JT: "We think we're one of the strongest teams here and we want to prove that"

Complexity's in-game leader shared his thoughts on the team's run at ESL Pro League and their start in the Americas RMR.

Johnny "⁠JT⁠" Theodosiou's squad have begun their campaign at the PGL Major Antwerp Americas RMR on a successful note, picking up their first win in the Swiss format after an opening matchup against TeamOne.

JT was one of the top performers against TeamOne

After the match, we caught up with the South African in-game leader to ask him about Complexity's trip to Europe, which most recently saw them eliminated in the group stage at ESL Pro League, with their only win coming at the expense of one of their Americas RMR rivals, Evil Geniuses.

You've been in Europe for a bit now playing ESL Pro League and so on. What have you been up to? A while back junior said you were doing really well in practice, has that kept up?

We've been doing pretty well in practice most of the time, but this time around we haven't had as much practice because we've been traveling around a lot. We got to Pro League the day before it started and we had some good practice while we were there.

Then we had two more days of travel to our next bootcamp, so we haven't had that much practice but when we do practice it has been efficient, it has been good, so we're coming into this tournament confident because we've been playing well against the European teams in our practice games. We think we're one of the strongest teams here and we just want to prove that.

You struggled a bit at BLAST Spring Groups and ESL Pro League, at least in keeping up with the best teams. Did it lower your confidence at all?

I don't think it really ruined our confidence or anything like that. We knew after those games that most of the time we were losing them because we were playing under pressure. The team doesn't have much experience in general, a lot of the players are new or played their first LAN at Pro League, or one of their first BLAST events.

It's a work in progress, we know from our practice and the players we have on the team that we can be really good, we have the potential to be really good, so the more reps we get on LAN, the more reps we get against tier one teams, we'll eventually get there. The games weren't too bad, a lot of the games were close, a lot of the maps were close, it was just the little mistakes that got to us because of our inexperience, nerves and that kind of thing.

You're still in Europe, obviously, but you're playing American teams now. Do you have a bit more confidence going against them, at least being accustomed to some of the teams that are here?

Yeah, definitely. We have this thing in our team... We're pretty much the NA destroyers in my opinion. We have Grim and junior that had like 1.3, 1.4 ratings every time they played in North America. So when we play these Brazilian teams or these tier two NA teams, we're extremely comfortable. At least those two players.

Coming into this tournament we know to play our own game, it works against these guys, let's just keep playing our best and the wins will come. We have the players to win this type of event.

You talk about some of your teammates putting up big numbers, but you had a pretty good start to the event yourself against TeamOne. It has been said that you're not a big fragging IGL, so how are you feeling after this one?

Pretty happy with it, pretty happy with our performance. floppy and myself had a good game, but we expect to win against these teams so we just need to make sure that we keep it up for the next games.

In the last interview junior did with us, he said you were up there with Liquid as the best team in North America, drawing quite a few comments about it. What do you have to say about that?

There is some merit to what he's saying just from the way we've been playing in practice and the way we play against Liquid and Evil Geniuses, when we do play them, although at the end of the day it's not about how we play in practice or how we play Liquid, it's about what place we come in at a tournament.

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junior: "Right now we are the best NA team, us and Liquid are 50/50"

Those players have a lot more experience than we do, they've won tier one tournaments, as well, so when we play these tier one LANs they might play better than us because our inexperience gets to us. But I think that in due time we can say we're better than them, although I think it's close, it's very close between us. We have very good games against them and we'll just have to see what happens.

The goal here is qualification, but have you guys talked about going for that one coveted Legends spot at all?

We haven't really spoken about the Legends spot. We just want to get stickers. Only Grim has been to a Major, but we really want stickers and to participate at our first Major.

Are there some nerves, seeing the possibility of being at a Major so close? Is it in the back of your heads at all?

I wouldn't call it nerves, but there's some pressure like we need to win now. But I don't think it's affecting the guys badly or anything like that, I think it's good.

You said that you played with a bit of pressure at BLAST and Pro League, whereas junior said that there wasn't pressure from the organization, and that everyone was very reassuring. How do those two worlds combine?

There's not much pressure from the organization, they just want us to improve as fast as we can. That's fair, because we're a young team. I think some of the pressure stems from players coming from old teams like Grim from Liquid, he wants to prove himself; junior from FURIA, he wants to prove himself; floppy from Cloud9, he wants to prove himself. So this is our next chance for a tier one event and if they can play now, they can prove themselves as players. I think that's mostly it.

To close things out, tell me about your progression as a team and where you think your ceiling's at. You're up there against the North American teams, playing Liquid and those guys well, but where do you see yourselves going and where are you at in your progression?

I try not to focus too much on where I see us in the future, but I think we definitely have the potential to be one of the top teams in the world — not only NA. We're trying to work towards that and as long as we keep our heads down and keep practicing, I think we can get there.

South Africa Johnny 'JT' Theodosiou
Johnny 'JT' Theodosiou
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Greece cristmon_cs
2022-04-11 17:51
1 reply
No MarkE no win
2022-04-12 00:10
Europe Putin69
I couldn't agree more
2022-04-11 17:51
1 reply
Greece cristmon_cs
you dont read it
2022-04-11 17:52
2022-04-11 17:52
2022-04-11 17:52
in4 losing their next match
2022-04-11 17:53
Latvia Zodde
2022-04-11 17:54
Russia mnight
Lol few weeks before: "Right now we are the best NA team, us and Liquid are 50/50"
2022-04-11 17:55
1 reply
that was Junior who said that not JT
2022-04-11 19:38
Brazil davidthall
cursed again
2022-04-11 17:56
Thats some BS
2022-04-11 17:57
all br won, just one lose, the intervw.. with JT. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA
2022-04-11 17:57
7 replies
Chill dude interview with cold coming soon ;)
2022-04-11 17:58
3 replies
2022-04-11 18:02
Nice men))
2022-04-11 18:16
sure dude, 16 x 5 at least to 00.
2022-04-11 18:32
Typical fake flagger doesn’t even know how to laugh Kkkkkkkkkk
2022-04-11 18:48
2 replies
2022-04-11 19:21
1 reply
stop fake flagging
2022-04-11 21:44
Shit team
2022-04-11 17:58
Should be 2nd best team if liquid perform like this
2022-04-11 17:58
yo stfu just cuz u got picked up by CoL doesnt make you good
2022-04-11 17:58
8 replies
2022-04-11 18:48
7 replies
yup, hate the arrogance this team has, they have been underperforming since day 1 yet this is like the 3rd player of the team stating that they are "really good", first you win tournaments and then you really know youre good, doesnt work the other way around
2022-04-11 18:53
6 replies
Sweden derppey
2022-04-11 18:57
2nd = 3rd as far as I've seen. Also, they aren't saying they're a top team yet. It's all talk about how good they feel and them wanting to perform. I don't know what kind of interview JT could have given that would have made you happy if this pisses you off.
2022-04-11 19:03
4 replies
they talk all the time about how good they feel and how they want to perform but it just doesnt matter if they dont bring results, sugar coating the bad performance
2022-04-11 19:09
3 replies
If you want some sort of objective analysis of a team, you won't get that from the players of that team. Go watch the podcasts with Spunj or some random youtubers. I don't know what you expect them to say.
2022-04-11 19:20
2 replies
its not about what they say, its about what they achieve which is exactly the opposite of what they say, i know they cant say anything else but goddamn if you really feel that way just do something
2022-04-11 19:22
1 reply
They're trying and they are 1-0 as of now in the American RMR. They claim the loss at ESL was due to inexperience and inconsistency. I agree with that, they are the 2nd best NA team and I expect good things from them.
2022-04-11 19:24
United Kingdom hants
Respect the grind for the stickers tbh
2022-04-11 17:59
Canada Sneksist
Another round of people reading headlines and losing their minds. gg go next.
2022-04-11 18:01
1 reply
Imagine if these titles weren't a quote from the interview. People would actually need to read it before commenting.
2022-04-11 19:03
Why did I read "JW"
2022-04-11 18:02
1 reply
Norway Snaids
Wishful thinking like the rest of us
2022-04-11 19:38
NA detected, opinion rejected
2022-04-11 18:06
2022-04-11 18:07
2022-04-11 18:14
Philippines sijibats
50-50 with team liquid for wasting decent aimers
2022-04-11 18:16
Brazil Lok72
2022-04-11 18:19
Italy PhilD06
not again hahah
2022-04-11 18:19
Chile esanchez47
2022-04-11 18:21
Haha Probably gonna be eliminated 😂😂😂
2022-04-11 18:29
oh not again
2022-04-11 18:36
hahaha this complexity guys are a meme
2022-04-11 18:44
one after another, getting delusional
2022-04-11 18:45
United States cybonics
thanks you for the interview god JT 🥰
2022-04-11 18:48
Brazil AWFenrir
And here we go again...
2022-04-11 18:48
HLTV commenters continue to be retarded. He is stating facts, they feel good, they prac good, they feel they are one of the best there. What's wrong with any of that?
2022-04-11 18:50
1 reply
JT | 
North America b00tleg
The modern zoomer does not know nuance and the modern hltv user doesn’t read
2022-04-11 21:26
Slovakia AdorrioN
They've done it again
2022-04-11 18:51
1 reply
2022-04-11 19:39
Doesnt really matter even if its true since na cs is so low lvl compared to eu. Even tier 3 eu teams are better than na top 1
2022-04-11 18:59
dude shut the fuck up, all those interviews from na teams are cringe
2022-04-11 19:39
Serbia DakileX
Every literally every NA team is like ''WE ARE THE BEST HERE AND WE WANT TO PROVE THAT'' , dude every NA team currently is shit so stop talking and start winning something ...
2022-04-11 19:53
Spain Belinda
complexity has to improve
2022-04-11 20:07
goes without saying that they're the best)
2022-04-11 21:55
bruh he did it again
2022-04-12 01:41
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