Cloud9 vs. FaZe headlines high-octane round 3

Several big matches await us in the third round of play in the Antwerp Major Legends Stage.

With the first day of the PGL Major Antwerp Legends Stage behind us, we have seen two rounds of the Swiss stage play out and set up a very high-octane round three, in which we'll see several top-10 teams face each other.

Two of those high-octane matchups will kick off the second day, as ENCE will take on Outsiders while Heroic lock horns with G2 in the first set of matches on Sunday, both in the 1-1 pool played in best-of-ones.

The biggest match of the bunch will follow between current #1 and #4 teams, Cloud9 and FaZe, with BIG and FURIA taking place on the secondary stream in the meantime.

A hard round 3 matchup awaits FaZe

From there on the competition will move into best-of-three series as qualification and elimination will be on the line. The two breakout teams of the Legends Stage, Copenhagen Flames and Spirit, have found themselves set on a collision course for a spot in the playoffs — a perfect contrast to the match that will be happening at the same time between some of the biggest disappointments so far in Vitality and Liquid, one of whom will go home with a 0-3 record.

At the end of he second day, we'll learn one more name who will earn a spot in the bracket stage, with Natus Vincere playing NIP in the 2-0 pool, as well as one more who will exit the competition early: Bad News Eagles or Imperial.

Below you can see the full schedule of day two of the PGL Major Antwerp Legends Stage:

1-1 pool (BO1)
12:00 Europe ENCE vs. CIS Outsiders
12:00 Denmark Heroic vs. Europe G2
13:15 Russia Cloud9 vs. Europe FaZe
13:15 Germany BIG vs. Brazil FURIA

2-0 pool (BO3)
14:30 Russia Spirit vs. Denmark Copenhagen Flames
18:15 Ukraine Natus Vincere vs. Sweden NIP

0-2 pool (BO3)
14:30 France Vitality vs. United States Liquid
18:15 Kosovo Bad News Eagles vs. Brazil Imperial

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Finland LeksaBoi
2022-05-14 23:33
6 replies
Don't let that headline distract you from the fact that Faze Clan choked a 15-11 lead vs Cloud9 at the ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018 giving C9 and North America their first and only major victory
2022-05-15 01:23
5 replies
Let’s also not forget flusha’s incredible Katowice 2018 mvp performance with incredible clutches against faze clan.
2022-05-15 01:59
4 replies
Don't also forget the.... wait. What is this? I don't even know.
2022-05-15 03:55
3 replies
Have a great day tomorrow, lot's of great matches.
2022-05-15 04:48
You should watch Gnatic vs Faze Iem katowice final it was lit.
2022-05-15 07:44
1 reply
Pakis are lit
2022-05-15 10:44
Estonia Chaostic
Shox vs Vitality, F
2022-05-14 23:33
1 reply
Honestly maybe not F against this liquid I actually have faith that liquid can grind it out against them in the state vitality are in
2022-05-15 02:49
China Zhusha
More brazilians for BIG, nice
2022-05-14 23:33
Luxembourg 2000
ENCE > Outsiders Heroic > G2 Cloud9 > FaZe BIG > FURIA Copenhagen Flames > Spirit NAVI > NIP Vitality > Liquid BNE > Imperial
2022-05-14 23:35
10 replies
Russia qvverty
G2 > Faze >
2022-05-14 23:35
Russia DevilBr0
spirit will win, mark my words
2022-05-14 23:54
1 reply
2022-05-15 07:48
u know karrigan lives rent free in c9s head rigth? hes the one who made them onliners by sending them home from colone by completely outcalling nafany as a terrorist on overpass. they allso slapped them in both katowica and epl15
2022-05-14 23:59
3 replies
u know c9 lives rent free in karrigans head right?
2022-05-15 01:45
2 replies
The old c9 roster*
2022-05-15 05:00
stew lives rent free in karrigan's head. stew isn't here though unfortunately.
2022-05-15 09:18
Japan JadzStar
Faze > clown9 Nip > navi
2022-05-15 00:26
1 reply
NiP>NaVi? Lol NaVi Clapped NiP even with devve on the roster NiP won't even get 10 rounds against NaVi
2022-05-15 07:03
Brazil MrLucas
Furia >> BIG, not even double digits for them
2022-05-15 05:02
Outsiders G2 C9 BIG Spirit NAVI Vitality BNE
2022-05-14 23:35
Pickems sad
2022-05-14 23:35
2 replies
mine are good :) i got cph falmes 3-0 and imperial 0-3
2022-05-15 02:23
1 reply
mine getting r4ped
2022-05-15 11:47
High octane gameplay inc
2022-05-14 23:39
Hahah vitality only made to legends cuz of the tier 5 opponents Forze would have deserved it more
2022-05-14 23:40
Fiji Juuzou_
ENCE < Outsiders Heroic < G2 Cloud9 > FaZe BIG < FURIA Copenhagen Flames < Spirit 2-1 NAVI > NIP 2-0 Vitality > Liquid 2-0 BNE < Imperial 2-1
2022-05-14 23:40
5 replies
nice jokes
2022-05-14 23:42
1 reply
Fiji Juuzou_
2022-05-14 23:56
2022-05-15 00:18
2 replies
Fiji Juuzou_
2022-05-15 00:19
1 reply
faze will whip gambit again like the last time
2022-05-15 01:03
Brazil Elakk
2022-05-14 23:43
ENCE > Outsiders Heroic > G2 Cloud9 > FaZe BIG > FURIA Copenhagen Flames < Spirit NaVi > NIP Vitality > Liquid BNE > Imperial
2022-05-14 23:57
cmon bne save my pickems 🙏
2022-05-15 00:02
1 reply
Fr man
2022-05-15 00:32
2022-05-15 00:26
2022-05-15 01:00
at least one boring team on the playoffs... cant complain if the best teams dont deliver...
2022-05-15 01:07
1 reply
Brunei route322
Spirit and CPH are boring teams? Wtf
2022-05-15 02:47
Indonesia cleostar
0-3 soon :( I knew it picking liquid or bne as 0-3 are the safest choice also the fact that its either spirit/cph that will get into the stage are mad
2022-05-15 01:30
Finland Dagyhy
Of course its navi nip draw, and spirit cph ... Luckiest 3-0 for spirit or cph flames
2022-05-15 01:48
1 reply
United States DarkFX
2022-05-15 02:02
Gonne be amazing
2022-05-15 03:14
ENCE > Outsiders: Spinx has been playing insane, as well as hades and dycha. VP have been inconsistent, but if YEKINDAR and FL1T have a good day, it’ll be a great match. OT in favor of ENCE. Heroic < G2: Heroic may have lost some morale after getting upset by Spirit, but that’s the only thing that makes me lean towards G2. Itll be close. Cloud9 < FaZe: This will be close, too, but karrigan has called great against them. If ropz has a good day, FaZe should take it. BIG < FURIA: FURIA’s perma ban is D2. Memes aside, BIG looked flat on Ancient today, I think FURIA should take it pretty comfortably. Copenhagen Flames < Spirit: This young Spirit roster has really come into form. They’re playing some really good CS as of late. I think they’ll take it 2-0. NAVI > NIP: I literally thought NIP was going to be getting one of the last quarterfinal spots, and I still think that’s the case. Na’Vi take it 2-1. Vitality < Liquid: Vitality have not looked good. They still have a shot at winning in a BO3, but that’s if Zywoo and Dupreeh can pop off. BNE < Imperial: The only reason I’m saying Imperial is because of the experience. BNE can out aim them all day, but in an elimination game at a major, it’s a lot of pressure. Imperial take it 2-1 with OT in the third map.
2022-05-15 04:16
1 reply
Canada fenix_wang
Very reasonable guesses. We shall see how many of them you got right.
2022-05-15 04:20
Brazil MrLucas
If Furia don't mess up the bans, they should take it pretty confortable either on Vertigo, Ancient or even Overpass
2022-05-15 05:08
1 reply
Yeah big is such a strict team that furias crazy aggressiveness and unpredictability makes them a tough match up for big. I hope Furia make it for my pickems
2022-05-15 05:58
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