[VOD] HLTV Confirmed season 6 starts: Transfers and offseason analysis

With a visual update to the show, the standard panelists return to break down another year of Counter-Strike on a weekly basis.

Milan "⁠Striker⁠" Švejda, Chad "⁠SPUNJ⁠" Burchill, and Zvonimir Professeur Burazin are back to catch up with the silly season on Wednesday, 12 January, with HLTV.org's live show taking place on Twitch at 20:00 .

Join the show to hear the panel's thoughts on the new rosters of FaZe, G2, and Vitality, as well as the rumors about new teams in North and South America.

Which team will get the crowd fired up in 2022?

Among the topics for the show will be MOUZ's new look, BIG's signing of another Sprout talent, the unexpected Apeks lineup, and the completely revamped North American scene. At the end of the show, the panel will address some of the viewer questsions and take on the Parimatch Matchmaker and Who wants to be a skinionare games.

Topics for the show:

Recent news
- Vitality unveil Danish trio
- G2 overhauled
- FaZe ropz, finally
- MOUZ get torzsi, NBK-, Sycrone
- Who wants to be a skinionaire?
- BIG faveN back to top10?
- Will Apeks be good?
- djL to NIP coaching staff
- ENCE make change
- FURIA get AWPer
- Liquid with oSee, nitr0, shox
- EG to get Major-winning core
- Complexity eye Ex-tra Salt
- coldzera to 00Nation, more rumors
- The (First &) Last Dance
- Parimatch matchmaker game
- Viewer questions

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Australia Chad 'SPUNJ' Burchill
Chad 'SPUNJ' Burchill
No team
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Czech Republic Milan 'Striker' Švejda
Milan 'Striker' Švejda
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2022-01-12 09:05
2022-01-12 09:05
gonna be good
2022-01-12 09:05
England DB_R20
poggies boys!
2022-01-12 09:05
2022-01-12 09:05
Lets talk about love
2022-01-12 09:05
2022-01-12 09:07
Asia M@GNU5
F EP69
2022-01-12 09:10
JK | 
Asia flipflop
mens back at work
2022-01-12 09:10
yea boiii
2022-01-12 09:11
Prof i want to know ur thoughts about the current top 20, specially 13th place baitF like how tf is he there? ty
2022-01-12 09:11
4 replies
India harxDy
wait and watch spunj roast the hell out of blame
2022-01-12 09:11
3 replies
i mean spunj will prolly hold back a little since his boi striker should be there with them.
2022-01-12 09:22
2 replies
Striker is like the boss of HLTV’s gym?
2022-01-12 11:33
1 reply
idk but i know he only lift dumbells just by looking at his arms
2022-01-12 16:21
India harxDy
"season 6"
2022-01-12 09:11
Let's see how high spunj decides to get before going live this time.
2022-01-12 09:11
Striker rating 1.30 and 0.9 Kpr, he next superstar? ?
2022-01-12 09:18
looking forward to get your opinions on Astrality, G2 m0nesy, MOUZ NBK, BIG faveN & EG's super underwhelming roster & equally underwhelming semi-official announcement
2022-01-12 09:25
2 replies
Honestly, this annoncement is different. The classic annoncement : the new guy walks with his new shirt and the org produce a small highlight video is kinda useless. I don't mind . I agree about the underwhelming roster though.
2022-01-12 16:10
1 reply
i dont really mind the announcement either, i actually thought it was kinda funny, considering everybody knows it already anyway but if you look at other orgs announcements in the past few weeks there's simply just no other word than underwhelming to describe it, and as i said it kinda fits the roster itself as well :D
2022-01-12 17:35
San Marino ethanolo
Will Apeks be good? Yes
2022-01-12 09:39
2022-01-12 10:02
Yuge episode. Carried by Striker and Professeur as usual.
2022-01-12 10:19
no skinionaire?
2022-01-12 10:35
3 replies
ok im blind
2022-01-12 10:55
2 replies
good username
2022-01-12 16:04
1 reply
2022-01-12 16:11
nice !
2022-01-12 10:57
Spain venztical
2022-01-12 11:02
Noooice! Also, I reckon TOs are delaying the announcement of events because of the rapidly changing covid situations around the world. Hopefully, we at least have studio LANs. Just get rid of online era plz.
2022-01-12 11:04
Why so late?
2022-01-12 11:06
2022-01-12 11:06
Michu (from EG) is in ENCE, but they didnt announced it yet. Dycha said it on his twitter, that is going to be someone from Poland and Mochu himself said it a couple of times on his streams, that he has international organization
2022-01-12 11:10
4 replies
Rip ence then... What a shame 😞😞😞
2022-01-12 11:14
2 replies
Poland fAst3r08
I think they are baiting us with Michu, but even if it will come true I think paradoxically it can be good change. Maybe this time Michu will show us his real potential and skills. GL
2022-01-12 13:26
Dycha maybe 10% better than Michu , but Nichu was somewhat being sent as an entry in EG, and any person with such low sensi should never go entry. I see Michu to be in much better shape if he plays Anchor on ct and star rifler Along with SPINX, or support
2022-01-12 15:45
Somalia goner
2022-01-12 20:27
Let's goooo!
2022-01-12 11:15
Invite launders and do a discussion about his and your Top20 plz :)
2022-01-12 13:28
what happened to Professeur's twitter link
2022-01-12 14:21
1 reply
too lazy to put it in
2022-01-12 16:05
2022-01-12 15:40
Italy Skye620
Hi prof!
2022-01-12 16:30
Finland RPGWiZaRD
Should be an interesting episode, all these massive roster changes are making this upcoming season very interesting, can't wait for it to start but would be nice with more LANs.... the feeling isn't the same online...
2022-01-12 16:43
Hyped! ofc vitality tops the list
2022-01-12 16:53
2 replies
Bahrain Ax1yn
I agree, this stream is going to be amazing it's been a while now I've watched the HLTVorg stream.
2022-01-12 17:34
1 reply
a day without the hltv confirmed podcast.. did you even live that day? does that saying work in english
2022-01-12 18:54
2022-01-12 20:01
2022-01-12 20:08
what doink mens
2022-01-12 20:10
no oskar talk sadge
2022-01-12 20:12
1 reply
ty for info
2022-01-13 00:05
Madagascar valennyaa
2022-01-13 12:41
Nearly 3 hr show and not a single mention of the Great Bulgarian Shuffle?!?! is this because we are from Bulgaria!?!?!!!??
2022-01-14 11:59
North America numberBEE
I'm always going to cheer for the international rosters especially the big spending ones because it shows there is a lot of growth as a game and if they succeed there will be bigger larger investments in the future (and if they fail lesser investment). My biggest question RE: G2 is m0nesy. Will he be able to perform at the top level? He's going to get thrown from playing against Mouz NXT to playing against NaVi/Vitality/Faze/Heroic. I am going to cheer for him and wish him well, but this is the question mark for me, not the coach or Aleksi, but maybe I'm wrong here. I'll also be cheering for the EG roster to almost completely return to form as individuals. This roster a year or two ago would be crazy to see, so let's hope they become more competitive as individuals and everything clicks. Complexity will be fun, the more they develop and gain experience the better and I'll always wish Jason Lake success. Liquid will be the most dominant team in NA from the get go for sure.
2022-01-15 01:40
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