Astralis-G2 headlines round 4 of EU RMR B matchups

Three more teams will have the chance to secure qualification to the Major as the second Europe RMR nears its conclusion.

The next six matchups in the PGL Major Antwerp Europe RMR B Swiss stage have been set after the conclusion of day two, which saw Players and Copenhagen Flames advance to the Major while Sprout and Sangal were eliminated.

All three qualifying matches in round four will play out on the A stream, which will kick off with a match between Anonymo and ENCE. Following that, Ninjas in Pyjamas and SINNERS will lock horns, with the day coming to an end with a tantalizing match between G2 and Astralis.

G2's first chance to qualify for the Major will involve a bout against Astralis

Three elimination games will also play out simultaneously on the B stream as another set of teams fight for their tournament lives. Entropiq have been matched against HEET, while Bad News Eagles will meet ASG and Spirit will clash against Endpoint to close out the day.

You can find the schedule for round four below:

2-1 pool (BO3)
11:00 Poland Anonymo vs. Europe ENCE (A stream)
14:45 Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. Czech Republic SINNERS (A stream)
18:30 Europe G2 vs. Denmark Astralis (A stream)

1-2 pool (BO3)
11:00 Russia Entropiq vs. France HEET (B stream)
14:45 Kosovo Bad News Eagles vs. Russia ASG (B stream)
18:30 Russia Spirit vs. Europe Endpoint (B stream)

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NiKo | 
Ethiopia bait4me
G2 legends lets go
2022-04-22 20:01
4 replies
Romania wadd
Pretty hard scenario for that to happen
2022-04-22 20:10
1 reply
only need all favorites to win, except Spirit
2022-04-23 05:48
Bangladesh ImpacT_
i arent think so
2022-04-22 20:17
Kekwwwwww hahahahha
2022-04-22 20:22
2022-04-22 20:01
Nice it is
2022-04-22 20:01
Brazil wagnermanxa
I think Astralis won't make to this Major
2022-04-22 20:01
4 replies
G2 or astralis will eventually qualify anyway bro for sure, just look at the remaining teams if Nip wins tomorrow it should be ez
2022-04-22 20:07
Indonesia Xclave
yea, I think so too, they are gonna face entropiq after losing to g2
2022-04-22 20:40
2 replies
Lol g2 has more problems than astralis rn
2022-04-22 23:45
didnt astralis just beat entropiq at ESL ?
2022-04-23 05:49
G2 will go 2-2
2022-04-22 20:02
2 replies
jks | 
Australia CaZeR01
2022-04-23 04:07
1 reply
United States DarkFX
2022-04-24 02:03
Ence getting those freebies
2022-04-22 20:02
Anonymo 1-2 ENCE NIP 2-0 SINNERS G2 2-1 Astralis Entropiq 2-0 HEET BNE 2-0 ASG Spirit 2-1 Endpoint
2022-04-22 20:03
2 replies
Denmark ReSalty
G2 very very much beatable watching last games
2022-04-22 20:10
Sinners will win and endpoint will win and hopefully astralis lose and don t make it.
2022-04-22 20:12
G2-3 incoming
2022-04-22 20:05
cu | 
Brazil Morck
dude, if g2 doesn't win tomorrow and in view of the possible confrontations, it may not be in the next major
2022-04-22 20:05
Poland Maffei
Anonymo 0-2 ENCE NIP 2-0 SINNERS G2 1-2 Astralis Entropiq 1-2 HEET BNE 2-0 ASG Spirit 2-0 Endpoint
2022-04-22 20:06
10 replies
No way heet beats Entropiq
2022-04-22 20:57
4 replies
Poland Maffei
depends on djoko performance and enropiq are really shaky
2022-04-22 21:01
1 reply
United States cybonics
HEET are Bo3 gods I pray
2022-04-22 21:55
Poland Maffei
2022-04-23 12:32
1 reply
Didn't expect my boys to play this bad
2022-04-23 12:50
if you think Astralis are beating G2, you're mad
2022-04-23 03:50
4 replies
2022-04-23 05:51
Poland Maffei
astralis looked so strong against ence and players, also g2 played shaky against tier 3 teams so 2-1 or 2-0 for astralis
2022-04-23 10:11
If I still bet, this would be the perfect game to pick astralis as the odds will be much more in g2s favour than the game will be. I think g2 are still slightly more likely to take it, but g2 in qualifying stages, and g2 under pressure are much more likely to choke. They took gambit to 3 maps and gambit >> g2 atm
2022-04-23 14:08
1 reply
all of you wrong -1
2022-04-24 23:45
JK | 
Asia flipflop
G2-2 incoming
2022-04-22 20:06
MODS: Elimination matches are BO3, not BO1
2022-04-22 20:06
1 reply
Didnt even notice that error
2022-04-22 20:13
Iceland Greedo
unlucky for astralis, ence, g2, gambit, and maybe entropiq
2022-04-22 20:08
1 reply
doesnt make any sense, probably sinners and bad news eagles will be playing each other for a spot in the major and at the same time astralis is facing 3 top 10 teams and then entropic for the same spot
2022-04-22 21:25
Denmark ReSalty
Pgl:"oh nip flames were to hard on you? Take even easier match to qualify" Man this group is fucking joke
2022-04-22 20:09
2 replies
Czech Republic PaYaB
yep, this buchholtz seeding sucks
2022-04-22 20:11
I didnt know pgl invented buchholz
2022-04-22 20:12
Nip must 2-0 sinners
2022-04-22 20:12
France Dunne_V1
How tf did the only two top 30 teams get matched up for elimination ? Rng rigged
2022-04-22 20:25
Ukraine StaR1y
lets go Astralis!
2022-04-22 20:33
If Astralis will show us T side like today vs Players and they will start win some pistol rounds ( not 1/6 in whole bo3 ) then Astralis will win this. I had hope that Astralis will win today vs Players but uhm.. it is what it is. I see some improvements in their game as team and they re lookin better than g2. Astralis need to ban mirage and thats it.
2022-04-22 20:34
damn Astralis getting the vitality treatment
2022-04-22 20:48
1 reply
loser probably going against entropiq
2022-04-22 20:56
So ez for Astralis
2022-04-22 20:59
2022-04-22 21:07
these match-Ups are ridiculous!
2022-04-22 21:07
Europe Juuzou_
Imagine g2 not making it. They can lose to Astralis… and in a worst case scenario they have to face entropiq. I mean i hope g2 goes through easily, and they should. But imagine…
2022-04-22 21:15
2 replies
Carlos will be on suicide watch
2022-04-22 21:25
1 reply
Europe Juuzou_
Wouldn’t be the first time lol😂
2022-04-22 21:50
swag | 
Cyprus Porgos
Astralis wins here due to fluke, Carlos cries on corner
2022-04-22 21:33
nice astralis got the best opponent out of 3 possible in the 2-0 match. and now they got the best opponent out of 5 possible in the 2-1 match. i think cadian payed pgl to keep glave out of the major
2022-04-22 21:48
4 replies
Denmark ReSalty
+1 Navi get legend because of the 4 count has legend in their group NIP getting only ridiculous matches to qualify G2 faced 3 tier 3s in a row man come on... This tournaments hide so much money based decisions behind the back
2022-04-22 22:38
3 replies
yeah astralis did their job against the two tier 2 teams they got and beat them confortably, then pgl was just like u gotta beat seed 1 and seed 2 or ur gonna be 2-2 and need to win whatever game u get + get lucky in tiebreaks
2022-04-22 22:47
2 replies
Seed 1 and 2 aren't even in this group haha
2022-04-24 08:59
1 reply
its not a group its a tournament rmr eu b
2022-04-24 14:26
dont dissapoint me bNE
2022-04-22 23:21
Gonna be a good game. The battle of the two most disappointing teams. I'm betting on Astralis not making it to the major sadly.
2022-04-23 01:32
Anonymo 2-1 ENCE NIP 1-2 SINNERS G2 2-1 Astralis Entropiq 1-2 HEET BNE 1-2 ASG Spirit 1-2 Endpoint
2022-04-23 01:51
1 reply
then ASG, Endpoint and HEET qualify
2022-04-23 02:14
2022-04-23 01:59
good day
2022-04-23 09:21
Indonesia cleostar
this stupid seeding system needs to stop
2022-04-23 09:35
This is gonna get a little tough for me, i'm fan of both teams :( but i think i gotta go with G2 in this.
2022-04-23 12:21
It's not fair Astralis got only very good teams when Players and G2 got only T3 teams
2022-04-23 12:53
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