kennyS: "Getting back to competitive CS is definitely my focus now"

The legendary AWPer is certain about his goals for 2022.

During the mid-event break of IEM Winter, we managed to catch up with Kenny "⁠kennyS⁠" Schrub who is standing in for G2 and playing his first competitive matches in nine months.

The five-time Top 20 player of the year with 10 MVP medals to his name and a Major win on record took on the role of "stand-in AWPer" at IEM Winter, where G2 have reached the semi-finals and are looking like title challengers despite playing without their in-game leader Nemanja "⁠nexa⁠" Isaković.

kennyS is aware of the difficult path ahead

kennyS spoke about his return to competition, the joy LANs bring, and his adaptation to tier 1 in his first interview for since his benching in March. Talking about his future, the 26-year-old made it clear that he isn't interested in a move to VALORANT, and is instead focusing on a return to competitive Counter-Strike.

"Even though it's a tough road considering the situation in the scene, I feel ready to prove my worth again," kennyS says at the end of the interview, leading up to the semi-final clash with NIP on Saturday.

To the jubilation of your many fans, kennyS is back on the server! What was your first reaction to being called up to play for G2 again?

I was really happy! And I still am, I'm grateful to have had this opportunity, I missed the LANs so much, seeing everyone again makes me so happy. I'm like a kid going to his first LAN again. I just want to give my best and help the team as much as I can right now.

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kennyS to step in for G2 at IEM Winter as nexa faces visa issues

Tell me about the lead-up to the event - how did you prepare, individually and with the team, for IEM Winter?

Well I decided to stick to CS a few days before knowing I would play IEM Winter with the team. I started playing a lot again but once I knew about it and I suddenly became overloaded by the amount of work I had to do, so I just did as much as I could while taking care of not exhausting myself too quickly either.

I've put individual hours into the game in order to remove the rust out of me but I also spent a lot of time alone on a server to make sure my knowledge and the utilities were on point.

The first practices were difficult but I felt I improved quickly. I also had to catch up with all the strats. In total, we must have 10 days of preparation and the mappool isn’t the same as when I left the scene, so it was quite a challenge but I am happy about the work I did so far.

Not only is this your first competitive event in about nine months, but it is also the first LAN you have played since IEM Katowice in 2020. What is it like to be back on LAN after a long period of online play?

It feels just amazing! Like many players, I've been heavily impacted by the online season. LANs remind me how much I enjoy playing competitive CS… the team environment is also really good and it's easier for me to get back into those conditions. The team reached a new peak and everyone is focused and positive! I'm just excited to play every game, and it would be amazing to still compete on Sunday!

So far at IEM Winter you have a below-average 0.96 rating, but top the charts in terms of flash assists with 0.13 per round. Is setting up the team your primary goal at the event?

As I said, the team is in great shape and I don’t want to change that at all! It [setting up the team] isn't necessarily a goal, the main goal was to be on point on those things (knowledge, utilities, tactics…) in order to not have extra pressure and thinking while playing.

I knew it'd be difficult anyways to come back to a tier 1 level without playing for so long but I also knew that being on point on those things would help me focus more on other aspects. So yes, once again, keeping the team happy and positive is also really important for me, even though I'm just here for one tournament. I'm just trying to be as useful as possible with the little preparation I've had.

Considering your late addition, playing without the team's IGL, how satisfied are you with your performance at the event so far?

Well, I think I'm improving game after game and it's cool to see that by keeping my head cool, I'm actually growing throughout the tournament. I obviously have expectations and always want to do better but I see myself improving and I realize how positive it is.

I'm on the right path and it's a good thing to notice. Those nine months away also brought me a lot on a personal side and made me realize certain things about myself. I've been able to face myself and find solutions in order to reach my goals. I would say I'm not satisfied but not unsatisfied either. The team puts me in great condition and they’re really supporting me. We will see at the end of the tournament but, so far, I'm proud of what I'm doing.

Who has been calling the shots in the team at the event?

We’ve been sharing responsibilities and have different callers depending on the maps. NiKo being the main one, we also have AmaNEk and huNter- on some maps. It's a backup solution obviously, but I think the guys are doing really well.

AmaNEk and huNter- have been helping NiKo with the calls in nexa's absence

Shockingly, G2 hasn't won a Big Event since the "French Superteam" era in 2017, and IEM Winter looks like the best chance the team has had to lift a trophy in a long time. What would it mean for you personally to win this tournament?

That would be an amazing storyline, wouldn't it? But I don't want to think about it. We are facing a tough opponent on Saturday, hopefully, we will reach the Final but for this to happen, we have to think step by step, round by round.

I hope I get to win a tier 1 event with these guys, they are more than teammates for me, so it would be awesome to make it.

You spoke about a potential move to VALORANT, many see you as someone that is happy with streaming and doesn't want to return to competition. But seeing the Major, arena events coming back to CS:GO, and now playing a LAN yourself - has this influenced your plans for the future? What should we expect from kennyS in 2022?

First of all, I really think this break has been good for me. Keep in mind that since 2012, I have never really gone through a cooler period. We were going from tournament to tournament, with a rhythm that kept increasing in the past few years.

Then, I was looking to take advantage of this time to do things that I hadn't been able to do before, streaming, my own content, and developing my brand overall. But I always kept the competition in mind, and the more time passed, the more I wanted to compete again. I tried VALORANT and this game is good, fun, and refreshing... But the truth is that I couldn't really take the plunge and project myself, and as soon as the Major started, I was reminded of why I loved playing CS so much. Beyond CS, it's the competitive aspect, all of it! Even working and ending up getting results, it's basically what CS gives in your life on a daily basis which is addictive, at the one condition that you're doing things right.

I made the decision to focus on CS, and starting at that point, everything was much easier and natural. Getting back to competitive CS is definitely my focus now, and I'm looking forward to it, even though it's a tough road considering the situation in the scene, I feel ready to prove my worth again. I've learned a lot over the years, and I've had time to mature so much about myself. I have the firm intention of doing things I haven't done before and putting all that experience into action. Let's see where this will bring me!

Serbia Nemanja 'nexa' Isaković
Nemanja 'nexa' Isaković
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
France Kenny 'kennyS' Schrub
Kenny 'kennyS' Schrub
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
GOAT awper
2021-12-09 20:27
12 replies
goat player
2021-12-09 20:29
10 replies
Brazil NotJuan
quick scoping those taxes
2021-12-09 20:31
9 replies
And just like during the matches: He missed.
2021-12-09 21:22
2 replies
Brazil NotJuan
to jail he goes then
2021-12-09 21:23
He always missed a lot of shots, but he also always took more shots because of his risky Playstyle. That worked up until the Astralis era when teams started to really punish repeeks and he was not able to adapt to that. let's see if he learned how to get going in a much more structured era of CS
2021-12-10 01:32
How to trigger hltv in 202X: - don't let the state steal your property - don't let big pharma steal your property and or take your life - don't let big brother control every aspect of your life Smells helluva lot like reddit tbh.
2021-12-09 21:33
5 replies
Brazil NotJuan
2021-12-09 21:42
Czech Republic CopeXar
+1 smart Jerman )
2021-12-09 22:11
you wil eat za bugz
2021-12-10 03:54
This sounds like a presidential bid by Tucker Carlson
2021-12-10 08:46
2021-12-10 10:02
2021-12-10 00:38
Albania aplasa
2021-12-09 20:28
Peru tosta
2021-12-09 20:28
2021-12-09 20:28
2021-12-09 20:28
m0nesy>>>>>>>>>>>>>> he fell off + ratio
2021-12-09 20:28
5 replies
How can you say m0nsey is better when he has no t2 and hardly t3 experience lol
2021-12-09 20:31
4 replies
3 replies
Palestine __rQ__
lmao, as a muslim this made me chuckle
2021-12-09 22:20
2 replies
inshallah siuuu
2021-12-11 12:06
1 reply
Palestine __rQ__
hehe ^^
2021-12-11 14:35
North Macedonia Sagi280hz
2021-12-09 20:29
2021-12-09 20:29
gl legend
2021-12-09 20:29
1 reply
Bulgaria |mens|
2021-12-10 08:33
2021-12-09 20:29
Brazil menezoca
great news
2021-12-09 20:29
All the best, Kenny <3
2021-12-09 20:29
he is not good enough for tier 1, this is 2021.
2021-12-09 20:29
8 replies
Im sure u skipped the whole interview and came straight to cooment
2021-12-09 21:14
Did you even see his performances at the iem? After 9 months without playing in tier 1 this is incredible.
2021-12-09 22:14
6 replies
I would not call 0.96 incredible
2021-12-09 22:42
5 replies
He was okay. Proved that he is not totally washed like jugi or msl for example
2021-12-10 01:46
Bulgaria |mens|
Don't forget he gets shit roles too :)
2021-12-10 08:34
2 replies
He gets awp role, I know he has to throw some flash to support unlike other awpers but that's not entirely shit role, amanek went back to support
2021-12-10 11:16
1 reply
But you clearly see that he is not used as the playmaker. G2 is really niko/hunter centric. I'M not saying this is bad, but the low stats doesn't reflect what Kennys is order to do : basically hold lines.
2021-12-11 04:21
Well look at the semis then lmao he has popped of
2021-12-11 21:14
2021-12-09 20:30
Hong Kong Odravkeo
2021-12-09 20:30
woohoo! lets go kenny
2021-12-09 20:31
Good stuff
2021-12-09 20:31
Luxembourg Mrshuf
Or he couldn't find a team on Valorant Kappa
2021-12-09 20:31
Latvia heywire
All people that love cs will comeback <3
2021-12-09 20:31
Europe Kaljakka
2021-12-09 20:31
2 replies
in 2014 maybe
2021-12-09 20:33
2021-12-10 02:36
leading up ti the semi-final clash with NIP on Saturday. Wtf error?
2021-12-09 20:31
5 replies
It is the semi-final and it is against NIP on Saturday. What is the error?
2021-12-09 22:29
1 reply
2021-12-09 23:30
2021-12-09 22:31
2 replies
It was a spelling mistake they fixed it
2021-12-09 23:30
1 reply
2021-12-09 23:33
2021-12-09 20:32
2021-12-09 20:34
NAF | 
Asia aref81
2021-12-09 20:35
Canada Kenny2k_
2021-12-09 20:38
I think prof's roast got him thinking again, but seriously he is right. If it wasnt for nexa missing the event kennyS would still be playing only on streams.. If he was truly serious about getting back on tier1 he would have been practicing his ass off this fall/winter and THEN do an interview. Nah this reek of desperation for a future pay check in a top30 team, but I hope he proves me wrong.
2021-12-09 20:40
4 replies
Kenny is a genuine guy, and I think he is serious about returning in good form next year. Here’s to hoping he does.
2021-12-09 21:33
He was a last minute stand in. What do you expect? He should train hard in case of emergency.
2021-12-10 01:48
what was profs roast Interested to hear that
2021-12-10 01:51
1 reply
The latest HLTV 3.5h talk. Prof admitted he was a "kennyS disillusinal fan" .. but jokes aside, he said kennys didnt suck as a standin but he didnt play well, and he said he didnt expect him to be good either, and even said he didnt think kenny himself would expect himself to be any good. They mentioned his lack of self discipline too. I have to add he sounded friendly though, not bashing down on kenny. So thats why I reacted to this prof-kenny interview just a few days after that:)
2021-12-10 10:21
too late man, its over
2021-12-09 20:45
2021-12-09 20:47
would love to see that kenny comeback
2021-12-09 20:48
Australia thisba!tes
2021-12-09 20:50
Finland AliSabid
lets go kenny
2021-12-09 20:52
Ukraine futplxyer
class is permanent for KennyS
2021-12-09 20:53
2021-12-09 20:53
United States TARIK_GOAT
2021-12-09 20:55
GOAT awper boyssd
2021-12-09 20:56
2021-12-09 20:56
Namibia Karlheinz
nice, good to see :)
2021-12-09 20:56
the start of valorant players gettin back to cs
2021-12-09 20:57
Gl GoatS
2021-12-09 21:00
The best AWPER and the PLAYER to ever touch this game
2021-12-09 21:02
"I tried VALORANT and this game is good, fun, and refreshing..." kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
2021-12-09 21:03
1 reply
Brazil Anarchybr
Soft way to say that is trash kkkkkk
2021-12-10 17:07
2021-12-09 21:05
United States Rayduh
KennyS > m0NESY
2021-12-09 21:12
Ukraine SwissRolls
best awper at their peak
2021-12-09 21:15
Bench with 1.10 kda. Sad ;(
2021-12-09 21:17
Spain kE01
VAMOS KENNY!!! we love u dude, keep working hard!!
2021-12-09 21:19
Vietnam andy_
kennyS: "Getting back to competitive CS is definitely my focus now" also kennyS: plays Valorant daily
2021-12-09 21:29
Other WYSI
i love you kennyS
2021-12-09 21:33
KennyS still tier1 unit, easily can upgrade any top5-15 team
2021-12-09 21:34
2021-12-09 21:37
RpK | 
France HippzZ
RpK came back to tier 1 after a longer break, everything is possible for Kenny
2021-12-09 21:40
1 reply
Awping necessitates faster reaction times. And we all know Kenny's 'motivation' never last long.
2021-12-10 02:34
We missed you! POG
2021-12-09 21:41
happy to heard that. Lets goo
2021-12-09 22:10
South America ncrs2k
2021-12-09 22:13
Estonia rokuomi
KennyS true GOAT
2021-12-09 22:35
HYPE. He's made comebacks from 3 slumps already, he can do it again.
2021-12-09 22:45
2 replies
+1 no doubt
2021-12-10 00:39
He never was in such a deep slump and he never had such a long break tho, let's see.
2021-12-10 01:33
France cedd
I believe in you kenny glhf and hope you come back to full form
2021-12-09 23:01
Brazil Elakk
2021-12-09 23:06
he got hyped, got some work in, will get bored soon and dip in desire to play
2021-12-09 23:18
lmao this guy still exists
2021-12-10 00:02
1 reply
show some respect
2021-12-10 00:39
Best awp of the last decade
2021-12-10 00:38
2021-12-10 02:00
2021-12-10 02:38
Maybe he realized he can't do sh*t and has no worth outside of CS ? Racking up 20k a month checks to play CS isn't that bad, instead of doing some random unqualified job for 1200 euros a month, isn't it Kenny ? Maybe you will actually try and practice like a pro this Time...
2021-12-10 02:39
2 replies
fan of fallen
2021-12-10 05:24
1 reply
Yeah, it is kinda ironic.
2021-12-11 04:22
let's go kennys!! let's go G2!!
2021-12-10 04:37
welcome back
2021-12-10 05:05
2021-12-10 05:18
Canada cattpat
ok bot
2021-12-10 05:20
2021-12-10 05:21
2021-12-10 05:39
Great interview, KennyS is a true player! Cheers
2021-12-10 08:41
King is back in town
2021-12-10 08:57
The goat awper of counter-strike. S1mple, device etc dont even come close to prime kennys. Valve didnt nerf the awp, valve nerfed kennys Welcome back kennys!
2021-12-10 09:27
3 replies
s1mple in peak form would molest kennys in peak form, not even close
2021-12-10 12:20
2 replies
s1mple in peak form would molest kennys with every weapon other than awp in peak form, not even close whereas in an awp battle, kennyS is the greatest to ever pick up the awp
2021-12-10 16:56
1 reply
i disagree, s1mple awp better than kenny if he primary'd it
2021-12-10 21:59
Thats why he played Valorant :D
2021-12-10 13:28
gl kenny
2021-12-10 15:06
2021-12-10 15:07
France bjjthibz
I hope he gets a good opportunity within a new french team, there are multiple good players looking for a team. KennyS, Nbk, Dbl poney guys, maybe Jackz and Amanek, surely we can build a T1/T2 team with that player pool.
2021-12-10 15:54
Belarus slpng
FaZe kennyS pls make it happen
2021-12-10 16:11
maybe mouz? OR DBL pony? We'll see. He can be good addition if he stay focused imo.
2021-12-10 16:52
1 reply
Mouz will be a decent team. Less presure, more occasion to be the playmaker. Decent/good teammates. And for mouz, it is a good publicity stunt. Kennys is polarizing, hate or love it, you wanna see sucess/fail.
2021-12-11 04:25
GOAT kennyS, hopefully he gets a good team
2021-12-10 17:03
Brazil Anarchybr
Actually he’s playing better than when he left. If I’m not mistaken he had like a 0.9 rating when benched. If he play a decent game Saturday he can go back to 1.0 form which is sufficient to be picked up by other teams
2021-12-10 17:10
Brazil sprk1
2021-12-10 21:49
I think he did a great job playing with g2 last week. it's very possible for him. Let'go Kennyyyy <3
2021-12-11 14:37
love u bby
2021-12-11 16:47
great, love kennyGOD
2021-12-11 19:50
Ukraine Bidus
Nice. Dude owns when in form. Same age as es3tag. The thing is: kenny has alrady got a bag full of achievent, he has style and already built a legacy. The other dude, can polish his rifle at best.
2021-12-11 21:28
Poland mjenta
2021-12-11 23:18
Was he talking about the Valve Competitive MM, honestly there are players with a brighter future there than kenny
2021-12-12 00:09
1 reply
most players DMG or higher have better chance
2021-12-12 13:03
11 ADR T side inferno, yes, I see your competitive spirit is up and you are totally not talking shit while not learning one thing or spending more than 10 minutes of being focused on a practice. I bet 80-90% of CSGO playerbase would get more than that in a pro match. If you shoot randomly fucking arabic wedding style, timings and aim completely random (assuming you aim at about torso area vertically) you are bound to hit more than that. 40-50% of the CSGO's playerbase would do more than 11 ADR in a pro match in 15 rounds T side with a p250 and no armor. That's what kenny should have done, ran p250 every round and just bought everything for his team mates. Instead he had actual good weapons, T side AWP on inferno for some reason too, costing his team rounds because of crippling economy. Sad to see him be this delusional, he's putting in 0 work, just got a news that he will play and he got overhyped to sell him self as a good player. This performance sealed it, I do not think there is a team that would want kennyS, not for free, not even if he pays them so he could play.
2021-12-12 13:13
5 replies
Remember than kenny only had 7 days to get back into the pro scene after being away for 9 months and he didnt play cs for all that period of time. If he wants to get back to tier 1 he is gonna have to work his way up again. He can still make it if he puts in the work-
2021-12-12 19:36
3 replies
Feels like another guardian situation. Too expensive and too big of a risk. The only way he could find himself back in tier 1-2 is to play as a standin and prove himself.
2021-12-14 07:10
1 reply
I was watching guardian's stream and he made an actual non-sarcastic case that he wants Valve to buff AWP fire rate. In that moment I knew he was done at the highest level.
2021-12-16 11:11
1) he was bad for last 6 months in G2 when he was playing on regular. 2) he never had work routine, relied on talent and ego 3) there is no excuse really, he is contracted to G2 and getting paid monthly, even when on bench. He needs to be ready to sub in, like in any other sports, and preform to a decent level. Goal No1 would be to not be a liability, he was. Goal No2 would be to show that you are not a liability and that you want to be there and appreciate the opportunity so much so maybe other teams see you worthy of their lineup. I honestly do not think there is a way in hell he can be half decent today, it requires the amount of work on daily basis that someone who has 0 worth ethics is going to bail out sooner rather than later. I feel weird about that he said that it's his goal to be in tier 1 when he was thrown out of a tier 1 team and no other teams show interest. It's just empty talk, or he is so hype prone that playing one event got him so hyped he actually thinks he wants it. Which will not be the case as soon as event ends. What I don't want to think is that he's doing it to get more contracts his way, but it would be stupid cause people would ask around before contracting someone and I doubt anyone would lie and say kennyS wants to work.
2021-12-16 11:09
Kenny S? Is the S for Scrub?
2021-12-16 08:47
Norway BijeaN
give up. bot kenny.. tier 3 at best.
2021-12-19 21:45
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