[VOD] HLTV Confirmed live from Copenhagen with guest karrigan

Catch up with what happened at BLAST with a show going live at 11:00 on Sunday.

Our show returns to a LAN setting this Sunday, as before the action kicks off on the last day of the BLAST Premier Spring Final our regulars Chad "⁠SPUNJ⁠" Burchill, Milan "⁠Striker⁠" Švejda, and Zvonimir "Professeur" Burazin, as well as special guest Finn "⁠karrigan⁠" Andersen, will dissect the event on HLTV Confirmed right from the center of the action.

karrigan is back for another show

Tune into the show on Twitch at 11:00 to hear what karrigan thought of FaZe's run at the event and playing in front of a crowd once again, as well as the panel's takes on the likes of Liquid, Astralis, Heroic, and Natus Vincere for a special show being broadcast from the Royal Arena.

Topic list for the show:

Hot seat with karrigan
- FaZe's Major
- Arena and crowd effect
- Heroic, BIG, Astralis matches
- FaZe going into the last events of the year and 2022
BLAST Fall Finals
- Liquid rumors, interviews, and performance
- Surprising Vitality?
- Another early NIP exit
- Astralis debut, k0nfig, AWPing
- Where are Heroic?
- More trophies for NAVI?
- Parimatch matchmaker game
- Viewer questions and leftover topics

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Australia Chad 'SPUNJ' Burchill
Chad 'SPUNJ' Burchill
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Czech Republic Milan 'Striker' Švejda
Milan 'Striker' Švejda
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Denmark Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
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2021-11-27 20:36
4 replies
Not interested in this bot tbh. Faze havent won a single decent event in ages yet the org doesnt come up with new fresh blood. Keep recycling dino’s and spitting money without winning anything rly 🤣🤣
2021-11-28 11:55
3 replies
Who is this guy talking to ?
2021-11-28 13:28
2021-11-28 13:52
Vietnam kyathesy
ok but i didn't ask
2021-11-28 14:02
2021-11-27 20:36
2021-11-27 20:36
Germany TrustMeMens
they got batman .. nice
2021-11-27 20:36
Ask him whether they are getting NAF or Ropz.
2021-11-27 20:37
Ratio + virgin
2021-11-27 20:37
1 reply
2021-11-27 20:37
2021-11-27 20:38
Karrigan,what's the reason you are playing on officials worse than on practices?
2021-11-27 20:41
5 replies
is he?
2021-11-28 13:52
4 replies
2021-11-28 16:22
3 replies
how do u know? :)
2021-11-29 06:28
2 replies
Interviews,innersh1ne vk group
2021-11-29 08:29
1 reply
2021-11-29 20:58
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines KhT
2021-11-27 20:45
Why his t sides suck that much Are the about to make roster changes? Plz ask him mr Striker, Professeur and JNUPS
2021-11-27 20:46
3 replies
I hope they ask about roster changes
2021-11-27 21:10
2 replies
I dont think we will get straight answer but everyone want to hear what he says to say i think
2021-11-27 21:21
1 reply
Exactly He cant lie so the answer should be obvious
2021-11-27 21:35
who? I only know batman
2021-11-27 20:56
i feel big annoucments during this live
2021-11-27 20:56
4 replies
yeah hopefully the annuncinements are going to be big
2021-11-27 21:21
2 replies
karrigan retirment?
2021-11-27 21:26
1 reply
2021-11-27 21:36
hint at best about future of this roster :D or something like " we will come back stronger"
2021-11-27 21:51
Posted as BLAST Premier Spring Final 2021 instead of Fall final
2021-11-27 21:03
Very cool
2021-11-27 21:05
2021-11-27 21:26
ropz | 
Norway JKR01
When sign ropz?????
2021-11-27 21:31
let's go batman
2021-11-27 21:34
oo welcome to biggest paycheck stealer last few years (2-3) 🙂
2021-11-27 21:57
1 reply
Faze paid him so much with the motivation to join them. So Faze fault
2021-11-27 22:14
link on top of the article is spring finals
2021-11-27 22:11
Faze Ropz when?
2021-11-27 22:12
Amazing! Hoping to gain some wonderful new insights from Karrigan!
2021-11-27 22:13
ask Karrigan why his Tside is so awful
2021-11-27 23:16
Bait him into confirming +ropz
2021-11-28 03:37
Najs <3
2021-11-28 03:40
karrigan still sleeping? :D
2021-11-28 11:06
1 reply
Ukraine Slavv_Boss
Probably, or chad is probably getting another beer
2021-11-28 11:07
Which Sunday? Just curious...
2021-11-28 11:15
3 replies
Just Sunday... keep waiting... 😄😄😄 don't forget to set up the alarm...
2021-11-28 11:17
2 replies
Wtf do they only update on twitter and not this article?
2021-11-28 11:27
1 reply
2021-11-28 11:57
11:30 it is then, alright
2021-11-28 11:19
Sweden piCt
I think the question on everybodys lips is: -How did he avoid being the classic nerdy kid at school, and go on to be one of the first to get a girlfriend?
2021-11-28 11:47
1 reply
second part most important
2021-11-28 11:49
So much delayed 😫
2021-11-28 11:48
2021-11-28 11:48
batman doesn't have time sense.the hell.
2021-11-28 11:51
bruh for real, we are waiting a full hour for a simple podcast
2021-11-28 12:00
are they gonna ask about olof?
2021-11-28 12:36
man, so much talk about astralis and Nip, want to hear more of faze as karrigan is here...
2021-11-28 12:37
seriosuly, no more insight of faze? :(
2021-11-28 12:48
Moldova nutel
scuffed podcast =(
2021-11-28 13:44
karrigan interviews: he analyzes all the teams but can't analyze his own, always blaming bad results on generic factors like "peak" "right players" "momentum" "timing", never recognizes his own shortcomings, never criticizes his own tactics, talks about CSGO from his imaginary pedestal above good and bad, he is never pressed in the questions about his "bot movement" "hampus-like illogical solo missions but with no frags and dying early in the round leaving his team in a 4v5" or his below average individual talent compared to Tier 1... I switched it off because I have already watched this in a Blast Premier OT with Semmler and co a few months ago. He is always full of excuses, never criticizes himself as IGL and his rosters underperforming, his ass is always kissed.. Very few Tier 1 IGLs have the power within their organization that karrigan has, yet he always gets a pass.. whereas other IGLs who have no power are "killed". I live me some spunJ, best in the business.. but he kills other orgs (i.e. Liquid), yet has nothing to say about FaZe. I understand he was kind enough to be the special guest, that you cannot put him on the spotlight, that you want other players to still come to the show.. but this karrigan thing is not for me. I watch other games than casters and analysts do. In my opinion it is time for karrigan to retire as a player and move to a coaching role or some sort.
2021-11-28 14:07
2 replies
Ok, with a cool head now, I realize I was just triggered by the "white people" crap I read on HLTV forums and maybe also by seeing a living legend like karrigan look bad in the server lately, which kind of pains me..
2021-11-28 14:39
1 reply
As a karrigan fan myself you do speak some truth. This mindset of his takes back to Astralis days were he and Dupreeh were on notice by org. He tried to find some excuses and thus got kicked while Dupreeh humbeld himself took to more work and got 4 majors. It really looks like Finn is just unable to see that he lacks motivation to work even harder. He is best team builder that this scene ever had(maybe next to Zeus) no question about it but with that attitude he wont win major.
2021-11-28 15:06
Switzerland nierg
Blast arena is so good. HLTV confirmed has never looked this fancy :)
2021-11-28 15:16
2021-11-28 15:32
Did they ask him why he is so utterly shit? Not a good igl, not a good fragger, nothing.
2021-11-28 20:26
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