rain: "My goal is to win everything, basically"

After a confident win over Players, Håvard "⁠rain⁠" Nygaard sat down with HLTV to talk about the game and much more.

FaZe have had a cracking start to 2022, cruising through their BLAST Spring group, picking up an epic IEM Katowice victory with a stand-in, and battling through their Pro League group.

After comfortably brushing Players aside in FaZe's first playoff game here in Düsseldorf, rain caught up with HLTV to discuss his thoughts on the game, why his team struggled so much in 2021, and his strange experience at IEM Katowice.

rain was full of praise for new teammate ropz

First things first, congratulations! How did that series feel to you?

It felt pretty comfortable, even though it looked like we got stomped on Mirage; there’s a reason they picked the map, and they had clearly a good game plan coming into it. We felt a bit out-called and they played a good game of Counter-Strike on Mirage, we couldn’t really get into it on CT and it’s always rough to play Mirage if you can’t get rolling on CT, right? I think they just played really well there and we couldn’t come up with a solution.

What allowed you to take Inferno so convincingly?

I think our Inferno is probably one of the best in the world right now, I feel like. We are all super comfortable in our roles and our positions, everything just feels so good for us on that map, so we knew that we could get so many rounds on T, and even we have a bad T side we know we can comeback on CT. We just kept rolling on T, and with an 11-4 score at the half, there’s no way you can lose that game right (laughs).

No matter what zonic says…


Coming back to the game, how does it feel going into a final map when you have just been stomped?

We were still pretty confident, of course we were a little bit down, we just had to make sure that we refocused mentally and forget about that map. They did the same on Mirage, right? We were still up one round in the overall score (laughs). I think it was just mentality, we managed to reset, and had some good clutch moments on Overpass which helped with that.

Another key element of the series was some of the successful deagle ecos. Obviously FaZe and deagle ecos are an iconic and successful duo, but is it down to any specific setups you guys run?

I think deagle ecos are the only rounds where Finn doesn’t call anything. He just says “buy”, everybody buys, and people do what they want on the fly. It’s like a mix-team style, but everybody is reacting off each other, we’re still trying to play together even if it’s not a set strat.

What about you personally – you have always been a very strong deagle player, is this something you are praccing in DM?

I think it’s just natural, of course I learned a lot from NiKo as well when he played with me, how to control it properly. It’s just a fun weapon to play around with, and I guess I have some highlights here and there.

So taking a step back, last year was a bit of a rough one for FaZe, with generally underwhelming results. How did last year feel to you personally?

It was pretty sh**ty to be honest, losing in groups every single tournament was pretty rough. We were dipping in the rankings, and it just felt like the team wasn’t functioning at all.

At the same time, when Finn came into the team, we knew that Robin was coming eventually, so it was always kind of like ‘is he coming now, is he coming later?’. We still played 100% with Olof, and we tried our best, but it was probably sitting in the back of our minds that we were going to get Ropz soon. It was a weird year overall for us.

Do you think that was what held the team back, the idea that the team was waiting for Ropz to turn up?

Nah I think we were just missing something in the team. Robin brings it in with so much firepower and his hunger to play, he is probably one of the hardest working and most mechanically skilled that I have played with. All this stuff he is finding, this math smoke s**t; I’m watching him in the practice room and he is telling me how he lines it up, and I’m like ‘what the f**k, he is counting the pixels on his screen, I am going to go blind if I start doing this’ (laughs). He brings in a lot of good stuff to the team, and it’s what we were lacking last year.

After a year like that, particularly for someone like you who has played for so long and had so much success, was there any temptation to change the way you played? Did you ever sit there and think ‘maybe I’m not playing well enough’?

We did swap around a little bit for Finn, because he wanted to figure out what was going on and find solutions. Roles swapped back-and-forth, I tried to lurk for a while and then I went back to entry, and then I’m a little bit of a support, and now I am back to entry again. I think right now our roles are pretty set, I don’t think they were as set before, and at the same time I am trying to improve more on not just playing deathmatch, but also watching other people and focusing on utility.

Is that something you didn’t do before?

Yeah. In 2017, 2018, all those years when I was in my prime or whatever you call it, I never watched anybody. I felt like I couldn’t learn from anyone.
Especially nowadays, Counter-Strike has changed so much over the years, it’s a completely different game than what it was like three years ago, you know? It’s so much more tactical, so you have to adapt with the game or you are going to go ‘bye bye’.

Obviously we have heard a lot of talk from people about what Ropz has to offer, but what do you personally think he brings to the table?

He brings so much skill, individually and also teamplay. He is the full package as a player, he can AWP, he can rifle, he can do anything, right? He’s just an all-round good player to have in the team, and he makes everyone else better.

How did roles change to accommodate him?

Not that much at all, the roles pretty much – almost, at least – went one-to-one with Olof. They’re both lurk-style players so we didn’t have any big role switches, maybe Russ had to give away some stuff, but apart from that it was one-to-one.

I assume people were happy to give a player like Ropz the roles he wanted?

Yeah of course. We said ‘write down on a piece of paper where you want to play and what you want to do’ and we worked around that basically (laughs), he had full freedom to pick whatever he wanted.

rain had "mixed feelings" watching his team win from afar

I wanted to ask a few questions about Katowice – obviously a successful event for FaZe, but one that you didn’t get to fully experience. How was Katowice for you?

Going into the play-ins we get the notice that Ropz can’t play because he is sick, it was pretty much like ‘oh… we sign a new star player, and he can’t play the first LAN we are playing’. It was pretty rough at the start, but everybody stepped up at that time, kept the mood up playing games all night.

After the groups when I had to go into quarantine, in a way I felt it was weird to sit there and watch my team play, it was the first matches I have missed since joining FaZe, so it was weird seeing the FaZe banner and not playing. I am happy the guys won of course, but I wish I could have played as well, so it’s kind of mixed feelings.

How was playing with jks?

jks is super talented, he worked really hard. He could barely play before he came, and he just came and sat and played deathmatch for like 10 hours a day, just focus focus focus, and so he played super well. Especially in the finals, he stepped up big time and even played my roles, and he did fantastic.

Seeing a player take your place on the team, even taking your roles, and winning a medal must have been strange. Were there any hard feelings?

No, I love the guy, he’s super nice there’s no bad feelings between us at all. I am super happy that he got to win a trophy finally, he got to experience that, so I am just happy for him.

Looking forwards, what are the goals and aims for FaZe this year, in your eyes?

I think the main goal is the Major, right? Of course. The way I am feeling now in the team, how confident I am going into every game, with the guys if I jump through a smoke I know I am getting refragged, right? So my goal is to win everything, basically. If we lose now, I am going to be disappointed no matter what.

Finally, if I asked you right now who would give you your hardest game, who would it be?

The hardest game is probably going to be NAVI, to be honest. s1mple is back in top shape, and they’re going to be hard to play against no matter what happens. They are for sure the hardest opponent.

Norway Håvard 'rain' Nygaard
Håvard 'rain' Nygaard
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Serbia VasaLav
2022-04-06 00:01
15 replies
Juli | 
Canada Yaokon
? Hes not igl
2022-04-06 00:03
7 replies
?? ofc he is..
2022-04-06 00:04
2 replies
2022-04-06 06:18
1 reply
2022-04-06 10:33
United Kingdom Veracious
yes he is
2022-04-06 00:08
Lol ofc he is Look at his stats. He have to be the IGL
2022-04-06 00:32
2 replies
2022-04-06 05:45
oh nooo
2022-04-06 06:07
I can vouch for top3 awper for sure not sure about igl doh
2022-04-06 05:45
wtf dude! why karrigan is in faze if rain is igl
2022-04-06 09:33
3 replies
karrigan star role...
2022-04-06 10:34
Iceland Greedo
karrigan is the star rifler....
2022-04-06 11:27
1 reply
fucking trolling:DDDDDD
2022-04-06 21:14
2022-04-06 10:00
he's not. he's a viking
2022-04-06 14:21
2022-04-06 00:01
8 replies
2022-04-06 00:10
7 replies
If Faze wins this event, they will face the hardest bracket possible Gambit > Navi > Furia > Heroic No team in this tournament can get a harder bracket than they. If Faze pulls that championship run off, they become uncontested top 2 team in world. Sick stuff
2022-04-06 00:38
6 replies
they'll become #1 probably since they beat the current #1 on their way if they win ofc
2022-04-06 03:44
chances are Navi will play Astralis
2022-04-06 08:42
yeah imagine ENCE has to play fnatic > movistar while Faze plays Gambit > Navi :D
2022-04-06 09:58
Netherlands Dvid
heroic who?
2022-04-06 22:37
2 replies
Heroic momma tf men what a blunder
2022-04-06 22:57
1 reply
Netherlands Dvid
yeah, props to liquid, with Osee they looked very good
2022-04-07 00:10
England ItsDan_HLTV
2022-04-06 00:02
2 replies
i'm back from 4 days ban , i don't want to get banned again so i'll gently say that you are wrong sir :)
2022-04-06 01:19
1 reply
*slight jonathanE smirk*
2022-04-06 10:26
You'll need Jks for that, unfortunately
2022-04-06 00:02
1 reply
Europe Khanan
Not really but name checks out
2022-04-06 21:56
Norway Olemannen
one can hope
2022-04-06 00:03
1 reply
At this point it's Rain vs time until benched :/
2022-04-06 17:22
smart words from the nr 1 entry fragger
2022-04-06 00:03
4 replies
Are you in 2022 or 2017?
2022-04-06 00:31
2 replies
2022-04-06 01:16
1 reply
2022-04-07 13:57
2022-04-06 10:00
2022-04-06 00:04
2022-04-06 00:04
rain sex me pls
2022-04-06 00:04
Peru ndrearg
2022-04-06 00:04
rain god
2022-04-06 00:04
Hltv jinx incoming.
2022-04-06 00:05
ZywOo | 
United States NABOT
ez for god
2022-04-06 00:09
I think it is funny how every team gives interviews but Navi. Best need to be forced to talk, because they deliver on the server
2022-04-06 00:12
4 replies
Cause Navi didn't play playoffs yet)))) In group stage there weren't a lot of interviews.
2022-04-06 07:37
Russia P0vTr
NA brain
2022-04-06 08:31
2022-04-06 10:00
Iceland Greedo
most of them probably dont speak english very well
2022-04-06 11:28
damn the ropz thing about counting pixels. so that's how he does it jesus
2022-04-06 00:12
1 reply
no wonder, look in what position he sits at the monitor
2022-04-06 01:04
Time for faze to be 16-2 x2 by navi now
2022-04-06 00:13
1 reply
Russia P0vTr
Navi had struggles with NA CS, FaZe will destroy them
2022-04-06 08:32
2022-04-06 00:15
Dream, dream, dream, dream dream I can make you mine, Taste your lips of wine Anytime night or day Only trouble is, gee whiz I'm dreamin' my life away XDDDDDDDD
2022-04-06 00:15
2 replies
I wanna taste rain's lips of wine too :(
2022-04-06 00:23
2022-04-06 10:00
god rain
2022-04-06 00:23
its like he didnt have 8 years to do so already
2022-04-06 00:23
2022-04-06 00:24
United States notawaffle
wants to win everything but cant win aim duels kekw
2022-04-06 00:25
13 replies
the third generation of players has come but he still plays at such a high level worthy of respect
2022-04-06 01:09
12 replies
common this kids just don't understand what rain really do, they just looking at stats and making their judgments,
2022-04-06 01:20
10 replies
Romania Lupu
What do you expect from NA trash bots ?
2022-04-06 07:31
1 reply
And faceit lvl 2's
2022-04-06 07:37
he dies prematurely a lot, when you watch him play. i know he's second entry after karrigan and that might be hard, but a lot of times he's the first to die before an entry is even made. he mixes that with some beautiful shots that sometimes win rounds on it's own, like the two deag headshots on mirage. but i thought faze looked a lot more solid with jks just because he didn't do stupid stuff.
2022-04-06 10:33
7 replies
if u interested for rain, just watch all the videos from his teammates about him, he plays how teammates say to him, cause he gives all his free space to the teammates, so his real play it's basically deagle-eco's, so rain just doing what Igl say to him
2022-04-06 11:08
3 replies
igl is telling him to walk in the open and get killed so they'll be a man down?
2022-04-06 11:10
2 replies
just watch demo's normally and not like " ahhhhh he dont have a lot kills, he's noob"
2022-04-06 11:38
1 reply
i watch demo's normally and i'm not even talking about his kills, i'm talking about him being in open spaces all the time making it easy to kill him. he could drop a 30-bomb like that and still be useless in a lot of crunch-rounds.
2022-04-06 11:48
Really annoying when people drag jks into this. He didn't play rain's role 100%. Rain's absence made other players suffer. Just look at how Twistzz performed. Twistzz even said himself that he struggled when he had to take some of rain's responsibilities.
2022-04-06 18:09
1 reply
I know roles were mixed to accommodate a new player. And even then it worked better, because the guy that's dying prematurely all the time wasn't playing and the rest had good synergy.
2022-04-06 19:07
Netherlands Dvid
0 iq
2022-04-06 22:39
2022-04-06 10:12
So its better you born again
2022-04-06 00:30
2 replies
lmfao +1
2022-04-06 00:32
2022-04-06 01:06
Well good luck, cus you got the ivans to deal with Tomorrow
2022-04-06 00:32
what a chad
2022-04-06 00:36
my nygaard <3
2022-04-06 00:38
1 reply
2022-04-06 10:01
Too bad now they will go up against the greatest team of all time with the greatest player of all time in the form of his life..
2022-04-06 00:41
6 replies
lmao, s1 is very far from the best form of his life, we've seen much greater form of him
2022-04-06 01:17
1 reply
s1 has been in the form of his life since 2018 :)
2022-04-06 01:56
Greatest team of all time? What are you smoking
2022-04-06 05:38
3 replies
Yeap. This Na`Vi roster is the greatest team of all time.
2022-04-06 06:01
2 replies
Prime Astralis >>>>>
2022-04-06 07:38
2022-04-06 07:51
Imagine talking about winning when your team just won a tournament with a standin instead of you.
2022-04-06 01:00
5 replies
+1 He is a joke
2022-04-06 01:38
2022-04-06 03:54
they were also winning without ropz
2022-04-06 04:34
FaZe players just like their fans are delusional, lol.
2022-04-06 06:02
This is an interview. What would you answer?
2022-04-06 19:03
too late bud
2022-04-06 01:10
Nice informative interview
2022-04-06 01:13
Obviously people only read the headline kekw
2022-04-06 01:16
2 replies
2022-04-06 04:36
2022-04-06 10:01
Gigga chad rain <3
2022-04-06 01:17
Hope he steps up a bit.
2022-04-06 01:18
United States Sancler
i agree
2022-04-06 01:38
rain kek
2022-04-06 02:19
United States caliprep
hahah I like this Rain. Time to win the Major!
2022-04-06 03:12
2 replies
2022-04-06 10:01
1 reply
United States caliprep
eff off hater.
2022-04-07 04:02
I was really trying to understand why rain receives so much hate, then I realized that this ppl doesnt know sh1t about competitive cs. LOL
2022-04-06 03:23
1 reply
+1 my friend well said
2022-04-07 07:23
2022-04-06 03:54
United Kingdom Flw30
good luck rain
2022-04-06 04:19
Honestly kudos for Rain to stay in the top tier for all this years as only Norwegian player.
2022-04-06 05:45
Lucky | 
Montenegro Hikio
No jksex no win
2022-04-06 05:46
good luck, but faze is cursed as long as rain is their mascot
2022-04-06 05:49
2022-04-06 06:06
Hot gigachad <3
2022-04-06 07:38
United States AMERlCAN
Yes yes
2022-04-06 07:52
United States AMERlCAN
how are you
2022-04-06 07:52
Norway TheDEA
2022-04-06 07:53
2022-04-06 08:41
he can 1 v 5 most teams IRL
2022-04-06 09:10
More like getting carried and end up winning
2022-04-06 09:14
Saudi Arabia St4ck
2022-04-06 09:22
-Rain +jks
2022-04-06 09:32
Netherlands SpiceNut
Really nice interview to read, normally I don't read an interview from top to bottom, now I did :)
2022-04-06 09:41
1 reply
Exactly !!!!!
2022-04-06 10:16
FaZe is just getting boosted by Ropz and twisttz
2022-04-06 09:50
2 replies
2022-04-06 10:01
have you not seen brokyy?
2022-04-06 13:24
FaZe full of Giga Chads
2022-04-06 10:27
Saudi Arabia St4ck
kaola goi
2022-04-06 10:28
Rain is going into the same category like Coldzera if he dont adapt to current cs meta. Man i love rain but the next 2 big events including major (if they go through) will be the final test for him. Plenty of entry players are looking for new home after major. Yekindar might be a possible replacement for rain if he is benched but it wont easy.G2 also probably looking for Jackz replacement
2022-04-06 10:59
1 reply
2022-04-06 16:37
2022-04-06 11:02
rain deserves to be Faze CSGO manager after he retires from playing… hope he links up with jkaem after faze though
2022-04-06 11:07
Denmark slacking
'my goal is to keep leeching and paycheck stealing basically' fixed for you
2022-04-06 11:19
2 replies
cry is free
2022-04-06 13:03
respect legend Nygaard
2022-04-06 22:02
though he's not the best entry fragger right now his team is the most balanced one right now so I won't be surprised if faze wins everything this year
2022-04-06 13:05
3 replies
Including most delusional fanbase
2022-04-06 15:54
2 replies
lmao cry all you want
2022-04-07 13:27
1 reply
Couldn't care less
2022-04-07 18:06
play better then
2022-04-06 13:24
Sweden Akoulad
Play better then noob
2022-04-06 13:28
rain : the most overrated player of all time
2022-04-06 13:46
Yeah playing like that you are FAR from winning everything dear Rain
2022-04-06 14:17
Finland FlNLAND
maybe start with 1 trophy at least?????
2022-04-06 14:41
washed up bot thats worried about being replaced by JKS trying to defend himself
2022-04-06 14:54
rain | 
Switzerland zeKxa
2022-04-06 16:15
Russia ToughGuy
sure grandpa dont be cocky after 1 fluke win
2022-04-06 16:32
if they beat navi, they will be a champ for sure
2022-04-06 17:16
overrated bot even karrigan needs to carry you when cant hit your shots
2022-04-06 17:28
you need to step up rain
2022-04-06 19:00
2022-04-07 07:34
bruh -rain +jks already
2022-04-07 09:54
rain you're a legend, love your work!
2022-04-07 13:59
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