EG best coL to win EM America

December 14th, 2009 00:36

Evil Geniuses won the Extreme Masters American Continental Finals with a relaxed 2-0 win over compLexity.

Following the ESEA Finals last month, this was expected to be a close encounter but it ended up being anything but that as EG proved far too strong for coL, winning the match on just two maps and conceding 12 rounds.

The match began on de_nuke, where EG showed a strong CT side, going into the second half up 10-5. It was expected that coL would respond in the same way but EG had other plans, and so they set the score at 16-8 to take the lead in the tie.

On de_train, EG managed to start the map as CT and took complete advantage of that as they were up by seven rounds when switching sides. coL knew they had a mountain to climb in the second half but they could never find themselves, allowing their opponents to seal an impressive 16-4 win.

Extreme Masters America Continental Finals Standings

1. United States Evil Geniuses - $15,000 + spot in World Finals
2. United States compLexity - $7,000 + spot in World Finals
3. Canada Blight - $3,000
4. Canada Sway - $1,500
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
2009-12-14 00:36
2009-12-14 00:36
VERY NICE played by EG ! GG
2009-12-14 00:37
2009-12-14 00:38
Vietnam HQTCH 
2009-12-14 00:38
i dont remember the score.. but lets just see that coL dident even got a chance.
2009-12-14 01:45
16-8 on de_nuke and 16-4 on de_train.
2009-12-14 03:16
wow destroyed
2009-12-14 00:38
Not so interesting final , but what a hattrick by fRoD with awp on the last rounds :PP Gratz EG.
2009-12-14 00:39
The first HS one was quite impressive indeed :)
2009-12-14 01:38
Serbia froa 
you mean fRoA? xD
2009-12-14 02:41
nop :D
2009-12-14 02:50
Serbia froa 
2009-12-14 11:51
fRoG ?
2009-12-14 16:04
Maps 1st - de_nuke 16:8 2nd - de_train 16:4 Evil Geniuses win 2:0
2009-12-14 00:39
was a rather boring game to be honest
2009-12-14 00:40
GG EG too good for this game.
2009-12-14 00:40
coL need to upgrade their pistol strats -.- those rounds are damaging them a lot ...
2009-12-14 00:42
Scores dont really give a good gauge on what really happened. If coL had grabbed all the pistol rounds instead of EG you would have seen an entirely different outcome. coL simply needed to grab atleast two of those pistol rounds and not doing so lost it for them.
2009-12-14 00:42
Well, that's what coL needs to practice to get to the top. Pistol rounds are like one of the most deciding aspects in CS matches. Look that the best teams in the world - fnatic, again - play CRAZY pistol rounds. And the best players - f0rest and neo are wunderbar with pistols :D
2009-12-14 11:43
But now they didn't, so it displays what happened quite good..
2009-12-21 16:27
coL had no chance from the start. Especially not with the arrogance Drew displayed in that interview going into the match.
2009-12-14 00:43
crawl back into your hole fodder.
2009-12-14 01:15
Respect and be respected. Thank you.
2009-12-14 01:39
u might not know fodder.
2009-12-14 05:38
And you must not know how of how to respect others, any better than coL knew how to get a round on EG.
2009-12-14 16:01
They actually got 12..
2009-12-21 16:28
If you refer to his GF background, yes, it has been mentioned over and over since this user joined. But this is not GF but And so far there has been no trolling whatsoever. If there were this user would have received the same reminder than you.
2009-12-14 22:03
Greece p0k0 
Hey Jonathane is back.Why have you been away for so long?
2009-12-15 11:40
Am I? Still a lot of things to be fixed (especially comp related).
2009-12-15 21:58
Haven't my laptop arrived yet?:S
2009-12-21 16:28
Nope, and as said previously, I still wonder how it could reach me...
2009-12-21 17:48
I posted it to your address. :D
2009-12-21 23:12
Address you do not know actually? I see, quite a reason for a delay :P
2009-12-21 23:17
I just wrote JonathanE, I thought you were well-known?!
2009-12-21 23:18
2009-12-21 23:22
They're all joining EM so it really didn't matter for coL :)
2009-12-14 00:43
yeah $8,000 didn't matter :D
2009-12-14 01:01
now I see xD
2009-12-14 01:14
2009-12-14 00:44
He wasnt arrogant he was confident, there is a difference u washed up cheating f*ck fodder, but pistols hurt them a lot
2009-12-14 00:45
If you use the 'Reply' button the user will/would know you replied to him/her ;) By the way, if you can not argue with another user in a respectful manner, please, avoid posting at all. Thank you.
2009-12-14 01:37
What Americans consider confident the rest of the world consider arrogant. Americans tend to have way to good confidence, it's a part of the American way of behaving! You can see the diffrence in the interviews with European players and Americans, Europeans tend to be more "chill" and respect their opponents
2009-12-14 10:16
that's a pretty rash generalization. i've seen europeans do plenty of trash talking.. perhaps moreso than americans.
2009-12-14 20:34
United States jetx 
that's why you have walle, sunde and other european players making fun of frod and the rest of EG. because they're so respectful?
2009-12-15 02:11
2009-12-14 00:47
When EG made the satement "were certainly going to improve" theyve proved it.
2009-12-14 00:50
exactly, I told yall EG had this in the bag. gfn has definitely improved EG. congrats!
2009-12-14 01:10
Poland kaefix 
<3 blight
2009-12-14 01:03
15,000 wow~
2009-12-14 01:05
well coL got 7000 that's pretty good
2009-12-14 01:06
they were by far the best.
2009-12-14 01:13
If coL had won every pistol round like EG did it would have been the same scores just reverse. That's just how the game is.
2009-12-14 01:16
EG won way more weap/weap rounds on both maps, so please be quiet :)
2009-12-14 01:20
Respect and be respected. Thank you.
2009-12-14 01:31
plz be quiet imo is not disrespectful :/
2009-12-14 02:30
It is disrespectful as this user is free to post what he/she wants to say as long as he/she does it too in a respectful manner. Thus no need to ask anyone to be quiet.
2009-12-14 22:00
You are really annoying :D Just leave them as they are. Add some filters if you don't want to see the bad words.
2009-12-14 02:49
Being annoying is part of my personal charm :P Seriously speaking, it is not a matter of "bad words" but of attitude, and that is not fixed with filters ;)
2009-12-14 22:01
Prior to the match coL did not seem to have a so called winning streak with regard to pistol rounds for that 'if' to happen. The team was close on train but lurppis just did not allow them to do so.
2009-12-14 01:36
United States mah9 
definitely not... EG clearly took alot more gun rounds too lol
2009-12-14 06:49
fail...did you even watch the match? :)
2009-12-14 09:23
fodder when will you learn no one cares what you think... also you cheat
2009-12-14 01:22
If you can not argue with another user in a respectful manner, please, avoid posting at all. Thank you.
2009-12-14 01:38
There will be demo of this match?
2009-12-14 01:49
2010 we will see some good EG action as well from mousesports. you heard it here first :-)
2009-12-14 01:54
gratz EG. Good luck in the future...
2009-12-14 02:55
India transformer 
gg EG
2009-12-14 03:05
EG = 15000$ :O wOw~
2009-12-14 03:17
gfn is a beast. No wonder eg is the best team in the world
2009-12-14 03:29
lol'ed..if America was a world without Europe and Asia, yeah they would be until then..they aren't top10 :D
2009-12-14 03:49
Easily top 10. I'd say top 5 behind fnatic, mtw, mym, & again.. about even with SK
2009-12-14 03:59
wemadefox,begrip.titans,h2k(online zneel skillz ofc),DTS,fg,tyloo,power gaming,mouz, and i could go on and on..very hard to be top10 atm(talking about skill), imo they aren't but people's opinions are always different :)
2009-12-14 04:13
rofl ur opinion seems biased after you mentioned titans, begrip,... i even stopped reading.
2009-12-14 06:50
yes..indeed i said K1CK is the best in the world /sarcasm
2009-12-14 06:57
2009-12-14 07:04
tell me how it's biased please... (i said k1ck coz the nother guy probally is american, get it?)
2009-12-14 12:29
because titans and begrip are worse than EG...
2009-12-14 21:10
i ain't saying titans are better than EG...and begrip has potencial to be one of the best teams on the world, just look at face and khrystal :)
2009-12-15 01:28
wtf you saying,online zneel do you think that this is like portugal mix club?LOL
2009-12-14 22:09
cala-te..o zneel xita online e na lan n joga nd..ele tem xites qe o aequitas nao apanha em screenshot..ja existe cheats desses em 2009..por isso pq vens com 1 resposta estupida ?
2009-12-15 01:27
You apparently don't know anything about anything..
2009-12-21 16:30
stfu (:
2009-12-22 03:36
2009-12-22 14:32
2009-12-22 14:56
United States mah9 
2009-12-14 04:42
Argentina sebaxinho 
"EG best coL to win EM America" is that okay? i think it's "beat" ? or is that an expresion that I don't know?
2009-12-14 04:47
u can use best there.
2009-12-14 06:46
lol, "best" is perfectly fine, EG "bested" coL. Meaning that of the two, EG was the "best."
2009-12-14 06:46
Argentina sebaxinho 
k, thank you I can speak english but there are some expresions that I don't know :p
2009-12-14 06:52
demos ?
2009-12-14 05:00
gz ; D EG was a very good game can be seen in a game against the ostatim AGAiN an event
2009-12-14 05:55
good prices
2009-12-14 06:33
In 2010 I think we will start to see the Asian teams start to take over. China is bringing in all the top competition for their teams to compete agianst, only making them better. How many tournaments were in China this year?
2009-12-14 07:44
Such a weak tournament... Only noobs except coL and EG. Pretty lame for a 50k tournament.
2009-12-14 08:09
There are no good teams apart from those two.. :p
2009-12-21 16:32
just as i expected, i knew EG gonna win 2-0 well done EG
2009-12-14 08:14
Malta wmbo 
not surprising, coL is in a slump or something since the last lan
2009-12-14 08:49
i watched this match with comentators im glad EG won fRoD and n0thing are hero <33 ily america!
2009-12-14 10:36
Denmark wynn 
Poor final by coL - not that it matter too much though.
2009-12-14 11:15
yeah! go EG! :D
2009-12-14 11:16
Portugal pshhh 
EG are clearly getting better and better since gfn addition :)
2009-12-14 13:33
2009-12-14 13:58
It was 2easy for Eg to win, and 2 easy for CL to take 2nd...
2009-12-14 16:33
gj EG
2009-12-14 18:10
gj EG my favourite clan gg n0thing and froD
2009-12-15 19:39
eg n1ce game;)
2009-12-16 15:41
poNder | 
Netherlands sleepK 
it all came down to the pistol rounds. people who say that EG dominated the gun rounds anyway don't know how this game is played. Pistol rounds give teams momentum. the winning team is automatically 3 rounds ahead (usually) and right off the bat they are able to take more risks than the losing team. EG is a great team, but they lose to coL all the time, and they'll probably lose to them the next time around.
2009-12-17 18:04
I bet EG will be top5 in 2010.
2009-12-21 16:33
#100 Eg is my favourite clan too and those players too :-D
2009-12-21 18:05
And my favourite thing to do is telling people to use the reply-button.
2009-12-22 14:32
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