CSPPA: Official summer break to take place one month earlier in 2023

The player association announced that the official tournament break in the summer will run from June 12-July 9 in 2023.

The Counter-Strike Professional Players' Association (CSPPA) has announced its decision to move the official summer tournament break so that it takes place a little over a month earlier than in previous years.

The body shared that it had reached the decision after consulting the matter with tournament organizers, revealing that the change was made in order to split the year into two more even seasons.

Aimed at giving top-tier players the chance to recharge batteries between the first and second part of the season without the pressures of having top-tier events held in that time, the official summer break has been in place since 2017. It was originally set for August before it was moved to take place from mid-July to mid-August in the past few years.

With the winter off-season typically set for around mid-December to mid-January, as the breaks stood they had split the seasons unevenly, with the first part lasting around six months and the second around four months. Following the changes, the split is expected to be closer to five months each.

It is unclear whether and how Valve will react to the news given that the developers have set 2023's Major windows to late May and early November, which means the first Major of 2023 would end around two weeks before the new tournament break. CSPPA has noted that it will engage in dialogue with Valve and other stakeholders to "better align with the CS:GO Majors."

2022-07-01 17:26
2022-07-01 17:27
2022-07-01 17:27
Finland iamjoe
Okay now what
2022-07-01 17:27
Hungary YoloKutya
today i learned there’s an official summer break
2022-07-01 17:28
why not just include valve in the discussion in the first place
2022-07-01 17:28
9 replies
Because valve only cares for their own sponsored tournaments
2022-07-01 17:30
7 replies
did you even read the article
2022-07-01 17:47
3 replies
of course i did, you don't seem to understand how valve operates when it comes to CS
2022-07-01 22:30
2 replies
I do, you just didn't read the article/didn't understand it
2022-07-01 22:42
1 reply
Just drop it bro, you are making a fool of yourself
2022-07-02 00:08
read article
2022-07-01 19:33
2 replies
2022-07-01 22:30
1 reply
2022-07-02 14:58
If I remember correctly they have tried to talk with Valve for some years, and this is a fix due to Valve being weird!
2022-07-01 20:41
Makes sense
2022-07-01 17:28
july to August is real summer
2022-07-01 17:32
They got holiday every month, usually from tournament to tournament it lasts from a few weeks to month, average they have 2 weeks free every fckin month. break for what?
2022-07-01 17:36
23 replies
Yes, t1 players actually play the least, what an irony. t2 and t3 on the other side play always and don't have holidays :D That's why at some point they're getting better
2022-07-01 17:38
jks | 
Russia prav_
They practice and prepare for next tournaments?
2022-07-01 17:38
14 replies
Not all. Just look on Astralis, only blamef try hardin every fckin day, most of them just spend their time with family and practice from time to time 2-4 hours a day, its really small amount of practice.
2022-07-01 17:49
13 replies
How many hours of effective practice can you do a day?
2022-07-01 18:00
12 replies
If someone pay me even 5k dollars a month then i can practice easily 10 hours a day. But players from top teams everyone knows that have 15-35k dollars a month. Imagine, being lazy to practice if u got this amount of money. I know that some players practice 12/24 but a lot of them are lazy af.
2022-07-01 18:14
10 replies
The amount of money I get paid does not impact the amount of time I can practice effectively. I cannot concentrate for 10 hours a day. If you can then you are a machine.
2022-07-01 19:14
9 replies
Wtf u talkin about man? What about ppl who workin everyday for 8-12 hours? Man, if they are practice 2-4 hours a day only, then its break for them everyday. Come on man, look on blamef, he spent 150 hours in 2 weeks, and he showin it every time on server, when konfig sharin stories with beer on instagram and then we see how bad he is.
2022-07-01 20:21
8 replies
You think people who work that long concentrate for the whole thing? The pros don't just sit down and do nothing for the rest of the day. How dare Konfig have a beer!!! He should be a robot and only play counterstrike!!!!!!
2022-07-01 20:38
7 replies
No man, no. U dont understand something. I gave example but i saw much more stories like that from him and then we can see on server that he prefer fun in real life than train hard for his teammates.
2022-07-01 20:43
In real life u also work hard every 5-6 days a week, its life, but i gave only example, i saw a lot of players who spent only 20 hours in 2 weeks xD its omegalul, and they beed break? from what? They are not able even practice/dm in cs through 8 hours like normal average people who work for much less money.
2022-07-01 20:46
5 replies
Right, but I work 8 hours a day and most of that is not hard work. Your expectations are unrealistic. Playing 8 hours a day is unproductive in my eyes
2022-07-01 21:12
4 replies
Man, you, i, other people, going to work, one is working in corpo, one is buildin houses, they can play 4 hours morning routine and then 4 hours evening ( fpl pugs, dms ) They got paid a lot of money for that, so come on, 8 hours is not big amount of time, especially if u look on point that they are playin in cs go maybe 10 years and then they got chill life if they are clever and invest money. A lot of them can even play 5 hours, its ridiclous, but then we can see bad results.
2022-07-01 21:29
3 replies
I'm not jealous, I couldn't do it
2022-07-01 21:38
2 replies
You no, me not also cause i stopped playin video games, already only watch, a few years ago i was able to play 10 hours easily, difference is that they got money, its their job, they are force to play, cause they chosen esport in their life and its their job like all others.
2022-07-01 21:51
1 reply
I don't want a job that requires 10 hours of concentration a day, I wouldn't regardless of how much I was paid
2022-07-01 21:55
5-6h at the very least 5 days of the week. That's the bare minimum and compared to other work
2022-07-01 19:38
Romania Peanspey
good thing that you now about the work ethic of pro csgo players. World's laziest pro esport and sport players. At least dota and lol players have to calculate constant nerfs and find new shit to abuse every few days or so. Why do you think that the worlds NR 1 team rn is so inconsistent despite their great salaries.
2022-07-01 17:40
1 reply
because the game itself is random
2022-07-01 19:41
Chad dooddi
thats different they practise during those breaks but summer break is mostly vacation
2022-07-01 17:40
ele | 
Finland krep
Ah yes, because teams do 0 work outside of official tournament matches
2022-07-01 19:45
1 reply
of course man, i follow a lot of players on ig and i know when they havin fun through whole day or even week on trip with wife/girl. I dont attack these people but come on, they have really more time for family than average people who work hard everyday through half a day.
2022-07-01 20:24
You’re talking complete nonsense.
2022-07-01 21:54
1 reply
2022-07-03 03:56
Finland AliSabid
Nice good
2022-07-01 17:37
Good job CSPPA, incredible work they're doing for the community
2022-07-01 18:13
North America barosielle
good change
2022-07-01 18:15
2022-07-01 18:31
Poland Kobel_
G2s manager on twitter: we weren't consulted Twistzz: Neither were we (FaZe) Who does this CSPPA talk to then xD
2022-07-01 18:42
1 reply
2022-07-01 21:17
From the comments on that tweet, it looks like they didn't even consults a lot of pros lol CSPPA continues to be a joke.
2022-07-01 19:05
1 reply
Poland Kobel_
Some G2, FaZe, Furia, Vitality players/staff members already implying they had no clue, that's already 4 of top 10 teams that they didn't even talk with lmao
2022-07-01 19:08
Sweden QuietDon
CSPPA, like most unions, only care about their own. It is a joke, especially when they say the want the best for ALL players. Anyone involved in this garbage has me rooting against them. That being said, I am not sure that this makes any real difference. If it makes it a more even season(s), than sure. But it will undoubtedly be a reason for the CSPPA to say "look what we accomplished!".
2022-07-01 19:28
why not have the major as the last tourny each season? then the seasons ends with a bang, and teams have a month to make roster changes before everything starts again. like eu football.
2022-07-01 20:02
1 reply
Makes sense. I've been waiting for pro cs to get more organized for a long time.
2022-07-02 01:36
Czech Republic JameS_19
2022-07-01 22:45
Huh, you guys still around?
2022-07-02 01:29
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