smooya on individual drop-off: "All my life I've been a selfish player, so I thought I'm going to try to reel it in"

After making it through the IEM Katowice Play-in, Owen "⁠smooya⁠" Butterfield talked about his individual decline in the opening stages of 2022 and fnatic's run in Poland so far.

After fnatic made big strides following their addition of smooya late last year, the Swedish-British mixture entered 2022 on the wrong foot. They finished in last place of the Funspark ULTI 2021 Finals and went out in 5th-8th place in Pinnacle Winter series, losing to BIG, Astralis, and the new Apeks roster in the process.

In the few matches the team played there and so far in IEM Katowice, smooya hasn't been up to the high standards he had set when he first joined fnatic, now sitting at a 1.03 rating in the past three months, a hard fall from his 1.22 average rating at the beginning of his tenure.

We talked to the Brit after fnatic made it through the Play-in stage in Poland to find out what has been behind his drop-off.

"When you have so much success and we were winning every game 16-13 and I go from having 28 kills to like 18, of course the game will be flipped," smooya said before delving into the reasons behind his brief decline.

"My entire life I've been quite a selfish player, always baiting a little bit. Of course I have an AWP, so I'm allowed, but [I was doing it] maybe a little bit too much, which is of course why I had crazy numbers. So I thought 'I'm going to try to reel it in a little bit.'"

fnatic are through to the group stage at IEM Katowice

"Prime example: If we have 5 Glocks, a full antieco, Mirage, rushing out palace, I have top spawn, I'm going to hit a quick 360 around the pillar so I don't get first killed there, I'm that kinda guy. I threw all that out of the window, and my confidence has gone [downhill], but I'm going to try to go back to go full bait mode and get confident again."

smooya went on to talk about the team's run so far at IEM Katowice, where fnatic suffered a tough defeat at the hands of Copenhagen Flames before beating Wisla Krakow and BIG, pulling off a huge comeback from a 3-12 deficit on Ancient against the latter in the process.

Out of the four teams fnatic could match up against in the group stage next, the AWPer picked out one name that he wouldn't want to face and one that he'd prefer:

"Anyone but Gambit. I want Vitality - I want you, ZywOo. That's all I'm saying."

"We've lined up good against them in practice and I really wanna play against apEX when he's shouting like a crazy guy. That's a goal of mine."

You can watch the full interview on our YouTube channel.

United Kingdom Owen 'smooya' Butterfield
Owen 'smooya' Butterfield
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
UK cs at finest
2022-02-16 21:17
1 reply
full bait indeed
2022-02-21 17:57
2022-02-16 21:16
2022-02-16 21:16
DEv | 
Sweden ice!
What 😅
2022-02-16 21:17
1 reply
Denmark Zetix02
2022-02-17 07:24
United States ItsImpact
2022-02-16 21:17
Let's go smooya, rat king
2022-02-16 21:17
2022-02-16 21:17
1 reply
No, just excusing his bad stats...
2022-02-16 21:41
2022-02-16 21:18
indeed, toxic smooooooyaaaaa god
2022-02-16 21:19
he's rationalizing
2022-02-16 21:19
I want you, ZywOo joke of the year 2022
2022-02-16 21:20
4 replies
2022-02-16 22:22
2022-02-16 23:21
Canada yTaken
2022-02-16 23:44
Denmark slacking
2022-02-17 00:45
Poland Astoner55
Nice to hear Smooya improved his attitude and teamplay. Fnatic has huge potential if they click together and he fits the system, the trio of Smooya, Mezzi and Brollan is super scary on paper
2022-02-16 21:21
1 reply
2022-02-21 19:49
smooya are you oookk??
2022-02-16 21:21
oSee | 
Canada RelayS
Smooya my man! Very down to earth.
2022-02-16 21:21
smooya yelling vs apex yelling
2022-02-16 21:22
2 replies
2022-02-16 21:28
1 reply
Ukraine Christoo
Checks out
2022-02-16 22:23
2022-02-16 21:24
Finland AliSabid
less go mens
2022-02-16 21:25
SMooya my goat
2022-02-16 21:27
United Kingdom JupiterACE
performance today was sub-par
2022-02-16 21:30
Latvia 4swen4
🤭 funny, but perhaps true
2022-02-16 21:31
France r0ckT
Best entertaining itw in iem. Good luck at caster when your career is done next year man! We still lovin you for this
2022-02-16 21:33
3 replies
2022-02-16 22:37
It happened already
2022-02-21 17:05
1 reply
France r0ckT
Ahah yes
2022-02-21 18:43
all talk no walk this smooya cant do shit just wanna farm ecos and then give excuse that he recently moved to estonia with his gf and they have powercuts so his form is bad. ????? who asked to move to estonia lol maybe think twice
2022-02-16 21:33
6 replies
2022-02-16 21:39
3 replies
yes you are from latvia im sorry to hear about your loss
2022-02-16 21:42
2 replies
from germany btw
2022-02-18 04:05
german talking
2022-02-19 00:13
2022-02-17 07:57
Armenia arzoo
2022-02-17 15:02
Speed run of getting bullied by top 5 players, 4 more to go. I trust you smooya
2022-02-16 21:35
Humble, unlike s1mple
2022-02-16 21:37
S1mple, what are u doing to people??? Please, fix it
2022-02-16 21:38
Poland Hellp3r
English talking about being selfish.. cheers cpt obvious.
2022-02-16 21:40
S1mple refused to teach smooya how to get good and now he sucks
2022-02-16 21:41
United Kingdom FNA_IC
The return of the rat king
2022-02-16 21:46
2022-02-16 21:47
Denmark Icanteven
“… but I'm going to try to go back to go full bait mode and get confident again." Is he saying he will bait again to gain confidence? He seems like a nice team mate
2022-02-16 21:54
<3 smoooooooooooooya
2022-02-16 21:55
He’s going to stop being selfish, but go back into full bait mode also?
2022-02-16 21:57
1 reply
India Devil100
2022-02-16 22:31
United States Teztyment
UK CS big fucking lul
2022-02-16 22:03
12 replies
hows BIG doing in this tournament? oh yeah, rip
2022-02-16 22:17
8 replies
Bulgaria K1r1to
why are you paying attention to the flag? you could be born in russia, china, africa. this is random.
2022-02-16 23:12
7 replies
North America 007DBR9
fan of fl0m
2022-02-16 23:20
6 replies
Bulgaria K1r1to
i bought this acc so idc about flag and flair, just want to make world better
2022-02-16 23:20
5 replies
Why in the world did you spend money on something you can easily get for free?? Not flaming, just curious
2022-02-17 07:07
1 reply
Bulgaria K1r1to
for me its easier to pay 1$ and get 10 good accounts than creating them by myself
2022-02-17 11:31
Bro U bought an hltv account wtf is wrong with u
2022-02-17 10:55
2 replies
Bulgaria K1r1to
to farm fantasy and grab ez skins for me its easier to pay 1$ and get 10 good accounts than creating them by myself
2022-02-17 11:31
1 reply
oh if it was only 1$ then fair
2022-02-17 11:46
Uhhh Jerman cs?
2022-02-16 22:18
2022-02-16 22:29
2022-02-16 23:55
he says this every 6 months lol
2022-02-16 22:16
haha this guy. he has to intentionally bait to get good stats, if he doesnt bait all of his teammates he will go 4-14 and bottomfrag. best teammate ever
2022-02-16 22:18
3 replies
Slovakia Daev0n
Well if it works? Awpers are supposed to trade/refrag their teammates not play entry all the time. Ofc on positions like outside Nuke, an awper is supposed to make a play but on T side, they usually refrag.
2022-02-16 22:27
1 reply
he said that he baits even on rounds where he doesnt have an awp like on pistols.
2022-02-16 23:40
North America 007DBR9
he said it's confidence, which it clearly is, he whiffed every shot and repeeked way too much
2022-02-16 23:09
The Rat King is back <3 <3 <3
2022-02-16 22:19
u want zywoo? wtf
2022-02-16 22:19
UK toxic bot, who hires him lmao
2022-02-16 22:20
1 reply
United States cybonics
fnatic obv use your eyes
2022-02-19 08:03
2022-02-16 22:40
rain | 
United Kingdom Bern1e
I love how honest he is, such a great interveiw
2022-02-16 22:43
1 reply
+1 He sounds like a human not like an NPC
2022-02-16 23:08
I'm going "full bait mode". And people say that this guy changed. Just his choice of words tells how arrogant and toxic he still is.
2022-02-16 23:07
3 replies
gonna cry?
2022-02-16 23:11
rain | 
United Kingdom Bern1e
he literally just said he is playing shit rn, how is that arrogant aha
2022-02-16 23:18
2022-02-17 13:18
everyone mad because smooya is the only person in cs to have a fucking personality lol
2022-02-16 23:55
4 replies
+1 lmao
2022-02-17 03:19
2022-02-17 07:08
+1 facts
2022-02-17 13:28
2022-02-19 00:16
will be funny when zywoo destroys him :D
2022-02-17 00:00
Smooooooooooooyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Legend!
2022-02-17 00:04
Asia Normalism
ok smooya lets kiss
2022-02-17 00:59
I just loged in after like 15 years to say this: smooya is funny as fuk! lol!
2022-02-17 02:42
3 replies
10 years* Still very impressive bro
2022-02-17 07:09
Best hltv confirms
2022-02-17 07:15
10 years between comments, what a chad
2022-02-17 13:27
JK | 
Asia flipflop
No need to call zywoo, even misutaa is more than enough for him.
2022-02-17 03:12
Love how majority of the users don't understand what sarcasm is when they see it. It does make sense tho.
2022-02-17 03:19
goat smooya
2022-02-17 04:08
best interview yet
2022-02-17 07:14
best girl
2022-02-17 10:30
Andorra NDRnews
Im going full bait mode its something that you will only hear to smooya but there are biggest baiters in T1 but they dont have smooya,s balls
2022-02-17 13:31
I think he really has learned a lot in his time at BIG. Gob b was definately a good leader that showed him what's actually important in the game.
2022-02-17 21:13
Brazil ImReverx
ok t5
2022-02-17 21:58
lmao love smoothie so much
2022-02-17 23:04
2022-02-18 10:00
1 reply
2022-02-19 11:05
Brazil sprk1
full bait mode lol
2022-02-18 12:11
full what
2022-02-18 15:44
it's insane how honest this guy is, orgs probably hate him :ddd
2022-02-18 16:22
People will act like if an AWPer isn't Zywoo and destroying T1 within a year of debut then they'll never be good (Forgetting how long S1mple spent as just a very good AWPer, rather than a world-beating monster) Smooya's got a lot of room to grow still, especially now that he's earned a solid place on a solid team. Consistency is key. (Also if you're reading this keep an eye on isk, I believe in him too)
2022-02-18 16:25
9 replies
You have a point. But s1mple in his first liquid stint with the awp was a true world beater. When he found a team that actually is set, he became even better, just like ZywOo. Smooya is still super young. He needs a set team and boom, he starts awping massively.
2022-02-18 16:27
3 replies
S1mple started life on HellRaisers
2022-02-18 16:28
2 replies
He carried the shit out of Hellraisers to their major playoffs in his first attempt btw. I thought you were being positive about players but okay.
2022-02-18 16:29
1 reply
My implication was that he was good on HR, but it took a couple of years until that Liquid stint And that Smooya is good, but just because he's not great yet doesn't mean he never will be
2022-02-18 16:30
-1, cope mechanism.
2022-02-18 16:27
1 reply
And what exactly am I "coping" with? That Fnatic beat G2?
2022-02-18 16:29
a year of debut? Smooya has been competing at pro level for a while already.
2022-02-18 16:30
2 replies
Yes that's what I said. Normal people don't become instant top players. Zywoo and B1t are the anomalies, not the rule.
2022-02-18 16:31
1 reply
People dont get it, look at how they talk about monesy, a 16 y old kid…
2022-02-19 15:53
smooya new media king
2022-02-18 19:05
Zywoo boutta make him eat those words
2022-02-19 09:37
R.I.P Vitality
2022-02-19 22:50
He just comeback , and already benched :) poor guy
2022-02-21 15:54
This didnt age well F
2022-02-21 16:11
Belgium tempest^
2022-02-21 16:21
2022-02-21 17:06
when he was giving this interview alex was thinking of how hes kicking him after tourney
2022-02-21 17:09
Israel rvt1
F smooya
2022-02-21 17:46
Sad news!
2022-02-21 18:07
2022-02-21 19:30
No wonder he got benched. What a dumbass interview, I'm amazed
2022-02-22 08:56
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