StaN part ways with eSuba

Stanislav "StaN" Levan part ways with eSuba, the team brings in David "selby" Hloch as new fifth.

The Czech team recently went to win the biggest Czech LAN event (World GameMaster Tournament), but now undergo changes, as Stanislav "StaN" Levan has left the team, to join with his former team suicide.

In order to continue playing in Extreme Masters IV, the team has brought in David "selby" Hloch, who is known for his time in teams such as nEophyte, Defeaters, SkyRiders and others.

"Why i joined eSuba? Simple answer. I was watching their progress and they look perspective. We already know each other and I am looking forward this co-operation. Just time will show how we will work as team and how we will match each other as people. I hope I will be good replacement for StaN. Time will show..." - David "selby" Hloch said on the team website.

eSuba now consist of the following:

Czech Republic Michael "jckl" Holý
Czech Republic Tomáš "gns" Pavlič
Czech Republic Jindřich "jRi" Hochman
Czech Republic Tomáš "oskar!" Šťastný
Czech Republic David "selby" Hloch

Hloch will have his official debut tonight at 21:00CET, when facing n!faculty in the European Championship for Extreme Masters IV.
2009-12-02 20:44
MYM > esuba
2009-12-02 20:44
hAxahxahxhAHXAHHXAHXHAhxAHXAHXAHXAH aldo u made my day at the end of the day :PppPPp btw gl guys never heard of selby =D
2009-12-02 20:47
gns > MYM :D
2009-12-03 00:17
neo > gns :-[ :-D
2009-12-03 08:49
2009-12-02 20:48
Is this StaN, the oldschool guy who played for SoA way back in the days?
2009-12-02 20:56
no way :D
2009-12-02 20:51
No. The Danish StaN is known as eXce these days and he's playing Counter-Strike:Source
2009-12-02 20:52
Alright, thanks :)
2009-12-02 20:56
nice to see you support us, gl ;)
2009-12-02 20:54
GL STAN !!!! :)))
2009-12-02 20:57
Israel selukvey
2009-12-02 21:05 - selbys cheating affair :)
2009-12-02 21:05
kokot :D
2009-12-02 21:06
2009-12-02 21:07
picka si
2009-12-03 09:04
2009-12-02 21:16
Ukraine lancee
omfg what a bitch
2009-12-02 22:06
StaN > selby
2009-12-02 21:10
yep but selby + cheats > all :D
2009-12-02 21:12
he's clear, imho
2009-12-02 21:20
yep, he got to be clear, because there is no third chance
2009-12-02 21:25
selby is best players in match n!faculty (inferno)
2009-12-03 09:05
2009-12-02 21:21
yes, its true, selby cheated in year 2003 i think, he got 5 years ban...2003 + 5 = 2008...year 2010 is comming and he's clean.... STOP ALL THE FLAME AND START THE GAME
2009-12-02 21:31
where is there flame? only movie...
2009-12-02 21:44
Once a cheater, always a cheater. Just like everything else
2009-12-02 22:03
ofc true
2009-12-02 22:07
I think Chris Rock said it best "Giiirl, if you lick his ass one night, you'll lick his ass everynight!"
2009-12-02 22:08
2009-12-02 22:10
Chris Rock - The Messenger Download it if ya can, it rocks! :D
2009-12-02 22:11
:D:D cruel
2009-12-02 22:20
but also extremely correct :D
2009-12-03 10:22
GL eSuba boyz
2009-12-02 21:40
Czech Republic NR.Kobra
Gl Selbyku :)
2009-12-02 21:52
turn on one time , turn on next time ! ban him preventively
2009-12-02 22:05
For sure
2009-12-02 22:10
good player but oskar is the power in this team!
2009-12-02 22:13
oskar is not team player...only headshoter :-P
2009-12-03 00:08
He didn't say he is team player, he said he is the power of eSuba and I agree with it.
2009-12-03 09:33
It's a nobody
2009-12-02 22:17
Dumbasses, you are calling him cheater? He showed that he can play without cheats. You just can't get rid of your vision. Selby is skilled player, with experiences. I don't say that he is better, but he showed his skills. If you still want to flame or extract this affair, just do it anywhere nabz. You are so skilled and you never used cheats, everyone knows. One time cheater, always cheater? What the fuck? Who make up this shit? Many ppl used cheats, it doesn't mean they are cheaters today. Fucking low to swear people when you don't know anything about them. BB~
2009-12-03 08:48
2009-12-03 09:06
MisuL, you have to realize that cheating in an eSport such as Counter Strike is fatal. The audience does not take it lightly. Until he shows me that he is good on LAN, I wont show him the respect you want me to show him. Partly cause you cannot hold a conversation on a level without swearing and you cannot defend something without swearing. Have a good day mister.
2009-12-03 10:24
Allright, do u want to see him on a lan? <- Look at this, the biggest lan in czech :) I was swearing because u don't know anything and you just criticise him! So before you will criticise someone, look up the facts, ok?! :) See ya
2009-12-03 14:18
I dont HAVE to look up facts, he used cheats once and that is what we were discussing.
2009-12-03 14:55
You said "Once cheater, always cheater" I replied "He is not fucking cheater now!" Got it?
2009-12-03 15:29
In fact, you didnt relpy to _me_. However yes I understand.
2009-12-03 16:17
I'm really pleased. :)
2009-12-03 16:32
2009-12-03 16:43
2009-12-03 19:33
all these frags are from lan, its my short cut movie:-)
2009-12-03 19:38
H4h4 -10k "Selby is skilled player" you are LOL
2009-12-04 13:36
I'm a LOL? Look up "LOL" definition nap see ya
2009-12-04 18:41
:D u haven t notion xD
2009-12-04 18:49
stan is a moron...
2009-12-03 17:09
2009-12-03 18:16
gl selby :) played well against nfaculty last night :P
2009-12-03 18:33
Why did StaN leave?
2009-12-03 19:33
who cares -_-
2009-12-03 20:16
Apparently I do, since I asked.
2009-12-22 00:06
Stanislav "StaN" Levan has left the team, to join with his former team suicide.
2009-12-03 20:38
Oh, I missed it. Sorry!
2009-12-22 00:06
bye stan & bran :)
2009-12-04 16:22
he was playing good with awp ,pity that he left. what means eSuba? who is selby?
2009-12-04 20:12
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