...
2021-11-27 13:56
6 replies
awper is the highest stats position in cs, you have to be a star player with the awp or you arent good enough. g2 only get away with it because niko is top 3 player in the world and they are going to make a change because they need a star awper
2021-11-27 14:24
5 replies
Thats true and I agree, but you can be a beast and still struggle in some teams, where is chaos... Look at Device, probably most succesfull AWPer still, look at him without Astralis system. Without his teammates setting him up, without zonic preparation.... just a 50 % of him. Thats can be the point with Lucky. Since he arrived, Astralis was a big mess. Changing players, even IGLs, coaches, probably no motivation from some players (dupreeh) and Zyp9x was such a bot for a long time. Despite this mess, Lucky has shown his quality, he can carry this team. Consistency now depends on the team situation. I just want to see if Glaive can use him well and how Ave will work out for this team.
2021-11-27 14:39
4 replies
i don't think lucky will get to apw again before he gets kicked, but who knows
2021-11-27 14:40
3 replies
Maybe he will not. I don't get why people making such a big fuss about it. He is a force with rifle. Why would astralis waste such a talent for a role which is hardest to fill.
2021-11-27 19:34
I remember some of his first games with Astralis. Despite the mess in the team he had some pretty great rounds and games. This is why I see in him a potential. He is not great now, but the potential is there definitely. I think he has the right mindset to be that player. We will see how will this work in Astralis :)
2021-12-02 11:59
1 reply
he will be cut before may next year, there is no other player they can kick when they need to improve
2021-12-02 19:07
why do you even bring up my flair? what a stupid comment. and no, he wasn't quite good, if he was quite good, he wouldn't be replaced with glaive for awping.
2021-11-27 14:21
5 replies
You did not read the article did you? Or are you trolling?
2021-11-27 14:31
4 replies
I did, it was obviously just to protect lucky, glaive told him to go rifle and shut up.
2021-11-27 14:33
3 replies
2021-11-27 14:58
2 replies
common sense
2021-11-27 14:59
1 reply
Nah, you just made this up. Stop yourself kid.
2021-11-27 15:00
2021-11-27 01:56
Bulgaria NeonAssasin
man is blind like bubzki from the beginning LMFAO
2021-11-27 01:56
1 reply
Indonesia lumayan
true KEKW
2021-11-27 04:37
United Kingdom novaseer
nice interview from the best french astralis player
2021-11-27 01:57
2021-11-27 01:58
Finland jakem0n
Lucky looks solid with rifles.
2021-11-27 02:00
2 replies
But still shit in T side
2021-11-27 08:49
1 reply
Eh no
2021-11-27 11:11
it is tho
2021-11-27 02:01
2021-11-27 02:05
Lucky: does shit with the awp Astralis: playing without Lucky on the awp People: hmmm maybe the team took the awp off of him because he's doing terribly with it Lucky: how could you possibly say that? That's obviously not true
2021-11-27 02:06
7 replies
Indonesia lumayan
dude, he is trying to cover that fact XD
2021-11-27 04:37
6 replies
Honestly I'd somewhat believe that he wanted to switch as well. It's not like he didn't know that he wasn't doing well on the AWP. But the way he phrased it is just lathered in copium
2021-11-27 05:05
5 replies
Australia sm0go
Well it's pretty obvious one of the reason Lucky is rifling is because of his horrid AWPing with Astralis thus far. I don't like gla1ve AWPing though, AWPers can be the difference maker in games and if Astralis want to beat teams like NaVi/Vitality, they'll need a proper AWPer. Can't see gla1ve winning over s1mple/ZywOo in h2h.
2021-11-27 08:28
4 replies
yeah nah gla1ve awping is the definition of a temporary solution. If Lucky doesn't magically get better on the AWP really really soon they're gonna have to find another awper and Lucky is the guy who gets cut
2021-11-27 09:47
3 replies
how he can be better if they don't give him ? gnieeeeeeeeeeeeeee
2021-11-27 11:54
2 replies
he's not on mousesports or some random NA team, this is Astralis, he doesn't have time to get better, they need to be a top team now
2021-11-27 13:33
1 reply
0_o why they keep him so ?
2021-11-27 13:46
He did .
2021-11-27 02:08
2021-11-27 02:12
Philip: "THE PEOPLE SAYING GLA1VE TOOK THE AWP FROM ME, IT'S NOT TRUE AT ALL" annd another classic astralis PR moment by every astralis player
2021-11-27 02:13
8 replies
And why exactly would the team want to dictate what Lucky said? Your thinking is just silly.
2021-11-27 02:23
4 replies
Why wouldn't they? The question was obviously gonna come up and the best look for the team is saying that Lucky didn't want to AWP as opposed to addressing that he's been looking really bad on the AWP and is the obvious weakest link in the team
2021-11-27 05:07
3 replies
well, since he's picked up rifling, he's been looking pretty decent throughout this tournament. Either way it is working out, and his story sounds believable.
2021-11-27 05:54
2 replies
Heroic smash them!!! No. 2 Team
2021-11-27 07:54
Then who is gonna awp on the team? Are they gonna have gla1ve awping going forward? Welcome to tier 2 then. They need an AWPer and Lucky is the only player they even have to option of kicking. I think the story in isolation is somewhat believable sure, but coming from an Astralis player who is under heavy scrutiny atm it's suuuuuuuuupper fishy
2021-11-27 09:55
what is pr
2021-11-27 09:39
2 replies
Singapore FallBlade
Public Relations
2021-11-27 12:45
1 reply
2021-11-27 15:52
he says its not true, but its true
2021-11-27 02:14
5 replies
If so why would he say it?
2021-11-27 02:24
4 replies
2021-11-27 02:50
1 reply
Indonesia lumayan
2021-11-27 04:38
gla1ve told him to
2021-11-27 06:27
1 reply
Singapore FallBlade
throwback to when astralis made dev1ce copy and paste a scripted tweet LULW
2021-11-27 12:45
People don't understand they are still building
2021-11-27 02:16
1 reply
True and they are playing double AWP setups on half the maps in the pool ftm. + If Lucky feels more comfortable with rifle for now, why wouldn't glaive let him play as a rifler, and as an IGL let his team pick the roles most comfortable for them.
2021-11-27 16:14
the reverse amanek: when you start as mediocre awper and switch to being smg and support god
2021-11-27 02:17
7 replies
Belgium Woke!
Amanek has always carried but stats don’t like him
2021-11-27 02:20
6 replies
Yeah true men
2021-11-27 09:21
Germany M0en_
Stats dont care about your feelings... ( Bring kenny back :) )
2021-11-27 09:52
4 replies
Maybe if Kenny pops off big next tournament they realize they did a fcking mistake.
2021-11-27 10:11
stats don't care about your feelings, Kenny was inconsistent as fuck and the team has been doing way better since he left
2021-11-27 10:15
1 reply
Germany M0en_
true but its kenny men
2021-11-27 14:32
uhm yeah kenny... sadly didnt have that
2021-11-27 15:49
Lul, everyone understand that Lucky will be replaced soon, there no way Gla1ve will be permanent awper
2021-11-27 02:18
7 replies
But who
2021-11-27 02:30
3 replies
Farlig most likely
2021-11-27 03:43
2 replies
2021-11-27 05:18
1 reply
The rest of the year probably
2021-11-27 09:21
2021-11-27 05:08
Better -Xyp than -Lucky
2021-11-27 08:53
1 reply
Lucky has easier roles than xyp by far if they switched spots lucky would be useless
2021-11-27 12:35
2021-11-27 02:30
it's actually the other way around, lucky took away glave's rifles
2021-11-27 02:36
1 reply
Ooh, haven't thought of that
2021-11-27 03:18
lOL iT mUsT bE pR fRoM aStRaLiS: any low IQ retard on hltv
2021-11-27 02:37
9 replies
since they have a shady history with that, it's not weird at all.
2021-11-27 03:09
8 replies
And by a shady history you mean thorin and richard lewis talking out of their ass?
2021-11-27 03:46
7 replies
Spain Almendrix
Hello? Remember 10 player "rotation"teams? With trash danish players? And the next wonder, bubzkij? Holly smokes, xD
2021-11-27 10:40
6 replies
You are a great example of someone who just took Thorins or RL's comment and ran with it. Show me anywhere where Astralis claim to have a 10 player "rotation" team? Show me anywhere where Astralis claim that picking up a player means they'll stick with them regardless of how they perform (bubzkji). ???? Holy shit people are deluded ^^
2021-11-27 10:42
5 replies
Spain Almendrix Only 2 min in Google, you're welcome 😘
2021-11-27 10:52
4 replies
"He reiterated the fact that Astralis would like to see a full ten-player roster across all their gaming titles, along with an academy team like in the professional League of Legends leagues." You realise this is significantly different than what you said right? Saying "i would like to have this" isnt the same as going "everyone we recruit from here on will stay with astralis forever regardless of their performance"
2021-11-27 10:56
3 replies
Spain Almendrix
Maybe I made badly my point, my fellow passive-agresive hltv reader, what I was actually trying to convey is that astralis pr is and always was bs. Just like this thing with Lucky, he was never intended to be a long time replacement, it was only what was available in that time but it was sold as like the best long time investment for awp role. Guess how's that working rn xD. PD: thorin and lewis have massive free state on your mind lmao 🤣
2021-11-27 11:02
2 replies
So because Astralis didnt end up with a 10m roster now everything they have ever said and done is "pr bullshit" holy shit nice logic 🤣🤣. As for Lucky, we'll see, i guess when he is still on the team this time next year you'll do some more mental gymnastics to make it fit a certain narrative as well? Nah more like Astralis is free state in their autstic heads 🤣🤣
2021-11-27 11:06
1 reply
Spain Almendrix
It's pr, it's intended to deceive to make across your point better. For example, 10 men roster was only a distraction from the fact that the og players were burnout and wanted to go. But yeah, you're kinda right, both of them are only playing astralis game in a way too xD
2021-11-27 11:14
Lucky is actually a rifler not an Awper gla1ve with the Awp is way more better
2021-11-27 03:12
3 replies
gla1ve is shit with the awp he is losing many easy shots
2021-11-27 04:10
2 replies
Gla1ve's awp really reminds me of Allu, god or bot no in between
2021-11-27 05:26
He doing his best I suppose, but he is managing on Nuke he did good with it same for D2.
2021-11-27 15:25
2021-11-27 03:32
As if they didn't get Xyp9x as awper:
2021-11-27 03:33
Indonesia lumayan
its not gla1ve that take the AWP from lucky. more like lucky take the rifle from gla1ve
2021-11-27 04:38
Freya | 
Philippines J4DEM
nah he took the candy from you and you didnt do anything. Cmon lucky, kick his ass fight for what is right
2021-11-27 04:53
Finland AliSabid
Great guy
2021-11-27 05:52
Canada firtlast
lucky 800iq move glaive gets kicked instead
2021-11-27 05:59
3 replies
2021-11-27 07:22
mind blown
2021-11-27 07:40
2021-11-27 07:52
Finland shadenn
yes cuz gla1ve black mailed it with nude pics
2021-11-27 06:40
Ukraine futplxyer
K0nfig is best awper on team rn but he’s too good as a rifler. Maybe they should have given xyp9x a chance with awp, I think it would have been better than gla1ve
2021-11-27 07:50
5 replies
hell nah mate , Xyp is on the same level as Rain when it comes to AWP.
2021-11-27 11:35
4 replies
Ukraine futplxyer
I think he would have same impact or better than gla1ve tbh
2021-11-27 11:50
3 replies
Glaive can actually awp pretty well sometimes , he used to play with it sometimes in the past too especially on Inferno. But they would really need to do something about their AWP cause you aint beating Simple and Co ever without a good awper.
2021-11-27 11:51
2 replies
Ukraine FFF111
You can if all 5 are top fragging like in Liquid with Nitro but quite rare yes.
2021-11-27 14:17
1 reply
well that was also a lineup with 3 of the best NA players ever so quite rare indeed
2021-11-27 14:22
Maybe in future dont make/post interviews that make players look dumb. Cause whats the point in it?
2021-11-27 07:50
Hltv did find a clickbaiter headline in such a nothing saying interview. Not_bad.jpg but this is no compliment
2021-11-27 07:57
I still think if they take AcoR to Astralis, he will become decent again
2021-11-27 08:39
1 reply
Denmark twinseN
Yes i agree with u he needs danish teammates around him like in ML he was nuts
2021-11-27 11:52
Italy Skye620
-lucky +actual awper. Silly frenchie is going to get the bubzkji treatment eventually
2021-11-27 08:51
7 replies
-xyp +actual awper
2021-11-27 08:54
4 replies
What! No Xyp until 2024
2021-11-27 09:19
3 replies
Xyp can be streamer like bubzjki do
2021-11-27 09:38
2 replies
No? He is an important part of the team
2021-11-27 09:39
1 reply
not important enough for the team to try and keep him apparently. You notice how he went missing a few times in the past 2 years? He's been trying to find a new team and the Org is willing to sell him.
2021-11-29 02:48
+device again)Super team!
2021-11-27 09:57
1 reply
Denmark twinseN
Would be insane
2021-11-27 11:50
Glaive TOOK the awp with k0nfig actually, your avg rating is 0.99, even glaive is 1.06. i believe astralis would've gone further without lucky
2021-11-27 09:01
Lucky keep on carring the crown cing. Beta "males" keep malding, you keep winning.
2021-11-27 09:04
Let’s go lucky😻
2021-11-27 09:20
it's been a while since I saw an interview with so little information value. it's like an AI chose the most generic answers possible :D "Winning is always fun, it's always more nice to win than to lose." That has to be my favorite sentence.
2021-11-27 09:29
1 reply
this )
2021-11-27 18:42
Just let k0nfig and glaive to awp, lucky is really better with rifles
2021-11-27 09:43
Kazakhstan Tikolelele
2021-11-27 09:58
The only thing Glaive took was Bubskjis majorspot.
2021-11-27 10:19
Why would he ask for it himself, makes it sounds like he's not very confident in his awping which is why he got added in the first place
2021-11-27 10:39
1 reply
yep thats the whole problem
2021-11-27 15:50
Lucky is the new sanji
2021-11-27 10:51
1 reply
He is the new jackinho Just being insane vs FaZe and then turns into fullbot mode
2021-11-27 11:24
gla1ve in this event so far - 45% awp kills. yeah, I'm sure he didn't..
2021-11-27 10:55
3 replies
what? hes saying that he did not force him to not awp, it was his and gla1ves decision to try out him rifling
2021-11-27 18:47
2 replies
2021-11-27 20:08
1 reply
actually delusional?????? wtf
2021-11-27 21:14
Such a likesble guy! Humble, mature, and holy sh*t his aim is crisp with rifles :)
2021-11-27 11:12
He is 100% talking about me
2021-11-27 11:22
gl Lucky !
2021-11-27 11:27
United States Rayduh
gla1ve wrote the article
2021-11-27 11:30
sure lucky, sure
2021-11-27 11:36
1 reply
Exactly its like saying water isnt wet or some shit xD
2021-11-27 11:52
Singapore FallBlade
PR move
2021-11-27 11:59
Ukraine rozhok
>The people saying gla1ve took the AWP from me, it's not true at all. >Doesn't take awp for a single round in the whole turney >it's not true at all. Buy a Negev to signal us they're keeping you as a hostage.
2021-11-27 12:28
That's a lie for sure. You can read this on his face during and after games. The guy was taken as main awp and change for dev1ce. No logic with konfig and blamef when on T side gla1ve picks awp. I guess they decided to change him and gla1ve said something like "AWP is easy, I'm gonna boost my stats before we get a dedicated awper". Farlig incoming?
2021-11-27 18:38
1 reply
if you think lucky didnt agree to trying out rifling youre genuinely braindead
2021-11-27 18:50
Listen, you sound too aggressive. Obviously he SHOULD agree if someone like gla1ve offers you this. Firstly, you're a new member of a team, secondly, you're a team player. I totally agree with that. But isn't it sounds A BIT WEIRD FOR YOU, my braindead friend?
2021-11-27 19:12
I totally believe this now. Lucky is a god when he's in the zone. What a player!
2021-11-27 22:01
2021-12-21 02:15
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