ElemeNt meets his makers

Since their creation this team has been going from strength to strength, but this has been nothing but expected; formed from the ruins of  Catch-Gamer this team is well known throughout the world as possible one of the most talented teams any team can face in the modern counter-strike scene, and today this team has added one of the all-time greats of counter-strike to their roster, I'm of course talking about. The Norwegian powerhouse,  MeetYourMakers

It was announced a few hours ago that  Ola "elemeNt" Moum will be joining the  mYm organisation, after his release form the German organisation  MouseSports we heard little about  Ola "elemeNt" Moum but today it was confirmed by the  mYm.cs admin staff that he has indeed signed a 1 year deal with the organisation.

The reason for  mYm.cs taking on a new player is simple, life is becoming hectic and gaming is having to take a back-seat for some of the members of the team, after their 6-8th result at WCG this year the players were unhappy about the final placings and felt they could have achieved a higher placing given some more practice, nobody is leaving the mYm.cs team and the idea behind having a 6th player is simply to promote activity in the side.

When asked about the move,  Ola "elemeNt" Moum has this to say:

    I'm back! Playing with some of the finest Norwegian players since the days of eoL, I'm sure we will grab a few titles for Norway and put us back on top where we belong. Ofcourse it was hard to say no to a tempting offer from XpreZ but this is what I've wanted to do for a long time now.

             Jonas "Admin" Hamidi from the mYm.cs management also spoke on the subject and had this to say:

            "I`m happy to announce that element is joining meetyourmakers today. That makes us a 6 man lineup. It works great for mym since we still have many players going to school, and now we have the opportunity to attend at all events if we want.

            I have never worked with element before, but I had my teams playing against him, and all I know is that he is a really good player with a lot of experience. Its good to know that mym.cs will now be even better. Welcome Ola, hope you have a nice stay!"

             mYm.cs is now:

            Ola 'elemeNt' Moum,
            Geir-Stian 'juve9le' Svendsen
            Preben 'oops' Josdal
            Preben 'prb' Gammelsæter
            Sondre 'REAL' Svanevik
            Lasse 'xione' Stokke

            he changes clan too often
            2006-11-03 08:37
            He does not.
            2006-11-11 03:35
            Germany Wii 
            yeah, thats right
            2006-11-03 08:49
            World olaf 
            he ist the "6th" player @ all Clans ^^
            2006-11-03 10:00
            Denmark Kula 
            Strong lineup, hopefully this time The ElemeNt wont fuck things up. I give them about a month :D
            2006-11-03 11:25
            Serbia suba 
            #1 because the money ofc :D
            2006-11-03 11:56
            yes ;) mym:D
            2006-11-03 14:42
            very strong lineup!
            2006-11-03 16:26
            oh my godness amazing Lineup ! GL guys
            2006-11-03 21:08
            Good luck elemeNt ;)
            2006-11-04 12:54
            Nice my friend know element his a really good player
            2006-11-04 15:01
            good luck olament
            2006-11-04 17:07
            Very Very Good Team welcome elemeNt ;)
            2006-11-05 11:41
            Lithuania TsoD 
            gl :P
            2006-11-07 17:37
            :) Go Baby
            2006-11-10 19:28
            go go go
            2006-11-10 21:30
            he is a prostitute
            2006-11-11 16:54
            Lithuania LuckyBitch 
            gl elemeNt :)
            2006-11-11 18:16
            Good luck, elemeNt :)
            2006-11-11 19:56
            Lithuania drkN 
            he's a bich :)
            2006-11-12 11:13
            nice lineup:D ftw mym!:D
            2006-11-13 20:41
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