magixx: "We're capable of beating elite teams, that shows we're on the right path"

The Russian youngster wants no time off and for his team to keep firing on all cylinders until their match at the Sportspaleis in Antwerp to stay "living in the rhythm of the tournament."

Spirit beat the odds by becoming the first team to qualify for the PGL Major's Champions stage with a clean 3-0 record following victories over FURIA, Heroic and Copenhagen Flames, no small feat after going 3-1 in the Challengers stage where they beat Eternal Fire, Imperial, Astralis and took G2 to overtime in a best-of-one match.

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After a rebuild and a relocation, Spirit's bet on youth is starting to pay off

Leonid "⁠chopper⁠" Vishnyakov and company, who have reached such heights despite their coach missing the event due to coaching bug a ban, will now go on to play at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp, where they will appear for the first time on stage at a Major in front of a crowd of fans.

magixx still couldn't believe Spirit's feat immediately after stepping out of the tournament area

After sealing the coveted 3-0, 18-year-old Boris "⁠magixx⁠" Vorobiev sat down with HLTV to discuss the joyous moment, running down some of his teammates' strengths, what it was like to make it without coach Sergey "⁠hally⁠" Shavaev by their side, and how they're going to keep grinding all the way up until they're set to make their Major playoff debut in Belgium.

Congratulations for going 3-0 at the Legends stage. Can you believe it?!

Well, not really. I would believe this one time out of ten, it's the insanest result for us.

Patsi said it was time to show yourselves against the best teams in the world. Do you feel like you started to do that?

Yeah, we definitely did. We've been working a lot since the roster was introduced five months ago. We're still too young, not just the age, it's both the age of the players — their experience —, and the age of the roster. We're under six months old, we're playing great on LAN, we're capable of beating elite teams and that really shows that we're on the right path. We need to continue grinding and everything is possible.

You're the youngest team at the Major by a whole year, Complexity was the second youngest team. How is it facing all of these experienced teams with so much youth?

Talking about the experience, the LANs, it really doesn't bother us. We think about the game, focus on ourselves, believe in each other, and that's it. We just play the game and enjoy every moment here. We're really excited playing a Major and for two of us it's their first Major. We're happy with the stickers, with the results, and we're happy to play the game.

Another thing is hally not being here, so you're a super young team and on top of that you don't get to have your coach with you. How have you guys gone about it?

When the news came in it was really sad because he has been an extremely big part of our game. He was motivating us, giving us strats, and right now chopper is doing it all by himself. It was really tough to accept this, but looking at our performances here we can clearly say that even though they banned our coach — which was a completely bullshit decision —, it made us stronger. Now we believe and fight for each other, including our coach because he can't be with us, so we play for him and for ourselves.

Two of the outstanding players so far have been degster, who was the highest-rated player in the Challengers stage, and Patsi, who stepped up a lot and is doing great work entrying. Can you tell me a bit about their play?

What I noticed about degster is that he's been a hard-working guy since I met him. The first time I met him was three years ago, in Espada, and he's been incredibly hard-working and putting up incredible numbers. He was the guy that you can count on to perform well and he's doing it. He's motivated, he's hungry and he's just killing everyone — he's insane!

About Patsi, at the RMR he had a couple of rough games, with maybe under ten frags in a map. It was maybe just his first LAN games, he wasn't really prepared for it. But right now, right here, he's in very good shape. His multi-kill rounds are crucial in our play style and his entry frags are insanely effective. I can't say that I would be that effective playing that role, so he fits his role really well. This guy brings a lot of win conditions for us in the rounds.

With hally not being here, you said chopper is taking on a lot of work. Tell me about his importance in this run that you're having.

chopper is the only experienced guy on the team. He has played a lot of tournaments with different teams and right here he's surrounded by four young guys that believe in him. We put our faith in him and we're all putting our faith into his calls, his ideas and we respect the amount of work he puts into the game both for himself, mechanically, and the strategical part because it's not an easy task to do. He prepares the games, the game plan, and he's an insane guy.

Seen from the outside, it appears that you're all quite calm and friendly. Does that help the team atmosphere in a way?

Yeah and we have our psychologist here, who is doing a great job! He fires us up before the game, after the game, he does an excellent job. Sadly we don't have our coach, but this guy is making us believe in each other, to enjoy the game and be very fired up.

You're going to the arena now, the big stage. What's the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about going to play on a Major stage?

Honestly, right now, I can't say anything. Maybe I'll understand it in an hour, maybe a bit later, but this sounds like really exciting stuff that's going to happen. We have two new guys, it's not only their first LAN appearances, but their first arena. For me, I've been playing for three years or so already and it will be my first time playing on a stage with a crowd. I'm just looking forward to it, I'm insanely hyped up and it's an exciting thing. I hope we'll enjoy our game there.

Going into the playoffs, what's the mood in the team? Are you confident that you'll be able to put on a good show?

My first thought is understanding that we've managed to beat top teams throughout the tournament and we're really excited to be going into the arena. I don't have enough words, it's a great feeling. We just need to go in and play like we do in the studio — enjoying the game, doing our stuff no matter who we face.

Any plans for the few days you'll have before the Champions stage?

After going through the Challengers stage we had two days of practice, no days off, and I hope we won't have any because we should be living in the rhythm of the tournament. I believe there shouldn't be a lot of time to chill, we need to continue playing praccs through these days to keep our great shape.

After the first games I saw degster streaming some pick-up games after demo review at night.

Yeah, yeah, everyone understands that the tournament isn't over. We're still in it and we have to do everything we can do. After the first games we went into TeamSpeak, watched the demos and after that we were all playing deathmatch, some of us played FACEIT in the evening, and chopper watched Flames demos for a few hours and a few hours in the morning. That's how he prepared us.

Russia Leonid 'chopper' Vishnyakov
Leonid 'chopper' Vishnyakov
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Russia Boris 'magixx' Vorobiev
Boris 'magixx' Vorobiev
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
b1t | 
Greece Noocklas
2022-05-16 12:05
2 replies
Belarus danch1k
Still in the playoffs
2022-05-16 12:59
b1t | 
India Mr_UNX
2022-05-16 15:00
yea no
2022-05-16 12:06
yes, but not capable to go to major semis sadly
2022-05-16 12:07
1 reply
Depends on who they're facing.
2022-05-16 15:05
2022-05-16 12:07
Australia Whatajoke
''it's the insanest result for us.''
2022-05-16 12:08
1 reply
bestest englando mens))
2022-05-16 12:21
magixx <3
2022-05-16 12:08
deko | 
Russia mshkoda
amazing team, gl on stage)
2022-05-16 12:08
Egypt Alinst
and they are gonna get crushed instantly in quarterfinals.....
2022-05-16 12:09
1 reply
Who cares they made it this far without a coach, they where aiming to get challengers and now they're in semis
2022-05-16 16:54
Whoever they face in the playoffs: Get 'em outta here!
2022-05-16 12:18
1 reply
you a sad human being fr
2022-05-16 13:33
Sweden AFCx
nice to see magixx doing well
2022-05-16 12:22
People hating in the comments whenever a team that isn't one of the 8 designated orgs breaks out and does something, pathetic bots.
2022-05-16 12:24
4 replies
United Kingdom VenoK
2022-05-16 13:13
+1 lesgooo spirit
2022-05-16 13:50
Kazakhstan Juuzou_
2022-05-16 15:08
2022-05-16 15:25
Boris <3
2022-05-16 12:32
Korea Axiotimos
He/She looks pretty!
2022-05-16 12:47
Noks | 
Estonia Kukkel
Spirit is nothing compared to FaZe
2022-05-16 12:52
8 replies
Win against CPHF first
2022-05-16 12:59
6 replies
Noks | 
Estonia Kukkel
Already won 2-1, both upcoming maps FaZe win % 100%
2022-05-16 12:59
3 replies
Kazakhstan Juuzou_
Why be a dick though? Nobody talks about faze here
2022-05-16 15:10
U called it
2022-05-16 15:14
1 reply
Noks | 
Estonia Kukkel
2022-05-16 19:18
Wtf Faze fan bullying Faze fan. That's weird
2022-05-16 13:00
1 reply
Brazil c0mplexy
2022-05-16 13:07
Russia zykeNj
Try to win atleast map against CPH first
2022-05-16 13:00
GG Team Spirit
2022-05-16 13:05
Indonesia cleostar
theyre following the fluke run of their dota team
2022-05-16 13:11
1 reply
Kazakhstan Juuzou_
Why hate. Instead of being supportive
2022-05-16 15:09
Had to play vs cph ... if it wasnt nip and navi playing eachother i doubt either one of those 2 would have made it to playoffs
2022-05-16 13:16
jks | 
North America BoDaddy
Bruh you played cph in your 2-0 match
2022-05-16 14:34
1 reply
they beat in group stage 3 teams that are in playoffs now so stfu
2022-05-19 03:56
Kazakhstan Juuzou_
Goodluck spirit. Insane form atm. Wish you all the best
2022-05-16 15:09
3-0 in legends is already very good for such team Gl
2022-05-16 16:29
Credits to chopper. For his underrated time contribution, and prep for team just insane.
2022-05-16 18:03
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